How to Upload High-Quality Videos to Instagram: Tips and Tricks

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When you upload the video to Instagram, the overall quality of it is exceptionally important.

In fact, Instagram upload quality is important no matter whether you upload it for business or casual purposes.

That is because high-quality videos can grab and retain the attention of viewers more effectively.

So, in this article, we explain how to upload high-quality videos to Instagram and reach your targets.

Reasons to Face Quality Loss When You Upload Videos to Instagram 

Well, the truth is that there can be a notable quality loss when you upload an HD video to Instagram. In other words, Instagram upload quality has become a concern of many individuals across the globe.

Well, let’s get to the technical stuff a bit. Hundreds of millions of videos are uploaded to the Instagram platform from many parts of the world. So, what happens if all those videos are of the highest quality? Well, if you upload a 4K HD video to Instagram, that will take up to a couple of hours.

So, Instagram has realized this practical difficulty well and applied some limitations to the upload process. That is exactly why you will face some quality loss when you upload an HD video to Instagram.

Because of the reduced upload quality, there will be less strain on the servers. As a result, faster performance is expected. In this case, you’re supposed to know the best Instagram upload quality to get the best out of it.

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How to Upload High-Quality Videos to Instagram

Mentioned below are some questions you should answer when uploading HQ video content on IG.

01. Which Feature You Should Use to Upload Hd Video to Instagram 

Well, this is the most fundamental question you might ask when uploading videos to Instagram. In fact, there are three video types you can find on Instagram. They are; IGTV videos, feed videos, and stories.

In a way, you may choose the type of video based on the purpose. However, to decide which is the better, you may have to refer to more information.

● IGTV Videos

There is no shortage of Instagram users who want to use IGTV when they upload longer videos. With this specific model, you can upload videos for a length of 15 minutes through mobile devices. But the good news is that you can extend the length of the videos.

To do that, however, you should upload it through the desktop. If you upload an HD video to Instagram using the desktop, you can extend the length up to one hour. That’s impressive, isn’t it?

● Instagram Feed Videos

Well, this can be regarded as one of the oldest types of Instagram videos. When it comes to feeding videos, you can use videos of a length of 30 to 60 seconds. Also, it gives you the option of adding up to 10 multiple clips. But in general, that’s not the most recommended method. As long as the video is longer than a minute, you better use IGTV.

● Instagram Story

On Instagram, you are allowed to have videos up to 15 seconds, and that’s a pretty restricted length. So, you cannot expect to post lengthy content in the form of an Instagram Feed.

So, if you intend to tell a pretty long story, you should consider a series of stories. However, the stories will last only for 24 hours since the upload. But on the other hand, you can highlight them so they will appear permanently on the page.

02. The Highest Possible Quality for Different Types of Instagram Videos

Well, all of the above video types come with maximum and minimum video requirements. So, if you upload a video without meeting the minimum requirements, Instagram will make it bigger automatically. That is done in order to reach the minimum requirements. However, it will eventually ruin the overall quality of the video.

On the other hand, if you upload greater quality than the maximum requirements, compression will take place. That will also end up dropping the overall quality of the video.

So, the best option is to upload your videos to match the exact requirements. Mentioned below are the dimensions you should keep in mind when uploading videos to Instagram.

● IGTV Videos

If you intend to share the videos through IGTV, you can consider portrait or landscape videos. Each orientation has its unique dimensions.

  • For IGTV Portrait – 1080 X 1920 P with 9:16 aspect ratio
  • For IGTV Landscape – 1920 X 1080 P with 16:8 aspect ratio

Please note that it is always possible to upload a thumbnail to be compatible with IGTV. Also, you can publish the same in the form of an individual post in your feed. Also, it is possible to have a custom image as the Instagram video thumbnail.

However, it doesn’t allow you to edit a thumbnail once it is published to the platform. Be sure that you set the dimension of the same to 420px X 654px for optimal performance.

● For Instagram Feed

If there’s a requirement for sharing a video through Instagram Feed, you should adhere to the following.

  • The minimum resolution should remain 1080 X 1080p if you post a square post.
  • If it is a portrait video, you should maintain a ratio of 4:5. Which gives the resolution of 1080p X 1350p.
  • If it is a landscape video, the maximum resolution is 1080p X 607.

So, be sure to upload your Instagram feed based on those resolutions.

● For Instagram Stories

When it comes to Instagram Stories, the optimal size of the video should be 1080 X 1920. That will avoid compression and quality loss.

03. Recording High-quality Videos for Instagram

If you want to upload videos to Instagram, you should be concerned about the quality of the videos too. Well, to maintain a better appearance in terms of Instagram, you should record videos of better quality.

So, mentioned below are some requirements you should follow in order to maintain the expected outcome.

  • Keep the resolution level to 4K Ultra High Definition. However, if the device doesn’t compatible with 4K, choose the highest available.
  • Be sure to keep at least 30fps speed.
  • Stabilize the video by using a tripod
  • When you use a phone camera, you must be careful to light it in the correct way.

The above will help you upload high-quality videos to Instagram.  

04. Editing Videos Before Uploading Them to Instagram

In some cases, you will have to edit the videos before uploading them to Instagram. Instagram upload quality can be changed with some editing. In this case, however, you are supposed to use a professional video editing tool. You can consider various professional tools, including Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X.

05. What is the Best Way to Upload Hd Videos to Instagram?

Well, in this section of our, we explain how to upload HD videos to Instagram.  If you want to learn how to do that, keep reading the steps below. When it comes to uploading videos, the best method is to use a desktop computer.

● For IGTV

Do you intend to upload videos to IGTV? If so, you should first log into the respective Instagram account on the web. Then, click on the option labeled “Upload.”

upload video to Instagram IGTV

When you are on the new page, you should drag the video and drop it in. If the respective video matches the requirement, you will not see errors. In that case, you can add a cover to that. Also, you can proceed by adding a title along with a description.

Add New IGTV Video

● For Instagram Feed

Do you intend to upload a video to Instagram in the form of a story? If so, it is better to use the Instagram Manager app. An app like AiSchedul can be used with ease for this purpose. There are various features included in this tool to upload videos to Instagram with ease.

With the assistance of AiSchedul, you can upload videos of higher quality. In addition to that, it allows you to schedule times to publish the video. You can even apply the most effective hashtags to your videos if you use AiSchedul.

Likewise, there are many features included in this tool. If you want to upload HD videos to Instagram using AiSchedul, follow the steps below.

upload video to Instagram Feed
  • Drag your video to the interface and drop it.
  • Write a very attractive caption and add even a URL if it is required.
AiSchedul attractive caption
  • Add some multiple hashtags.
AiSchedul Add some multiple hashtags
  • If you intend to upload a video to the Feed, post it in the form of a story. That can be done by clicking on the option “Post on Stories as well.”
AiSchedul Post on Stories as well

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I upload videos longer than 60 seconds on Instagram?
    • No, Instagram’s maximum video duration for feed posts is 60 seconds. However, you can upload longer videos to IGTV.
  2. Are there any recommended video editing apps for Instagram?
    • Yes, some popular video editing apps for Instagram include InShot, Adobe Premiere Rush, and iMovie.
  3. Can I upload videos in other formats besides MP4 and MOV?
    • No, Instagram supports MP4 and MOV formats for video uploads. Ensure your videos are in one of these formats for compatibility.
  4. How can I improve the visibility of my videos on Instagram?
    • To improve the visibility of your videos, use relevant hashtags, engage with your audience, collaborate with influencers, and post consistently.
  5. Should I always use Instagram filters for my videos?
    • It depends on your desired aesthetic and the content of your videos. While filters can enhance visual appeal, sometimes a clean, unfiltered look might be more suitable.


Uploading high-quality videos to Instagram doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can ensure that your videos maintain their clarity and captivate your audience.

Remember to optimize your video settings, choose the right format, trim and edit your video, compress it effectively, and leverage Instagram’s features to enhance its visual appeal. Engage with your audience and measure your video performance to continuously improve your content strategy on Instagram.


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