How to Copy and Paste Blank Space for Instagram Highlights?


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Blank Space for Instagram Highlights

Adding a blank space for Instagram highlights is a smart trick you might love to know.

With such a trick, you can easily remove your name from highlights on Instagram.

So, keep reading and learn how to get it done.


Are you prepared to delete word highlights from your Instagram account? If so, you may be thinking about how to insert a blank space on highlights. 

As a result, the names would be removed. Your Instagram account will continue to display the tales that you have in your highlight reel.

This is true even if you delete other stories. You have the option of naming each subcategory of highlights that you may make.

If not, you may just add new highlights and place your old stories without naming the highlight.

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Copying and Pasting It Will Work

When it comes to adding a black space for Instagram highlights, you are supposed to copy such a space. After that, you can paste it where the highlights name appears.

To get this step completed, you are supposed to visit a website where a black space is available. Then, you should remove the name of the highlight on the profile.

You can then paste that copied space (blank) on it. If you need a detailed description, keep reading the following section.

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Adding a Blank Space for Instagram Highlights 

You are supposed to copy that blank space from the Empty character website as the first step. After doing that, paste the copied content on the name of your Instagram highlight.

This may be done by following the instructions shown here. You’ll be able to display your highlight without having to include names on them if you follow these steps.

On the other hand, whenever you add a highlight, “Highlights” appears as the regular name that displays underneath it.

Therefore, you need to go into the highlight and alter it. As a result, the text that is underneath it is removed. You have the option to get rid of the word or the name that you selected in the past.

In fact, this can be accomplished by locating a vacant space on a third-party website. You can then copy that space and paste it into the highlight section of Instagram.

01. Open your Instagram Profile

Open your Instagram Profile

As the first step, you are supposed to open the profile page on Instagram. After opening the profile page, you should proceed to edit highlights. You must be sure that every highlight comes with a name underneath.

You are able to find the option called “Highlights” underneath highlights which have not been named so far.

Now, let’s assume that you have removed highlights and added blank spaces on the profile. The visitors to your profile will be able to see nothing but a blank space.

They will see a black color area if they use Dark Mode. Nevertheless, they might see the same area in white color when they visit it through the normal mode.

02. Tap Highlight

Tap and Edit Highlight

After visiting your Instagram account and checking out highlight, tap & hold the highlight, you should do it from the profile in which you wish to remove the name of the highlighted content.

You are free to proceed with any one of the highlights. Moreover, an additional popup window will appear whenever you press on the highlighted area.

On the popup, you have several alternatives to choose from, including “Delete Highlight,” “Edit highlight,” and “Send to…”

Tap the option labeled “Edit highlight” while you are concentrating on making changes to the highlight’s name.

After that, you will be taken to the page labeled edit. This is where you’ll be able to make changes to the name and add additional stories.

03. Edit Highlight Name

Edit Highlight Name

After opening the edit page called highlight, you will need to delete the name from the highlight. Now, your primary aim is to get rid of the name that appears next to the highlight.

In this case, just tap the box dedicated to the name and delete the words. That said, you should keep the page open so that you can paste the blank area onto it later.

To copy that blank space, you will need to go to the website of the third party. This is simply because you’re unable to add space using your keyboard.

04. Copy the Blank Space and Paste It

Copy the Blank Space and Paste It

Assume that you delete the name. Once that is done as expected, you should reach that third-party website of your choice. Then, you should copy the provided blank area there.

After that, you should paste it there on your Instagram page. This is where you deleted the name. When you’re prepared to copy an empty space, go to the website called Emptycharacter. This website will help you to copy an empty space.

In addition to invisibletext and editpad, there are additional websites that operate using the same fundamental model.

  • To locate the “Copy to clipboard” button on that website, you must scroll down. That will help you reach the section reserved only for android smartphones.
  • Now that the button is found, tap on it. After that, the blank space will be copied successfully. If you are using an iPhone, you should scroll further down. After that, you can find the option called “Copy Manually.”
  • After finding the option “Copy Manually,” you should select “Select Text.” Tap on “Copy.” Now, to paste it, you should go and select “Instagram Page.” Then, you can tap the box dedicated to highlighting names. After that, paste that blank space you have already copied.
  • After that, you should tap “Done,” and it appears in blue. That will save the changes.

However, you must remember that you should remove the lines of the highlights to proceed.

In Which Instances You Won’t Be Able to Put Instagram Highlights?

There are several different reasons why you may not be able to put Instagram highlights.

That said, if you are experiencing such a situation, there are a couple of common instances. For instance, it might happen if you exceed the highlights that can be added.

On top of that, there is a possibility for bug-related issues in Instagram servers as well. It is necessary for you to determine whether the problem persists after you have pasted in the empty space.

Restarting the App is a Solution

However, what if you discover that the problem has been present for a considerable amount of time? In that case, you will need to reload the application.

Regardless of resolving the current state of the problem, you should always begin by restarting the application. This will lead all of the app’s files and nodes to be deleted and recreated from scratch.

Do you notice that things remain unchanged, even after reloading the program? If so, you should visit the official website of DownDetector to see if anything has been updated there.

This will assist you in determining whether there is a problem with the servers of Instagram on their own.


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Why Would You Want Blank Spaces in Instagram Highlights?

Now, let’s learn why a person would want blank space for Instagram highlights. In fact, the main reason for this is aesthetics in many cases.

On the other hand, some users cannot think of a good name for their Instagram highlights.

Regardless of the reason, when others see a blank space in your highlights, it gets a unique appearance. The ones who see your Instagram highlights with blank spaces might think that you are so creative.

Also, the viewers may be more curious about your video content if they don’t see a name for highlights.

So, in general, it is a pretty smart move to copy and paste blank space for Instagram highlights.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Can I add blank space to existing Instagram Highlights?
    • Yes, you can edit your existing highlights and add blank space to the titles or descriptions.
  2. Will using blank space affect the searchability of my Instagram profile?
    • No, blank space does not impact the searchability of your profile. It only affects the visual presentation.
  3. Are there any character limits for highlight titles or descriptions?
    • Yes, Instagram imposes character limits for both highlight titles and descriptions. Be mindful of these limits while adding blank space.
  4. Can I use different methods to add blank space in a single highlight?
    • Yes, you can combine different methods or use various amounts of blank space within a single highlight.
  5. Are there any apps or tools specifically designed for creating Instagram Highlights?
    • Yes, there are several apps and online tools available that offer features for creating and customizing Instagram Highlights. Explore these options to further enhance your profile.


As you have learned, Instagram highlights allow you to save your stories. As a result, they do not disappear from your profile and remain visible to other users.

You will have to copy & paste the blank area on an Instagram account. That is required to get rid of this highlight name.

Assume that you have removed the names of each. In that case, the highlight displays on an Instagram account without those names attached to it.

However, you should remember that you need to execute the same procedure for each of the remaining highlights separately. And that’s about how to copy and paste blank spaces for Instagram highlights.


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