Instagram Highlight Names for Your Unforgettable Memories

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Instagram Highlight Names

Looking for some great highlight names for Instagram and need some inspiration? Well, we have got plenty of them included in this article, so look no further.

You may either use these amazing Instagram highlight names as they are or customize them to match your purpose.

Introduction of Instagram 


Any social media enthusiast would consider Instagram highlights to be a super-cool, useful feature. Those can be used to remember the best moments they’ve captured on the app.

Any event or topic can be highlighted, and they are simple to update as needed. That said, some great highlight names for Instagram make up the content of this post. 

Your profile will be updated with your highlight. Moreover, anybody who views your profile will be able to view your photos and videos. It is true that highlights are the first thing visitors see when they first visit your account.

Because of that, Instagram highlight names should be carefully considered. It’s also important to have a striking cover image that will entice folks to view your highlights.

You can easily access all of the existing Instagram memories by using the Highlights feature.

In addition, they are a nice method to show off memorable events to loved ones. Get creative with the name of your Instagram highlight, and then fill it with your best photos.

Besides, adding a blank space for Instagram highlights is a smart trick you might love to know. You must copy and paste the blank space on your highlight’s name.

Some Useful Tips for Choosing Highlight Names for Instagram 

Choose names for your Instagram highlights that reflect the content they feature. Pick a title that best conveys what is being highlighted.

The following are some suggestions.

  • The name should be able to describe your Instagram Highlight clearly.
  • Instagram highlight names must be short, so others can remember them.
  • It is best to avoid numbers and special characters when creating highlight names for Instagram.
  • Those who use plenty of highlights should categorize them.
  • Also, you should make your Highlight more interesting by adding a cover photo.
  • You should also use highlights to share favorite moments.
  • It is also possible to use hashtags and name highlights.
  • We always encourage you to be creative with highlight names.

Instagram Highlight Names for Food in 2023

Instagram Highlight Names for Food

First, let’s take a look at food-related Instagram highlight names for the upcoming year.

You should note that these topics must be short, exciting, and memorable. You may go through the following and use them. You are free to customize them as you wish.

  • Awesome cooking time
  • BBQs for summer
  • Extra Special BBQ
  • Happy Baking Time
  • Passionate restaurants
  • Falling in love with food
  • My first croissant  
  • Adventurous BBQ
  • Dining in the desert
  • Weird yet tasty
  • We went “NUTS”
  • Snacking
  • Party time
  • Awesome beverages
  • Drinks & Friends
  • My own brewery
  • Oh! Cookies
  • Macaroons?
  • High Tea
  • The best pizza
  • Superb tea time
  • Love ma coffee
  • I’m a coffee lover
  • Brownieeeeeees!
  • Weekend chocolate
  • Pasta, delicious pasta
  • Oh… Ramen!
  • Sushi Rolls Rock
  • On the Rocks
  • Finest Wine
  • Love this ice cream
  • Ice-cream Sandwich
  • I’m Fruit ninja   
  • Keto at its best
  • Perfectly baked
  • Baked to the perfection
  • Yummiest burritos
  • My afternoon melon
  • Tequila? Why not?
  • Awesome dinner
  • Dining with buddies
  • Never say no to wines
  • My perfect Sunday
  • Crispy chicken? Yummmmmm

So, those are the Instagram highlight names that are related to food for 2023. Suppose you can use these as they are. Or, you can even change them to fit your needs.

Aesthetic Instagram Highlights for 2023

Aesthetic Instagram Highlights

In this section, you can find several different highlight names for Instagram that are related to aesthetics.

For the upcoming years, these highlight names can drag more attention. The Instagram feature known as “aesthetic highlights” is similar to the feature known as “normal highlights.”

However, it has a name that is more original and elegant. The term “aesthetic” indicates “appealing to the sense of sight”.

Therefore, a highlight that appears excellent and is agreeable to one’s eye is considered to be aesthetic on Instagram.

If you want to create your own artistic highlight names on Instagram, you should pick a nice name. The name you pick should reflect the way the highlight appears and how it inspires you.

These names have to be original and interesting. In addition to that, they should also fit in with the overall theme of the respective account.

  • Weekend vibes
  • Loving this summer
  • We are blessed
  • Sun, sand, and sea…
  • It’s California baby…
  • Paradise at its best
  • Sun… wonderful sun…
  • Glorious sunset
  • Beautiful Alabama
  • Summer breeze
  • Sweetest memory
  • The happiest place
  • Earth’s beauty
  • Creating everlasting memories
  • Perfection at its best  
  • Golden memories
  • Ever grateful to the nature
  • Little but precious moments
  • Joyful summer with friends
  • This beautiful sea
  • Wonderful waterfall
  • Water makes me happy
  • Snorkeling is fun
  • Maximum fun
  • Beach is awesome
  • Skiing…
  • Feels like heaven
  • Absolute joy  

Also, if you want to check for Instagram name availability effortlessly, and we list ten efficient Instagram name checker tools for you to choose from.

Cool Ideas for Instagram Names in 2023

Cool Ideas for Instagram Names

Here are some of the cool ideas to consider if you are looking for Instagram highlight names.

You can easily select one of the names from the list and even modify them.

Mentioned below are those for your reference.

  • Our precious moments
  • Sweetest memories
  • Perfect occasions
  • Our loving memories
  • Incredible yet true
  • First steps
  • We are so proud
  • Exceptional moment  
  • This is ours forever
  • Home sweet home
  • This is what we call happiness
  • We are so proud
  • The days are wonderful
  • Nothing can beat this
  • Good times for sure
  • Our new adventures
  • Life is a wonderful journey
  • Dream big
  • We made memories
  • Our dream came true
  • Growing up is so amazing
  • Fun

Highlight Names Just for Your Friends

Highlight Names Just for Your Friends

Here are some perfect Instagram highlight names for your friends and make them feel special.

  • The other half
  • Stunner
  • Honeyyy
  • Pineapple
  • Twinn
  • Girliee
  • Retardd
  • HotBesty
  • Right Hand
  • Shoota
  • Twerk Buddy
  • Teddy Bear
  • My Muffin
  • The Gang
  • Thug
  • Betta Half
  • Shawty
  • Trapper
  • Geee
  • Walkie Talkies
  • BFF
  • Lifeline
  • The Dealer

Cool Highlight Names to Represent You

Cool Highlight Names to Represent You
  • Mon visage
  • It’s me, baby
  • About me
  • Talkin about me
  • First of all
  • My self and only
  • me&me
  • Special
  • 50 shades of me
  • My smile
  • 99% me
  • 0.01%
  • 101% me
  • You’re welcome
  • CEO of crying
  • Not at home
  • My person
  • Adventures Ahead!
  • Caution!
  • Ego
  • Cause I’m icy
  • Focus on me
  • Love story
  • My always mood
  • This is me
  • My inner circle
  • Just for Fun!
  • Me?

Highlight Names for Weddings in 2023

Highlight Names for Weddings

Wedding highlights are a selection of your most treasured wedding-related videos and photos that you post on social media.

You may give the wedding highlight whatever name you like. There is no more permanent symbol of your big day than the name you give it.

Below are some suggestions to get you started naming that special part of your wedding.

  • Our glory has just begun
  • Our glorious day
  • Here’s our big day
  • Our ceremony
  • This is our reception  
  • Wedding is an adventure
  • First, look!
  • Our gorgeous bride
  • Our magnificent groom
  • Here’s our perfect couple
  • This awesome wedding cake!
  • How’s this bouquet?
  • Our friends and family
  • We are together, at last!

Instagram Dog Highlight Names 2023

Instagram Dog Highlight Names

If you are a dog lover and looking for highlight names for Instagram about dogs, here’s a list.

  • It’s really awesome!
  • May handsome puppy
  • Silly by precious
  • The super dog
  • A walk with a dog
  • Playtime
  • Absolutely cute
  • A dog itself is an adventure
  • Cat vs. Dog
  • At the park
  • Leisure time


Q1: How many Instagram highlights can I create? You can create an unlimited number of Instagram highlights on your profile.

Q2: Can I change the cover photo of my Instagram highlights? Yes, you can change the cover photo of your highlights. Simply tap on the highlight, go to “More,” and select “Edit Highlight.” From there, you can choose a new cover photo.

Q3: Can I rearrange the order of my Instagram highlights? Yes, you can rearrange the order of your highlights. To do this, tap and hold on a highlight, then drag it to the desired position.

Q4: Can I add old stories to my existing highlights? Yes, you can add old stories to your existing highlights. Simply go to your archive, select the story you want to add, and tap on the “Highlight” button.

Q5: Can I delete Instagram highlights? Yes, you can delete Instagram highlights. To do this, go to your profile, tap and hold on the highlight you want to delete, and select “Delete Highlight.”


You can see the above list of Instagram highlight names and choose one to express yourself.

If you need more highlight names for Instagram, just let us know, so we will update this list. Good luck!


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