How to Check if iPhone is Unlocked or Locked

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How to Check if iPhone is Unlocked

Are you planning to buy a pre-owned iPhone or even a new one? If so, do not forget to check whether it is carrier-locked.

You will end up irritated if you have not paid attention to it earlier. Now, you must wonder how to check if the iPhone is unlocked or locked.

It is not much difficult to check it out. Here, you will get acquainted with three different ways which you can use to know about if your Phone is locked or unlocked. Scroll down to know more on “How to check if iPhone is unlocked or locked“!

Part 1: 3 Methods to Know if Your iPhone is Unlocked or Locked

You can know whether your iPhone is locked or not through three simple methods. So, the three methods for “how to check iPhone is locked or not” are as follows:

Method 1: Check Through Settings

It is one of the easiest ways to find out whether your iPhone is carrier-locked or not. It is an efficient way to know this, as it works for almost every iOS version. You can follow some simple steps for this, and the steps are:

Steps on How to Check if the iPhone is Unlocked or Locked:

1: In the first place, you must visit your phone settings from the home tab.

2: After that, you have to select the option “Cellular” from the settings.

how to check if iPhone is unlocked through Settings on iPhone

3: In the next step, look for the “Cellular Data Network” option in the Cellular tab. If you cannot locate this tab, then your device is locked or, else, unlocked.

By the way, if you have issues with the Apple ID Locked Email, click to fix them now.

Method 2: Check Through a Different SIM Carrier

In this method, you have to replace your iPhone’s original SIM carrier with another SIM card.

After changing your SIM card, if messages such as “SIM Not Supported,” “SIM Unlock Code,” or “Activation Code” display on your phone screen, then it means your device is carrier-locked.

To find this out, follow the instructions given below.

Steps on How to Check if the iPhone is Unlocked or Locked:

1: Firstly, power off your device with the help of the power key.

2: After that, open the SIM slot of your iPhone using a paper clip or SIM eject tool. It will be present by the casing of your iPhone. Push the slot with an ejecting tool into the hole.

3: Now, pull the tray out diligently after it pops out. Replace the original SIM card with another one.

how to check if iPhone is unlocked through a different SIM carrier

4: Next, power on your device after inserting the tray back into its place and enter the passcode, if any.

5: If it is asking for an “Activation Code” or “SIM Unlock Code,” then your device is carrier-locked.

Method 3: Check Through an Online Service

This method will take some time as it requires information about your IMEI through the registration page to check whether the iPhone is unlocked or not.

Follow the instructions to learn about it!

Steps on How to Check if the iPhone is Unlocked or Locked:

1: Firstly, you have to create an account on the registration page of IMEI information.

how to check if iPhone is unlocked Online

2: Next, enter the requisite details and then click on “Register Me.”

3: After that, click on the link received on your provided email ID to confirm your registration. After it, you will land on a page where you have to enter your device’s IMEI number.

enter your device's IMEI number

4: Now, open settings on your phone and click on the tab “General” and then on “About.” Here, you will find your device’s IMEI number in the section “IMEI.”

5: Enter your device’s IMEI number on the main page of IMEI information.

6: Then, click on “I’m not a robot” and follow with “Check.” After that, select the tab “SIMLOCK & WARRANTY,” and check the details about your iPhone. If you see “unlocked: false” then your iPhone is carrier-locked, but if “unlocked: true” then it is unlocked.

Part 2: How to Unlock Your iPhone Against Lock

Nothing strange about the iPhone getting locked, as it can happen with anyone at any time. Sometimes, you just forget your complex passcode, and then, after typing it incorrectly ten times, your device becomes locked.

If you are facing an error like “iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes” or how to unlock iPad Mini, then you can use various applications which can help you to get out of these tough situations. However, Tenorshare 4uKey is one of the most effective applications.

Unique Characteristics of Tenorshare 4uKey:

  • It can unlock iDevices and unlock and resets any device.
  • During the reset process, one can erase all data from your disabled device within a few clicks.
  • It bypasses the passcode of any digit, Face ID, and Touch ID.
  • It works well on disabled, broken, or locked iOS devices.

Steps for Unlocking Your iPhone Device:

1: After installing and launching the 4uKey, you need to connect your iPhone to your PC. Leave a moment to get the iPhone detected and tap the ‘Start‘ button.


2: Now, you need to press the ‘Download‘ button to get the iOS firmware updated on your iPhone.

Download firmware

3: Hit the ‘Start to Remove‘ button afterward. It will remove the passcode from your iPhone once the iOS firmware is downloaded on your computer. The entire process will take a while to accomplish.

firmware downloaded

4: Now, your iPhone is just like a fresh one that you have bought sans any data or settings. You can set it up with a fresh Face ID, Passcode, and Touch ID and restore it using your iTunes or iCloud backup.

How to Unlock Your iPhone Against Lock

Note: All data on your devices will be wiped out during unlocking.

Part 3: Check Your Unlock Status via iTunes

There is another way that you can use to check the unlock system of an iPhone, which is by restoring the device via iTunes.

For this, you need to connect your device to your system. You will be greeted with a message like “Congratulations, the iPhone is unlocked” on your computer screen. If this happens, it means your device is not locked anymore.

However, after the contract concludes, it can only be done after you use AT&T’s free unlocking services. Also, it can be performed through SIM unlock services from network providers like Sprint, Verizon, and others while still on the contract.

Part 4: Additional Tips on ‘How to Check if the iPhone is Unlocked or Locked’

We have presented some additional tips that will not tell you how important it is to unlock an iPhone. Look for tips below!

Tip 1: What Does a Carrier-locked iPhone Imply?

The carrier-locked devices are purchased by phone users on a contract. During that process, they acquire a discount on that phone.

The term of contracts like these lasts two years. The network providers get back their investment by offering the device at a discounted price.

iPhone carrier locked

In case you want to end the contract, then you have to pay a termination charge that will cover up the remaining cost value.

In some cases, iPhones are carrier-locked even without any discounted offer. So, you should avoid buying a carrier-locked device to avoid an expensive blunder.

Tip 2: Importance of iPhone Unlocking

It is important because an unlocked device can be used worldwide with any network or carrier on the GSM band. It becomes quite easier to use your phone with any network.

For this, you just have to insert the SIM card of your favored network carrier. That is why; it becomes important to check whether the phone is locked or unlocked the one you intend to buy.

There is a huge market for secondhand iPhones. These smartphones are sold by owners at cheap rates who want to buy new phones for themselves. Many people buy these pre-owned devices and even, and you can also.

But before buying such iPhones, you should check whether the device is unlocked or not.

To check this, you can use various methods listed above in this article on “How to check if the iPhone is unlocked or locked.”

However, for other iPhone-related issues, such as forgetting the passcode or resetting the device, you can download Tenorshare 4uKey!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In our quest to quench your curiosity, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about how to check if your iPhone is unlocked or locked.

1. Can I unlock my iPhone myself?

Unfortunately, no. Only the carrier can unlock your iPhone, and they usually do it only after you’ve paid off the device or fulfilled your contract.

2. Does unlocking my iPhone void its warranty?

Nope! As long as the unlocking is done by the carrier, it won’t void your iPhone’s warranty.

3. Can I use an unlocked iPhone with any carrier?

Yes, you can! That’s the beauty of having an unlocked iPhone; it gives you the freedom to choose any carrier you like.

4. Does unlocking an iPhone affect its performance?

Not at all! Unlocking your iPhone only affects its compatibility with different carriers, not its performance.

5. Is there any risk in buying a locked iPhone?

The main risk with buying a locked iPhone is that you’re stuck with the specific carrier until the iPhone is unlocked. This can limit your flexibility, especially if you travel often or if you decide to switch carriers.

6. Can an iPhone get locked again after being unlocked?

Generally, once an iPhone is unlocked, it stays unlocked. However, it’s always wise to confirm this with your carrier.


Now you’re well-equipped with the know-how to check if your iPhone is unlocked or locked. Remember, the freedom of an unlocked iPhone opens up a world of possibilities. So, don’t be left in the dark; get to checking your iPhone status today!


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