The Best Way to Unlock MetroPCS Phone in 2024

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Unlock MetroPCS Phone

Unlock MetroPCS phones can be an absolute necessity for users wishing to switch to another network service.

However, with the plethora of useless web solutions, searching for a viable solution becomes even more difficult for those who promise to do that.

Worry not, as you will get the right help here, as we have thoroughly taken care of the issue.

About the MetroPCS Phones and Issues with Them

The MetroPCS phones have been a trusted partner of many people for a long time, and now they come to be owned by the mobile company named T-Mobile.

These phones are just like the usual carrier phones whose network is encrypted with a carrier lock of the particular service.

However, this turns out to be a major concern for genuine customers who simply wish to switch to another carrier service at the end of the contractual period of MetroPCS. The people who buy second-hand devices have to face the same problem.

The main reason for this trouble is that the MetroPCS phones with carrier locks cannot be connected to another AT&T network. This means that they will have to be unlocked in any way if you want to use another carrier’s services on them.

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Reasons for Unlocking the MetroPCS Phones

The need to unlock the MetroPCS phone may emerge from the possibilities that open up once the phone is free of the carrier lock.

The following are the reasons or benefits that may prompt you to unlock your MetroPCS device:

  • You can use SIM cards of different carrier services other than the locked carrier service on the device.
  • A lot of carrier service options become available to you where you can pick any phone plan and deal that serves your needs the best.
  • You also become able to put the device on sale and can get a lot of people interested in buying it because of its unlocked status, which is the major hassle people want to avoid.
  • Removing the carrier lock also can make you able to delete the region lock on some of the devices, which is an extra benefit.

You see that the benefits of having the MetroPCS phone unlocked are irresistible. Therefore, we would say that you must definitely try unlocking your MetroPCS device as long as you are not violating any terms of the contractual policy.

Besides, here is the top phone unlocking software for your reference.

Connection Ability of an unlocked MetroPCS Device

The question may have arisen in your mind: What if my device doesn’t connect with the network I choose once it gets unlocked?

Well, to understand what all networks can be connected with an unlocked MetroPCS device, you must know something basic about the types of network connections.

GSM and CDMA are the two network types that are technically different. These networks can only connect with their same counterparts and not interconnect.

Mobile networks are mostly GSM, and the MetroPCS services run on that network only. So, once you unlock MetroPCS phones, they can only be connected to GSM networks.

Method of Checking the Lock Status of a MetroPCS Phone

The problem of carrier lock might be more persistent with some of the MetroPCS phones, but we never said that it is a permanent issue with every phone.

Some MetroPCS locks may end with the contract ending, and the device gets unlocked automatically. Thus, it becomes very important to know the lock status of the device before going ahead with the unlocking process, as it will all be a waste of effort.

Let’s See How You Can Check the Lock/unlock Status of Any MetroPCS Phone:

  1. Take out the MetroPCS network SIM card from the phone and power it off.
  2. Put in another SIM card of a different carrier service and then turn the phone back again.
  3. Check if the new network connection gets activated successfully on the phone. If yes, then know that your phone has already been unlocked from the previous carrier service.

There is one more way you can check the lock status of your MetroPCS phone by contacting them directly.

Call the support team of the MetroPCS network and explain your inquiry about the lock status. With the assistance, get ahead with the suitable next step.

Free Method of Unlocking the iPhone / Samsung / ZTE / LG Devices

Unlock codes are the first thing that comes to mind when the aim is to unlock the MetroPCS phone.

However, you must not trust any random third-party software-generated unlock codes, for they can turn out to be malware or simply aggravate the problem.

What seems like a viable option is to get help from MetroPCS itself for unlocking the phone.

Before we move on to see how that can be done, you need to know the Unlock Policy of MetroPCS that lays out certain conditions to be met by the device to be eligible for their unlock procedure.

Let’s take a look at the policy:

  • The phone must have had a connection with the MetroPCS network for a minimum of 180 days continuously.
  • The original owner of the phone must be MetroPCS itself.
  • The 180-day limit doesn’t apply to Military personnel who can carry out the unlock procedure even with a shorter period of usage of the network.

You will need to first check that your device meets all the above conditions. If yes, you can proceed with the unlock MetroPCS phone procedure, which can be carried out in two ways with the help of the MetroPCS carrier service itself.

Method 1: Use the MetroPCS Device Unlock Application

MetroPCS has an automated application that performs the unlocking for certain devices, and you can opt for this method in the first place.

However, this device is compatible with only certain devices and their models, especially Android devices. We are going to list some of the compatible devices here.

  • Samsung – S9, S8, On5, J7 Prime 32GB, J7 Prime, J3 Prime Silver, J3 Prime, Grand Prime, Core Prime
  • LG – Sytlo 3 Plus Titanium, Stylo 3 Plus, Stylo 2 Plus, Leon LTE, K20 Plus, K7, G Stylo White, G Stylo, Aristo 2, Aristo Cobalt Blue, Aristo
  • ZTE – Obsidian, Blade ZMAX, Avid Plus, Avid PLUS, Avid 4
  • Alcatel – Tru, Fierce XL, Fierce 4, A30 Fierce
  • Coolpad – Defiant, Catalyst
  • HTC – Desire 626s, Desire 530
  • Motorola – e4
  • Kyocera – Hydro Wave

If your device is any of the ones listed above, then this method would work for you.

Search for the folder named MetroPCS and open the file folder. You will find the app in this folder upon finding it and launching it.

On the main interface, hit the button Device Unlock. That’s all you will need to do, and the rest will be taken care of by the app team.

Use the MetroPCS device unlock application

Method 2: Use the Unlock Code Generated by MetroPCS

Another suitable way to unlock a MetroPCS phone is to get an unlock code generated by the MetroPCS carrier service itself upon request for the same from its customer assistance team.

This method will also be better for some users who have devices incompatible with the above-discussed MetroPCS application, like iPhones and certain Android models. This is a straightforward method.

You need to call the customer assistance number of the MetroPCS team. Upon being connected to a representative, you will be asked to present some necessary details like:

  1. Your phone number
  2. Name of the account holder
  3. PIN of the billing

Once these details are verified, they will accept your request for unlocking the carrier and provide the next steps you need to carry out. In some cases, you might have to make a payment to get the unlock code.

The Alternative Method to Unlock MetroPCS Phone Bypassing Every Restriction

No matter whether the above method of unlocking devices via the MetroPCS service itself seems quite simple and straightforward, the restrictions put by the unlock policy of the service can prove to be deterring in many cases.

This gives way to the need for a suitable alternative method that can work out for everyone without any limitations.

To meet the unlocking MetroPCS needs of everyone, we introduce the DirectUnlocks service here, which can also use in a different network for you. That is just the right alternative that you must try.

This service gives the most professional carrier unlocking experience as it has many features to offer that make it much more effective when compared to any other method for this purpose.

  • DirectUnlocks has very simple functionality and promises the fastest results just within 24 hours.
  • It can unlock the MetroPCS carrier service for all Samsung and iPhone devices around the globe.
  • It carried out the unlocking safely and legally without violating any warranty policy.
  • Remove the carrier lock permanently even if the phone has undergone a factory reset previously.
  • It can also unlock the devices that have not cleared their bills.
  • The service offers a full refund guarantee in case of the service fails to unlock the requested device within time.
  • The best part is that you can use this service to unlock MetroPCS phones that are even blacklisted.

Guide to using DirectUnlocks Device Unlock Service

It only involves some simple steps that are as follows:

1. Visit the official page of the DirectUnlocks service.

2. On the main interface, select the model of your phone from the given options.

3. Get the IMEI number of your device and enter it in the dedicated box.

Guide to using DirectUnlocks device unlock service

4. Hit the button Continue now, after which you will be redirected to a page for payment. Fill in the required entries and purchase the unlocking plan.

5. Once the payment is processed successfully by the service. The order code will be sent to you. And then, You can use this code to check the unlocking status.

Guide to using DirectUnlocks device unlock service

Within a few hours, your phone will be unlocked off the carrier lock, and you will be able to connect to any new connectable network.


Q1: Is unlocking a MetroPCS phone legal?

A1: Yes, unlocking a MetroPCS phone is legal as long as you meet the carrier’s eligibility criteria and follow the proper unlocking process.

Q2: Can I unlock my MetroPCS phone if I still owe money on it?

A2: It depends on MetroPCS’s policy. In some cases, you may need to fulfill financial obligations before unlocking the device. Contact MetroPCS customer support for specific information regarding your situation.

Q3: Will unlocking my MetroPCS phone void the warranty?

A3: No, unlocking your MetroPCS phone does not void the warranty. However, any damages caused by unauthorized modifications may not be covered under the warranty.

Q4: Can I unlock my MetroPCS phone myself without contacting customer support?

A4: It is recommended to follow the official unlocking process provided by MetroPCS. Contacting customer support ensures that you meet all the requirements and receive the necessary assistance.

Q5: How long does the unlocking process take?

A5: The unlocking process duration can vary. It typically takes a few days to complete, depending on the carrier and their internal procedures.


Various carrier services put the carrier lock to avoid payment fraud and retain their customers for the service supply, and MetroPCS is no different.

However, unlocking MetroPCS phones won’t be a problem anymore if you use the methods we suggested. Follow the best solution for you and enjoy a fully unlocked phone.


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