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Do you want to find a free AT&T network unlock code?

Or is it possible to get a free network unlock code for AT&T and use it without any issues?

Well, this article got answers to all those questions. So, let’s read on!

Why Would Someone Want an AT&T Network Unlock Code Free?

There are several reasons why someone may want AT&T 16-digit network unlock code.

Below are those reasons for your reference.

● Switching Carriers

Unlocking an AT&T device allows individuals to switch to a different carrier of their choice. This can be beneficial if they find a carrier that offers better network coverage, pricing plans, or customer service.

By unlocking the device, they can use it with another compatible carrier’s SIM card. Then, they can enjoy the services and benefits provided by that carrier.

● International Travel

Unlocked devices offer the flexibility to use local SIM cards when traveling abroad. Instead of incurring high roaming charges, individuals can purchase a local SIM card in the destination country.

Then, they can insert it into their unlocked AT&T device and enjoy affordable local calling, messaging, and data services. This can significantly reduce communication costs and ensure a seamless mobile experience while traveling internationally.

● Resale Value

Unlocked devices generally have a higher resale value compared to locked devices. By unlocking their AT&T device, individuals can appeal to a broader market of potential buyers.

This means the ones who prefer using a different carrier or require an unlocked device for their specific needs. This can result in a higher selling price and quicker sales when compared to selling a locked device.

● Device Freedom

Unlocking an AT&T device provides individuals with the freedom to customize their devices according to their preferences. They can install custom ROMs, use different apps or services, and take full control over the device’s software. Unlocking offers a sense of ownership and flexibility, allowing users to optimize their device experience as they see fit.

It’s important to note that unlocking an AT&T device is subject to certain eligibility criteria. For instance, users should complete the contract term or pay off the device installment plan. It’s advisable to contact AT&T or refer to their unlocking policies to understand the specific requirements and procedures.

Besides, let’s know more about this magic of AT&T Mobile Transfer, a handy tool that ensures a seamless transfer of data from your old device to a new one.

Prerequisites for Unlocking an AT&T Device for Free

If you want to get AT&T 16-digit network unlock code for free, read this section.

Before attempting to unlock an AT&T device for free, it is essential to consider and fulfill the following prerequisites.

1. Device Ownership

You must be the rightful owner of the device or have proper authorization from the device owner.

2. Account Status

You must ensure that your AT&T account associated with the device is in good standing. This means that all bills and outstanding payments should be up to date with no dues. AT&T may require the account to be active for a specific period before unlocking eligibility.

3. Contractual Obligations

If your device is under a contract or installment plan, make sure you have fulfilled the contractual obligations. This includes any minimum service commitments. AT&T requires you to complete the contract term or pay off the device installment plan before unlocking the device.

4. Unlock Eligibility Period

AT&T has specific eligibility criteria for unlocking devices. For postpaid devices, the requirement is as follows. The device must be active on the AT&T network for a certain period before becoming eligible for unlocking. Prepaid devices have different requirements, so it’s crucial to check with AT&T for specific eligibility guidelines.

5. IMEI Status

Ensure that the device’s IMEI number is not blacklisted or reported as lost or stolen. AT&T will not unlock devices with such IMEI statuses.

6. Requesting Unlock

Contact AT&T customer support or visit their official website to initiate the unlock request. Follow their instructions and provide the necessary information. This includes the device’s IMEI number, account details, and any other requested documentation by AT&T.

So, if you meet the above prerequisites, you can claim a free AT&T network unlock code.

What if You Don’t Have the Free Network Unlock Code for AT&T?

Below you can find a solution if you don’t have a free network unlock code for AT&T. Unlocking your AT&T phone with the help of the carrier is the recommended initial step. Let’s assume that you have been using AT&T for a while and have a strong payment history.

In that case, they should unlock your phone without question. Step one involves using a computer or mobile device to visit the device unlock page of AT&T. The option labeled “Unlock your device” is the one you are supposed to select.

device unlock page of AT&T

The next step is to specify if you already have an AT&T account or not. If you are, select the corresponding option, enter your wireless number, and then hit Next. If you aren’t, you need to agree to its terms, input your IMEI number, and click Next to continue.

Unlock your AT&T device

You Should Be Ready with Genuine Information

If you are indeed an AT&T client, you will be prompted to enter the relevant security PIN. Also, you should enter the email address and the account holder’s name on the following page. After that, selecting “Next” will allow you to access the device.

Unlocking requirements are stricter for those who aren’t AT&T customers. AT&T will verify that the respective phone is clear of charges before allowing unlocking. If not, an exception will be thrown. If everything is fine, continue on to the next section to release the lock.

Also, if you are looking to unlock your carrier-locked iPhone, this article explains how to unlock AT&T iPhone and use it with other carriers without hassle.

Get the Help of a Professional Third-Party Tool

If you don’t get the free AT&T network unlock code, you can try a third-party tool to overcome it. There are several different tools you can use if you don’t get a free network unlock code for AT&T.

However, only a few work as promises. So, choosing a good tool out of the rest is a pretty challenging task. That said, is a popular option you can use to unlock your AT&T device.

You can follow the steps below to get it done.

  • First, you should visit official website.
  • Then, choose the brand of the device, model, network, etc.
  • Click on the option called “Unlock“.
  • You can then enter your IMEI number. Then, click on Unlock Now.
  • You will have to provide some more information at this stage. You should make the relevant payment, and then you can get your unlock code.

Bonus: Use Tenorshare 4MeKey to Unlock Your iCloud Activation with No Password

Now that you know how to get AT&T 16-digit network unlock code, here’s a bonus tip.

If you want to unlock an iCloud activation lock on any iOS device, 4MeKey is the go-to tool. There are many reasons for us to recommend this tool, and user-friendliness is one of them.

That said, if you want to use 4MeKey and unlock an iCloud account, here’s what you should do.

  • The obvious first step is to download 4MeKey. Then, get it installed. Open the application on your computer and tap on “Start to Remove“.
Tenorshare 4MeKey
  • Now, you should connect the respective iPhone to the same PC. Be sure to use a good USB cable to get it done.
Connect Your Device
  • Now, 4MeKey will perform a jailbreak on the device. It will download a special tool to jailbreak the device. You should press “Start Jailbreak” once this step is completed. Then, tap on “Start Remove“. This step will get rid of the iCloud activation lock.
Removing iCloud Activation Lock
  • At the completion of the process, you can use your iPhone with no restrictions.
Activation Lock Removal Complete

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section, we address some frequently asked questions regarding the AT&T network unlock process.

A: The network unlock code, also known as the NUC or SIM unlock code, is a unique code provided by AT&T to unlock your device from its network. The code is device-specific and can be obtained by submitting a device unlock request on AT&T’s official website.

A: The 16-digit network unlock code is a unique sequence of numbers used to unlock certain mobile devices. However, AT&T generally uses an 8-digit unlock code. If you’re asked for a 16-digit code, you might be dealing with a different carrier or device manufacturer.

A: Yes, you can unlock a network-locked phone for free, provided you meet the carrier’s unlock policy requirements. For AT&T, the requirements include the device being AT&T-branded, not reported lost or stolen, and all dues associated with the device being fully paid, among others.

A: A network unlock code is a unique sequence of numbers provided by the carrier (in this case, AT&T) to unlock your device from its network. This code allows you to use your device with a different carrier’s SIM card.


Getting the AT&T network to unlock code free is a pretty tricky process, as you can understand. However, if you fulfill the requirements mentioned in our article, unlocking is not impossible.

That said, if you want to make the process simpler, you may use a third-party tool. But when you use a third-party tool, you are supposed to make a payment. Also, be sure to choose a tool after some research.

Moreover, those who expect to remove the iCloud activation lock easily can use Tenorshare 4MeKey. It is a friendly, unique application that can bypass iCloud activation without a password. Such a tool becomes useful in many cases.

If you know any other ways to get an AT&T 16-digit network unlock code, please keep us posted. We will update our article in the future.


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