Best Headphones for Oculus Quest 2


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Best Headphones for Oculus Quest 2

Choosing the best headphones for Oculus Quest 2 is vital if you expect a comprehensive entertainment experience.

We have composed this article featuring the best headphones for Quest 2 for the convenience of our readers.

So, let’s find out what those products are.

Best Headphones for Oculus Quest 2

#1 – Logitech G333

Logitech G333 – Overall Best Quest 2 Headphones 

Here’s the product if you are looking for the best headphones for Quest 2, considering overall features. Action and fitness games especially benefit from allowing your ears to breathe.

So, many VR fans prefer over-ear headphones to in-ear versions for virtual reality. Since the Logitech G333s is built exclusively for the Quest 2, we’ve decided to rank it prominently.

It’s much easier to remove these earphones when you need to speak to someone in the room. That is because they’re less expensive than most extreme headphones and mods. However, they still deliver good audio quality for the money.

Do you want to ensure that the bud closest to the jack stays shorter than the other? If so, purchase the VR option of this method, which utilizes custom-length cords (3.5mm).

Three different earbud sizes are also included, as well as velcro bands to connect the cords to the Quest 2 straps.

Each of the buds of the G333 VR features a 5.8- and 9.2-millimeter driver, respectively. On top of that, the headphones have a 20- to 20-kHz frequency range and an SPL of 101.6 dB.

This pair of best headphones for Quest 2 earbuds has the internals to deliver the highs, bass, and mids. There will be no lag in what is displayed and heard, thanks to low-latency performance.


  • Plenty of audio drivers
  • Reduced dangling
  • Multiple sizes of buds
  • Lightweight product


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Not ideal for non-VR entertainment

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#2 – Logitech G Pro – Best Oculus Quest 2 Headphones (Over-Ear)

Logitech G Pro – Best Oculus Quest 2 Headphones (Over-Ear)

Oculus-certified G PRO by Logitech comes with a 10-inch connection. It travels from one of the left ear pads to an OLED display with minimal wasted space.

It doesn’t feature ANC, but because of its big, comfy earpads, it provides passive noise cancellation. A memory foam and leatherette headband offers a snug fit over your Quest 2 straps.

If you want to completely shut out the rest of the world, the G Pro headphones are for you. G333 VR is double the price but can also be used as a PC or even a console. Because of that, it has more non-VR value than the G333.

A pop filter-equipped detachable microphone and an extension cable with built-in volume and mute controls. Also, a PC splitter and a USB sound card are all included in the box.

There are 50mm drivers for more volume, a frequency range of 20 Hz-20 kHz, and a 35-ohm impedance. Also, it has an excellent response sensitivity for the audio system’s performance.

The greatest Quest 2 games will be able to provide the noises essential to immerse you in the world. So, this is one of the best Oculus Quest 2 headphones you can use for pure entertainment.


  • Inclusion of custom cables
  • Excellent drivers
  • Superb design for added comfort
  • It has tons of features
  • Noise cancellation feature (passive)


  • It is very expensive
  • It can be somewhat expensive
  • There’s no active noise canceling

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#3. Frankenquest Deluxe – Best Headphones for Quest 2 with the Head Strap

Frankenquest Deluxe – Best Headphones for Quest 2 with the Head Strap

This product has a stiff design that moves more headset weight to your head’s back. Also, it has an adjustable knob and substantial cushioning to make everything cooler and more comfortable. It includes built-in headphones on your ears as an additional advantage.

Oculus Quest Deluxe Audio Strap users have been finding methods to modify the strap for their new headsets. That’s since it was released in 2019 for the original Oculus Quest.

The Deluxe Audio Strap may now be attached to the Quest 2 with a simple 3D-printed piece. Frankenquest is the name given to this modified combination.

We recommend the Frankenquest mod as the best alternative to the Quest 2 head strap. That is because it provides both a strap improvement and an audio upgrade.

You don’t have to remove the headphones when you put your Quest 2 on or take them off. In terms of sound quality and design, this is an excellent headset for the money. So, if you are looking for the best headphones for Quest 2, this is a great solution.


  • Padded comfortable design
  • It matches the size of any Built-in head headphones
  • Convenient adapters


  • It is expensive.
  • It demands light modding.
  • It doesn’t match Quest 2’s color.

#4 – Kiwi Design Headphones

Kiwi Design Headphones

Pretty much all the official headphones might cost some significant amount in return for excellent sound quality. They also come with a one-of-a-kind cable design. But the Kiwi Quest 2 earphones are an exception to the rule.

While the Logitech G333s is more expensive, these headphones have a much longer chord. Because of that, the right ear may reach across your headset and not dangle excessively.

The various hat sizes on the Kiwi headphones make them exceptionally comfortable to wear. They come in black or white. Are you looking for high-quality audio performance at this budget point?

If so, you won’t get it with these 10mm drivers, excellent frequency, and 108dB4dB sensitivity. Even yet, the Quest 2’s accessories can be pricey. There’s a wonderful option if you need to limit audio bleed, but don’t expect to invest heavily.


  • Affordable price
  • Can get different capsizes
  • Durable product
  • Stylish


  • Not the most powerful sounds

#5 – Hi-Fix Clip-on Headphones

Hi-Fix Clip-on Headphones

Here’s another great option to consider if you are looking for the best headphones for Oculus Quest 2. A 3D printer can help you make adapters for fastening them onto your headset. However, it’s not as easy as it seems because Quest 2 has a few issues with them.

Many people, however, cannot use a 3D printer or the self-assurance to attempt complex modifications. EngineeringAF, a VR enthusiast website, does all the labor for you.

This merging of the KPP headsets with 3D-printed pieces creates attachable headsets. Those will rest comfortably by your ears and give excellent sound quality.

They’re created to order. Because of that, they may take a few weeks to arrive and can be costly. However, they are affordable compared to other entries on our list.

Also, they only function with its Elite Strap or even the 3rd-party strap with hard sides. Despite this, many VR veterans find these headphones to be a more enjoyable experience than regular headphones.

In addition, the site EngineeredAF uses the KPP’s drivers along with 3D-printed accessories. That is to create clip-on headphones that deliver superb over-ear sound. Also, they can be attached to the Elite Strap if you have a 3D printer.

If you don’t have the Elite Strap or a 3rd-party halo strap, you won’t be able to use this. You don’t have to modify or 3D-print anything, saving you precious time.


  • Koss Porta’s impressive sound quality
  • Customizable with 3D printing


  • Not compatible with Quest 2’s default straps
  • It takes about three weeks to arrive

#6 – Seadream 3.5mm 8″ Right Angle Cord

Seadream 3.5mm 8" Right Angle Cord

Here is another great option for those who want the best Quest 2 headphones. Spending a lot of money on Quest 2 headphones is possible if you only use them for VR. A 3.5mm plug and cable are available for regular over-ear headphones.

However, the cord is generally several feet long and will bounce against your ears as you walk around. What do you propose as a remedy? Get a 3.5mm cable that isn’t as long.

This Seadream cable indeed comes with a relatively inexpensive price tag. But it provides a backup cord and has received positive ratings. Check if your favorite headsets have a 3.5mm connector on the left or right ear. After that, measure the distance from that respective port to its left. You should be able to get by with a foot-long cable.

You’ll need to buy a pair of headphones to use this wire. We’ve put up lists of your best noise-canceling headphones and the best Low Latency headphones. Make sure that whatever you choose has a 3.5 mm port, and you’re good to go!


  • Shorter cables for ease of handling
  • Right-angle connector
  • Exceptionally affordable


  • For some headphones, they may be too short

#7 – Pixel Earbuds

Pixel Earbuds

According to Oculus Support, USB-C earphones can be used if plugged into the charging port. OnePlus Type-C Bullet Earbuds and Pixel USB-C buds work with your Oculus Quest 2.

However, Oculus does not say if all of your USB-C headsets are supported or not. It’s up to you to see if your current USB-C headphones will work.

The Pixel USB-C headphones are a great option if you’re searching for USB-C headphones. This is particularly true if you want to use them with your smartphone and VR headset. Rich bass and lively audio are two of the things that make us prefer them.

The unique loop shape of these earbuds allows for a secure and pleasant fit. In addition, they’re reasonably priced. If you have an Android phone, long-pressing the Play button will bring up Google’s virtual assistant, Google Now.


  • They are designed to be very affordable
  • Highly comfortable and convenient to use
  • Impressive sound quality for the price you pay


  • In some cases, some users have experienced dangling
  • It does the charging port

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Q1: Are the built-in speakers of the Oculus Quest 2 sufficient?

The built-in speakers of the Oculus Quest 2 provide decent audio, but using headphones can significantly enhance the sound quality and immersion.

Q2: Can I use any headphones with the Oculus Quest 2?

Yes, you can use any headphones that are compatible with the Oculus Quest 2. Look for headphones with a standard 3.5mm audio jack or wireless connectivity options.

Q3: Do wireless headphones introduce latency in VR gaming?

Some wireless headphones may introduce slight latency, but many modern wireless models offer low latency performance, making them suitable for VR gaming.

Q4: What is the advantage of open-back headphones?

Open-back headphones provide a more spacious and natural soundstage, but they do not provide noise isolation. They are ideal for quiet environments and audiophile listening.

Q5: Can I use virtual surround sound headphones with the Oculus Quest 2?

Yes, virtual surround sound headphones can enhance the spatial audio experience in VR. Look for headphones that offer compatibility with the Oculus Quest 2 and provide virtual surround sound technology.


The Quest 2 by Oculus is compatible with any 3.5mm headphone jack. Assume that you want to avoid obstacles found in Beat Saber and practice sit-ups in Supernatural wearing VR.

In that case, the only thing more distracting is the constant tapping of a cable. You can indeed use a short 3.5mm cable to convert your headphones.

However, if you want to use those headphones for other purposes, you may find it inconvenient to swap cords. Things are convenient with dedicated headphones for Quest 2 that you can put on and forget about.

The G333 VR earphones from Logitech were chosen as the most impressive Quest 2 headphones. Due to their unique design, these headphones have no protruding cables and are extremely light.

Because of that, they won’t add weight to your head when wearing the Quest 2. Additionally, they keep sweat and heat from building up around your ears, keeping you cool and dry.

So, that’s all about the best headphones for Oculus Quest 2 and our suggestions. What exactly is your choice? Please let us know.


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