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AirPods Mic Not Working? Let’s Get It Fixed With Ease!


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AirPod Mic Not Working

“My AirPods microphone not working since yesterday.

I am not sure what has happened to that. I did not do anything silly with it.

Should I go for a new one? Is there any way to fix it quickly? Please help me out”. 

Do you find it challenging to use the mics on your AirPods? Dirt in the microphone holes, improperly adjusted settings, and minor faults may all cause them to cease functioning properly.

The methods below will help you solve microphone problems with Apple’s earbuds.

Whether your speech sounds indistinct, the AirPods will not pick things up. That said, mentioned below are the solutions you can use to fix this error.

Top Solutions to Fix AirPods Microphone Not Working

1. Put the AirPods in the Case, then Reconnect Them

Reconnect  AirPods

Most audio issues with your AirPods may be resolved by reconnecting to your iPhone. This is particularly if they were working well just a minute before. Simply place both earphones in the charging case.

If it is related to AirPods Max, you should use Smart Case. Then, pull them out again. Although it is a basic solution, it can come in handy if your AirPods microphone is not working.

PS: if you are experiencing issues like the AirPods case not charging, here are your top solutions.

2. Remove the Potential Dirt

Remove the Potential Dirt

If you’ve been using your AirPods for a while, the mic holes might have collected a lot of dust. Could you make an effort to clear them out? Dab a cotton bud with rubbing alcohol to dislodge any muck and wipe it on the mic’s holes. It would help if you did it towards the base of the AirPods.

Afterward, pry out the particles using toothpicks or even a pair of tweezers. Take particular care not to harm the mesh grill that covers the microphones. Once you have done this, you can probably get rid of the “microphone AirPods not working” error.

Besides, if you wonder “why is one AirPod louder than the other” and how to fix it easily, here are the reasons and the top solutions you should try.

3. See if the Settings of the Microphone Are Correct

The next solution is to check whether the microphone’s settings are correct. You should know that it is possible to use the mic only on one AirPod.

So, it is worth checking your settings before moving to other solutions. You should check if the respective settings for the mic are configured for both microphones.

Mentioned below is how to do that.

  • First, you should go to the “Settings” option and choose “Bluetooth” to proceed.
  • Then, you should tap the option called “Info” located next to the option called “AirPods.”
  • After that, you should tap on “Microphone.” You can then choose the option called “Automatically Switch AirPods.”
  • That will allow your AirPods to find and pair the most appropriate option and work smoothly.
Check Settiings to fix AirPod Mic Not Working

Only the mic on the left or right AirPod could be used in the other two options. Suppose you place the incorrect earbud in its charging case.

If not, check if there’s far too much ambient noise coming from the exact direction of the active microphone. That may end up causing such AirPods mic not working problem.

Also, when your AirPods won’t flash white, that means they are not paired with your iPhone properly. Here are the ways to fix it quickly for you.

4. Update the Firmware of Your AirPods

The AirPods mic not working issue can also trigger due to outdated firmware. Outdated firmware can result in many errors apart from malfunctioning microphones. So, to fix it, you should go ahead and update the firmware.

If you want to update firmware, follow the options below.

  • Go to “Settings” and choose the option called “General.”
  • Then, you should go to the option called “About.”
  • Choose AirPods so it will display the existing Firmware Version.
  • By any chance, if you notice outdated firmware, you should get it updated as soon as possible.
Update firmware of AirPods

Connect the AirPods to a proper charging source and place them near the iPhone. This means the iPhone that’s supposed to be connected to the internet. Return within half an hour, and they should have already updated.

In addition, are you going to take a flight soon and wondering, “do AirPods work on a plane“? If yes, you will find the answer here. So, read on.

5. Perform a Reboot on Your iPhone

Try this method to address intermittent connection problems that prevent your iPhone from properly recognizing the inputs. A simple reboot might fix a variety of errors.

  • Begin the process by holding the Volume – key along with the “Side” button. Hold those keys together for about 3-4 seconds. If an iPhone has a “Home” button, press it along with the “Side” button.
  • After that, you should drag the icon that represents “Power.” It should be dragged towards the right-hand side. That will power off the respective device. You can wait for about 30 seconds. After that, you should hold the Side button once again so you can reboot it.
Reboot iPhone to Fix AirPod Mic Not Working

By the way, let’s figure out the possible reasons for the issue of the Find My AirPods sound pending, and we will also learn how to fix them quickly & simply.

6. Reset the AirPods, then Reconnect Them

Have you had no luck yet? Reset your AirPods if necessary. Put them in the charging case (if not the Smart Case) first. Then, until the status indicator turns amber, press the Status button and hold it.

That means the buttons on the charging case. If not, you should use the Noise Control button and Digital Crown if it is AirPods Max. That’s how to reset them.

Now, you are supposed to open the Case. If not, you are supposed to take the AirPods Max out of the Smart Case. Then, you should tap on the “Connect” option and choose “Done.” That will be another fix if your AirPods mic is not working.

Reset AirPods

Also, are you unaware of why one AirPod dies faster? And Are you looking for ways to solve this annoying issue? Then, read this article to know the same.

7. Get Your AirPods Repaired or Replaced

If none of the solutions above worked, you’re probably dealing with a faulty pair of AirPods. If you tend to drop the AirPods, the microphones may have been damaged.

Contact the support service of Apple or schedule a repair or replacement appointment for the AirPods. For additional information, see Apple’s AirPods Service & Repair page.

Hopefully, the solutions above helped resolve any issues with your AirPods’ microphone. Now, let’s look at some additional information related to AirPods.

How to Use Your AirPods More Effectively

In addition to fixing the AirPods mic not working issue, here are some important points to remember if you want to use your AirPods efficiently.

● How to Keep Your Battery Life Longer

Do your AirPods’ batteries run out too quickly? If you are using both earbuds often, this may happen. If you don’t mind listening to one AirPod at a time, you have a good chance to extend the charge.

You can do that by detaching one Airpod and replacing it in the case. You can swap the fully loaded one when the charge runs out.

● Observe the Charge of the Battery

If needed, you can see how much power your AirPods and charging case have left. At least a single AirPod should be placed in the case. A card is displayed on the iPhone’s screen to show the charge level of the case and AirPods.

Observe the charge of battery

Check out the Batteries widget as well. Scroll right until you get the Widgets screen on your iOS device, then slide to the Batteries area. You can view the charge on all of your linked devices as well.

● How to Find Misplaced AirPods?

Have you misplaced your AirPods yet? Don’t be concerned. You may use the iPhone or iPad to hunt them down.

Open the Find My app on your iOS/iPadOS device. Ensure that you’re logged in with the Apple ID. The map should identify the position of your AirPods if you tap that entry for them.

You may also locate the earphones with a sound if they are out of their case. Also, they should be connected to the iPhone or iPad.

Then touch the Play Sound link from the Actions menu. To assist you in finding your AirPods, they make a beeping noise.

● Changing the Source of the Microphone

Your AirPods include a built-in microphone, allowing you to make calls and converse with Siri. In general, your microphone switches between both the AirPods. However, you can change this to Always Right AirPod or Always Left AirPod.

You can go to the “Settings” option and choose “Bluetooth.” Then, go to your AirPods and choose microphone. Then, you can change it to one of the sides from Automatic.  

Changing the source of microphone

● How to Transfer Audio to the AirPods Automatically?

Do you want the music to begin playing when you put your AirPods in? And should it stop when you pull them out? You may enable this function on your iPhone by heading to the option called “Settings.”

Then, you should go to “Bluetooth.” Choose the name of your AirPods. Then, choose the option called “Automatic Ear Detection.”

transfer audio to AirPods automatically

You may put the AirPods in and listen to music via the built-in speaker on your smartphone. The music will stop if you remove any of the AirPods. Re-insert it into the ear, and that music will continue. When both are removed, the music stops.

Your AirPods will automatically swap between the Mac, iPhone, or iPad. This is true if you are using iOS 14 or above. Also, they must be connected to the respective iCloud account.

● Controlling the Music

You can ask Siri to stop, play, or skip forward and rewind a track. Also, you can alter the activities related to double-tapping on the AirPods to manage your music. Go to the option called Bluetooth and choose your AirPods.

After that, you should perform a double-tap on the AirPods. Then, select the action you’d want that AirPods to do when you double-touch on the next page. You can do that by tapping right or left.

Controlling the music

Hopefully, we believe the above information will help you if your AirPods mic is not working. Please let us know if you have any doubts about the AirPods microphone not working.

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