AirPods Hurt My Ears? Let’s Find out the Reasons and Fixes


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AirPods Hurt My Ears

Do your AirPods hurt ears, and do you want to know what to do about it? If so, you have landed on the perfect article.

Here, we explain the possible reasons for such issues and the best ways to overcome them.

Overview About AirPods


AirPods have become the gold standard of wearable technology. However, if they don’t fit properly, they can cause discomfort.

However, the issue isn’t always related to how big or small your AirPods are. What matters more is how you put them on.

Your ears will definitely get damaged if you force the AirPods into the ear canals. There could be a number of reasons why these AirPods are causing you discomfort.

Utilizing the information provided in this article, you should be able to address the source of this issue.

Besides, when your AirPods won’t flash white, that means they are not paired with your iPhone properly. Here are the ways to fix it easily for you.

AirPods Hurt My Ears: the Possible Causes

A convenient fit for your ears is essential for a portable device such as AirPods. Being allergic to a specific material might also cause problems with AirPods because they touch your skin.

With that said, that’s not the only reason for the issue “AirPods hurt my ears.” The reasons are mentioned below for your reference.

  • You have plugged the AirPods too deep within your ears. Such a practice can make your ears hurt, at least in the long run.
  • The tips of your AirPods are not perfectly fitting to the inside of your ears.
  • You have been using AirPods for too long, and it might hurt your ears.
  • Your AirPods are not clean, so it can lead to infections in the ear. That will lead to a painful experience in the ears.
  • Your skin is highly sensitive to some of the materials used to manufacture AirPods.

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Solutions to Try if Your Ears Are Paining Due to AirPods

Please be patient if you just got your AirPods today. You should give your ears some time to adjust to using AirPods. In fact, it’s just like facing any other new experience.

However, if you continue to experience earache after a few trials, you’ll need to explore elsewhere for solutions. That’s because there’s something more than getting used to the new devices.

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Solution 01: Plug Your AirPods in Properly

Plug Your AirPods in Properly

You shouldn’t force the AirPods in your ears. Put in the extra effort to ensure that the AirPods stay securely plugged into your ears.

AirPods will form a watertight seal when used in this manner. That way, they will not fall out of your ears or cause any discomfort. Like when you put the right AirPod in the left ear or the other way around, it is painful.

So, if you wonder why AirPods hurt my ears, it is better to check this aspect as well.

  • First, you should check for the “R,” and “L” marks found on your AirPods.
  • Then, just place them in your ears, and that will be very easy.
  • You should also ensure that those AirPods are shoved forcefully in your ear canals.
  • Just adjust them gently when they are inside your ears.

This is the simplest fix you can try if you wonder why AirPods pro hurt my ears.

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Solution 02: Make Sure That You Use an Ear Tip of the Correct Size

Make Sure That You Use an Ear Tip of the Correct Size

If the stock ear tip that came with your AirPods is uncomfortable, you may always replace it with a different one. You can find out which tip size is most comfortable by doing a quick and easy test.

The tips for your AirPods Pro may be swapped out with ones that are either smaller, medium, or larger. If you would unroll those ear tips, you will be able to see labels with the sizes. For instance, you can see S (Small), M (Medium), or L (Large)—printed inside.

The 01st, 02nd, or 03rd gen of AirPod tips are not compatible with the Pro version of it. Because of that, you’ll need to find a different solution.

As a result, you may find relief by switching to third-party ear tips that have received positive reviews.

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Solution 03: Clean Your AirPods Properly

Clean Your AirPods Properly

If your AirPods hurt ears, Grime & earwax accumulate in your AirPods over time. Ear infections can be contracted from using dirty, uncleaned AirPods; this is well knowledge.

If this is the case, your ear pain could be due to the problems caused by the AirPods.

So, periodical cleaning of your AirPods is the best measure we would propose to you. AirPods are a great accessory, but they require special maintenance and cleaning.

Solution 04: Take Breaks Regularly

Your hearing is also going to require a break. Over time, the ears may start to hurt from having the AirPods in there.

Take pauses from using your AirPods on a regular basis. The relief for your ears will be greatly appreciated.

Especially if the AirPods are used frequently for things like online lectures, meetings, phone calls, etc.

Solution 05: Visit a Doctor to See if There’s Anything Wrong with Your Ears

If you’re sensitive to latex, you may find that your AirPods cause pain in your ears. If you have an ear sensitivity, you should know that Apple still puts consumer safety first.

Do you suspect that you have a hypersensitivity to substances like Acrylates and Nickle but aren’t sure? If so, a trip to the doctor could be helpful.

In fact, substances called Acrylates and Nickle are included in AirPods. If you have an allergy to them, you may experience discomfort in one or both ears.

Solution 06: Check if Your Devices Are Under a Two-week Return Period

Do your AirPods hurt your ears even after trying all of the solutions mentioned in this article? Well, if none of the aforementioned solutions worked, you are free to send them back.

The only stipulation is that it must not have been more than two weeks since you purchased the AirPods.

In fact, AirPods can only be returned if they were purchased through an Apple-authorized reseller. Well, it can either be the Apple store or even the Apple online shop. The return & refund policy of the store from which you purchased the AirPods is what will apply.

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  1. Can using AirPods at a high volume contribute to ear discomfort? Yes, listening to audio at excessively high volumes can strain your ears and contribute to discomfort. It’s essential to maintain a moderate volume level while using AirPods.
  2. Are there any specific recommendations for cleaning AirPods? Use a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe the exterior surfaces and ear tips of your AirPods. Avoid using liquids or submerging them in water.
  3. Can I use third-party ear tips with my AirPods? Yes, several third-party manufacturers offer ear tips compatible with AirPods. Ensure that you choose the correct size and check for compatibility with your specific AirPods model.
  4. Are AirPods Pro more comfortable than the standard AirPods? AirPods Pro introduces a customizable fit and silicone ear tips, which can offer a more comfortable experience compared to the standard AirPods. However, comfort is subjective, and individual preferences may vary.
  5. Where can I get AirPods or alternative ear tips? You can purchase AirPods or alternative ear tips from authorized retailers or online marketplaces. Ensure that you buy from reputable sources to guarantee genuine products.


If you wonder why AirPods hurt my ears, the above options might solve it. Also, be sure to keep your AirPods clean all the time, as accumulated dirt and debris can cause infections.

More importantly, if your ears hurt because you are allergic to AirPods’ substances, avoid using them. What do you think about AirPods? Are they a good value addition to your life? Your thoughts are warmly welcome!


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