Top 6 Best Mobile VR Games You Can Play Without Controller

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VR Games Without Controller

Here are the six best mobile VR games for Android without a controller you can play that provide excellent gameplay and immersive experiences for you to try.


While Virtual Reality has become more popular nowadays, more games are coming on this vast platform.

Numerous VR headsets support games, so whether you are using PlayStation VR, Oculus, or your mobile phone with Cardboard, you can always taste the awesomeness of Virtual Reality.

VR headsets can be used in different ways, like watching movies, playing video games, or even for your job. While thinking of playing games on VR, we always pair it up with controllers.

Without controllers, what can we do with VR games? Well, many games on VR without controllers are on the market; these games are the best choice for players who hate controllers but love VR.

We provide you in this list with the best VR games without controllers that are available for you to enjoy.

6 Best Mobile VR Games Without Controller

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Smash Hit

Smash Hit

This might be familiar to many gamers, as it starts as a viral mobile game. Due to its unusual type of on-rail shooting, Smash Hit is incredibly suitable as a VR game.

The game glides you through a relatively abstract dimension where you will have to shoot the glass structures with your marble. The whole process is quite relaxed, so the game is well presented on VR.

With the awesome graphics and soft music in this best VR game without a controller, you will feel more immersive compared to the mobile version of Smash Hit.

While gliding through dimensions, you can see the glass structures on the top of your head; when you fire the marbles and break the glass, its realistic action of shattering into pieces makes the feeling more smooth and more relaxed.

However, the goal you are trying to achieve is to get as far as you can while having a limited amount of marble that you can shoot.

Smash Hit is one of the best VR games without controllers, as all you need are your sharp eyes, reflexes, and the finger to push the button on the headset to shoot out marbles. It’s a pretty simple and relaxed game that you may really enjoy.

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VR Roller Coaster

VR Roller Coaster

Roller coasters are always fun to take as you ride on incredibly steep rails and hear people screaming beside you.

The thing is, there’s no way we can have access to theme parks all the time; maybe it’s a problem of distance, or you don’t have the amount of time to visit.

Here comes the good news: with your VR headset, you can experience the taste of roller coasters as often as you like!

With this best mobile VR game for Android without a controller – VR Roller Coaster, you may not only take a roller coaster as many times as you like but also design your very own roller coaster on your unique rail!

In this game, you can select from the 60 tracks provided and work on the track you like. Other than the tracks, you can also design your roller coaster from the ten different trains provided by the VR Roller Coaster. So no worries about the uniqueness of your roller coaster.

After you finish designing your roller coaster, you are ready to have some fun testing it. Take your VR headset on and enjoy the ride! VR Roller Coaster allows you to have the first-person perspective of the entire roller coaster ride, and you can see what it is like on the roller coaster that you designed yourself.

You may always try it out no matter how crazy or calm your roller coaster is. After all, the best part is that no controller is required for the entire ride! That’s why VR Roller Coaster is an excellent choice for some VR games for Android without controllers since it’s free on Android.

Deep Space Battle VR

Deep Space Battle VR

Ready for some battling? Deep Space Battle VR is the next Best Mobile VR Game for Android Without Controller in the line.

Available on Android, Deep Space Battle VR is also a completely free game! In this game, you take the perspective of a space pilot, and you will need to fight against some Shadow Fleet that’s invading.

You, the lone pilot, are the only hope for our planet Earth. So be ready for some crossfires among the galactic landscape while shooting some bold lasers as well as projectiles.

Here comes the question: how the hell can a space battle VR game come without any controllers? Deep Space Battle VR is designed for Google Cardboard VR that does not require any controllers.

All you have to do to play the game is to aim with your head. Once enemies get into the crosshairs, your spaceship will fire automatically. Turn your head around and toast enemy spaceships!

Being one of the best mobile VR games without controllers, Deep Space Battle VR provides incredible gaming experiences in the absence of controllers. Deep Space Battle VR is a perfect choice for a space battle VR game.

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VR X-Racer

VR X-Racer

Leaving space, we are now in the world of racing games. Racing games have always been a big part of the gaming market, and VR X-Racer is a pretty enjoyable racing game on VR.

The game’s background maps are similar to Minecraft, which is also a low-poly aesthetic kind of graphics. Different themes and colors make the 3-dimensional visuals a lot more immersive than the mobile mode. This is where you will have extraordinary racing experiences.

For the VR mode of VR X-Racer, no controllers will be needed. To steer your ship, all you have to do is to put your headset on and tilt your head. However, it’s important to watch out for obstacles on your way since these things won’t wait as you turn your head over.

It’s also important to rest your head, as your head is all you got to control the game. Besides that, VR X-Racer is available on both iOS and Android. What’s more, the game is completely free! To summarize, VR X-Racer deserves to be one of the best VR games without controllers.

Snow Strike VR

Snow Strike VR

Believe it or not, you can play a tower defense game on VR without the help of controllers! Snow Strike VR is the first tower defense VR Game for Android Without a Controller on this list, and surely it won’t disappoint you.

Like its name, Snow Strike VR provides a virtual snow fight for players at any time of the year. For those of you that live in warm climates, Snow Strike VR offers exciting experiences of snow fights.

While being a tower defense game, you will have to protect your snow fort from the attack invaders in the game from your 180-degree view. In order to play Snow Strike VR without controllers, all you have to do is to line your shots with the foe and press the button on your headset.

This will give you the opportunity to beat your enemy by throwing your own snowball at them. Dodging snowballs is important as well; just simply weave your head away and avoid being hit.

Snow Strike VR is a pretty fun VR game without controllers where you can get in touch with snow fights. The style of this game is pretty cartoonish, so it’s suitable for all ages.


Darknet VR games without controller

Being a VR puzzle game without controllers, Darknet provides you the taste of being a cyber hacker (pretty cool, huh?). This puzzle game has the style of cyberpunk, and it really makes players feel like one themselves.

In the game, you will have to enter cyberspace, where you will need to infiltrate the whole web with viruses, exploits, and worms in order to steal money and data. Be careful not to be caught by authorities while doing this, so you will have to utilize your logic and strategies to beat the game.

In order to play the game, no controllers are needed, just as in other games on this list. To gaze controls, move your head around and interact with the cyber nodes by pushing the button on your headset. The only downside to this game is that it’s a bit more expensive than others.

However, the price shouldn’t let you down from getting the fun and excitement from this game; and Darknet deserves mention on this list of best VR games without a controller.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I play mobile VR games without a controller? Yes, there are numerous mobile VR games available that can be played without a controller. These games utilize head tracking and gestures for interaction.
  2. Are these games compatible with all VR headsets? Most of these games are compatible with popular VR headsets, such as Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, and Oculus Go. However, it’s important to check the compatibility of each game with your specific VR headset.
  3. How do I control the games without a controller? These games rely on head tracking and gestures for control. You can navigate, interact, and make in-game selections by simply moving your head or using gestures like tapping the side of your VR headset.
  4. Are these games free to play? Some of the games mentioned in this article are free to play, while others may require a purchase. You can find these games on official app stores or dedicated VR game platforms.
  5. Can I play these games on iOS and Android devices? Yes, most mobile VR games are available for both iOS and Android devices. However, it’s advisable to check the compatibility requirements and specifications of each game before downloading.

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Virtual reality can make video games more immersive and fun than other devices.

Indeed, controllers provide more ways to play games; however, there are still people that want some more straightforward ways of playing VR games. This list offers you the six best VR games without controllers.

These games have different styles. Some focused on experience, some focused on strategy, and others provided awesome battles. While these games focused on different things, they shared a similarity – no controllers were needed.

The simple way of playing these games may become one of its sparking spots. This also means that players may focus on their eyes in the headsets, not the controllers, which means they are enjoying the game by its truth.

If you want to try out some VR games that do not require any controllers, consider the games above. All of them are wonderful games that won’t disappoint you.

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