Top Oculus Games for Kids: Entertainment and Fun for Your Children

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Oculus Games For Kids

When it comes to VR games for kids, there are plenty of options you might come across. However, not all those Oculus games for kids are not the same.

So, we prepared this article revealing the best games that will keep your kids entertained.  

Oculus Games for Kids – The Best Ones

Oculus has stated categorically that anyone over the age of 13 is welcome to try out the headgear. Do not use the language below that in front of kids.

Is your child over the age of 13? If so, you can allow them access to Oculus and the games within reason. Get your children excited about virtual reality by giving them access to the top Oculus games for kids.

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01. Racket Fury: Table Tennis

Racket Fury: Table Tennis

One of the best games available for the Oculus is Racket Fury: Table Tennis. This game allows you to compete in a game of table tennis against the robot.

You will play within the virtual arena or against a complete stranger. There is a wide selection of single-player or multiplayer options to choose from in this game.

If you’re playing with just one other person, you’ll have to beat 16 others to claim victory. 

However, keep in mind that you’ll be competing against the finest players across the globe. The game has a wide variety of content and play styles.

In order to get better at the game, select the PRACTICE option. In addition, the game features an arcade mode where your child’s speed and reflexes may really shine.

Also, are you looking for a refund from the Oculus game because of its constant flaws or for other reasons? Here is some vital information you can’t miss.

02. Dance Central

Dance Central

A game like Dance Central is a great solution if your children are becoming tired of regular dancing lessons. Compete head-to-head with your digital dance partners by mimicking their every move.

The breathtaking VR features in this game are a major selling point. The interface is so lifelike. So, you can even pick the song on your character’s phone and call up your friends for a dance-off.

For each of these 32 songs, there is a special dance move. It’s a blast to copy these dance moves because they’re so cool.

To add to the fun, your offspring can issue challenges to their friends and relatives. They will have to beat their highest score. So, that’s one of the coolest Oculus games for kids.

03. Walkabout Mini Golf

Walkabout Mini Golf

If you are looking for superb VR games for kids, here’s another option to try. Have a fantastic time putting golf balls in the hole within the virtual world of Walkabout Mini Golf. This game’s physics mechanics are based on actual physics.

Moreover, the world they’ve created is just as realistic, making for a really entertaining and satisfying experience. Mini-golf courses can be found anywhere, from the Lost Cities to the South African highlands. There’s a sense of realism thanks to the game’s high-quality visuals, engaging scenarios, and use of genuine hand motions.

This specific game can be played with anyone, anywhere in the world, be they friends or complete strangers. Those of varying ages can find enjoyment in the game’s straightforward principles and straightforward control mechanisms.

Golf is a universally popular sport enjoyed by people of all ages. Players can enjoy the simple pleasure of swinging their hands in the air and attempting to sink a ball. So, consider it one of the coolest VR games for kids.

04. Knockout League

 Knockout League

If you’re ready to dive into the Knockout League, you’d better start by cleaning up your space. That’s because it is among the most exciting Oculus games for kids.

It is true that the environment of Knockout League is incredibly hilarious and engaging. However, it’s made less so by the characters’ excessive childishness and absurdity.

Just picture yourself in an intense confrontation against a formidable octopus called Sir Octopunch. You have the right idea, of course. Playing this great game will be a fantastic experience for you.

Eventually, your children will master the game. As they play the game, they will notice the opposition’s fighting pattern. Trust me when I say that playing video games in virtual reality is a blast. So, stop reading this and enjoy the game immediately.

05. Journey of the Gods

Journey of the Gods

The hero of this game, an incredible journey action-adventure genre game, is tasked with defending a beautiful city. The city needs you, so put on your headset, explore this fantastic environment, and become its protector.

Immediately upon starting the game, the children will be exposed to a world where demons rule. Also, the savior of the city savior is locked up in prison.

In order to preserve the city, our protagonist arms himself with a small sword, shield, and crossbow. That said, the crossbow is both small and low on ammunition.

The bosses you face will vary throughout the game. Bosses are the most challenging and exciting parts of the game. As you progress through the ranks, the bosses will increase in strength and difficulty.

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06. Fruit Ninja VR

Fruit Ninja VR

Those interested in playing the popular fruit-slicing game can do it in virtual reality as well. When it comes to virtual reality (VR), Fruit Ninja is at the top of its game.

The combination of VR and close-quarters combat makes it a fun and safe option for gamers of all ages.

The game features multiple play modes. Select one that fits your mood, then begin savagely slicing fruits. There is a “Zen” mode where the distracting bomb is disabled and a “survival” level. In “Survival,” you must use a drone to cut up the fruit that’s constantly being dropped from the sky.

This game is perfect for your little youngster. We call it one of the best Oculus games for kids. It’s a great way to get some laughs while also picking up some useful knowledge.

You can direct them as to which fruits to cut. On occasion, you can even take part in this VR fruit-slicing activity.

07. Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs

Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs

You can now destroy the different barriers defending the crazy green pigs in virtual reality. Virtual reality functions as advertised. Also, the gameplay is visually appealing even as you wreak havoc on it and slaughter its inhabitants.

Unlike on other systems, you kids aren’t locked into a fixed first-person perspective here. You are free to explore the area. You can also teleport to other locations and locate an ideal site from which to launch the birds.

There is a wide selection of birds from which to pick. For optimal effectiveness, you need to be familiar with their characteristics as well as their abilities. After that, playing games will be more exciting and highly rewarding.

08. Shadow Point

Shadow Point

A nice gift for youngsters is a well-written game with a lovable protagonist and some seriously challenging puzzles. They’ll have fun with this game’s humorous, endearing, and intellectually stimulating puzzles.

The game’s plot is quite engaging, with a bit of flavor of Sci-Fi types of stuff. So, kids will solve these puzzles in order to comprehend the plot or keep the plot moving.

In addition, the solutions to these puzzles provide the key to unlocking Lorna McCabe’s backstory.

We have no doubt that your children will delight in this fantastical and amusing journey to learn the truth. 

09. Moss


Moss is regarded as a game that feels like it was lifted from a children’s book. Also, it comes with the plot beginning as soon as we open the book.

Well, Quill, a young mouse, embarks on a perilous quest to rescue her uncle. And it’s full of adventure, uncertainty, and even some fear. In this game, we play the role of the reader.

Also, we get to delve profoundly into this game’s great metaphors for life’s larger questions. We’re the mysterious force helping the small girl save her uncle.

Both a 1st person and a 3rd person’s point of view are used to convey the story. It does add depth and dimension. In addition, both children and adults will enjoy working on these puzzles.

10. Traffic Jams

Traffic Jams

An excellent game for kids is Traffic Jams. This specific game gives them a chance to assume the role of a traffic cop. The job of the respective traffic officer would be to keep the roads safe and calm down angry drivers.

It’s a gorgeous game that works perfectly with virtual reality gear. It also strikes a good balance between visuals and motion so that no one will get sick from it.

First, we visit a little town. However, as the story unfolds, we go to larger places and face increasingly difficult challenges. As the idea says, it might be an excellent learning opportunity for the kids.

11. Color Space

Color Space

The visually gorgeous Color Space allows you to do the exact thing without breaking out the sketchbook and pencils.

There are thirteen different things in this game that are just waiting to be colored. As we add color to the world, ambient music builds and relaxes us.

To illustrate, picture this: you’re listening to soothing music while you will paint a picturesque scene. The kids will have a blast with this engaging and amusing game.

Using their own unique perspectives and ideas, they can add some vibrancy to the digital landscape.

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12. Beat Saber


Beat Saber is a rhythm-based game that combines music and lightsaber-like controllers to create an exhilarating experience. Kids can groove to the beat of their favorite songs while slashing through colorful blocks, improving their hand-eye coordination and rhythm.

With its energetic gameplay and catchy tunes, Beat Saber guarantees hours of fun for kids of all ages.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Are these Oculus games suitable for all age groups? Yes, these games are specifically designed for kids and can be enjoyed by children of various age groups.
  2. Do I need any additional equipment to play these games? Yes, you will need an Oculus VR headset to play these games. Make sure to check the compatibility of the games with your specific Oculus device.
  3. Can these games be played without adult supervision? While most of these games are kid-friendly and do not require constant supervision, it’s always advisable for parents or guardians to be aware of their children’s virtual activities.
  4. Are there any educational elements in these games? Yes, many of these games incorporate educational elements, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity, making them both entertaining and educational.
  5. Where can I purchase these Oculus games? You can purchase these games from the Oculus Store or other authorized retailers. Make sure to check the compatibility and age rating of each game before purchasing.


So, those are the best VR games for kids we found during our research. As you may notice, all these Oculus games for kids are enjoyable and unique. So, it may be hard to differentiate the best from the rest for any individual.

We hope you liked our list of games. Also, please let us know if you want to add more games to this list.


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