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VR Games for iPhone

Here are the six best VR games for iPhone that are immersive and realistic you can’t miss.

Virtual reality, known as VR, has grown popular nowadays. People all over the Earth enjoy VR games.

Since it includes an immersive experience and incredible graphics, VR can bring gamers into the game, making VR so attractive.

No matter what kind of games you like to play, VR can make your gaming experience a lot more unique and fun.

Through VR, horror games can be scarier, bringing players more profound experiences.

Non-horror games can taste beautiful games through VR, where the game itself becomes more immersive, and the players will indulge in the incredible view.

Some VR games might be expensive, so people would prefer to have VR and their phones together.

That’s why this list of the top iOS VR Games exists to recommend some of the best VR games for iPhone.

Top 6 Best iOS VR Games

#1 – VR X-Racer

VR X-Racer Game for iPhone

First off is one of the fast-paced games on the list. Being an action game, VR X-Racer requires you and your team to protect Earth under UFO’s attack. You will have to use the destructive missiles and those lethal weapons to defeat the aliens.

Traveling through the dangerous airway, you need to observe enemy attacks and try not to die. At the same time, you find the best way to fight the enemies using a limited number of weapons.

As mentioned, VR X-Racer has a quite speedy pace, so that the game could be challenging. There are two modes, hand mode and virtual reality mode. While playing with your VR, you can experience the game’s fantastic 3D effects and visual graphics. As if the player has a mission that must be reached.

If you get tired of the VR mode, you may also try the hand mode of the game. This mode is easier but still quite challenging. So overall, VR X-Racer is an awesome action game worth mentioning among the best VR games for iPhone.

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#2 – InCell VR

InCell VR Games for iPhone

Racing games have always won a place in the gaming market. Many great mobile racing games are available today, but some people still want a more exciting and realistic experience. Here we are with one of the best VR racing/action games for iPhone,

InCell VR. In the game, you will be preventing the world from being destroyed; and as its name presents, everything in the game happens in a micro world. Moreover, players will explore and investigate the human cell and withstand the virus waves trying to invade.

Being one of the best VR games for the iPhone, InCell VR is designed to play VR. Due to this reason, the graphics, effects, and sounds in the game are more realistic and immersive.

Furthermore, this game is compatible with numerous headsets, like Homido, Fibrum, Archos, View-Master, Durovis, Lakento, etc., so you won’t have to worry if your VR headset doesn’t support the game.

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#3 – Sisters

Sisters Game for iPhone

VR horror games have always been the shining stars in the VR market. People play VR horror games to have a scarier and more exciting gaming experience. Sisters, in this case, deserves to be one of the best VR horror games for iPhone.

First, a warning for those weak-hearted players; if you are not the type for those horror games and will get frightened easily, you will not like Sisters after you try it. The game brings players into a ghost story.

Even if you are playing it on a mobile phone, the game gives you quite an intense feeling while walking through. In addition, the 360-degree graphics and fearful background music make the game even scarier.

The control of Sisters is pretty simple. More importantly, the game is free, so anyone interested in horror VR games for iPhone should try this game.

#4 – Fractal Combat X

Fractal Combat X

Ready for some fun combat games? Next on the list is Fractal Combat X, an absolute entertainment!

Being a VR game for iPhone, Fractal Combat X has outstanding fractal landscapes and incredible 3D graphics. This game also contains a story mode available for players, whereas numerous missions are waiting for players to accomplish.

Another thing about Fractal Combat X is its soundtrack. With the graphics and soundtrack, the game can bring you a pure VR experience that can keep you hooked for a long time. Fractal Combat X is always one of the best choices for a combat VR game for the iPhone.

#5 – Final Kick VR

Final Kick VR

The next station we’re on is sports games! Every soccer fan would like to try penalty shots at home! Final Kick VR is a VR game that allows you to play against the top teams in the whole world.

The graphic of this game will enable you to experience the pure green grass of the soccer field while standing in your house; meanwhile, having the taste of wonderful matches leads you to the champion.

While being a soccer player through VR, the game can also provide some exercise while you have the penalty shots. Final Kick VR is one of the best VR games for iPhone that can provide the best football experience that other games cannot.

#6 – Romans From Mars 360

Romans From Mars 360

Being the first heroic game, Romans From Mars 360 is unique and addictive (in a good way). In Romans From Mars, you will be acting as a Roman soldier fighting against an invading Martian army.

While defending, you will utilize your hand movements and make your arrows count. Furthermore, you are lucky that Jupiter endowed you with fantastical elements of power. You may use Ice, Earth, Lightning, and Fire to help you defend your castle walls.

While playing this with VR, it’s more exciting and intense since it’s relatively realistic. Looking at the Martians coming, you will have to use the controls and try your best to protect the Earth from being overturned by the Martians.

Being a unique VR tower defense game, Roman From Mars 360 is attractive due to its playability and diverse ways to achieve the goal.

For fans of tower defense, this game deserves to be considered. Its VR version makes it reasonable to have it on the best VR games for iPhone list.


  1. Can I play VR games on any iPhone model?
    • Yes, most recent iPhone models support VR gaming. However, for the best experience, it is recommended to use newer models with more powerful processors.
  2. Do I need any additional accessories to play VR games on my iPhone?
    • Yes, you will need a compatible VR headset that works with your iPhone. There are various options available in the market, ranging from entry-level to high-end headsets.
  3. Are VR games for iPhone free?
    • While there are free VR games available, many premium titles offer a more immersive and feature-rich experience. Some games may require a one-time purchase or offer in-app purchases for additional content.
  4. Can I play multiplayer VR games on my iPhone?
    • Yes, there are multiplayer VR games available for iPhone. You can connect with friends or players from around the world and enjoy cooperative or competitive gameplay.
  5. Are there educational VR games available for iPhone?
    • Yes, there are educational VR games that offer interactive and informative experiences. These games can cover a wide range of subjects, from history and science to art and geography.


iOS VR Games are incredible games that allow us to experience amazing stuff. Whether exciting shooting, tower defense, horror, or just exploring games, VR can make them more immersive and realistic, regardless of which kind of game you are playing.

Nowadays, Virtual Reality is becoming more and more popular. Having a taste of these games with your iPhone will be a fair choice.

If you are searching for a VR game for iPhone, consider the ten best games above; these wonderful games will not disappoint you.

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