How to Stop Someone From Spying on My Cell Phone?

Technology delivers various benefits for us. One of the most outstanding inventions of modern-day technology is the smartphone. It has become one of the most versatile devices ever invented.

While smartphones have become part and parcel of our lives, they are vulnerable to various threats as well. For instance, someone else can spy on your smartphone and monitor all your activities.

That is exactly why many individuals ask ‘how to stop someone from spying on my cell phone?’. This question can be found in various forums, and our editors have decided to compose an article about it.

Nowadays, you tend to handle loads of important tasks using your mobile device, don’t you?

These tasks can include banking, social media, internet browsing, SMS, calls, photographing, filming, online shopping, emailing, etc. That means your mobile phone is home to various types of sensitive personal information.

In that case, if someone spies on your smartphone, that would be a massive risk. Whoever spies on your device can access all the information and misuse them for various tasks.

Think of your Facebook password, bank account credentials, personal photos, etc. What if someone gets access to them? The worst thing is that hackers use a variety of advanced tools.

Therefore, we are exposed to a large number of threats, regardless of where we live. So, the frustration of those who ask ‘how to stop someone from spying on my cell phone’ is justifiable.

Is Someone Spying on My Phone?

How to Stop Someone From Spying on My Cell Phone? It is true that many individuals wonder if they have become victims of a spy.

So, it is a wise approach to check if someone is spying on your phone as soon as possible. Such an approach will ensure that you take action against it before it’s too late.

In fact, you can notice a couple of signs if someone is already spying on your device.

Mentioned below are those signs. If you notice any of those signs, there is a good chance that you have become a victim of hacking.

01. Your Device’s Battery Drains Faster

If your device starts to show an unusually quick battery drain, you better be careful. In addition to that, you must be careful if your device takes longer than usual to be fully charged.

Both of those instances can be signs of a spy attack. When a spy app runs in the background, it consumes a lot of power.

However, before getting worried about a spy attack, just make sure that your battery itself doesn’t have an issue.

If you notice a battery drain all of a sudden, that might be a sign of a spy attack. Go on with how to stop someone from spying on my cell phone.

02. Excessive Use of Data

We all have a general idea of the amount of data we consume every day. If you notice a sudden excessive increase in data consumption on your device, you better be careful.

In general, spy apps communicate with their servers pretty much all the time, and that can increase data consumption. So, if you notice a sudden rise in your data bills, there should be something to worry about.

03. Your Device Reboots Automatically

If your smartphone reboots automatically on a random basis, you better be careful about it. In fact, that can be another sign that your device is under attack by a spy.

This is particularly true if the device restarts when there is no other trouble at all. If the device restarts even if the battery is fine and there is no physical issue, that’s upsetting. So, it can be a very serious sign if you notice such a sign.

04. You See the Weird Text on the Screen

If you happen to notice any weird text on your device’s screen, you better be careful. These texts can appear like random letters and numbers (appears more like a code).

Some hackers tend to send codes through various forms, and those weird texts can be signs of that. Through these codes, they try to hack your device and communicate with it to grab your information.

05. The Device Gets Unusually Heated

It is normal for many devices to get heated while performing some of the tasks. For instance, it can heat when you use Facebook, or Skype, play games, film, and do other heavy tasks.

However, if you notice a sudden increase in the heat when you don’t perform any heavy tasks, that’s fishy. In fact, a device can heat up when there is a background app running busy without your knowledge.

Once again, the culprit here could be spyware installed on your device and running in the background.

06. You Notice Unidentified Apps

If you start to notice app icons that are not installed by you, that’s dangerous. After all, you shouldn’t have any apps on your device without your knowledge, should you? If you have such app icons, you should look for a solution as soon as possible.

07. Ghostly Echoes

Do you notice that there are weird noises inside the device when you talk to someone over it? If so, you should start worrying.

Also, things can be even more serious if you are starting to notice them suddenly. These disrupting sounds can be a strong sign that someone is spying on your smartphone.

08. Use an Anti-spy Software

How to Stop Someone From Spying on My Cell Phone? Another effective way to detect potential spyware on your smartphone is to install anti-spy software.

Then, you can perform a scan on your device to see if any spyware is installed.

If you notice one or more above signs on your device, you must be very careful about it. Taking immediate action against such instances is compulsory in order to prevent further damages.

The next section of this article answers the question ‘how to stop someone from spying on my cell phone.’

How to Stop Someone from Spying on My Cell Phone?

If you are using an Android device, the following methods will help you stay protected from spy attacks.

01. One of the easiest methods to remove potential spyware from your device is to perform a manual search. You can do such a search in order to find applications that were not installed with your knowledge. If you have such apps, don’t hesitate to remove them as soon as possible.

After getting rid of those apps, you can expect that the device is free from potential spyware. However, this method will take some time, and more importantly, it cannot detect the apps that run in stealth mode.

02. If you have installed any spy software purposely (say, for testing), they must provide you full access. That means you should be able to access its control panel as the official website.

Usually, a reliable app provides all its information through the official website without keeping you in the dark. They tell us how to uninstall software as well. All you need to do is to follow the steps given on their official website and get it removed.

03. If you were able to locate installed spyware, but cannot access it, take serious action. In that case, you should take your device to a professional to get it uninstalled. They will take a look at your device, and have an assessment of the seriousness. They may even go for a factory reset.

In general, those professionals are able to keep a backup of your phone’s data. Even if the phone is reset, your data will remain safe on the backup.

Once a factory reset is performed, you will be able to get rid of all the spyware. More importantly, a complete reset would ensure that you overcome all the potential issues of the device.

You can even try a software update on your device. That means you should update the operating system of your device to resolve potential issues.

At the completion of a successful system update, the potential spyware will be gone. That is just like what happened when you perform a factory reset. The effects of both instances are pretty the same as they get rid of the spyware.

How to Prevent Potential Hacking Attacks Before They Occur

As we believe, prevention is better than cure. That means it is a good practice to know how to prevent potential hacking attacks before they occur. Such an approach makes things easier for you.

  • How to Stop Someone From Spying on My Cell Phone, if you have an iOS device (iPhone or an iPad) that is jailbroken, you are exposed to hacking. Once an iOS device is jailbroken, all the default security measures will be gone. The restrictions for third-party software will be gone as a result of jailbreaking your iPhone. So, the best thing is to stay away from jailbreaking unless it is compulsory. On the other hand, if the device is already jailbroken, you should reverse the process. You can give a software update after that.
  • If you notice a spyware attack on your device, you can think of a system restore as well. However, the problem associated with such a method is that it wipes out all the data on your device.

Do You Know How to Monitor Someone’s Phone Without Getting Detected?

Have you ever got the feeling of monitoring someone else’s phone due to a justifiable reason?

For instance, say that you want to spy on your child’s phone to protect her from unwanted threats. Or, say that you want to monitor what your spouse is doing on the phone. Is there a way to do that without getting noticed?

The answer is yes. You can make it happen as long as you have access to the right kind of tool. We explain how to do it by assuming you are using it for a totally justifiable reason.

We don’t want you to become an unethical hacker who violates the privacy of others. Instead, we believe that you will use it for the greater good.

The best tool to use in this case is KidsGuard Pro. Although there are plenty of other tools claiming that they can spy on mobile phones, there are consequences. Some of these tools can even contain malware, as well.

So, you must be very careful in choosing random spy software. However, when it comes to KidsGuard, has a very impressive track record and greater reliability.

It is used by many users across the globe and has proven to be successful. This tool comprises a plethora of features as well. It can track your child’s phone without getting detected.

With the assistance of KidsGuard, you can easily monitor everything that takes place on the target device.

For instance, you can track inbound and outbound SMS, calls, internet history, social media activities, and many other aspects. In addition to that, it can even track the real-time location of the target device.

As long as you are a concerned parent who wants to track your kid’s phone, KidsGuard is just great. This tool will definitely keep you away from worries.

Reasons to Choose Kidsguard As Your Spy App

  • This tool can monitor all the types of web browsers your kid is using on the target device.
  • It works on all devices, including laptops and PCs, in addition to smartphones.
  • It allows you to read text messages remotely, no matter if the target is iPhone or Android.
  • KidsGuard can track the exact location of the target device in real time without any issue.
  • It has a smart algorithm to track 29 different data types on the target device.

How to Spy on Someone’s Smartphone Remotely Without Being Noticed

Here are the steps you should follow in order to track a device remotely.

First, let’s see how to use it to monitor an Android device.

01. As the first step, you should create an account on KidsGuard. To do this, you should visit their official website and sign up.

02. Now that the account is created, you should install the monitoring software on the target device.

03. To get it done, you should go to the settings of the Android device. Then choose the option called “allow installing apps from unknown sources.” After that, you should tap on it, OK.

04. You can now download and install the respective app on the target device. Once the app is installed, you can launch the app and sign in to it. Make sure that you use the previous credentials you used to create the account.

KidsGuard Pro

05. You should activate the system settings of the app and then choose the option called ‘Start Monitoring.’ Once you do this, you will notice that the KidsGuard app icon is disappeared from the screen. So, the target user will not be able to notice that KidsGuard is running.

You can then head back to your computer and log into the KidsGuard dashboard to see what’s going on. All the actions that are taken place on the target device will be displayed on this dashboard.

How to Spy on an iOS device?

Spy someone cell phone via KidsGuard

To start monitoring an iOS device, all you have to do is to verify the iCloud account. Then, you can install KidsGuard on the target iOS device and start monitoring it through the dashboard.

That’s it. That’s how to stop someone from spying on my cell phone. You may leave feedback about the content of this article. We appreciate your valuable input.



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