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Stardew Valley Caviar

Stardew Valley is one of the best farming simulator games today; what makes it so special is that you can engage in various types of activities apart from farming, like mining, fishing, befriending locals, making Stardew Valley caviar, etc.

If you want significant profit, you will need to produce artisan goods. While there are several types of artisan goods you can produce, Stardew Valley Caviar is considered the best choice because it can fetch you a lot of money.

Additionally, the requirements for making caviar in Stardew Valley are very simple and easy – you simply need some Sturgeon Fish, Fish Pond, and a few Preserves Jar.

In this article, we will talk about everything you need to know about Caviar.

Stardew Valley Caviar: What is It?

Stardew Valley Caviar

As mentioned above, Stardew Valley Caviar is one of the many artisan goods that you can produce with Preserves Jar, similar to Pickles and Jam.

For creating Jam and Pickles, you will need fruits and vegetables, respectively. Likewise, you will need Sturgeon Roe to make caviar in Stardew Valley.

In the 1.4 Update, a new farm building was added to Stardew Valley – the Fish Pond. You can purchase Sturgeon Fish from here.

 Fish Pond
Fish Pond

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How Can You Use Stardew Valley Caviar?

How Can You Use Stardew Valley Caviar

As for now, caviar is not used for any quest; however, this does not imply that they have no uses at all. You can sell them at 500 Gold per Jar; if you have the Artisan Profession, you can easily sell them at 700 Gold per Jar.

This way, you will be able to make a lot of money. Once you start producing Caviar in large quantities, you will be able to earn an amazing amount of gold within a short time.

You can also make use of caviar in Stardew Valley for the Missing Bundle. Instead of simply siding with Joja, you can take the Community Centre route. Once you are done with the Community Center, you will be provided access to the Missing Bundle.

Here, you will have to find and donate expensive and rare items – one of these items is the Stardew Valley Caviar. While you will find six slots, you will only have to donate five items; this means that you have the choice of donating the Caviar or not.

You can make use of the caviar in Stardew Valley to change the look of your character; caviar is used to make Fashion Har. The Fashion Hat is a great-looking headgear that is fitted with a cute feather.

All you need to do is combine the Caviar with Cloth using the Sewing Machine at Emily’s House. Alternatively, you can also make a Fashion Hat on your own Farm if you receive the Special Order.

Lastly, you can also gift your Stardew Valley Caviar to other NPCs. Of course, some NPCs may like your gifts while others may not. In the next section, we will learn some more about the gifting aspect of Stardew Valley.

Can You Gift Caviar?

Can You Gift Caviar

Of course, no one at Stardew Valley will say no to artisan goods. Yes, all the characters will have different opinions when it comes to gifts – some may like a gift you offer, while others may not.

However, gifting artisan goods to these people will help you boost your relationship. Some great examples of artisan goods include Cheese, Wine, and Caviar, of course.

While it is true that most people living in Pelican Town make love receiving caviar in Stardew Valley, not all of them will be happy to receive it.

As previously mentioned, caviar is somewhat a ‘liked’ gift that most Pelican Town residents will love; however, there are some that will not be ecstatic about it, like Vincent, Sebastian, and Jas.

These three characters absolutely hate Caviar, and you may end up losing friendship points with them if you gift it to them. If someone likes the Stardew Valley Caviar, you receive 45 friendship points typically. Yes, you will receive more points with ‘loved’ gifts; however, they are much harder to find.

Besides, here is everything about Sturgeon Stardew Valley for your reference.

Steps for Making Caviar

Steps For Making Stardew Valley Caviar

Obviously, you need to have caviar in Stardew Valley in the first place in order to donate or gift it. Therefore, you will have to harvest Sturgeon Roe, which can be found in the Fish Pond. Once the fish has been harvested, you need to place them in the Preserves Jar.

Let us look into these steps in detail.

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Create the Pond

Create The Pond
Fish Pond

The first step for making Stardew Valley Caviar you need to take is to build a Fish Pond. This is where you will harvest your Sturgeon Fish. It is very easy to create a Fish Pond – you simply need some materials and some Gold. The list of materials includes:

  • 5x Green algae
  • 200x Stone
  • 5x Seaweed
  • 5,000 Gold

Once you have gathered the above-mentioned materials, you need to head over to Robin’s Carpenter Shop. She will then build you a Fish Pond on any area of your farm. The Fish Pond measures 5 tiles x 5 tiles.

Additionally, you can keep moving them around similar to all the other buildings on your farm. The construction time of the Fish Pond is two days.

If you want to know which fish you are breeding in your pond, you can simply place a sign on it. Now, let us learn about the type of fish that you will show on the sign.

Catching a Sturgeon Fish

While it is not the hardest type of fish to catch at Stardew Valley, you should also know that they are not the easiest as well. You can easily look for the fish; however, reeling them in is another story altogether.

One location where you will surely find Sturgeon Fish is Mountain Lake. The fishes are available only in the Summer and Winter seasons.

You need to fish for them daily between 6 am and 7 pm to have the maximum chance of catching them. Now, let us learn how to catch them.

Catching A Sturgeon Fish

One of the best aspects of catching Sturgeon Fish is that they are available in all seasons. However, the highest chance of catching them is the rain in the Summer season.

On the other hand, rain in the Winter season decreases the chances of catching a Sturgeon Fish; however, this should not matter too much as rains during the Winter will only take place if you make use of the Rain Totem.

Even if you manage to hook a Sturgeon Fish, the difficult part will start when you try to reel them in. Yes, this process may seem very difficult; however, it is not impossible.

There are many ways to catch a Sturgeon Fish. You can try increasing the size of the rod by using items like Cork Bobber, making use of lures, or start eating dishes that improve your Fishing skills.

Even after this, you may still find it difficult to catch a Sturgeon Fish. In such instances, you can opt for purchasing the Fish from Krobus.

He will stock either one of the ten different fishes or a Magnet every Wednesday. One of these fishes can be a Sturgeon (five pieces), which you can purchase for 200 Gold each.

Mechanics of the Fish Pond

Mechanics Of The Fish Pond

While they are very strange, Fish Ponds can be quite fun as well. Once you have placed a fish in the pond, they will start providing different types of items, which also include Roe.

If you want the fish to reproduce, you will have to provide certain items at specific population thresholds. If you are unable to provide these materials, the population of the fish will not grow. As the population of fish starts growing, they will start producing more types of products for you.

For this article, we will talk specifically about Sturgeon Fish. Most other types of fish produce different types of materials; however, a Sturgeon Fish only produces Roe. While the quantity may vary from one to two each day, Sturgeon Fish only produces Roe.

To grow the Sturgeon Fish population, you will require the following items:

  • A Diamond for one Sturgeon Fish
  • A jar of Pickles, two jars of Maple Syrup, or a jar of Jelly for three Sturgeon Fishes
  • Three Omni Geodes for Five Sturgeon Fishes
  • A Nautilus Shell for seven Sturgeon Fishes

Once you successfully collect these items, the Sturgeon Fish will start reproducing every four days. However, completing the requests will only reset the reproduction count to zero.

This means that if you finish the item request on the first day, the counter will reset to zero, and you will have to wait for another four days to get a new Sturgeon Fish.

The Harvesting and Processing Method for the Roe

Once you are done with all the requirements, the Sturgeon Fishes will start producing Roe. Similar to other items in Stardew Valley, you simply need to click on the Roe to collect it.

Next, you just have to store them in the Preserves Jar. After four-in game days or 6,000 in-game minutes, the Roe will turn into caviar.

Can You Use Any Fish to Make Aged Roe?

Can You Use Any Fish To Make Aged Roe

Of course, it is possible that you want to keep a different type of fish in your Fish Pond, or you could not catch a Sturgeon Fish in the first place. In such instances, you do not have to worry about anything.

While a Sturgeon Fish will produce the right type of Roe to produce caviar in Stardew Valley, you can also make use of other types of fish to produce Roe.

Additionally, the benefit here is that you will get a lot more types of items apart from Roe; meanwhile, Sturgeon Fish only produces Roe and nothing else.

Once you have harvested any type of Roe, you need to place them in the Preserves Jar; once done, it is simply a matter of waiting for a few days.

And once a specific amount of time passes, the Roe will change into Aged Roe; this Aged Roe will increase your profit once you sell it.

However, you need to remember that you can make Aged Roe from any type of fish; you can get caviar only from Sturgeon Fish.


  1. Can I use any fish eggs to make caviar in Stardew Valley? No, not all fish eggs are suitable for making caviar in Stardew Valley. Look for fish species like sturgeon, which produce eggs with desirable characteristics.
  2. How long does it take for fish eggs to turn into caviar in Stardew Valley? The processing time varies, but it typically takes a few days for fish eggs to transform into caviar using the Caviar Machine.
  3. What is the best way to store homemade caviar? It’s recommended to store homemade caviar in airtight containers in a cool and dark place, such as a refrigerator.
  4. Can I sell the caviar I make in Stardew Valley? Yes, you can sell the caviar you make in Stardew Valley for a profit. It can be a valuable product in the game.
  5. Are there any alternatives to fish eggs for making caviar? While fish eggs are the traditional choice for caviar, some vegetarian alternatives use ingredients like seaweed or tapioca to mimic the texture and flavor.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned previously, Stardew Valley Caviar is a rare artisan item that will always provide you with a significant profit when you sell them.

Yes, it is quite a difficult item to craft in the game and requires a lot of steps that you need to get done. Thankfully, you just need a single ingredient to create caviar inStardew Valley.

The Sturgeon Fish is one of the rarer fish in Stardew Valley. Hence, you may have to put in some effort to catch this fish. Once done, you should be able to start producing caviar with ease.


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