Persona 5 Fusion Guide: How to Make Most out of Fusion?

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Persona 5 fusion chart

Although Persona Fusion may seem to be very complicated and useless to you, it is beneficial and one of the exciting features of Persona 5 games.

Here below, I have provided a Persona 5 Fusion guide for you to dig deeper into this topic and get to know how to make Persona 5 fusion chart quickly. So just keep reading.

When To Fuse Personas?

There are times when your inventory of Personas has been filled up enough, and you have more Personas that you have captured from battle and need to accommodate them too in your inventory.

What will you do in such situations? Obviously, you will think of dismissing the old and existing Personas from your inventory to free up some space so that newly captured Personas may be accommodated easily.

And, you do have the option to dismiss them, right? But this is not the perfect and wise solution to go for in such situations. That’s because dismissing the existing and old Personas will be a waste.

The wise solution here, is to keep fusing the existing Personas regularly so that there may be sufficient space for accommodating the newly captured Personas in the inventory.

Moreover, fusing the existing old Personas will not only free up some space for accommodating the newly captured Personas, but it will also lead to the creation of Personas that are more powerful as compared to the Personas caught in the wild.

In addition, by fusing two or more Personas, you end up passing several attacks possessed by the component Personas to the Persona that is newly created. Keep on reading this Persona 5 Fusion guide.

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Types of Fusion

Types of Fusion

Before talking about Persona 5 Fusion chart & guide, the most critical question that may arise in your mind is how many types of Persona Fusion are there. So there are mainly four types which are explained below:

1. Normal Fusion

When it comes to Normal Fusion, it is also called Dyad Guillotine. It is actually the basic and simplest type of Fusion in Persona 5. In this type of fusion, you will need to select two Personas. Once you select them, the result will be conveyed to you.

There are times when you desire just to get rid of or dispose of 2 Personas (with low level) with no care about the result in your mind. In such cases, Normal Fusion will be the best option for you to go for.

2. Advanced Fusion

Advanced Fusion is called Group Guillotine as well. However, it is not used quite often. The purpose of using Advanced Fusion is to create a single result with the use of 3 or more Personas. It creates high-level and compelling Personas.

Advanced Fusion

3. Fuse By Result

The alternative name of “Fuse by Result” is Guillotine Search. This type of fusion is used in case you intend to free up some space in the inventory by filling up on Personas.

With the use of “Fuse by Result,” you can not only check which Personas can be made from the Personas currently available to you but also sort them based on their levels.

Thus with the use of this option provided to you, you will end up having some useful and new Personas in your inventory, right?

4. Network Fusion

Network Fusion is addressed as Public Execution also. It is actually a late-game option for you. And, with the use of this option, you are allowed to release one Persona a day to get it fused with the Persona that has been randomly selected from another player. This option may or may not result in a benefit to you.

That’s because new Personas thus created with a fusion with the Persona that you have randomly selected from another player may be very powerful in some cases. And, in some other cases, it may not result in such potent fusions. So it is just like a gamble.

Process of Fusing Personas

In this Persona 5 Fusion guide, when it comes to the process of fusing Personas, you can follow the steps mentioned below for fusing Personas with the use of the “Fuse by Result” option:

Try Other Fusion Options Also

First, choose the “Fuse by Result.”

Make use of L1 or R1 to go to the page for “Sort by Level.”

The next step is to scroll down until you reach the Persona results, which are at the level or under your current level.

Once you have reached the required result of your level, you will need to start from there. And, keep it up until you reach where there is no more result.

Above I have taken the example of “Fuse by Result.” That’s because it is the most recommended option to choose from. With this option for fusion, you will always end up creating the most powerful Personas that are possible for you to create.

And you will not have to waste your time sorting through the fusions you cannot create.

Some Important Tips On Persona 5 Fusion

It will sound a bit interesting that you are free to make experimentation with Persona fusion. I mean to say that you are not confined to any predetermined rules and regulations.

But there are some important and general tips that I would like to recommend you follow in this Persona 5 Fusion guide. These tips are the essential part of this Persona 5 Fusion guide. And these tips are as follows:

Avoid Getting Attached To Any Persona

A general mistake that Persona 5 users make is to hesitate to use certain Personas in Fusion. That’s because they feel too dependent on those Personas and get attached to them.

See, if you think some Personas are very powerful, the result that you will get after fusion will also be very powerful. So it is recommended not to hesitate to fuse the Personas.

Moreover, after fusion, if you get a result that you are not satisfied with, there is an option to reverse the process. In other words, it is possible to re-summon the created Personas any time you want. But for this, you will have to pay a fee.

Register Changes in Personas

There is no doubt that each Persona that you gain in battle or by fusion is automatically registered initially in its original version. But whenever there is any change in those Personas, the change will not be registered automatically. Instead, you will be required to register those changes manually.

Always Fuse Personas of High Level

In case you are planning to fuse new Personas, I will recommend you begin with the Persona of the highest level that can be fused. Then go down from there in the list. And, it will not be good to perform fusion on every Persona of all levels.

By going down from the highest level of Persona, you may also end up missing some persona. But you don’t need to worry about that. That’s because the Personas that you have missed out on will be found later while you are in battle.

Always Fuse Personas of High Level

Try Other Fusion Options Also

Most of the time, you will try to make use of the “Fuse by Result” fusion option. That’s great! But sometimes it is good to try other options also.

For example, you can try the “Advanced Fusion” also in order to check if there is an opportunity for advanced fusion that you are unknowingly missing out on. Let’s keep on reading this Persona 5 Fusion chart & guide.

Try Other Fusion Options Also

Maintain Relations With Twin Wardens

It should be noted that Twin Wardens available in the Velvet Room have the power to provide you with various options for fusing, leveling, and summoning Personas.

So it is necessary to maintain good relationships with them. If you end up building good relations with them, they will provide you with the required options.

Now the question is how you will be able to build a relationship with Twin Wardens. Actually, that’s not a big deal if you are very well aware of the right way. You will need to improve your social links with them.

And to do that, it is necessary to impress them by creating or finding the Personas that they request you to create or find. Generally, such requested Personas are of some specific abilities.

In case you have been requested by the Twin Wardens to create or find a new Persona having a particular ability or move, complete this mission. No matter how you manage to complete it, whether by making use of “Advanced Fusion” or by any other method available to you.

Carry Attacks Of All Types

In this Persona 5 Fusion chart & guide, it is recommended to always carry a minimum of 1 attack of each and every type so that you can easily take full advantage of the weakness of your enemy in the battle.

Hence you should pass down all the elemental attacks like electric, fire, nuke, Psy, etc., while fusing Personas. If you are well prepared in this way, you will not have to face any trouble in any kind of challenging battle.

Although, as indicated above, elemental attacks are the first priority, you should also consider other attacks as well. For example, there are some areas of the late game where you may need attacks like Stat Buffs, Debuffs, etc.

Moreover, in case your enemy is making use of the attacks like “Insta-kill,” you will need to make use of specific attacks like “Tetraja.”

Carry Attacks Of All Types

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Q: Can I fuse multiple personas at once?
    • A: Yes, Persona 5 introduces group fusions, allowing players to combine multiple personas simultaneously for enhanced results.
  2. Q: How can I unlock unique personas through fusion?
    • A: Unique personas can be obtained by following specific fusion recipes, often requiring specific personas or fusion techniques.
  3. Q: Can I level up my fused personas?
    • A: Yes, fused personas can be leveled up like any other persona, allowing them to learn new skills and become more powerful.
  4. Q: What is persona itemization?
    • A: Persona itemization allows players to transform personas into useful items, expanding their tactical options and customization.
  5. Q: How can I optimize fusion outcomes through confidants?
    • A: By nurturing relationships with confidants, players can unlock fusion-related benefits, such as improved success rates and additional skills for inherited personas.


Mastering the art of persona fusion is a key aspect of Persona 5’s gameplay. By understanding fusion mechanics, experimenting with fusion combinations, and optimizing persona creation, players can assemble a formidable team of personas tailored to their playstyle.

The fusion system adds depth, strategy, and excitement to the game, allowing players to unleash the full potential of their characters and overcome challenging adversaries.


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