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Games Like Wizard101

“Are there any other games like Wizard101? I was doing some research but could not find any impressive ones. I am a fan of online RPG games, so please suggest some games that fit the category. Thanks in advance.”

Do you have a similar type of question? If not, are you looking for some cool games like Wizard101?

Wizard101 is considered to be an excellent multiplayer RPG that came online. So, there’re many individuals who want to know about other games like Wizard101, and you are one of them. This article is created with a list of games that are similar to Wizard101.

List of Games Like Wizard101 

We found plenty of games that fall into the category of multiplayer action roleplay. However, we had to refine that list to find the best out of the rest for you. So, keep reading and find a game like Wizard101.

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01. Villagers and Heroes

Games Like Wizard101 - Villagers and Heroes

Those who prefer playing games that fall into magic and adventure will love this game. It will keep you engaged for many hours at a stretch because of its addictive nature.

The gameplay of Villagers and Heroes is pretty similar to Wizard101. That is specifically because it lets you explore different areas. It also lets you acquire magical powers.

In a way, you can consider it one of the rarest MMORPG games with a very engaging storyline. You should kill a range of enemies while exploring the map. On top of that, the game lets you achieve various different rewards.

This game is played in a world of magic. There are plenty of stages to complete those quests. In return, you can get lands and rewards. You can play the game as a hunter, priest, wizard, or even a warrior.

You can perform various other activities in addition to mortal combat. For instance, you can trade things, build your home and gather resources.

02. Sherwood Dungeon

Sherwood Dungeon

This game falls into the genre of MMO, and it is a browser-based game. The overall gameplay is very simple. In fact, Sherwood Dungeon is a pretty old game, and it has some awesome characteristics.

Since it is a free-to-play game, you can load the game and give it a try without spending anything. You don’t have to make an account or provide a name for your character. Instead, you can play the game even anonymously.

Thanks to the entertaining, exciting, and powerful gameplay, it can keep you engaged for hours. It is a simplistic game that has a huge area to explore. All in all, it is one of the best games like Wizard101.

But one of the catches in this game is that it doesn’t save your character. So, you will have to start from scratch when you play the same game again. You will be able to conquer an open world that is free to explore.

Also, it has a massive dungeon that puts you underground. It is a simplistic yet entertaining game.

03. Epic Duel

Games Like Wizard101 - Epic Duel

This can be considered as one of the most colorful and energetic games like Wizard101. It resembles the combat concept and item-gathering characteristics found in Wizard101. However, there are some differences as well.

For instance, you can see robotic characters in Epic Duel, whereas real-life characters are found in Wizard101. In this game, vibrant robots will fight against each other with the intention of growing power.

But your character (which is also a robot) is supposed to fight and collect the items. That is required to improve weaponry.

The most interesting part related to this game is that it lets you have customized weapons. All you need is to use your imagination to design some awesome, futuristic weapons. That will defeat your enemies.

In addition to the one-on-one fight, there are two-on-two combats as well. Those games will let you earn more rewards. Just like Wizard101, this game requires you to have various skills and achievement levels.

Also, it has some classes and multiple maps to achieve. That is exactly why we consider this as one of the best games like Wizard101.

04. Therian Saga

Therian Saga

This is another interesting game that was released in 2014. This game presents you with several unique ways to play it. The game revolves around a mathematics system.

So you can plan the actions of your characters well in advance. This game implements a specific energy system as well. This system can be used with actions that keep you engaged for a long time. You can purchase potions if you wish, and that will help you play with more energy.

Therian Saga has a massive world for you to explore. In addition to that, there is a wide range of actions to take as you play it. It is true that this game doesn’t have plentiful options. But it can still be rated as one of the best games like Wizard101.

05. Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

This is another game that has similar gameplay to Wizard101. However, the storyline of this game is pretty different. You have the option of choosing your favorite Marvel superheroes.

For instance, there is Hulk, Spiderman, or even Iron Man to choose from, and there are plenty of them. This specific game has two control systems. You can play with the arrow keys of the keyboard.

If not, you can use the mouse and change the direction of the character. That will let you fight very conveniently. Also, it will improve the chances of winning a large number of rewards while passing difficult levels.

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online requires you to kill your enemies while upgrading the character’s superpowers. As a result, you can fight the main enemy – the ultimate boss.

One of the most noticeable characteristics of this game is that it doesn’t come with a specific map. You have the freedom to move without any restrictions. So, you can acquire more and more resources and build powerful weapons to fight against the ultimate boss.

06. RuneScape 3

Games Like Wizard101 - RuneScape 3

It is true that RuneScape is a pretty old game. However, it still retains its good characteristics to be rated as one of the coolest games like Wizard101.

It offers plenty of updates to keep this game alive. It has become updated very much from the original title. As a result, you can play it even if you were in 2021.

This game falls into the category of MMO, and it offers you the option of designing the character. You will be given plenty of difficulty levels to try.

It also comprises plenty of quests, and more quests will be unlocked if you go for membership. It is a free game to play, and you can get a membership only if you like it.

07. Spiral Knights

Spiral Knights

This game is all about facing plenty of monsters before meeting the biggest enemy. Well, it might sound similar to all the other games like Wizard101. However, you can find some innovative moves in Spiral Knights.

In fact, you can find plenty of similarities with Wizard101. You have various quests to upgrade the power. It comes with various futuristic weapons that let you tackle difficult enemies.

In addition to fighting enemies as well as bosses on different levels, you will have to explore dungeons too. That will let you collect those rewards. These rewards will eventually help you fortify the available firearms more quicker.

To fight the ultimate boss, you’re supposed to collect all four weapons. The truth is that it will take many days for a player to complete this game.

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08. Dofus

Games Like Wizard101 - Dofus

It’s true that Dofus is similar to Wizard101 on many different levels. In addition to that, the same is one of the best games that fall into the MMORPG genre. Both the visuals and gameplay will encourage you to play for many hours.

You will need to explore various different worlds when you play this game with ease. Also, it lets you customize the characters throughout the game.

For instance, you can choose a healer, treasure hunter, summoner, or even a warrior. You can even customize the hairstyle of the chosen character to make it more interesting.

Dofus offers you a different type of combat system as opposed to many other games. It has a turn-based combat system. That means you should fight different enemies that come with different characters.

You already know that this option is not available with most of the games. However, as the player, you are supposed to choose the character wisely and boost the winning chances.

09. Pirate101


One of the similarities between Pirate101 and Wizard101 is their motives. Because of the motive itself, the games have plenty of similarities. On the other hand, its storyline and graphics are remarkably different compared to Wizard101.

Thanks to the pirate theme, you can experience some air of suspense and thrill. You will have to explore plenty of islands and collect a variety of resources for the ship.

Then, you can gather a team to help keep the ship safe. You can then conquer a variety of lands, and you should upgrade your power and skills to do that.

Pirate101 is one of the best options for gamers who do not want to give up on Wizard101. It comes with plenty of realistic graphics and sound effects. As a result, it makes the game very interesting for anyone.

This is specifically true when you want to attack islands. You should be sure to be armed with plenty of ammunition and fight enemies.

10. Hero Smash

Games Like Wizard101 - Hero Smash

Hero Smash is another exciting game that can bring the memories of Wizard101. It is a browser-based game, so there are no compatibility issues, just like Wizard101. You should choose your superpower prior to starting the game.

It also allows you to change your superpower whenever you need it after coming back. But, in doing so, you will have to update the powers from the beginning once again. In addition, this game lets you customize your character’s appearance (the superhero).


  1. Q: Can I play these games on mobile devices?
    • A: Some of the games mentioned in this article are available on mobile devices, while others are specifically designed for PC or console gaming. Check the respective game’s platform compatibility for more information.
  2. Q: Are these games free to play?
    • A: The availability and pricing of these games may vary. Some offer free-to-play options with in-game purchases, while others may require a one-time purchase or a subscription fee. Check the official websites or digital distribution platforms for detailed pricing information.
  3. Q: Can I interact with other players in these games?
    • A: Yes, many of these games offer multiplayer features, allowing you to interact with other players, team up for quests, or engage in PvP battles. Check the specific game’s features to see the extent of multiplayer interaction.
  4. Q: Are these games suitable for children?
    • A: The suitability of these games for children may vary. Some games have a more family-friendly focus, while others may contain more mature themes or require a certain level of gaming skill. Check the game’s rating and reviews to determine if it aligns with your child’s age and preferences.
  5. Q: Can I transfer my progress from Wizard101 to these games?
    • A: Unfortunately, progress transfer between different games is not usually possible. Each game has its own unique world and progression system. However, you can enjoy the fresh experience and unique gameplay mechanics offered by each of these games.


In conclusion, if you’re craving more magical adventures after exploring the captivating world of Wizard101, these games like Wizard101 will provide you with a wealth of enchanting experiences.

From attending prestigious magic academies to unraveling ancient prophecies, each game offers its own unique twist on the magical genre. So, grab your virtual wand and dive into these enchanting realms for hours of spellbinding fun.


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