Comfey Pokemon Go – How Can You Find Them?

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Comfey Pokemon Go is one of the new Alolan Pokemon characters introduced by Pokemon Go. If you are struggling to catch Comfey Pokemon Go, this guide is here to help you.

Why is Comfey Pokemon Go Important?

Comfey Pokemon Go is a pretty small pokemon that appears in light-green color. This Pokemon is always surrounded by various types of flowers. When it comes to a battle, it has some remarkable values thanks to its defensive characteristics.

However, the truth is that Comfey is not among the easiest-to-find Pokemon. Even if you find one, it can be pretty difficult to catch it. These characteristics are highlighted by those who have played this game.

Because of this reason, many individuals tend to avoid Comfey Pokemon Go. But without this character, you cannot necessarily complete Pokedex. So, catching this Pokemon is a mandatory task if you want to complete this step.

Below are the instructions you can follow if you want to find a Comfey Pokemon Go successfully.

What Exactly is Comfey Pokemon Go?

What Exactly is Comfey Pokemon Go?

The 7th gen of the Pokemon game series featured the Pokemon Comfey (a fairy-type one).

This occurs during the Alola Event in Pokemon GO. The defensive nature of this character allows it to take punishment in battle without losing effectiveness.

Comfey, thanks to its cultural influences, resembles a lei or necklace made of Hawaiian flowers. Since it can only be obtained in the wild in Hawaii, it’s also considered a region-locked character.

EvolutionComfey does not come with any evolutions or base forms
Pokedex EntryThese Pokémon are known for their nice smell. They wear different types of flowers. Because of that, each of the Pokémon characters comes with its own individual scent.

Base Stats of Comfey

  • HP: 51
  • Attack: 52
  • SP Attack: 82
  • Defense: 90
  • Speed: 100
  • SP defense: 110
  • Total: 485

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The Appearance

Comfey Appearance

In appearance, Comfey is similar to a lei that never unravels. It resembles a miniature fairy with flowers growing out of its body and clinging to the other side. This fairy has green eyes and an orange face.

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How Does It Behave?

Flowers are gathered and attached to the vine of comfey since it is a highly nutrient-rich plant. These flowers are being fed so well that they aren’t only used to make medicinal baths.

However, they also become well-known for their aesthetic value. The use of Comfrey flowers in a warm bath has been reported to be soothing. The absence of flowers makes these Pokemon uneasy.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Comfey’s disadvantages stem from the fact that it is a Fairy type. It has a low defense against poison.

Also, it has steel techniques but is tough against bug and dark types and resistant to dragon strikes.

Most Notable Movesets

In fact, Comfey comes with a pretty decent special attack. That is in addition to the impressive move pool. One might say that it is not the most outstanding Pokemon.

However, it can hold off on the competitive matchmaking process. The truth is that a calm mindset is important when you play this. This specific Pokemon doesn’t come with any offensive power. So, a calm mindset becomes useful for increasing special attacks.

In addition to that, it increases the special defense as well. Giga Drain or Draining Kiss work after that. However, it works to recover the health based on the type of the opponent’s Pokemon. This becomes useful after considerable damage. Be sure that Draining Kiss comes with STAB.

Also, it can manage greater damage compared to Giga Drain. In addition to that, if there are status conditions, you can rely on Aromatherapy and overcome them.

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So, How Can You Find It?

How Can You Find Comfey

Now that we know some important stats about Comfey. Let’s learn how to find it. After all, you are reading this article to know how to locate a Comfey, aren’t you?

Currently, Comfey can only be obtained by traveling to Hawaii. This is the place where it often spawns. It’s possible that you’ll need to barter with someone who has recently returned from Hawaii for this purpose. This is required in order to acquire her if you don’t hail from this state.

Future summer festivals may see the release of Comfey in further locations. This means the locations where it’ll likely be included in a raid or spawn very infrequently in the wilderness. Thus yet, though, there have been no updates on this front.

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Coordinates of Comfey

Since the introduction of Comfey, some Pokemon GO players have kindly shared the locations where it may be found. It is true that these locations are not perfect.

However, try your luck and see if you can find a Comfey in Hawaii if you go there.

  1. 21.29432,-157.85349
  2. 21.29399,-157.82895
  3. 21.29952,-157.85796
  4. 21.28034,-157.83666
  5. 21.31663,-157.86001
  6. 21.29432,-157.85349
  7. 21.30485,-157.85703
  8. 21.290100,-157.828616
  9. 21.29114,-157.82405
  10. 21.291682,-157.855815
  11. 21.404660,-157.944957
  12. 21.278294.-157.833087
  13. 21.265943,-157822095
  14. 21.294895,-157.842308
  15. 21.281315,-157.819208
  16. 21.290033,-157.836440
  17. 21.291990,-157.848083
  18. 21.266943,-158.123066

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Is It Possible to Reach Comfey from a Remote Location?

As you can understand, Comfey Pokemon Go is limited to a specific geographical location. So, not everyone has the luxury to travel to Hawaii just for the sake of catching a Pokemon.

However, there is good news for those who wish to capture Comfey Pokemon Go without traveling. They can use a location spoofing tool to get this job done.

Before choosing a location spoofing tool, we encourage our readers to do a lot of research.

MockGo is the Perfect Tool You Can Select

We did a lot of research about this matter and came across an impressive tool called MockGo. We prefer this tool over other options due to various reasons. This tool works with greater accuracy when spoofing the desired location.

Also, it works with both iPhones and iPads that work on iOS 15 and newer versions. In addition to that, it works on both macOS and Windows computers. By using MockGo, you can access any location across the globe in seconds.

It has an automatic cooldown timer that makes sure players don’t cheat by going over the allowed spoofing distance. When used, this function prohibits players from constantly switching their location.

Because of this reason, the account will not face any bans from Pokemon GO. However, if you choose a random tool, you may experience potential soft bans on your account. Most of those tools simulate unrealistic tools.

  • Download MockGo and get it installed.
  • After that, you should connect the respective iOS device to the same PC. Then, you can select the “Start” option on MockGo’s home screen.
Reach Comfey from a Remote Location using Foneazy MockGo
  • Now, ensure that you select the option called “Teleport.” You can do so by clicking on the first icon in the top-right corner.
Foneazy MockGo Teleport Mode
  • Now, enter the location within the search bar with coordinates. In this case, you can use the coordinates that are listed above. Once you have done that, you can click on the option called “Search.”
Enter new location on Foneazy MockGo
  • Now, MockGo will locate the spot you have already entered. After that, you should click on the option called “Move Here,” so you will be virtually moved there.
Foneazy MockGo Move Here
Foneazy MockGo


1. Can Comfey evolve into another Pokémon? No, Comfey does not have an evolutionary line and remains a single-stage Pokémon.

2. What types are strong against Comfey in battles? Comfey is weak against steel and poison-type Pokémon.

3. Are there any shiny variants of Comfey? Yes, Comfey has a shiny variant with a different color palette.

4. How can I increase my chances of encountering Comfey in the wild? Exploring natural habitats, using lure modules, and visiting Comfey nests can improve your chances of finding Comfey.

5. Can I trade for Comfey with other players? Yes, trading with other trainers offers a chance to obtain Comfey, especially if you have duplicates or extra copies.


So, that’s basically what you should know about getting Comfey Pokemon Go without moving to Hawaii physically. The most impressive thing about this tool is its preciseness. Comfey is a region-locked pokemon; you should be in Hawaii to acquire it.

However, the above article explains how to overcome this burden and avoid soft bans. Thanks to MockGo, you can easily spoof any location and move your device virtually.

Pokemon GO might release Comfey in other regions sooner or later. However, you may have to rely on an app that can spoof your real location to Hawaii. After all, catching a Comfey Pokemon Go using a location spoofer instead of physically moving there is worth it.


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