Play Pokemon Go without Walking: A Guide for Indoor Gamers

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Pokemon Go is, without a doubt, one of Niantic’s most popular titles. The game requires users to wander around in real life to capture their favored Pokemons using their Pokemon Go smartphones.

However, recently, people have started inquiring about how to move in and play Pokemon Go without walking. We could acquire some information regarding Pokemon Go steps without walking to assist these users. Continue reading to learn how to acquire Pokemon Go steps without walking.

Can We Play Pokemon Without Moving At all?

The COVID-19 outbreak has been difficult for everybody on the planet. However, it has had a devastating effect on the Pokemon Go audience. They have grown frustrated since they cannot go outdoors, and most seek a means to play the game without walking.

But can you actually play the game without moving at all? The quick answer is yes! If you are in confinement or other exceptional circumstances preventing you from going outside, you can use technology to play Pokemon Go without walking.

However, when more players began to utilize these technologies, Niantic began soft banning those that did. Niantic identified a large number of such GPS-faking apps.

Furthermore, not many GPS spoofing applications may be utilized to mimic your position when playing Pokemon Go securely.

In the subsequent paragraph, we will demonstrate two of the safest methods.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Employing the Pokemon Go Movement Hack

One useful Pokemon Go walking hack for newbies is to utilize an app that can spoof your GPS position. Once loaded on your smartphone, the fake GPS software will mimic the GPS location, causing your phone to display a different place rather than your actual position.

When you wish to catch Pokemon from outside your home but can not physically reach it, the location spoofer helps greatly.

Before you use location spoofer, it is a good idea to understand both sides of the coin – the benefits and drawbacks of employing the Pokemon Go movement hack.

What Are the Benefits?

  • You may play the game from the comfort of your own home.
  • Water Pokemon may be caught.
  • You can capture rare Pokemon while standing still.

What Are the Disadvantages?

  • The application will need you to jailbreak your iOS device, which is not advised.
  • Because this software is prohibited, your account may be banned if you use it.

PS: here are more ways to perform Pokemon Go fake GPS for iOS/Android for your reference.

How to Play Pokemon Go without Walking on iOS?

1. iToolab AnyGo

We propose iToolab AnyGo to play Pokemon Go without moving your iOS smartphone. This application is the most secure method of playing Pokemon Go on the iPhone without moving.

iToolab AnyGo not only lets you safely fake your position but also lets you imitate motions in a fabricated area. Furthermore, it is suitable for the most recent iOS 16.

With the help of iToolab AnyGo, we will show you how to move in Pokemon Go without walking.

1: Navigate to the application’s official site. Download & launch it on your Windows or Mac computer. Link your iPhone to the computer using a USB cord and press the “Start” option.

iToolab AnyGo

2: Select the “Teleport” option (from the top right-hand corner), input a destination, and press the “Search” icon.

input a destination

3: The tools will display your current position on a map. Simply tap the “Go” option to transport to your preferred place.

transport to your preferred place

That is the end of it. That is how you may use iToolab AnyGo to play Pokemon Go without moving.

2. Tenorshare iAnyGo

There is another application you can use for the purpose of mimicking your location on your device.

We suggest employing an alternative professional location-changing application to begin a PokemonGo walking hack on iOS. Tenorshare iAnyGo is a good recommendation for you.

It is a true professional application designed only for iOS systems. This software will drive GPS action without requiring you to leave your house. (Tenorshare iAnyGo Reviews)

How to Move In Pokemon Go without Walking on iOS by iAnyGo:

1: Download and install iAnyGo on your Windows or Mac computer.

2: Start the application on your PC and link your iPhone to it.

Tenorshare iAnyGo

3: Choose the ‘Multi-Spot Movement‘ button on the application interface. To continue, press the ‘Enter‘ key.

Multi-Spot Movement

4: You must select a different location. Remember that you must select more than one place. On the map, you may also choose your pace and the number of journeys you intend to take. Finally, press the ‘Start to Move‘ button.

How to Move In Pokemon Go without Walking Using iAnyGo

Even after you have put everything up, you may extend to shorten the path; the choices are there.

Besides, in this full GFaker review, you will learn everything about this popular location-faking app, as well as the comparison with its best alternatives.

How to Move In & Play Pokemon Go without Walking on Android?

Several location spoofer applications are accessible on the internet to spoof your position for Pokemon Go on Android and iOS smartphones.

Here’s how you can start using a Location Spoofer on an Android Device.

Fake GPS Location Spoofer

How to Move In Pokemon Go without Walking Using Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer Free

1: To begin, activate developer mode by going to “Settings“>”System“>”About Phone“>”Click the Build Number until developer mode is enabled.”

2: Next, you will need to download a location spoofing application, and Fake GPS Location Spoofer is a good choice from the Google Play Store. After installing the app, launch it and select “Enable Mock Locations.”

3: Select Fake GPS Free from the “Select mock location app” menu.

4: Go to the free Fake GPS software and search for the area you want to put in Pokemon Go, then click the Play option to enable the fake location.

5: Lastly, launch Pokemon Go to confirm that the location in your game has been updated.

Fake GPS Location Spoofer + Fake GPS Joystick & Routes Go

Were you aware that you can use a Joystick to enjoy Pokemon Go using a false location on Android?

In this part, we will go through how to use a joystick to move in Pokemon Go without walking on your Android smartphone.

However, be cautious when altering your GPS location. If you make extreme changes, such as placing it in Tokyo and then immediately shifting it to New York, your account may be reported.

1: On your Android smartphone, install the Fake GPS Location Spoofer and Fake GPS Joystick & Routes Go applications. By pressing seven times on your device’s “Build Number,” you may enable “Developer Options” on your Android handset.

2: Navigate to “Settings” and then “Location” and change the “Mode” to “High Accuracy.”

Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer

3: Simply open the routes. After that, activate GPS on the Android smartphone. You may navigate to the preferred spot by using the pointer.

navigate to the preferred spot

4: Inside the Fake GPS application, go to “Settings” and enable “No Root Mode.” Scroll down and check the “Joystick” box as well.

enable "No Root Mode"

5: Make use of the red dot to navigate to the chosen virtual location, then click the “Play” button. You may verify this by using Google Maps on your smartphone.

navigate to the chosen virtual location

6: You may now launch Pokemon Go. See if you can enjoy Pokemon Go from the location you specified previously. You may even relocate the Joystick to some new artificial place if you want to capture rare Pokemon from a separate area.

Playing Pokemon Go without walking on your Android smartphone may appear more complicated than on iOS, but it performs admirably.

Enjoying Pokémon Go at Home: Some Points to Consider

There are a few methods to keep playing Pokémon Go if you are confined at home.

  • See whether there are any gyms or Pokéstops near easy reach of your house if your quarantine rules allow for outside exercise. Walking to Pokémon Go locations is an excellent way to have some activity and stay up with playtime as long as you can get there properly and within the limitations of your neighborhood’s social distancing requirements.
  • Continue to use Pokémon Go while you go about your normal activities. You will wander sufficiently about your house to hatch eggs, and due to Niantic’s update, you could even catch some wild Pokémon. You may also use incense to attract Pokémon.
  • Now might be a great moment to join Pokémon Go’s online forums and local organizations as well. You may add new gamers as friends, allowing you to combat them and exchange resources such as Pokéballs and eggs.
  • If you want to play anything other than Pokémon Go until the lockout is lifted, try out Pokemon Sword and Shield on Nintendo Switch or the greatest mobile RPGs for your device.

How to Move In Pokemon Go without Walking Using Incense

One Pokemon Go without walking trick is to use the incense you may obtain at Pokéstops or at the store. Your incense may be found in your things bag.

If you do not have the luxury of relaxing at Pokéstops for extended periods, incense might be useful. Wild Pokemon will be drawn to your area if you burn incense.

So here is the method to use incense to lure additional Pokemon to your location:

  1. Go to the Pokéball, then to items, and then to the Incense menu.
  2. Once you tap incense, a 30-minute timer will appear in the top-right area of your screen. A circling pink sphere will appear around your character.

Pokemon will be drawn to you in the game if you use incense, causing them to become more abundant and easier to capture.


  1. Can I move in Pokémon Go without physically walking?
    • Yes, there are alternative methods such as using incense, hatching eggs with incubators, and utilizing buddy Pokémon that allow movement in the game without walking.
  2. Are there any consequences for using GPS spoofing apps in Pokémon Go?
    • Yes, using GPS spoofing apps is strictly prohibited by the game’s developers and can result in severe consequences, including temporary or permanent bans from the game.
  3. How can Adventure Sync help in Pokémon Go?
    • Adventure Sync allows the game to track your physical activity and provides rewards, such as egg hatching and in-game bonuses, based on the distance covered.
  4. What are Community Day events in Pokémon Go?
    • Community Day events are special occasions where specific Pokémon spawn at a higher rate for a limited time, offering additional bonuses and exclusive moves.
  5. Can I progress in Pokémon Go without participating in raid battles?
    • Yes, raid battles are optional, and there are other methods available to progress in the game without participating in them.

Final Words

As a result, while some may believe that capturing Pokemon at your house is an impossible endeavor, it is not. All you need is a decent tool to conceal your position and fool the game into thinking you are walking.

In addition, we propose Tenorshare iAnyGo and iToolab AnyGo to assist you in getting started with the Pokemon Go walking trick.


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