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Stardust Hack Pokemon GO

You are reading this article expecting a way to find a good Pokemon GO Stardust cheat, right?

Well, look no further as this article explains everything about Stardust hack in Pokemon Go.

In fact, we reveal the most effective hack you can use with Pokemon GO Stardust.


Stardust Hack in Pokemon GO

Those who have already played Pokemon Go know how important Stardust is to play the game. Basically, Stardust is considered a universal resource. It is different from candy (candy becomes useful solely for leveling up).

So, having more Stardust is a definite advantage for any Pokemon Go player who wants to succeed. The truth is that you cannot buy Stardust; instead, you should find it while playing the game.

The exact purpose of this article is to explain the most effective Pokemon GO Stardust cheat. So, if you are a Pokemon Go fan, keep reading.

Tips for Stardust Hack Pokemon GO 

Here are some effective tips you can consider if you are looking for a Pokemon GO Stardust cheat. These tips might sound somewhat standard, but they are very effective for any user.

Besides, Carnivine Pokemon GO is not available for everyone. This Pokemon is limited to some regions only. Let’s learn how to catch it with a location spoofing tool.

Tip 1: Catch As Many Pokemon As You Can

Catch As Many Pokemon As You Can

When you capture more Pokemon, you have a better chance of amassing a large amount of Stardust. In addition to obtaining the Pokemon itself, the user receives three candies associated with that Pokemon. Moreover, it receives 100 of the respective candy upon capturing it.

You shouldn’t be afraid to catch Pidgeys as well as Rattatas because of this; it’s true of every Pokemon.

Keep catching Pokemon with your Pokeball to earn more Stardust. You can even take part in the seven-day Catch Bonus to receive a total of 3,000 Stardust. More Stardust can be gathered to improve catching conditions and Pokémon evolution.

Also, as a Pokemon fan, it is natural for you to wonder how to get Dracovish in Pokemon sword & shield without much struggle. Here will show you the best way.

Tip 2: Hatch As Many Eggs As Possible

Hatch As Many Eggs As Possible

Hatching more eggs is another effective Stardust hack in Pokemon GO. In fact, this is a pretty different tip, but it helps you get plenty of Stardust.

When the egg hatches, you can get a new Pokemon along with Stardust and candy. Well, the type of Pokemon that is hatched will determine the quantity of Stardust.

For instance, let’s assume that you were able to hatch an egg with a walk of 10 km. In that case, you will get more Stardust as opposed to a 4 km egg.

Tip 3: Defend a Gym

Pokemon Gyms continue to be a strange concept. This is because the game never provides enough guidance to get you through them. Yet, fitness centers may turn out to be useful places to collect some Stardust.

At reaching Level 5, you’ll be prompted to join one team before being able to compete in gym battles. Your Pokemon may earn you Stardust prizes on a daily basis. This works if you leave one of them at a friendly gym.

The Stardust you earned can be retrieved by clicking the Shield icon in the store. If you possess multiple Pokémon at several different gyms, the number will keep rising.

Tip 4: Send & Receive Gifts

Send & Receive Gifts

Let’s assume that you have a couple of friends. In that case, you can ask them to play a game of Pokemon with you. This is a great method for those who want to acquire some extra Stardust via gifts.

However, gifting is not necessarily a completely free method. There are some limitations added to this method. The interesting thing is that you will not know the type of gift you send to friends. They will find it out only after unlocking the received gift.

Tip 5: Create Trainer Accounts for Pokemon

Here’s another Pokemon GO Stardust cheat for you. To increase the amount of Stardust, you can use numerous trainer accounts or bots.

To exchange Stardust every day, you can then link your primary account with all these accounts.

With this method, you may quickly advance to the super level. In addition to that, you can add extra sweets to your profile without worrying about getting banned.

Tip 6: Try Various Time Zones

After making a couple of Pokemon profiles, you will be able to reach several time zones. For instance, you can go to a different country and let Pokemons in those gyms.

This will allow you to put various Pokemons in the gyms and collect Stardust. In fact, you can connect them even from the future apart from past and current.

Tip 7: Complete the Research

If you hack Pokemon GO, you’ll be able to take the character with you regardless of where you go.

Then, you can perform specific tasks, including catching a specific Pokemon species or even making them evolve. That will assure more rewards for you. This is a very good Stardust hack for Pokemon GO for any user.

You will be able to trade Pokemon among the accounts. That will help you make those transactions look more realistic. Such an approach is required to avoid potential bans.

Tip 8: Spoofing Your Real Location

Those who want to do a Stardust hack Pokemon GO can consider location spoofing as a prominent solution. As per this method, you can change the actual location of your device to something else. You will have to use a location spoofing app to accomplish this.

However, when you choose a location spoofer, be sure to go for a reliable option. Otherwise, location spoofing can end up causing soft bans or permanent bans on your Pokemon GO account.

It is true that Pokemon Go offers several different standard ways to acquire Stardusts. However, many individuals use Pokemon GO Stardust cheat methods to collect more of them. Such unconventional methods include location spoofing.

With the help of a good location spoofing app, you can virtually travel to any place on earth. All you need is to select the location from the map and apply it.

Niantic wants you to play a fair game

As per the game rules, however, Niantic does not tolerate location spoofing. In fact, they require you to play the game as per their terms and conditions. Violating their terms and conditions might give you a strike (probably a soft ban initially).

The initial ban will be for a period of one week. However, the second one will impose a ban of one month. Both of those bans can be considered soft bans.

However, if you do the same violation for the third time, you are likely to face a permanent ban. So, even if you use a location spoofer, be aware of the consequences and play the game carefully.

In addition, are you a gaming enthusiast who wonders where to find Magikarp Nest in Pokemon GO? If so, the Pokemon Go maps here can help you find Magikarp easily.

Use MockGo as the Most Efficient Stardust Hack for Pokemon GO 

Playing Pokemon Go is not an easy task if you don’t move out of the house. In other words, Pokemon GO is designed for those who enjoy walking outdoors, and it’s based on GPS.

However, with the tool mentioned below, you can easily play this game without moving an inch outside. The best way to counter this situation is to use a reliable location spoofing app. Namely, we use MockGo to spoof the location on your mobile phone.  

Apart from helping you to change the actual location, this tool can even mimic movements. It simulates movements between specific points depending on your choice. It has several movement types to make it more realistic.

Apart from spoofing your location, it allows you to create several different accounts as well. This feature helps you to collect plenty of Stardust.

Mentioned below are the steps you should follow to use this tool.

  • Download the MockGo app on your computer (laptop or a PC) and get it installed properly. Once the installation is completed, you can open the MockGo application to see the main screen.
Fonezy MockGo
  • Now, you should establish a connection between the same PC and the smartphone using a reliable USB cable.
  • After that, you should select the option called “Teleport Mode“. You can see that option on the main screen.
Foneazy MockGo Teleport Mode
  • Then, you should enter a specific destination. After that, you can tap “Move Here.” This will change the GPS of your iPhone.
Foneazy MockGo Move Here

Frequently Asked Questions About Stardust

Here are some frequently asked questions about Stardust. These questions and answers will ensure that you have a better knowledge of Stardust.

How Can You Acquire More Stardust While Playing Pokemon Go?

In fact, there are several standard ways to acquire more Stardust while playing Pokemon Go.

For instance, you can obtain Stardust by defeating Giovanni. Or, you can accomplish the same by performing field research as well. In addition to that, you can get the same by besting your fellow trainers.

If you want to have Stardust, you can achieve 16000 of it by walking 100km. You can do it in a week using the option called Adventure Sync.

Is There a Limit to the Amount of Stardust You Will Be Able to Earn?

Well, there is no exact limit when it comes to the Stardust amount to earn.

However, there are limitations to the Stardust amounts you can collect in terms of the methods used. For instance, you can earn 300 Stardust through gifts.

What Happens if Niantic Detects Location Spoofing?

Niantic doesn’t tolerate location spoofing. So, upon detecting such activity, they will implement a soft ban on you as the initial strike.

However, if you get caught with the same violation, you are likely to experience a permanent ban. So, it is important to pay attention to this factor before using a location spoofer.

Can I purchase Stardust in Pokémon GO?

No, Stardust cannot be purchased directly in Pokémon GO. It is earned through in-game activities and rewards.

Can I earn Stardust by defending gyms?

Yes, placing your Pokémon in gyms and successfully defending them can earn you Stardust. The longer your Pokémon remains in the gym, the more Stardust you will accumulate.


Those are the methods you can consider if you are looking for a Stardust hack in Pokemon GO.  

Please make sure that you use unconventional methods like location spoofing carefully and avoid potential bans from Niantic.


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