Top Games Like Fire Emblem Three Houses 2024

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Games Like Fire Emblem

There is no shortage of individuals who are looking for games like Fire Emblem three houses. Those who love the Fire Emblem title are constantly looking for similar games to it.

So, we have prepared this list of games similar to Fire Emblem after some research. Go ahead and pick a game!

List of Games Similar to Fire Emblem 

Mentioned below is our list of games like Fire Emblem. There are 10 of them for your reference.

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01. Into the Breach

Into the Breach

Their debut release was a great success. Subset Games then proceeded to their next game called Into the Breach. It goes without saying that this is one of the best games like Fire Emblem due to various reasons.

Many gaming enthusiasts and critics take this game as a big hit. Since its release, Into the Breach has received a plethora of awards. As of today, it has an excellent rating on the most popular dating sites.

When it comes to the gaming concept, it is a smoothly accessible game, and anyone will love it. In addition to that, the game is perfectly implemented with superior mechanics. You can find this game to be exceptionally addictive. Also, you will find more than enough content in this game to be engaged all the time.

However, you will also find some shortcomings when it comes to challenges. However, in general, this is one of the superb games similar to Fire Emblem.

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02. Fae Tactics

Fae Tactics

Fae Tactics may not be the most aesthetically appealing game out there in the market. However, it has some great simplicity and colorfulness to add some unique value to the game. There is no shortage of variation found in this game.

There are many stages in this game, and you need to have some skills to succeed. You will have to put some serious effort into building your squad. There are some special conditions that appear occasionally. It adds a nice touch and offers some great opportunities for the players to think something different.

The story of the game offers you some mixed experiences. However, there is a lot more to enjoy in this game apart from the story. The game is perfectly balanced, and you can understand it easily. It makes this game so suitable for beginners as well. Also, it gives you enough opportunities to customize it.

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03. Shadowrun: Hong Kong

Shadowrun: Hong Kong

It is true that turn-based RPG elements found in this game are not the most innovative ones. However, the presentation of the game and its narrative is impressive.

This game displays a futuristic version of Hong Kong. In addition to that, it has very interesting characters as well. Those characters add great value to the storyline of the game.

This game inherits the Shadowrun of the previous games of this title. Also, it shows a strong track record of the talented team, which is located at the Harebrained Schemes. So, it is no surprise that this game is included in this list of games similar to Fire Emblem.

The way the pieces fit together is incredibly impressive. Although this is not the best game of its kind, we have enough reasons to admire it.

04. Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics

It is true that the Fire Emblem series will not last forever. So, if you are a fan of the tactical RPG genre, you might be looking for various viable options. Final Fantasy Tactics is one of those games like Fire Emblem three houses if you are looking for them. The best news is that this game has a North American release as well.

This game features a superb class system and a couple of familiar faces as well. The game has a superior depth as well as some vintage storytelling to keep you addicted. The combination of combat mechanics and superior soundtracks make this game a unique one.

At a glance, this game might appear similar to Mario Bros. Also, the Raving Rabbids will appear as a strange choice. However, the combination of Mario and Rabbids works perfectly in the game. Being a game focused on Mario’s universe, you cannot expect much depth. Also, you cannot expect a very long storyline. But this is a superb game that has enough characteristics to be listed here.

05. The Valkyria Chronicles Series

The Valkyria Chronicles Series

At a glance, you might feel that this game is different from the other games similar to Fire Emblem. However, the truth is that it has a superb turn-based strategy game, and it doesn’t have a traditional type of grid-based system. Apart from that, these series come with a combination of real-time aiming and 3rd person movement strategies. In addition to that, it has a timeless and wonderful style.

When it comes to the similarities between Fire Emblem and Valkyria Chronicles, the character interactions are important. The development, the class systems, and permadeath feature is similar between these two games.

06. The XCom Series

Games Like Fire Emblem -  The XCom Series

Compared to the authentic Fire Emblem series, the XCom series is not an anime-inspired title. Also, it is not set in a Tolkienesque medieval universe. So, the game is played in a near-future environment where a post-apocalyptic world is seen. You can see aliens as well, and they have invaded the earth.

But the fans of Fire Emblem and those who love tactical RPGs will embrace this game wholeheartedly. This is a turn-based game, and it has stakes with incredibly high values. The player will lose the characters that are attached to the battle.

In addition to that, the characters are created with highly customizable characters and interesting backstories. They also have nice biographies. Because of that, the connections to the characteristics and the loss appear to be more personal.

07. The Advance Wars Series

The Advance Wars Series

The Advance Wars is developed by a company called Intelligent Systems. This specific game is considered to be the sister series to the well-known Fire Emblem.

That is because of the similarities found in these two games. Nevertheless, Advance Wars has the characteristics of a strategy game, and it lacks JRPG characteristics. Also, it doesn’t have a character growth system.

The storyline found in the Advance Wars games is not the deepest you can find. Instead, you can enjoy them on their own. The best thing is that the tactical gameplay of this game is seriously addictive.

No matter whether you play it on Game Boy Advance or DS iterations, this is a superb game. You will surely spend hours playing this game without any boredom.

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08. Eternal Poison

Eternal Poison

Eternal Poison is introduced to you by Atlus, and they are seasoned developers in the RPG genre. This game was released when the PS2 has reached the end of its life cycle. It is considered a tactical RPG game which is a pretty underrated game. Probably, the reason behind its less popularity is the limited release. Also, some reviewers might have found it difficult to get past the difficulty level.

Nevertheless, those who have enough patience will definitely find this game to be a superb one. They will enjoy even the most difficult setting of this game.

Eternal Poison also has some amazing multiple paths and different playthroughs. On top of that, players are required to have their characters engaged all the time in combat. That will bring your levels up, and there will not be any grinding.

09. Templar Battleforce

Templar Battleforce

This is a pretty tough game. However, we still consider it as one of the best games like Fire Emblem three houses. There are many strengths in this game, and they are strong enough to forget some of the minor downsides. The combat mechanics associated with this game are perfectly thought out.

You can pick them easily, and there is a top-down viewpoint to provide you with the perfect vantage point. That feature is exceptionally handy for taking a good look at the battlefield. There is no shortage of enemy variation. Also, the gameplay itself is dramatic. As a player, you should be very careful about every move when playing the game.

One of the main things related to this game is that it is so enthralling and changes suddenly. At one moment, you are almost killed, but you are steps away from victory in the next minute.

On the other hand, you can easily face a dramatic failure when you are moments away from victory. Basically, this is a very addictive game for those who are searching for games similar to Fire Emblem.

10. The Growlanser Series

The Growlanser Series

The last item on this list of games like Fire Emblem three houses is The Growlanser Series. This is a very impressive strategy game that comes with a grid-based combat system.

Also, it has a turn-based tactic system, so the player has to issue commands to the warriors. This is a very similar approach to the battle system found in Final Fantasy.


  1. Are these games available on multiple platforms? Yes, most of these games are available on multiple platforms, including PC, consoles, and handheld devices.
  2. Can I play these games even if I’m new to the strategy RPG genre? Absolutely! These games offer varying levels of accessibility, and many provide tutorials and gradual difficulty curves to accommodate newcomers.
  3. Are the stories in these games as engaging as Fire Emblem? Yes, each game has its own captivating narrative, filled with memorable characters and intricate plotlines.
  4. Do these games have multiplayer features? While some of these games offer multiplayer options, the focus is primarily on single-player experiences.
  5. Where can I purchase these games? You can find these games on popular digital distribution platforms, such as Steam, PlayStation Store, Nintendo eShop, and others.


So, those are our games similar to Fire Emblem. You can go through this list of games like Fire Emblem and choose an option that fits your preference.


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