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Games Like Final Fantasy

Let us face the fact – there are not a lot of games like Final Fantasy; this is because Final Fantasy is one of those best RPG franchises whose games cannot be compared to any other!

It is one of the most influential games today, with its impact reaching beyond what RPGs can define.

If you check the entire franchise out, it is not easy to pinpoint bad parts, from dramatic storytelling to innovations in combat. However, the major success of Final Fantasy has often overshadowed that there are games similar to Final Fantasy that are equally good, if not better.

One of the most critical problems with the Final Fantasy franchise is that fans are not getting what they want – instead of the Final Fantasy VII sequel, they are stuck with games like Final Fantasy XIII and its series like the Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII Part 1 and 2.

While the game franchise is worth mentioning, many other games like Final Fantasy tactics exist. Some of them include the following:

1. Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics – Terranigma

games like Final Fantasy - Terranigma

Terranigma is one of the games like Final Fantasy that could have shared the top spot with Chrono Trigger as one of the best RPG games if it made it to the US. Developed by Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), Terranigma was a premium game.

Terranigma had a great storyline – your character is a boy called Ark who had the task of resurrecting planet Earth after the world drowned during the battle in Antarctica between God and the Devil.

The look and feel of each story differ, making it one of those games similar to Final Fantasy. You may feel that you are playing different packed games under a single title.

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2. Dragon’s Dogma

Dragon's Dogma

If you are looking for games like Final Fantasy, you can look into Dragon’s Dogma. It is an action-based RPG game. It is also a first-person shooter FPS game that will make you abandon your gaming comfort.

Like Final Fantasy Tactics, Dragon’s Dogma consists of impressive graphics. The maps are huge, and the beasts are very deadly and engaging. In short, you can safely say that this game is a mix between Monster Hunter and Elder Scrolls.

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3. Tales Of…

games like Final Fantasy - Tales Of...

While the Tales Of.. series has not been as long as the FF series, the former gained a lot of titles for its franchise compared to the latter. The latest game of the series is called Tales of Berseria and has gained a lot of attention from gaming portals like Steam.

Tales Of.. is easily one of those games like Final Fantasy tactics. If you love the TV animated series Steven Universe, you can try out the previous installation known as the Tales of Zestiria. Here, two characters can be combined into a single being to combine their powers and abilities.

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4. EVO Search For Eden

EVO Search For Eden

E.V.O. is a game that became famous for its fantastic RPG. Developed by SNES, the game is all about evolution. You start as a single-celled organism at a depth of the ocean and collect orbs, and experience evolving.

Based on what you order, you will reach that stage of evolution. Unless you keep choosing the same orbs, it is very unlikely that you will evolve into the same character twice.

After you move out of the water, more stories will be added to your journey, and the game will adopt some adventure elements. Depending on your evolutionary path, you can either become a human or evolve into something reptilian.

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5. The Legend Of Heroes: Trails In The Sky

games like Final Fantasy - The Legend Of Heroes: Trails In The Sky

The Legend Of Heroes franchise is like no other, especially if you look for games similar to Final Fantasy. The Trails In The Sky part is only one of the many games where you can spend hundreds of hours trying to solve the puzzle being weaved by Falcom. While the game is a bit slow-paced, it will definitely give you a real-world feel.

You will react to everything happening in the main plot. You will view the world with a new insight. Additionally, there are several other side quests for players who can keep track of what is going on and keep up with the current events.

Of course, this game is not for an impatient gamer. Yes, this RPG game is relatively slow; however, it is worth waiting for.

6. Elder Scrolls (Series)

Elder Scrolls (Series)

If we are making a list of games like Final Fantasy, you cannot miss out on the Elder Scrolls. One of the most popular RPG games today allows you to play any style you want. Like Skyrim, this is a free-play game, and you can do whatever you want.

You also have the choice to create your spells. The second game in the series, Daggerfall, is perhaps the largest open-world game today – the map is generated very randomly.

7. Shin Megami Tensei IV

games like Final Fantasy - Shin Megami Tensei IV

While it is almost similar to the Persona games, Shin Megami Tensei IV is also different. The Shin Megami Tensei IV games have a post-apocalyptic theme, while the Persona games are thematically and narratively very taxing.

Yes, the game has a difficult learning curve. However, this has been done only to benefit the series. It can be said that this game is made for gamers who are new to the world of RPGs.

While Shin Megami Tensei IV is not as dark as its predecessors, it is one of the most fun games in the series.

8. Dragon Quest III

Dragon Quest III

If you are looking for games like Final Fantasy Tactics, then the game owes its success to Dragon Quest, the progenitor of JRPG games.

However, it was very unfortunate the game was not very successful. Dragon Quest III smokes Final Fantasy any day when it comes to turn-based gameplay. The class system of DQ outclasses both FF 1 and 2.

Dragon Quest III is one of the first JRPG games that specifically defined the genre, which makes it one of the most popular games among RPG enthusiasts.

Dragon Quest III is definitely on the list when it comes to games similar to Final Fantasy. The company has even released an iOS version of the same.

9. Earthbound

games like Final Fantasy - Earthbound

Earthbound makes it in the list of games like Final Fantasy – however, it is also not! The game has received a very well-deserving cult status. RPG games are not easy to come across today, and Earthbound is a game that deserves your attention.

It is a genius game and one of the best-written ones as well. The storyline is such that it may bring tears to your eyes. The combat scenes are phenomenal and can feel almost similar to those in the FF franchise. The game can be seen as a natural extension of Final Fantasy.

The game is set in the 1990s and is heavily inspired by American culture. Unlike any other game under SNES, Earthbound is more like a parody of the genre – however, the plot becomes more dramatic, thereby offering you a diverse storyline.

10. Persona 4 Golden

Persona 4 Golden

In the latest installment of the Persona series, this game makes it to the list of games similar to Final Fantasy because of the dense storyline.

The 3, 4, and 5 parts of Persona can push to approximately 80 hours of gameplay; however, it is installation number 4 that is the most accessible.

Apart from the light story with a lot of humor, the game’s main cast is forced to confront themselves. Additionally, the combat scenes in the game are good!

11. Legend of Mana

games like Final Fantasy - Legend of Mana

The Legend of Mana is one of those games similar to Final Fantasy; sadly, it has not received the same recognition as the FF game series.

Perhaps the game’s greatest feature is choosing a male or female protagonist, which was quite a change since games from the 1990s normally had a male hero by default. Both parts, Legend of Mana and the original Secret of Mana, are games like Final Fantasy tactics.

The landscape gets created as you keep progressing through the game. The main story consisted of three parts that were not linearly connected to the world map. This type of gaming was quite new during this era. Additionally, the game garnered praise for the hand-drawn landscapes and the animation.

12. The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3

When you are making a list of games like Final Fantasy tactics, you cannot miss out on the Witcher series, especially the third part.

Many people think that gameplay does not allow you to play freely; however, the Witcher 2 has proved the opposite. You will get so wrapped up playing the personality of Geralt that you will get a true RPG experience.

Overall, the map of the game is quite large. It also has a lot of strong characters, and the battle with different types of creatures is more than just engaging. While Witcher 3 may not have as many creatures, the game has upped its stakes to a whole new level.

13. Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon

A predecessor of Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, has charming RPG gameplay. While it may not reach the standards set by Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon has a very old-school RPG touch, making it one of the games like Final Fantasy.

The storyline of the game is straightforward. Its art has been designed brilliantly by Akira Toriyama. The battle system is very addictive and has a fair amount of depth. Unfortunately, Blue Dragon could not become as popular as the Final Fantasy franchise.


Q: Are these games available on multiple platforms? A: Yes, most of the games mentioned in this article are available on various platforms, including consoles and PC.

Q: Can I play these games if I haven’t played Final Fantasy before? A: Absolutely! While these games share similarities with Final Fantasy, they can be enjoyed by both newcomers and long-time fans of the genre.

Q: Which game should I start with if I’m new to RPGs? A: If you’re new to RPGs, The Legend of Zelda series offers a more accessible and action-oriented experience, making it a great starting point.

Q: Are these games suitable for younger players? A: Some games mentioned, such as The Legend of Zelda series, have a broad appeal and are suitable for players of various ages. However, it’s always advisable to check the age rating of each game before playing.

Q: Can I expect similar depth and storytelling in these games as in Final Fantasy? A: While each game mentioned has its own unique storytelling style, they all offer immersive narratives and memorable characters that will captivate you throughout your gaming journey.

Final Thoughts

The games mentioned above can be added to the games similar to Final Fantasy. However, these games could not become popular in the gaming world. To try out some new RPG games, you can try these titles out.


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