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Best Warlock Armor Destiny 2

Those who want the best Warlock Exotics in Destiny 2 can consider this article as their guide.

Here, we have included a list of entries for fans of Destiny 2. You should go through this list and choose the best Warlock Armor in Destiny 2.

Those who have played Destiny 2 already know that Warlocks are a special breed in the game. Warlocks can heal or deal a massive amount of damage. Also, the Exotic collection of armor they use is unique.

The game called Destiny 2 has received plenty of changes over the past period. Because of that, a large number of Guardians are in it compared to the previous one. You can learn how to manipulate Light and Darkness with the help of those guardians.

Warlocks are considered to be a special breed found in Destiny 2. They come with the ability to heal the wounds of the team. They can even warp the elements into potentially devastating abilities.

List of Best Warlock Exotics in Destiny 2

We have prepared the below list of the best Warlock armor in Destiny 2 for your reference. We compiled this article using the information we found during our research. So, go ahead and look at the best Warlock armor in Destiny 2.

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01. Eye of Another World

Best Warlock Armor Destiny 2 - Eye of Another World

Eye of Another World can be considered one of the best Warlock armor in Destiny 2 for anyone. It offers a passive increase to melee, grenades, and even Rift recharge rates.

In addition, the helmet will help you mark the targets with higher values. It will display a yellow outline so you can see it more accessible. The same yellow outline will be around the Guardians in the Crucible as well when they are closer.

With Eye of Another World, you can practically expect about a 15% regeneration boost. That is in addition to 100 discipline, strength, or recovery. For most abilities, it gives a nearly five-second reduction. So, this would not be so great for some players.

However, it adds some extra ability in terms of charging crucibles. Also, you should know that there are much better options compared, but they have some drawbacks.

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02. Sunbracers


Sunbracers found in Destiny can be found in Destiny 2 in the form of Sunbracers. This specific Exotic will grant an infinite supply of the element called “Solar Grenades” for a period of 69 seconds. You will get that power after killing someone using the melee skill. In addition to that, Solar Grenades come with extended durations as well.

When the Subracers say “infinite,” you can use your arm to its maximum and throw. It can be five or six. Solar Grenades don’t stack the damage when overlapped. In that case, Sunbracers are ideal for covering a massive range of areas.

With Attunement of Sky, you can experience a superb PvE loop to achieve a melee kill. That should be done with Celestial Fire before you unleash a torrent of grenades. So, every kill recharging the Celestial Fire Melee will repeat.

Those who use Attunement of Grace will make use of the Sunbracers and throw several multiple healing grenades quicker. It is true that Sunbreacers is more of a subpar choice in a PvP game. But when it comes to non-pinnacle PvE, it is one of the best Warlock armor in Destiny 2.

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03. Starfire Protocol

Best Warlock Armor Destiny 2 - Starfire Protocol

Well, this could be one of the most underrated and often overlooked Exotics in the game. This option grants an additional Fusion Grenade to Warlocks. With that, you can expect a considerable amount of Rift energy when damage is caused to an opponent.

Starfire Protocol is capable of creating a unique playstyle. It focuses on crawling with the assistance of an Empowering Rift. That should be done before unleashing a flurry or Fusion Grenades.

When you run out of grenade power, you can use Special or Power weapons on stronger targets. You can receive grenade energy as well. Pairing this with the use of Attunement of Grace will ensure you get double-healing grenades.

It is a major boon, specifically when it comes to the 3V3 Crucible or Trails of Osiris. All in all, it can be considered one of the best Warlock Exotics in Destiny 2.

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04. Felwinter’s Helm

Felwinter's Helm

Felwinter’s Helm delivers a weakening effect to the melee abilities as well as the finishers. After that, it makes targets undergo 30% more damage for a pretty short period. If you use a finisher on a major, that will extend the duration to 15 seconds. It will also increase the debuffing AoE wave.

But the catch is that Felwinter’s Helm is not designed to work with Darkness Subclass. For instance, it doesn’t work with Shadebinder. The melee debuff will not get activated if it is used in quick succession.

If you leave those cons aside, however, Felwinter’s Helm has some significant advantages as well. For instance, it can boost the fireteam’s damage output. It is an excellent choice for PvE content.

05. Geomag Stabilizers

Best Warlock Armor Destiny 2 - Geomag Stabilizers

Chaos Reach is considered to be a devastating Super in this game. It has the ability to melt Gambit Primevals in seconds. Geomag Stabilizers can convert Chaos Reach to a much better option. It extends the duration whenever there is damage occurs.

When it comes to the real power of this best Warlock Exotics in Destiny 2, it arrives when you sprint. It comes as free Super energy. Assume that the Super comes to a point around 85%. The remaining will be offered to you within a couple of seconds.

Well, this feature pairs perfectly with an attunement of control’s ability so you can cancel Chaos Reach. That will eventually help you preserve super energy. You can use it for one massive burst or several shorter ones.

Compared to the former, the latter becomes more helpful in Trials of Osiris as well as Crucible. All in all, there are many reasons to call this one of the best Warlock Exotics in Destiny 2.

06. Chromatic Fire

Chromatic Fire

This is a unique chest piece with a beautiful appearance. It comes with Chromatic Fire doubles as well, and that works as a stunning fashion entry. On top of that, it adds more flair to your guns.

If you are able to get precision to kill using a Kinetic weapon, this armor will make it explode. As of now, you cannot expect a Stasis explosion with a Stasis Subclass, however.

In a way, Chromatic Fire can be considered a Dragonfly perk’s colorful, free version. It can be used on any Kinetic weapon. This armor becomes particularly powerful on weapons that have slower RPM.

For instance, it works on Hand Cannons and Sniper Rifles that shoot opponents in a single shot. So, we have enough and more reasons to rate this as one of the best Warlock armor in Destiny 2.

07. Phoenix Protocol

Best Warlock Armor Destiny 2 - Phoenix Protocol

We can call well of Radiance to be one of the best Supers found in the Destiny series. This is a supercharged Rift that grants 25% more damage, and it extends the effective range of your weapon. Also, it offers you a massive amount of healing power.

The only downside of it is that you should wait for a long period to get the next cast. This is something that can be fixed using Phoenix Protocol. With the assistance of Phoenix Protocol, you can kill within the Well of Radiance, expecting energy for Super.

Assume that you go with hectic activities like the Altars of Sorrow. In that case, Super energy will be adequate to refund Super in full. And that can be done before the 30-second duration of the Well of Radiance.

So, you can consider this one as one of the best Warlock armor in Destiny 2, which you must have.

08. Verity’s Brow

Verity's Brow

If you use it correctly, Verity’s Brow can work as one of the best Warlock armor in Destiny 2. Well, it could be rated as a superb build that can be found in the entire game. With this Exotic, you can increase the overall grenade energy and grenade damage whenever you kill someone.

If you achieve five kills, your helmet can achieve Death Thrones and apply it to nearby allies. As a result, it will increase the grenade recharge rate drastically. If you reach five stacks, you will be able to get a bonus of double damage. It will also allow the Warlock grenades to defeat majors when it comes to PvE. All in all, it is a very handy armor that can deliver you success.

09. Karnstein Armlets

Best Warlock Armor Destiny 2 - Karnstein Armlets

Karnstein Armlets is another unique armor that can help you gain a massive chunk of health. You can achieve it through kills. When it is activated, you can expect a very reliable and constant health regeneration from it.

Pretty much every Warlock build can receive the benefits of these armors. The health regeneration effect will allow you to deploy a massive number of damages in both PvP and PvE. Moreover, the attunement of Grace Warlocks, too, will be able to achieve their most mileage.

10. Ophidian Aspect

Ophidian Aspect

It is true that Ophidian Aspect is not the flashiest armor in the collection. However, it’s a superb game choice designed for the PvP game model. This specific Exotic boosts the readiness and the reload speed of the player.

In addition to that, it increases the melee range. When it comes to Crucible, the boosts can be the element that decides your victory or defeat. You can make use of this superb armor and expect better results when you play Destiny 2.

11. Nezarec’s Sin

Best Warlock Armor Destiny 2 - Nezarec's Sin

This best Warlock armor in Destiny 2 works on PvE mode. Since the release of the Undying, this has been recognized as one of the best Warlock Exotics in Destiny 2. It is a very strong Warlock Exotic, in simplest terms.

With the reintroduction of suppression void grenades, the Exotic has become a top-notch choice. What you should remember is that it isn’t necessary to run a void subclass to use this Exotic. This one pairs perfectly with Gnawing Hunger, which is the breakout star of the season.

12. Crown of Tempests

Crown of Tempests

This is another best Warlock Exotics in Destiny 2 designed for the PvE. In fact, this is known to be the best Exotic pick designed for Stormcallers, regardless of other powerful options. You can use this Exotic to cast your Super very quickly.

Also, you can use the same in Crucible, particularly if you can land Arc grenades accurately. As long as you use this Exotic wisely, you can achieve greater results and succeed in Destiny 2.

13. Transversive Steps

Best Warlock Armor Destiny 2 - Transversive Steps

This is regarded as one of the best Warlock armor in Destiny 2 that can be played in the PvP. It offers benefits to enhance aggressive players in particular. It is true that Transversive Steps offer you better speed. In addition to that, however, they reload the existing weapon from the reserves as well.

This specific Exotic doesn’t have any gimmicks, and that could be a strong reason for its popularity. These boots offer a very impactful effect when it comes to gunfights. On top of that, it allows you to reload by sprinting. It lets you save plenty of time in PvP games. Moreover, the same strategy lets you be on the offensive side.

If you pair this Exotic with Attunement of Grace, you can gain excellent mobility. It can be matched only by Behemoth Titans. On top of that, they can be considered a superb option in PvE as well.

To make the best use of it, however, you should pair it with weapons like Shotguns and Machine Guns. If you get used to this superb Exotic, you are hardly likely to look for a different one.


  1. Q: Where can I obtain Warlock armor sets in Destiny 2?
    • A: Warlock armor sets can be obtained from various sources such as raids, dungeons, Trials of Osiris, and seasonal activities.
  2. Q: Can I mix and match armor pieces from different sets?
    • A: Yes, you can mix and match armor pieces from different sets to create a customized look while retaining the benefits of different perks.
  3. Q: Which armor set is best for a support-oriented Warlock?
    • A: The Phoenix Protocol set is highly recommended for support-oriented Warlocks, as it enhances ability regeneration and super energy restoration.
  4. Q: Are Warlock armor sets class-specific?
    • A: Yes, each armor set is designed specifically for the Warlock class and provides unique perks that complement their abilities.
  5. Q: How can I optimize my Warlock’s armor setup for different activities?
    • A: It’s essential to consider the activity type and your preferred playstyle. Focus on armor sets that enhance your subclass abilities and provide benefits relevant to the activity, such as increased resilience for PvP or ability cooldown reduction for PvE.


So, that’s our list of best Warlock armor in Destiny 2. We hope that you will find these entries to be very useful when playing Destiny. If you have other suggestions about this, please let us know in the comments section.


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