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Ghost Shells Destiny

Ghosts serve as our little buddies and guides, assisting your character in navigating the galaxy and providing assistance such as flying your spacecraft and transferring your weapons.

That’s why, in addition to being fashionable, you’ll want a good casing for your Ghost because it will help you find materials.

Today, we’ve compiled a top list of Destiny 2 Ghost shells for you.

Ghost Shells in Destiny 2 

Ghost Shells in Destiny 2 can be dazzling and glittering or grungy and grimy, depending on your style or inclination. It all depends on your personal preference.

As a result, you’ll have a wide variety of Ghost Shells Destiny 2 to pick from once you’ve earned, purchased, discovered, or unlocked them.

As we all know, there are a variety of hidden riches across the Solar System in Destiny 2, ranging from enemy caches to treasure chests, leveling up awards, Raid/quest prizes, Crucible rewards, or just purchasing them from The Eververse. They’re lurking in plain sight for you to find, Guardians, so go out and find them.

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Best Ghost Shells in Destiny 2

Instead of expecting to find a top-tier Ghost Shell at random, you may now customize your appearance and add Mods.

So, what’s the best way to get the most out of your Ghost? Which shells are the most attractive? Continue reading for a complete list of the finest Ghost Shells in Destiny 2.

#1. Contender’s Shell

Best Ghost Shells in Destiny 2 - Contender's Shell

The Leviathan raid is the only way to get this shell. While your ghost will resemble a Smartphone in a protective case rather than a magical element of the Traveler, this shell is essential if you’re farming Leviathan Raid equipment.

Its Seeker of Brilliance attribute allows Bright Engrams to drop in the last chest, in addition to monitoring how many times you’ve done the raid.

Furthermore, Seeker of Opulence increases the chance of all Leviathan Exotic drops being Year 1 Exotics you don’t already own by 50%.

This weapon, like most raid prizes, has some extremely unique qualities that make the hard fight worthwhile.

#2. Peerless Precision Shell

Peerless Precision Shell

Steadfast Engrams were used to drop this Exotic shell in Season 4. This Ghost Shell that appears like a target best symbolizes your aim of never missing a shot.

According to its description, it’s a hiding place for Ghosts who don’t lose sight of their prey. This shell comes with a few beneficial traits and a random mod to help you become a master shooter.

Omni-Telemetry and Speed Demon are their Exotic Intrinsic Perks, which allow you to summon your vehicles faster and reload your weapons while riding. Bright Engrams can also be used to obtain it.

#3. Cosmos Shell

Best Ghost Shells in Destiny 2 - Cosmos Shell

In Season 2, Bright Engrams used to drop this vintage shell. The magnificence of the universe surrounding them and its mysteries have always captivated humans, and this did not alter with the Traveler’s coming and the Guardians’ subsequent development.

By encasing your Ghost in the brilliant stars, you can demonstrate your appreciation for the cosmos.

The Guiding Light attribute used to be limited to the Cosmos Shell, and it’s still one of its most tempting features, as a 10% increase in XP gain is hard to surpass.

It also includes Omni-Telemetry and a random mod to aid in the discovery of resource caches on one of the game’s planets.

#4. Rust Punk Shell

Rust Punk Shell

This can be discovered in both Nostalgic and Etched Engrams, both of which must be decrypted by Tess Everis at the Eververse shop. You can’t go wrong with this rusty-looking shell if you’re striving for a steampunk-themed Guardian aesthetic.

The Treasure Hunter feature, however, is what eventually elevates this ghost shell. It’s really useful and relatively uncommon. Its perks include Seeker of Glory, which keeps track of how many encounters you’ve conquered on the Leviathan.

#5. Alchemical Dawn

Best Ghost Shells in Destiny 2 -  Alchemical Dawn

The Alchemical Dawn Shell is a Ghost Shell earned through Crucible matches and Shaxx’s rank-up packages.

Its Exotic Intrinsic Perks include Banshee’s Favorite, which allows you to produce Gunsmith telemetry data at a higher rate for any elemental weapon kills, as well as Vanguard Scanner and Crucible Scanner, which provide you a chance to obtain more fact consumables in Strikes and the Crucible.

#6. Sagira’s Shell 

Sagira's Shell

Following that is Sagira’s Shell, an Exotic Ghost Shell earned by completing Osiris’ Lost Prophecies on Mercury. It contains three Exotic Intrinsic Perks: Scion Mercury, Omni-Telemetry, and You’re Welcome On Mercury.

The “You’re Welcome” bonuses detect caches and resources within a 75-meter radius. Scion of Mercury, on the other hand, provides more Glimmer and the opportunity to collect additional faction consumables on Mercury.

#7. Knight’s Peace Shell

Best Ghost Shells in Destiny 2 - Knight's Peace Shell

During the Warmind season, this was a reward for going Flawless in the Trials of the Nine. The Knight’s Peace Shell gleams like a diamond and is one of the most beautiful ghost shells in destiny.

This Exotic shell contains the superb Guiding Light trait and a random mod from a pool of cache and resource detectors for different locations like Io or the EDZ, in addition to Omni-Telemetry, so you may make Weapon Telemetry for Banshee-44.

#8. Eyeball Shell

Eyeball Shell

If you get your hands on any Bright Engrams, they may drop this shell. This item has a spherical design that resembles something from Portal’s Aperture Science, although it’s not to be mistaken with the much more eyeball-like item.

The shell of Okular Fortitude. The Eyeball Shell, unlike other shells with fixed values, offers two random bonuses. As a result, you could have two of them that are completely different. 

#9. Armory Forged Shell

Best Ghost Shells in Destiny 2 - Armory Forged Shell

This sleek Black Armory shell is both sleek and attractive. For fans of red and black, this is an excellent choice. One of the perks is Omni-Telemetry, which lets you generate Gunsmith telemetry data from any elemental weapon kill.

The second is Speed Demon, which allows you to call your cars faster and reload your weapons while riding. The Eververse Store sells this shell with Silver or Bright Dust.

#10. Cottontail Shell

Cottontail Shell

Head over to the Prophecy Dungeon and beat it solo. Omni-Telemetry, which generates Gunsmith telemetry data on any elemental weapon kills, is one of the perks.

The second mode is Speed Demon, with which you can call your cars faster as well as reload your weapons along with riding. This is a possible reward for soloing the Prophecy Dungeon.

#11. Generalist Shell

Best Ghost Shells in Destiny 2 - Generalist Shell

This shell is given to all characters created following the New Light update during the instructional task; it is the default shell on your Ghost.

While your first Ghost Shell isn’t the most unusual or powerful of the Ghost Shells, it’s difficult to ignore its understated appeal. It’s compact and convenient. Unfortunately, it’s a poor shell in terms of characteristics. That is to say; it has none.

#12. Lunar Shell

Lunar Shell

Keep an eye on the Eververse for sales, and buy this when you see it. It’s really worth it. The Lunar Shell, an Exotic that looks more like a witch’s crystal ball or a Piece of Eden than a shell, is one of the most interesting-looking shells available to Guardians.

But that fits right in with Destiny’s techno-mysticism cosmos. Guiding Light, one of the most valuable qualities you can earn on a Ghost Shell, provides you an invaluable 10% XP bonus that you’ll appreciate when grinding seasonal rewards. It also comes with the Speed Demon perk and a random mod.

#13. Star Map Shell

Best Ghost Shells in Destiny 2 - Star Map Shell

During the Curse of Osiris season, this shell would drop from Illuminated Engrams. This shell has a dark blue color with brilliant accents reminiscent of the night sky, as its name and description suggest. Y

ou can’t go wrong with the Star Map Shell if you’re the type of Guardian who wants to chart the stars. It’s one of the few shells with the Treasure Hunter attribute, which enhances Glimmer gain by detecting caches within 50 meters in any place. When you’re scavenging for materials, this is incredible.

Aside from that, it features the Omni-Telemetry ability and a random mod that gives you more faction consumables in one of several possible locations.

#14. Constricting Shell

Constricting Shell

This Legendary shell is exclusive to the Eververse’s Season of the Worthy store and can only be purchased there. For anyone who is proud of their Hunter ancestors, this is undoubtedly one of the coolest ghost shells, with an excellent design representing a snake organically coiled around the shell and the Hunters’ logo on the back.

This shell provides you access to the Public Defender trait, which significantly enhances treasure from public events, in addition to Speed Demon and a random mod. Grinding them can be highly profitable as a result of this.

#15. Crimson Shell

Crimson Shell

This Ghost Shell was available for purchase from the Eververse during the Crimson Days celebration in Season of the Dawn. The sharp edges and frightening red-tinted light of this Exotic shell will naturally attract edgy Guardians.

It has the super-valuable Guiding Light, which gives you 10% more XP from all sources, and Banshee’s Favorite, which is always excellent for grinding Weaponsmith prizes. It also includes an additional random mod. 


  1. Can I equip multiple Ghost Shells at the same time? No, you can only equip one Ghost Shell at a time.
  2. Can I transfer my Ghost Shell between characters? Yes, Ghost Shells can be transferred between characters using the Destiny 2 companion app or the in-game vault.
  3. Are there Ghost Shells with activity-specific perks? Yes, some Ghost Shells offer perks that specifically benefit certain activities, such as increased resource detection during Strikes or Crucible matches.
  4. Can I dismantle Ghost Shells for materials? Yes, Ghost Shells can be dismantled to obtain materials like Glimmer, Legendary Shards, and Enhancement Cores.
  5. Are there seasonal or limited-time Ghost Shells? Yes, Destiny 2 often introduces seasonal or limited-time Ghost Shells through events and expansions. Keep an eye out for special opportunities to acquire unique Ghost Shells.

Key Takeaways

We have compiled the ultimate rankings list of the most elegant and useful Destiny 2 ghost shells. Everyone has their own characteristics and provides different mods.

These can conceal their disembodied guiding voice and are sure to lure any struggling guardians looking for the ghost shells. Look & see what catches your eye. We are sure you’ll find something you can’t live without.


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