Games Like Path Of Exile for True Gaming Enthusiasts

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Games like Path Of Exile

There are many options to consider if you are looking for games like Path Of Exile. In fact, Path Of Exile is a game that falls into the action RPG genre.

Over the past period, this genre has undergone a significant improvement. So, if you are a fan of that genre, read this list of games like Path Of Exile.

Games Like Path Of Exile

As we mentioned earlier, there are plenty of choices when it comes to games like Path Of Exile. But the truth is that it is still considered to be one of the best in its genre.

Those who have played Path Of Exile are so impressed with it. That’s exactly why they are looking for games like Path Of Exile. While there are many games on the market to download, only some of them can match your requirement.

That said, mentioned below are some of the best games like Path Of Exile.

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01. Transistor

Games like Path Of Exile - Transistor

The Transistor is considered to be the type of game that prevents players from dragging immediately to the game. The transistor is a pretty massive game that has a pretty chilling aesthetic with a great job.

As per the gameplay, you are supposed to take the role of the singer called Red. She is a singer in Cloudbank City, and he is on the run from the Camerata. It is an organization that has given its commands to kill her.

When you start the game, Red will manage to grab the Transistor. It is a weapon that is designed to kill Red. However, Camerata decides to retrieve Red with Transistor. However, the reasons are unknown.

Transistor has stunning gameplay, and it comes with absolutely brilliant music with visual effects. Red maintains an isometric POV, which is expected from any RPG. Nevertheless, Red can even switch to Turn mode.

It is basically a frozen mode, so you execute real-time commands. In addition to that, Red can even possess some functions that power various effects. Basically, players will enjoy Transistor because of the freedom approach it offers.

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02. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Those who are fans of sci-fi will definitely love the concept of this game. In this game, you find a different Earth that is under the invasion of aliens.

It allows players to command XCOM, which is the only military force with a fighting chance. Every XCOM title comes with a fair share of unique and interesting mechanisms as well.

XCOM is a title that boasts an exceptionally complex combat system. Players, as commanders, will have to acquire the tools and fight to protect the Earth from aliens.

There are some in-depth terrain mechanics found in this game. Pretty much everything in this environment is very impressive.

03. Torchlight 2

Games like Path Of Exile - Torchlight 2

We did include Torchlight in this list earlier. Those who don’t want to play a pretty serious game with a very long story will admire this. It has impressive game quality, a short-action RPG, and plenty of other impressive characters.

This game has some colorful graphics and four different classes as well. Those characteristics make this game a pretty unique one. It can keep you busy and engaged for a long time.

Moreover, you can see that this game goes on sale on Steam more often than not. To make it more exciting and thrilling, some have added modded versions.

04. Victor Vran ARPG

Victor Vran ARPG

Action RPGs that mainly focus on cooperative play have become so popular in the modern-day market. This is particularly true when it comes to games that offer the option of split-screen features.

Victor Vran ARPG is considered to be one of such genres that fit in this genre perfectly. It is true that this game doesn’t have newer tricks compared to some new ones.

With that said, Victor Vran offers you the split-screen feature on PC and console. That said, Victor Vran is considered to be one of the best games like Path Of Exile.

05. Diablo 3

Games like Path Of Exile - Diablo 3

Diablo 3 (games like Diablo 3) is one of the most recent games included in the legendary, impressive, and beloved hack-and-slash series.

Many gamers don’t need any introduction to this game. It is true that there was plenty of criticism of this game. That is particularly because of the casual gameplay it possesses.

Basically, it is a superb action RPG game that is pretty similar to Path Of Exile. Faster actions, infinite playing abilities, etc., make it one of the best games like Path Of Exile.

06. Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn

This is another game that fits in this list of games like Path Of Exile perfectly. You can play this game to spend your time without feeling bored. In addition to that, this game carries some superb ARPG characters for you to enjoy.

You will find plenty of pros associated with this game. It is a highly diverse game that has a secondary class as well. Moreover, it requires a huge amount of skill system.

The game is played in a dark world, and the plot matches the world perfectly. It is an excellent option for those who are looking for games like Path Of Exile.

07. Diablo 2

Games like Path Of Exile - Diablo 2

Diablo 2 is one of the most promising games like Path Of Exile due to various reasons. In fact, the original Diablo game can be considered the one that triggered the RPG madness. That was back in 200, and we still consider it a superb game.

It has the re-playable characteristic along with some fun classes. Do you have the feeling of playing one of the best games like Path Of Exile? So. don’t forget Diablo 2.

08. Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition

Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition

The anniversary edition of Titan Quest has plenty of improvements compared to the original version of the same. It has the original setting, but there is no shortage of added fun and improvements.

The mastery system is exceptionally fun if you want to play around with a good game. The Titan Quest is compatible with co-ops such as Path Of Exile.

09. Marvel Heroes

Games like Path Of Exile - Marvel Heroes

How about a game that has characteristics of action RPG characteristics with Marvel characters? It is absolutely thrilling to play. Basically, this is a game with Marvel Heroes, and it has all the interesting characteristics you will prefer.

This is a free-to-play game. If you are looking for games like Path Of Exiles, you should check this game out.

10. Torchlight 3

Torchlight 3

If you are an action RPG fan and want a pretty chilled experience, Torchlight 3 is perfect. In this game, you will see a declining Ember Empire. It lacks resources and has to face extradimensional Netherim.

With that said, the players are supposed to play as Dusk Mage, Railmaster, or Sharpshooter. The players are supposed to be equipped with arms and defend their Novastraia again. Just like with the previous versions of this game, Torchlight has some amazing steampunk world.

Moreover, it has games like rarity-based drops, persistent enemies, etc. It also has a fast system that lets you deal with various different challenges.

Compared to other games like Path Of Exile, this Torchlight 3 shows some decent balance between fun and difficulty. So, we have it as one of the best games like Path Of Exile.  

11. Pillars Of Eternity

Games like Path Of Exile - Pillars Of Eternity

Pillars Of Eternity could be rated as spiritual successors to Icewind Dale, Planescape: Torment, and Baldur’s Gate. The best thing is that this game has exceeded plenty of expectations.

With the assistance of this fantasy RPG, you can play as Watchers. That means those who interact with souls. Also, it can see past lives. However, being a Watcher, you should travel towards the Drywood to uncover the origins of Hollowborn. They are born without souls, and you should help them out.

Basically, this earns critical acclaim for the type of immersive world. In addition to that, it offers an excellent narrative. It also possesses strategic combat as well. It indeed has a usual fantasy setting with classes. Each of those classes offers something very unique to gameplay. Also, the dialogues are unique.

There are some side quests linked to the main gameplay. They contain pretty unique stories that are typical fetch quests. Players will be able to team up with six companions. Each of those characters comes with a unique personality.

12. Warframe


If truth be told, this is not the best game similar to Path Of Exile. That is because Warframe is not rated as an action RPG game.

Instead, it falls into the MMO genre, and it plays pretty much the same thing. The only difference is the camera angle. There are dozens of different raids to complete.

Also, you will have plenty of missions and builds with the perfect fluid combat. Warframe is an excellent game to follow during your free time.  

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13. Divinity: Original Sin 2

Games like Path Of Exile - Divinity: Original Sin 2

Just like you can guess, Divinity: Original Sin 2 is the sequel to Divinity: Original Sin by Larian Studios. Well, this game is developed based on RPG expertise. When it comes to Original Sin 2, players have to play the character of Sourcerers.

However, the presence of these characters does attract Voidwoken. Extradimensional beings want to bring chaos into the world of Revellon. To stop the threats, the player should play as a custom character. Those who love Original Sin 2 admire its captivating narrative.

In addition to that, it offers an extensive approach to their gameplay. Players are able to interact with pretty much all the aspects of the environment. After that, they can even break the script of the game to their advantage.

As per the game, you are supposed to encourage players to explore all the areas and look for solutions. For instance, you will have to teleport enemies away. Also, you should turn bosses into chickens or even skin combat. Original Sin 2 comes with a pretty straightforward plot.

14. Last Epoch

Last Epoch

Last Epoch is a pretty early-access title that can become a perfect ARPG game for you. When you compare it with other games like Path Of Exile, it has a skill tree system.

Each skill in the game has a specific augment tree. That allows you to experience plenty of customization. It is a perfect game for those who want a balance between superb gameplay and graphics.


  1. Q: Are these games available on multiple platforms? A: Yes, most of these games are available on PC and some are also available on consoles.
  2. Q: Are these games free-to-play? A: Some of the games mentioned in this article are free-to-play, while others require a one-time purchase.
  3. Q: Can I play these games offline? A: Most of these games require an internet connection to play, as they feature online multiplayer components.
  4. Q: Which game has the most extensive character customization options? A: Path of Exile and Last Epoch offer incredibly deep character customization systems.
  5. Q: Can I play these games solo? A: Yes, all of these games can be played solo, but many of them also offer cooperative multiplayer for added enjoyment.


In conclusion, if you’re seeking games like Path of Exile, the titles mentioned above offer compelling alternatives that cater to the same appetite for immersive ARPG experiences.

Whether you’re a fan of dark fantasy, post-apocalyptic settings, or mythological adventures, these games will provide you with countless hours of enjoyment, allowing you to embark on epic quests, slay powerful foes, and uncover legendary loot.


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