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Games Like Free Cities

When it comes to simulation games, there’s a vast sea of choices out there. One particular standout in the genre is Free Cities.

If you’ve enjoyed this unique city-builder, but are looking for something different, stick around as we dive into some amazing games like Free Cities that offer similar experiences.

What is Free Cities?

Free Cities

Free Cities is an innovative game that lets you design and control your own city, from its economic system down to the smallest detail of civic life. But what sets Free Cities apart?


Unlike most city-building games, Free Cities has a significant focus on micro-management, allowing players to interact directly with the inhabitants of their city.


Beyond the usual city infrastructure management, Free Cities introduces complex systems of economy, politics, and social dynamics.

Criteria for Comparison

When looking for games like Free Cities, we focused on their ability to offer complex management simulations, unique gameplay mechanics, and immersive environments.

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The Allure of Games Like Free Cities

So what makes games like Free Cities so enticing? The answer lies in the autonomy and freedom that these games offer.

You’re not simply following a linear storyline; instead, you’re writing your story, shaping the world to your liking, and making impactful decisions. The result? An incredibly engaging, deeply personal gaming experience.

Freedom to Create

Free Cities, and games like it, offer a unique blend of creativity and strategy. You have the freedom to design and build your cities, manage resources, and shape your society. The opportunity to create and mould a virtual world to your liking is both exhilarating and empowering, igniting a sense of accomplishment and ownership that few other game genres can offer.

Engaging Gameplay

Another core appeal of these games is their engaging gameplay. From the minute intricacies of resource management to the broader strokes of city planning, these games challenge your strategic skills. They demand your attention, focus, and forethought, making every gaming session an immersive experience.

Compelling Narrative Possibilities

Despite their sandbox nature, games like Free Cities often come with compelling narrative possibilities. The game may present you with challenging situations, ethical dilemmas, or strategic decisions, adding layers of depth and excitement to your virtual city-building journey.

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Diving into the Sandbox: Top Games Like Free Cities

Now that we’ve unpacked the allure of games like Free Cities, it’s time to explore some top-tier alternatives. From familiar classics to innovative newcomers, this list features a diverse range of games that will capture your imagination and engage your strategic mindset.

1. Toy Box Metropolis – An Homage to Free Cities

Toy Box Metropolis

Think of stepping into a child’s playroom and building a toy city right there on the floor – that’s Toy Box Metropolis for you. The game doesn’t involve strategizing like typical city-building games but rather lets you playfully design and upgrade a toy city.

The control is as simple as using a mouse and the numeric keys from 1-4 for different building modes. However, there is a twist; the building layout you design influences your scoring. Each building brings you points, making it an engaging and playful city-building experience.

Road features are present, but they don’t contribute to the scoring. The challenge lies in maximizing your objective scores within ten turns. Upgrading buildings improve scores and unveil entertaining animations. With a user-friendly interface, Toy Box Metropolis is perfect for beginners seeking games similar to Free Cities.

2. The Final Earth 2 – Space Colony Extravaganza

The Final Earth 2

If you’re a space enthusiast yearning for a city-building experience beyond Earth, The Final Earth 2 is the game for you. This game, developed and published by Florian van Strien, provides a perfect blend of indie games, simulation, and strategic city-building, all set in outer space.

Free to install and compatible with Microsoft Windows, this game boasts an impressive rating of 4.7/5. It gradually evolves from simple exploratory gameplay into a fully-fledged space metropolis, constantly evolving with technology. Manage resources, conduct research, and build your dream space city in The Final Earth 2.

3. Micropolis Online – A Nostalgic SimCity Experience

Micropolis Online

Are you a fan of the classic SimCity? Well, Micropolis Online, an open-source version of SimCity Classic, might just tickle your fancy. Developed by Will Wright and Don Hopkins from Maxis, this game brings the city-building experience online.

The theme revolves around “Constructivist Education,” giving you the freedom to design your city. Updates are frequent, and the game even supports multiplayer interactions for a more social gaming experience. If you’re seeking an easy, beginner-friendly, and engaging city-design experience, Micropolis Online is your pick!

4. SimCity 2000 – The New Chapter

SimCity 2000

Following the footsteps of its predecessor, SimCity 2000 brings a fresh perspective to city-building games like Free Cities. Developed by Will Wright and Fred Haslam of Maxis, this game combines the thrill of city planning with strategic gameplay.

Ideal for single players, SimCity 2000 introduces an isometric approach to city-building. Your goal? Construct a balanced city with residential and industrial areas, collect taxes, and enhance your city.

Your ability to maintain equilibrium among different sectors influences the standard of living in your city, testing your management skills.

5. City Creator – Bring Your City to Life

City Creator

City Creator is a creative platform for building your city online, perfect for beginners. Created by Denise Wilton and Carl Henderson, the game provides you with an array of tools and components to build your city.

You have four city categories to choose from – Meadville, Snodland, Blankton, or create a city of your choice. To design your city, simply select ‘Build,’ drag and drop pieces from the palette, and voila! You’ve created your city! Need to remove pieces?

Use the dumper truck to clear out unwanted items. You can even share your creations with friends, making City Creator a highly interactive and comprehensive game.

6. Idle City Builder – Create While You Relax

Idle City Builder

Idle City Builder is a free game similar to Free Cities, specifically designed for Android applications, and it holds a decent 3.5/5 rating. If you’ve always dreamed of building your own city, this might be the perfect choice.

What sets this game apart are its online and offline construction capabilities. Your city continues to develop even when you’re not actively playing, making it an excellent example of an automated game.

You can send and receive gifts from friends, which you can use to expand and personalize your city, making it highly interactive and intuitive. Idle City Builder balances fun, learning, and earning features all in one package.

7. Kingdom of Loathing – A Humorous Fantasy RPG

Kingdom of Loathing

Developed and published by Asymmetric Publications, Kingdom of Loathing is a role-playing game where you choose a character and embark on a journey filled with humor. As a browser-based multiplayer game, it appeals to fantasy enthusiasts who enjoy combating monsters, completing quests, gaining skills and stats, and collecting items.

The game cleverly incorporates jokes, wit, and references to different cultures and serves as a parody of character-based games from various platforms. Easy to play and relax, Kingdom of Loathing breaks the monotony by offering hilarious situations alongside your adventures.

8. Carnal Souls – A Mature RPG Experience

Carnal Souls

Although not widely known yet, Carnal Souls is gaining traction. The content of this open-source, text-based RPG is designed specifically for players aged 18 and above.

You begin by choosing an avatar and setting off on your adventure. The game is being developed on Unity 5 and can be played in-browser using Unity’s WebGL build target. Carnal Souls offers a unique character selection feature, including humans, cats, horses, foxes, and more, adding depth to the gameplay.

9. Trials in Tainted Space – An Erotic Adventure

Trials in Tainted Space

Created by Fenoxo, Trials in Tainted Space is an online role-playing game with mature content. The game revolves around your quest for a prestigious position, requiring you to explore various planets and hunt down unique satellites to inherit your father’s role as CEO of a space megacorp.

Your main antagonist is your scheming cousin, also vying for the same position. The game includes various characters, such as Amazonian Beauty, Hermaphrodite, and more. Trials in Tainted Space provides a unique, adult-oriented gaming experience.

10. Fall of Eden – A Text-Based RPG

Fall of Eden

closely resembles ‘Corruption of Champions’ and is entirely text-based. Although this format limits graphical engagement, it does offer an imaginative and rewarding role-playing experience.

You can choose from a vast array of characters and immerse yourself in a plot involving Goddess Aria, your protector, and the demon queen Uru, who is determined to destroy you. You’re lost in an unfamiliar world with a magic stone, faced with the challenge of surviving against monsters and demons while finding your way home. Fall of Eden demands a rich imagination, making the game feel alive even without graphics or detailed visualizations.

11. Gift of Phallius 2 – A Unique Adventure

Gift of Phallius 2

Gift of Phallius 2 is a continuation of the Gifts of Phallius series, brought to life by the creator GoblinBoy. The narrative unfolds in the world of Eros, which is once again on the brink of chaos.

The story revolves around two central characters – The Captain, who can be named as per your preference, and Diana, the daughter of Prince Alicia and the PC from the first game. It’s up to these two characters to save the land of Eros, making for a thrilling journey. Your mission involves finding the Great Positions to thwart the encroaching evil and thus secure the land. This game carries adult content, necessitating adherence to age restriction guidelines.

12. Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventure – Immerse in a Sci-Fi World

Cypher Cyberpunk Adventures

Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventure is a top choice for those who wish to immerse themselves in a lawless, science-fiction-inspired world where computers rule. Developed and published by the Cabrera brothers, this game is compatible with Microsoft Windows and OS X.

Cypher is a cyberpunk interactive video game that can be played by a single player. The game can be purchased directly from the creator’s website. It requires you to input your desired actions in the form of text via the text parser.

The story centers around resolving the devastating consequences of the moon. The protagonist, Dogeron ‘Dog’ Kenan, helps corporations to courier data through his personal cybernetic implants. However, a deal gone wrong transforms him into the man of the moment, adding an exciting twist to the plot.

How to Choose the Right Game for You

Choosing the right game is subjective and depends on your preferences. Do you enjoy dealing with complex systems? Do you prefer a historical or a modern setting? Asking yourself these questions will guide you to the game that suits you best.

FAQs on Games Like Free Cities

Yes, there are free alternatives to Free Cities. Games like OpenTTD, a transport simulation game, and Lincity-NG, a city-building game, are free to play.

Many games like Free Cities are available on consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. However, the availability varies with each game, so it’s recommended to check their specific platforms.

Some games offer multiplayer or cooperative modes, like SimCity and Anno. Others are primarily single-player experiences.

Understanding resource management, planning ahead, and adapting your strategy to changing conditions are key ways to improve.

A good city-building game offers depth in terms of resource management, city planning, and strategic decision-making. It should also have an engaging narrative and diverse gameplay.

Many city-building games, like Free Cities and SimCity, have active modding communities that offer additional content and customization options.


Games like Free Cities offer a unique gaming experience that combines creativity, strategy, and narrative depth.

Whether you’re a seasoned city planner or a newcomer to the genre, these games promise hours of immersive gameplay.

So go ahead, take the reins, and start building your virtual empire!


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