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Games Like Banished

If you are an enthusiast looking for games similar to Banished, this is a must-read for you.

Banished is a game released back in 2014, and there are mixed reviews about it. Some like it, and others have some not-so-positive thoughts about it.

If you wish to explore more and find other games like Banished, keep reading.

Games Similar to Banished 

Banished is a game that requires you to build cities. There are plenty of games in this genre. Over the past period, many games like Banished were released under the same genre.

It is a pretty old genre that has a history of over two decades. With that said, we have listed some of the best games similar to Banished.

01. Cities: Skylines

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When it comes to the freedom to build, this could be rated as one of the best. This was released for different platforms during the period 2015 – 2018. It is considered to be one of the best games like Banished for PC, released in the 2010s.

As per the gameplay, you are supposed to start with a small plot of land. Then, you should save some money and move on. If you feel like there are not enough options, it can be easily modded.

02. Age of Empires

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Basically, this is a series focused on historical events that took place in the real world. It covers the events in Asia, Africa, and Europe between the Stone Age and the Iron Age. Their second game is developed and focused on the Middle Ages.

The latest games they have released are about the early-modern era. Their first game was released back in 1997. Since then, they have released four series. Their latest game, Age of Empires IV, will be released at the end of 2021.

PS: here are the top games like Age of Empires for your reference.

03. Anno

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Anno is one of the best games like Banished. It has plenty of nice graphics and focuses on building and establishing colonies.

You will be playing on an island, and you should manage resources wisely to win the game. You should also trade with other civilizations and explore the respective region.

04. Planetbase

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Those who are looking for games similar to Banished can consider this as one of the best options. You will be playing with a self-sufficient planet, which also has a booming economy.

You should consider survival as the key, and you should find everything, including oxygen and water. And you can choose from four different planets to do this. All those planets have unique problems that require your attention.

05. Empire Earth

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You might have probably seen plenty of bad reviews on the third game of this series. However, you shouldn’t give up checking on the first couple of games because of that. Both games are considered to be ideal options by the fans of Banished.

As per the first game, the story spans over 500,000 years of history. Their sequel comprises 15 epochs and 14 civilizations. They do have campaigns for Korean, German, and Americans.  

06. Atomic Society

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According to this gameplay, the apocalypse has taken place. What’s left to you is to rebuild from scratch. This game requires you to build a society that is destroyed after a nuclear war. You are supposed to take the lead and think about what sort of society is required.

Do you want a good or bad society? You can achieve any of those in this game. You can create the laws as you like, and you can choose what to build. There is no shortage of features included in this app.

07. Factorio

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In this game, you have to play the role of an engineer, and you crash on an alien planet. You will have to create a rocket to escape from the planet. However, there are many difficulties you have to face. You should build the rocket, and before that, you should create means.

For instance, you should harvest resources, craft machinery, and even run an automated factory. Once you create the rocket successfully, you win. If required, you can go beyond that point as well.

08. Folk Tale

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This is a single-player fantasy game with village-builder RPG characteristics. As you can find in Banished, Folk Tale requires you to start from scratch. Then, you should loot and build your civilization.

One of the most interesting parts of this game is that it wants you to fight against minions. They want you to fall. Some have criticized that the game is abandoned too early by the developers. However, it is a game worth giving a try.

09. Kenshi

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In a nutshell, Kenshi is a sandbox game that offers focuses on a linear story. The players are likely to experience more freedom. This game was developed back in 2006, and Chris Hunt was the creator of it. However, the game was released in 2018.

As per the gameplay, you will be placed in an absolutely difficult area with very little chance of survival. Also, you start with no skill at all. In fact, Chris wanted to make this game very difficult. One of the most significant drawbacks of this game is that it is available for Windows only.

10. Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation

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Well, it is exceptionally easy to guess the context of this game. Players are supposed to control a colony, and you will have to keep them alive. You should defend against the demon attacks as well.

Combat is one of the most important parts of this game. In addition to defending against attacks, you can give weapons to survivors.

11. Life is Feudal: Forest Village

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This game has a hard medieval surroundings. As the player, you are supposed to lead a group of refugees. The purpose is to start over on an island that is unknown. It is a game that has the characteristics of town-building and survival. In a nutshell, the future of that group of people is in your good hands.

Being the player, you should watch the village with a third person’s bird-eye view. If not, you can even play it in the first-person mode while controlling a villager. You can start shaping the land, build farms and even hunt down the animals so the village will thrive.

In many cases, nature will make things more difficult for the player. So, you are supposed to know what’s exactly happening in the village. All in all, this is one of the best games like Banished for PC.

12. Judgment: Apocalypse Survival

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This game tells you how to deal with a catastrophe. As per this gameplay, you are supposed to deal with plenty of demons who have emerged from hell. But you shouldn’t give up hope because your friends’ lives are totally dependent on you. You should work together and chase those demons back to hell for the sake of humanity.

When you play this survival game, you will get a base. Keep building it up, or you will not survive. Also, you must go on scavenging to prevent starving. There are plenty of crafted weapons, and you should learn those new technologies to fight.

The fights will take place in real-time tactical combat mode. In addition to those weapons, you will be able to practice the complete occult. You will deal with the dark magic of demons and send them back to hell.

13. Northgard

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When you play Northgard, you are supposed to control a clan of Viking warriors. These warriors are set out by their elders, so they should build a settlement. The land is a newly found one, and it has plenty of mysteries.

When you reach Northguard, as per the game, you should assign different Vikings to play different roles. For instance, some should assign a farmer, sailor, warrior, and even a loremaster. You are supposed to build the resources while building the land too. That will help you to survive the harsh winters.

But you should also know that you are not alone at all. There are plenty of threats like dire wolves, giants, and undead. You should expand the territory while surviving against those beasts. That will give you a chance to make history with your clan in the new lands.

In the beginning, your village will start off small. However, the Vikings prevailed, and they grew that massive empire.

14. Company of Heroes

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There are two games under this title, and they are set based on the Second World War environment. The second game is developed based on the Eastern Front. You will find great options in both games. However, in the second game, you will notice some improvements to make it more advanced.

For instance, Relic Entertainment has added the option called ColdTech weather to make it an important aspect. As per the gameplay, you are Arthur Morgan, and you are on steroids as well. You will react to heat and cold factors. The player will die because of frostbite. Also, they will move slower when there’s snow.

15. Pharaoh

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This is another pretty old option available found in this list. This game was released back in 1999. You will find plenty of city-building options in this game. You will be able to work as the one in charge of keeping people alive.

Just as you have guessed, the game is set in an environment where ancient Egypt is present. Even if you might feel it like a pretty old option, you can find the best of it. That can be done with the new version of the same game.

16. Frostpunk

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When it comes to mechanics, this game works just like you expect. It is a city-building game with survival aspects. Also, it allows you to do plenty of tricks that are amazing.

One of the main differences of this game is the unique environment it features. Frostpunk is set in the midst of the volcanic winter. So, if you love games like Banished, Frostpunk is a good option.

17. Kingdoms and Castles

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This is one of the most favorite games, like Banished for PC. It has a reputation as one of the coolest city-building games. You should begin the game as a small hamlet. You are with some great hope to become a powerful kingdom with an imposing castle.

Your city has a layout that determines how happy your citizens are. Also, you should take care of the potential new residents who want to settle in your kingdom.

You should build a special tavern as well and hold festivals. This should be done in the town square. That will keep your citizens happy all the time. Provide them with food and maintain their health.


Q1: Can I play these games on my PC? Absolutely! All the games mentioned in this article are available for PC platforms.

Q2: Are these games similar to Banished in terms of difficulty? Yes, many of these games offer similar levels of challenge and complexity, allowing you to test your strategic thinking and management skills.

Q3: Are these games story-driven or more focused on gameplay mechanics? The games listed here strike a balance between engaging gameplay mechanics and compelling narratives. Some lean more towards storytelling, while others prioritize simulation and strategy.

Q4: Can I mod these games to enhance my gaming experience? Several of the mentioned games have active modding communities, offering a wide range of user-created content to enhance and customize your gameplay.

Q5: Where can I purchase these games? You can find these games on various digital platforms such as Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store, and official developer websites.


In conclusion, if you’re a fan of Banished and enjoy the challenges of city-building games, the options mentioned above will provide you with an excellent selection to explore. Each game brings its unique twist to the genre, offering engaging gameplay, strategic decision-making, and immersive experiences. Dive into these titles and create your own thriving civilizations!


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