Top 10 Games Like Tomb Raider

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Games Like Tomb Raider

The action-platform landscape is one of the elements that made Tomb Raider popular.

This game also includes explorations and puzzles, which require the players to do some thinking.

If you liked Tomb Raider and preferred some other games to play, consider reading about the PC games like Tomb Raider below.

These are the ten games to play if you want Tomb Raider. Those games have similar elements included and similar gaming styles. Let’s get into it.

1. Uncharted 4

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Indeed, this game had to be on this list. When the first Uncharted game came out, many players claimed that it was the game Tomb Raider wanted to be like.

The Uncharted series includes fantastic platforms, awesome action, and incredible set pieces that will surely not disappoint you.

Many comparisons between Lara Croft and Nathan Drake have been made since those two characters share many similarities. Nathan Drake is a remarkable character in Uncharted.

However, more characters in the game need to care about the supporting cast, such as Sully, Chloe, and Elena.

The first Uncharted game is the best choice for Tomb Raider fans. The reason is that it contains many jungle-setting puzzles that are pretty challenging and also a fast-paced style of action.

Mythological aspects are also included in the Uncharted series. Along with that, the likable persona of Nathan is what makes the game so engaging.

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2. Assassin’s Creed: Origins

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The Assassin’s Creed series is one of the series that I thought must be on the list. As a matter of fact, in Assassin’s Creed: Origins, you need to raid a tomb.

The setting of Assassin’s Creed: Origins is in Egypt, which is quite a rare setting since it was not seen in many games in the past. There is no better place I can think of for tomb raiding than Egypt.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins has excellent gameplay, and the sandbox world in the game makes you feel tremendous. There are so many things you can do, including the main quest and the infinite side quest. Even walking on the street, you may find combats happening.

With the torch and the sense of adventure, your game experience in Assassin’s Creed: Origin will surely be intense and fun. And that’s why Assassin’s Creed: Origins is one of the best games similar to Tomb Raider I will recommend.

Also, let’s discover the thrilling world of cooperative adventures with our top picks of games like A Way Out. Get ready to embark on a heart-pounding journey!

3. Enslaved: Odyssey To The West

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Enslaved: Odyssey To The West has a unique background of the future, where the world is near without any living humans. This game heavily focuses on platforming and has an action-adventure aspect of concepts in the game.

Similar to Tomb Raider, some puzzles can be found anywhere in the game. Players have the chance to take a rest from the primary mission/story and bring themselves into more puzzle-solving.

While the game continues, the platforming sequences make use of the setting, and the character in the game (called Monkey) will need to swing and climb around ruins.

Even though this game never got the attention it deserves, it is still one of the best games I recommend. Monkey has many moves, and the athletic style makes the game more similar to Tomb Raider.

Additionally, the story of the game also hooked many players to try. It sucks that the game had never been the praise it deserves and sold that poorly and Namco shelved the idea of Enslaved: Odyssey To The West’s sequel.

4. Prince of Persia

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Prince of Persia deserves more attention and popularity, just like the Enslaved: Odyssey To The West. It hits closest to the mark of a third-person action platform game, and the sandbox open-world made this game so exciting and worth a try as the player explores the world and finds new items.

Meanwhile, this game contains mythological elements too. In Prince of Persia, players will have many mythical creatures as enemies they must deal with. Dealing with them requires the player to have some creative ways of acrobatics.

The puzzles in this game also made it more like Tomb Raider. However, the puzzles in this game are much more detailed than most other games on this list, mainly because of its open world, which allows players to take more time in this PC game like Tomb Raider.

The series of Prince of Persia includes Sands of Time, Warrior Within, and The Two Thrones. Those games are all excellent, made, and presented. The games mentioned can be picked up cheaply since they are pretty old, but I would say they are worth it.

5. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

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The fans of the new Tomb Raider games have enjoyed using stealth rather than shooting around. Those players will have a great time playing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain since it requires players to do some thinking and strategy.

The Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain gameplay focuses on exploring the open world with some tactics in mind. Don’t worry; there is plenty of action available too.

There are choices to use horses, jeeps, or tanks while scoping the enemies. Additionally, the boss fight makes up for what it lacks in platforming.

If you are a fan of a combination of tactics and Tomb Raider, this game is the best choice for you. Especially if you prefer more thinking than shooting, this PC game like Tomb Raider is the game for you to shine.

6. Horizon Zero Dawn

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The title resembles a combination of Tomb Raider and Assassin’s Creed. It has a plot that I would say is one of the most exciting ones. The setting of Horizon Zero Dawn is in the future and takes place in the wilderness. While playing this game, it feels as if the whole world is waiting for the taking.

For every new area, the player explores and discovers, new challenges arise and need the player to deal with. This game also has fast-paced platforming sequences, which keep the players excited.

Aloy, the protagonist of this game, is one of my favorite characters. Her desire of what to do in this is correct, and she stands up for those who cannot stand up. In this way, she’s more similar to Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider.

While getting more profound and more into Horizon Zero Dawn, you will soon realize what a compelling and complex character Aloy is. That said, it’s reasonable to put Horizon Zero dawn as one of the best PC games like Tomb Raider.

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7. Batman: Arkham City

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This game is perhaps the most immersive superhero game ever made. Due to the gameplay of the same quality as the action-adventure game out there, Batman: Arkham City stands out.

Even though its map is not the largest of those games on this list, the depth in exploration and side quests is one of the hardest to argue against.

The game contains platforming elements through the different uses of Batman’s abilities. The grappler and his agility can be a great example of this. Batman: Arkham City also has a fantastic storyline that pulls the players into the game right from the start; since the mystery makes the players feel like it begs to be solved.

Other than the central mystery in the game, there are tons of side quests available for the players to finish. This is the game that I will personally recommend the most if you prefer superheroes and platforming. Of course, another PC game like Tomb Raider.

8. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

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Yeah, another Assassin’s Creed game on this list of PC games like Tomb Raider. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood is on this list because this game deserves an honorable mention.

The exploration sequences in this game are more like Desmond Miles instead of Ezio. It makes the players feel like the basic platforming and puzzle that is more like a Tomb Raider game; there’s no denying that there’s a presence of a familiar feeling.

Not only the basic platforming and the puzzles are well done, they still include the Assassin’s Creed games’ feeling. Actions in this game can still lead the players into the world of Assassin’s Creed. So this game is fit for a Tomb Raider fan, an Assassin’s Creed fan, or both.

9. Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

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Though Lara Croft is in the title, this game is far more fantastical. In this game, Lara teams up with Egyptian pantheon members and tries to stop a set of Chaos.

The storyline of this game may be different from other PC games like Tomb Raider on the list, where an evil army is raised and taken over the world.

This game is different than taking on the familiar games of Tomb Raider that we are used to having, but it has enough weapons and treasure to obtain that Tomb Raider experience.

10. Darksiders

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Talking about fantastical-style games, then we will not miss the Darksiders. Even though the first two titles from the Darksiders series are more similar to the Legend of Zelda, this game contains many Tomb Raider elements.

The environment, puzzles, and transversal make this game similar to Tomb Raider games. The combat in this game might be a little over-armed than Lara Croft, but she can surely handle this type of war. It deserves a place on our list of the ten best games similar to Tomb Raider.

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Q: Are these games available on all platforms? A: While most games are available on multiple platforms, some like the Uncharted series are exclusive to PlayStation.

Q: Do I need to play these games in sequence? A: While it’s beneficial to follow the storyline in order, most games offer a recap or standalone stories, allowing new players to jump right in.

Q: What’s the difficulty level of these games? A: The difficulty varies but most games offer multiple difficulty settings catering to both beginners and veteran players.

Q: Are there any free games like Tomb Raider? A: While most high-quality games come with a price tag, there are free games available that offer a similar experience. However, they may lack the depth and quality of paid games.

Q: Are these games as long as Tomb Raider? A: The length of these games can vary, but most offer substantial gameplay hours similar to the Tomb Raider series.

Q: Can I play these games offline? A: Yes, most of these games can be played offline, although some features may require an internet connection.


Exploring the world of games like Tomb Raider opens up a plethora of thrilling experiences waiting to be discovered. Each game offers a unique take on the genre, blending action, exploration, and storytelling into a captivating adventure.

Whether you prefer to traverse post-apocalyptic landscapes or oriental palaces, there’s a game out there that’s just right for you. So, why wait? It’s time to embark on a new adventure!

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