Top Games Like Uncharted for PC 2024

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Games Like Uncharted

There are many players searching for games like Uncharted for PC. Instead of settling for the game Uncharted, they want more variety, and that’s exactly why they look for alternatives.

If you’re one of them, this list of games like Uncharted 4 will be very handy for you.

Why would someone want games similar to Uncharted?

It goes without saying that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is a wonderful game with a lot of characters. In the beginning, no one wanted to look for any games like Uncharted because they loved it. However, as they went on, they started to find that there were some ups and downs.

After all, you cannot expect perfection from anything in this world, and Uncharted is no exception. So, users started to look for games similar to Uncharted. However, at once, finding games like Uncharted 4 will not be easy. It takes a lot of research & hard work to find such games, even if you are an expert.

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List of Games Like Uncharted 4

OK. Let’s take a look at the list straightaway now. We have created a list of games like Uncharted for you. You can go through this list and pick an option that fits your desire. All these games come with characteristics that will be admired by those who have already played Uncharted.

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01. Tales from the borderlands

games like Uncharted 4 - Tales from the borderlands

It is true that Indi Studios tend to bring back more adventure games with a classic touch. However, Telltale has brought some significant differences to the genre with some great effects.

They have decided to create games that require some tough decisions, pretty deep characters, and nice stories. It doesn’t have any confusing puzzles, though. In fact, their reign started with the popular TV series called “The Walking Dead.”

All the characters included in this game are superb. In fact, they are really funny yet perfectly told. In addition to that, this game comes with the amazing feature of an invisible finger gunfight. All in all, there is no shortage of things to think about it.

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02. Prince of Persia (2008).

games like Uncharted 4 - Prince of Persia (2008)

It is true that Uncharted has plenty of characteristics that were found in Prince of Persia. This is particularly true when it comes to aspects like desert settings in both games. This game had some changes to be even similar to Uncharted, and it is a very interesting movie.

Basically, it is more like both the games have had inspirations by each other. We hope that in the next update of Uncharted, we will find some more inspiration. Regardless of that, Prince of Persia is one of the most promising games like Uncharted 4.

The voice actors are great, and the delivery is pretty similar to Uncharted. So, if you are a fan of Uncharted, Prince of Persia will be one of your favorites for sure.  

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03. Tearaway Unfolded

games like Uncharted 4 - Tearaway Unfolded

This game was initially launched for the PS Vita console back in 2013, but they released a remake too. The remake was introduced in 2014. Both of those versions are exceptionally good.

As per the game, you should deliver a letter by traveling across the world. The respective letter comes in a brilliant manner. The game is all about joy, but it was an underrated game, just like the previous one.

04. Broken Age

Broken Age

This is another good example of games like Uncharted. In fact, this game brings back the feeling of a real adventure game. For some individuals, the adventure game genre is fascinating. However, some of the games in this genre are unnecessarily confusing and complex for many individuals.

The day of the Tentacle and Grim Fandango are the best examples of such games. But thankfully, Broken Age is made to avoid all those ugly characteristics. Instead, it comes with a balance of old-school and intuitive characteristics. It doesn’t have any too-confusing puzzles.

In addition to that, you will feel rewarded whenever you solve that kind of puzzle. The voice acting related to those characters is another great thing associated with this movie.

05. Enslaved


It is true that you will find it very exciting to loot for the lost and forgotten societies. In this game, it is done to a different level. Basically, this can be considered as one of the pioneering games that present messed-up earth.

In fact, it is a stunning game. In a way, it is the game version of the novel called Journey to the West. If you are familiar with the game called “Dragon Ball,” you can compare Enslaved with it easily.

Basically, it is a decent game that lets you journey through the Northern American region. The setting of this game is exceptional.

06. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

This is another superb franchise from Ubisoft. It is true that all the games under Assassin’s Creed fall into the action-adventure game. You don’t have to raid tombs – as per the game – that belong to some ancient civilization. Instead, you should live in those tombs. To be honest, Assassin’s Creed II is considered to be the best of all.

However, since we make a comparison with Uncharted, we included the fourth version of Assassin’s Creed. That is because this is the closest to the Uncharted, and it resembles many characteristics of Uncharted. One of the obvious aspects you would love in this game is the pirate-like approach.

As per the game, you will have to play the role of a pirate. You will be sailing the seven seas as well and fight with other pirates you will come across. Moreover, you will have to hunt for animals as well as for treasure. The way it encourages you to explore the gameplay is very cool.

07. Horizon Zero Dawn

 Horizon Zero Dawn

You can consider this as one of the most recent games similar to Uncharted due to various reasons. Well, this game comprises several battered and broken-down cities with some rusty machines among lush green forests.

In addition to that, it comes with some steep mountains that are pretty similar to “Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.” Moreover, to add more versatility, it has some deserts as well.

The most notable characteristic of this game is the new antagonistic creature. It also has some interesting machines that have characteristics of animals. In a way, it could be weird for you to hunt machines.

On the other hand, there are some real animals for you to fight with. It is more of an all-inclusive package for those who love games like Uncharted for PC.

08. The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian

Frankly, we aren’t fully convinced to add this one to the list of games like Uncharted. However, we admit that this game is an evolution of the genre of adventure. So, we thought of including this game for the sake of its adventurousness and beauty.

This game lets you enjoy some great environments with ruins. You are supposed to build the story by playing the pieces together. There is a massive maze to explore, but it is not that hard or complex, so you’ll like it. Basically, it is a game that is not hard or not easy.

09. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

If we were to name a worse mechanic found in the Uncharted series, that would be stealth. It is true that with each entry, it has gotten better.

As a result, in Uncharted 4, you find a notable improvement. In “The Phantom Pain,” you can see the improved version of mechanics. The gameplay of The Phantom Pain is unfinished.

There are plenty of open spaces in the middle of the forests and deserts. In addition to that, there are camps and many other aspects. The beauty of this game is that it has secrets in every corner to discover.

There is an adventure of Snake, which is incredibly harrowing. To make things more exciting, you will have a sexy plant lady as well.

10. Batman: Arkham City

games like Uncharted 4 - Batman: Arkham City

This is another superhero game with excellent characteristics. This game has Batmobile as well. As per the gameplay, Batman is captured in prison with Metroidvania. You’re the Batman in this game, and you have to act like a true superhero to play the game.

11. Rachet and Clank

games like Uncharted 4 - Rachet and Clank

This was initially released for PS2, and its remake arrived for PS4. The platforming elements of this game are exceptionally good, and it beats Uncharted easily in that way. In addition to that, both Rachet and Clank are traversing the whole Galaxy to add more excitement.

When those two travel across the Galaxy, it delivers more excitement than staying on earth. In fact, this game was released just before Uncharted 4, but it was underrated a lot.

This game is basically for all ages, and it comes with minimal puzzles compared to other games. It is focused on the action aspect of the game.

12. Infamous Second Son

games like Uncharted 4 - Infamous Second Son

In fact, this is another game that falls into the action-adventure genre without any question. The surrounding of the game resembles the modern city of Seattle. It may not be the best to compare Uncharted’s Drake with Delsin Rowe (the protagonist of this game).

That is because he comes with superpowers. You may find that Drake has superhuman feats but cannot use them. On the other hand, Rowe has those superpowers, and he can use them everywhere. This could be a good option if you were searching for games similar to Uncharted.

13. The Last of Us Series

The Last of Us

Developed by Naughty Dog, the same studio behind Uncharted, The Last of Us series is a masterpiece of storytelling and immersive gameplay. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the games follow the journey of Joel and Ellie as they navigate dangerous environments, encounter hostile factions, and face infected creatures.

The Last of Us offers a blend of action, stealth, and emotional storytelling that will keep you engaged throughout the experience.

14. Tomb Raider Series

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider is an iconic franchise that shares similarities with Uncharted. The series follows the adventures of Lara Croft, an archaeologist and adventurer, as she explores ancient tombs, uncovers hidden treasures, and battles enemies.

The games offer a mix of puzzle-solving, platforming, and intense combat, making them an excellent choice for fans of Uncharted.

15. Far Cry Series

Far Cry 5

The Far Cry series combines breathtaking open-world environments with first-person shooter gameplay. Each game takes place in a unique and immersive setting, from tropical islands to war-torn regions.

With gripping stories, intense gunfights, and a wide array of activities to engage in, Far Cry games provide an adrenaline-pumping experience similar to Uncharted.


  1. Are these games available on PC? Yes, most of the games mentioned in this article are available on PC. Some may have originally been console exclusives but have since been released for PC.
  2. Which game offers the best story? The Last of Us series is highly regarded for its exceptional storytelling and emotional depth.
  3. Do these games require a high-end PC to run smoothly? The system requirements vary for each game, but most modern PCs should be able to handle them.
  4. Can I play these games with a controller? Yes, many of these games have controller support, allowing you to play them with your preferred input method.
  5. Where can I purchase these games? These games are available for purchase on digital platforms such as Steam, Epic Games Store, and


So, those are the best games similar to Uncharted. We hope you’d like this list of games. Also, you may suggest any other games that should be included on this list.


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