Best Games Like Sim City – SimCity Similar Games 2024

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Games Like Sim City

In this article, we intend to discuss games like Sim City for those who love that genre. So, if you are a fan of SimCity’s similar games, you can find several options here.

Keep reading and find some interesting games to play when you have some free time.

Games Like Sim City 

The Sim City franchise was initiated in 1989 by Maxis, so it has quite a history. Since then, it has gone to spawn a variety of titles, and Sims is one of those.

Well, in simplest terms, the purpose of the Sim City game is to build a city. This city should comprise all the essentials, including hospitals, banks, parks, roads, and whatnot.

However, Sim City is not the only game of its kind. There are many other games like Sim City. If you are a fan of SimCity’s similar games, the below list will be a good inspiration for you.

List of SimCity Similar Games 

Mentioned below are the SimCity similar games for anyone who loves that type of game. Go ahead and pick a couple of games for you.

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01. Anno 2070

Games Like Sim City - Anno 2070

Here’s the first entry to our list of games like Sim City. Anno 2070 is a game in which you are supposed to build complete cities and establish a flourishing economy.

In addition to that, this game comprises real-time elements. Basically, it can be considered a part of the Anno series. However, it still remains one of the best SimCity similar games.

As per the gameplay, you will be in the year 2070. At that time, it simulates a world where global warming has wrecked all the polar ice caps.

As a result, the world is affected by floods as well. That has led to the destruction of old cities. New islands have emerged.

Now, the player is supposed to settle in those islands and build cities from scratch. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

02. Aven Colony

Aven Colony

Aven Colony was released in 2017 for consoles like PS4 and Xbox in addition to the PC version. The game is based on a plot in which you should colonize an alien planet. Those who’re fans of the sci-fi genre will definitely enjoy this game.

As per the gameplay, you should build farms, mines, etc. Also, you should eradicate alien bugs and fight some unpredictable plagues too. If you want, you can even travel out and fight against alien spores as well.

03. Cities XL

Games Like Sim City - Cities XL

In fact, this game is considered to be a sequel to the game called City Life. This game also allows you to play in the form of multiplayer. That is in addition to the single-player mode. The choice is yours.

Apart from building cities, this game allows you to create a range of different transport modes. Bridges and tunnels are examples.

It is possible for you to create various elements, including airports and subways, and even buses. If you need to make your city a lively one, you can add those elements. There is no shortage of residential lots to choose from, depending on the class of the citizens.

Then, you can even add commercial and industrial lots to the game if required. All in all, it is a wonderful game for those who want to play SimCity similar games.

04. Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars

If you don’t like the concept of Aven Colony, you can consider Surviving Mars too. This special game was released in 2018. This game offers you the challenge of inhabiting mars and sustaining the life on it. Needless to say, it is a pretty challenging task.

Apart from the intricate buildings and proper management of resources, you should maintain some specific stats as well. Those statistics are unique to each colonist.

In addition to that, the game lets you try a range of difficulty settings. With such characteristics, this game opens up a good opportunity for both professionals and novices.

05. Banished

Games Like Sim City - Banished

For many individuals, “Banished” might appear as a regular type of city builder that has an old-school theme. But this game has plenty of unique mechanics to surprise you, and its gameplay is very nice.

This game is focused on some economic theories as well as the sustainability of society. It also shows the importance of making some dynamic decisions when handling the property.

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06. Age of Empires (Series)

Age of Empires (Series)

This game falls more into the RTS (Real-Time Strategy) genre. The entire series comprises some excellent building mechanics that are found in the genre. In fact, it can compete with any other game in this genre because of those characteristics.

With each entry, you will be able to play in a different era and a geographical location. Nevertheless, all of those games expect you to follow the same approach and principle. That means you should survive, build structures and grow the colonies.

It is very engaging gameplay, and it has enough challenging features. The game is fair as well as rewarding no matter whether you are a seasoned player or a novice. All in all, this can be considered one of the best games like Sim City.  

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07. Flotsam

Games Like Sim City - Flotsam

With Flotsam, players will have to play in a terrestrial environment. The players will have to start from a flooded world. Basically, this is a unique environment that can make the game very special for any player. To make it more unique, it comes with some great mechanics too.

The game starts as a survival game. However, in the end, it turns into an aquatic city builder. You can also learn a very important lesson about the environment in this game.

Flotsam is considered to be a very rare game that also has a powerful political message. But that doesn’t ruin the excitement and the joy of the game.

08. Kingdom: Two Crowns

Kingdom: Two Crowns

If you love to enjoy the concept of complex and challenging games, this could be a superb option. This is a game that requires you to build the entire city from scratch. In addition to that, it wants you to protect those buildings from foes called The Greed.

Those who have played games like Sim City know the importance of managing resources properly. You should spend your gold coins properly, and that decides how your progress through the game.

You are supposed to focus on a defensive approach as well and build outer walls, archers, etc. In addition to that, you should consider those money-making opportunities like farms as well.

09. Cities: Skylines

Games Like Sim City - Cities: Skylines

If you are looking for an easier game to play without too confusing strategies, here’s a good choice. Cities: Skylines is a game that comes with a fun-centered approach. Also, it gives you the option of having more free space to play.

10. Dawn of Man

Dawn of Man

If you want to enjoy the feeling of building a civilization from scratch, this could be your game. This game will surely get your attention because of its amazing characteristics. As per the game, it wants you to survive in the Iron Age of the earth.

The game is a superb one, particularly because of the mechanism and the strategies you should use. It has unique buildings, clothes, and many other elements to make you happy and excited. Basically, this is one of the best games like Sim City due to various reasons.

11. Anno 1800

Games Like Sim City - Anno 1800

You don’t find a large range of games that are based on the Industrial revolution. This is one of those games that comes with interesting characteristics.

We consider this game as one of the best SimCity similar games due to several reasons. The period they have used is so dynamic and complex. Also, it is filled with a range of different political, social, and economic changes.

So, your possibilities in this game are incredibly vast. Anno 1800 comes with packed features, and it has plenty of things you would love.

As per the game, you are supposed to play the role of a company leader in a colony. The same character plays the role of de factor governor. It is a very unique and challenging setting for you.

12. Towns


Are you a fan of the RPG concept apart from Sim City and looking for games like Sim City? If so, this can be a superb option to consider favorably.

This game shows a lot of RPG elements in the play. You are supposed to manage a settlement in the dungeon. You can explore the same.

Well, the developers of this game have mentioned that this game is inspired by similar games like Diablo.

Another fun aspect of this game is that it allows you to choose a biome as well. In that, you can start the settlement, and you can choose snow, grass, or other materials. The most important thing about this game is that it is an abandoned project which is also unfinished.

This game, however, is still playable, and you can experiment with it if you want something unique.

13. Frostpunk

Games Like Sim City - Frostpunk

This can be considered an absolute classic game. Frostpunk also features the most challenging gameplay in this list of games like Sim City. This game expects players to survive in a very hard ice age which is unexpected.

In addition to that, it has various other hardships to overcome. Well, if you are looking for something easy and fun, this is not for you. However, for an expert gamer who loves some challenging tasks, this could be a superb option.


1. Are these games available on multiple platforms? Most of the games mentioned in this article are available on PC, with some also being available on gaming consoles.

2. Can I play these games offline? Yes, many of these games can be played offline, allowing you to enjoy the city-building experience without an internet connection.

3. Are there multiplayer options in these games? Some of the games mentioned, such as Cities: Skylines and Tropico 6, offer multiplayer modes that allow you to collaborate or compete with other players.

4. Are mods available for these games? Yes, several of these games have active modding communities that create custom content, allowing you to enhance and personalize your gaming experience.

5. Can I save my progress in these games? Yes, all the games mentioned support saving your progress, allowing you to pick up where you left off in your city-building endeavors.


If you’re a fan of SimCity and are looking for similar games that offer engaging city-building experiences, the options mentioned above will undoubtedly satisfy your cravings. Whether you prefer realistic simulations, historical settings, futuristic landscapes, or challenging survival scenarios, there is a game out there that will cater to your preferences. Embark on these virtual adventures, unleash your creativity, and become the master builder of your dream city.


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