Best Fire Emblem Games for True Gaming Enthusiasts

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Best Fire Emblem Games

The first fire emblem game was introduced back in 1990 in Japan. It was introduced to the Nintendo Famicon platform. The game was developed by Intelligent Systems, that are still in the industry.

Although it was initially developed for the Japanese market, it became highly popular across the globe gradually. As of this writing, Fire Emblem has 16 main titles.

Well, this article aims to emphasize the best Fire Emblem games for our readers.

Best Fire Emblem Games

Listed below are the best Fire Emblem games for your reference. You may pick your favorite option from this list.

#1. Path of Radiance

Path of Radiance

Well, this can be considered the first North American Fire Emblem game released for GameCube home consoles. Even now, it remains one of the best Fire Emblem games in various aspects. It has great combat and storytelling aspects to lift it up from the rest.

Although Japanese roleplaying games are mainly based on stories related to the prince and princess, this is just different. Path of Radiance revolves around a mercenary instead of the conventional prince and princess story.

This special type of game has a touch on dark themes. For instance, it comes with racism and genocide, as well. The entire game is developed based on a conflict created by politics.

It portrays a multinational war. Several nations are getting ready to make the world a messy place. The job for you is to bring all those to justice, and needless to say that it is exciting.

Besides, when it comes to tactical mechanics, the Path of Radiance comprises various clever ways. Path of Radiance is a superb game that is easily rated as one of the best Fire Emblem games.

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#2. Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light

Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light

If truth to be told, Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light did not last long as expected. As we believe, it is particularly because of the graphics ad mechanics that are outdated.

In addition to that, even the gameplay is outdated compared to other versions. Nevertheless, the first game was not that terrible. On Famicom, it was a pretty good game. However, the updates didn’t go well with this game.

#3. Gaiden


Gaiden can be considered as a game that had a pretty successful and strange entrance to the series. Well, Gaiden can also be considered as a side story to the first game of the Fire Emblem series.

There are some significant changes associated with the gameplay mechanics, and therefore, it is so different. All the common elements are featured in JRPG.

Moreover, it has explored various areas as a result of the progression of the story. Although it is an extension of the previous game, it didn’t last well when it came to the gameplay. One of the most influential reasons for its shorter lifespan is the poor maps.

#4. The mystery of the Emblem

The mystery of the Emblem

The mystery of the Emblem is considered a remake of the first game of the series. However, it is remade with a new story set as well. As a result of upgrading to Super Famicom from Famicom, considerable changes were noticeable in the story and its characters. The title is excellent.

However, the developers have removed some of the characters from the gameplay to make the game a spacious one. Besides, they have removed some of the chapters from the original game to add some changes. Nevertheless, this is a fairly good game that can attract the crowd.

#5. Binding Blade

Binding Blade

In fact, Binding Blade makes a significant change to the entire game mechanism in various ways. In other words, it has embraced some of the changes to adapt to handheld systems. Well, the entire game is changed in order to match handheld systems. It is considered an Advanced Title on Game Boy devices.

Compared to Thracia 776 (which is Blinding Blade’s predecessor), it showed some considerable success. There are some excellent animation effects and exciting map designs integrated with this game.

However, there are some notable drawbacks as well. For instance, it has pretty poor starting characters. A character like Roy has become one of the worst loads. In addition to that, there are various other minor drawbacks associated with this game.

#6. Shadow Dragon

Shadow Dragon

We can basically call Shadow Dragon a remake of a previously remade game. However, through this remake, Marth’s story is introduced to the western world. Previously, this game was available only in Japan.

There is nice gameplay, and it maintains a good balance. That means it offers some difficult options for experts and easy options for novices. There are some flaws in this game from its first remake. There is a minimal amount of innovation, and the story doesn’t offer much excitement.

Another major drawback associated with this game is its poor graphics. Many players say that it comprises the poorest graphics of all the Fire Emblem games. As long as you can tolerate the poor-quality graphics, the game is a decent one.

#7. The Sacred Stones

The Sacred Stones

This can be the last entry when it comes to Game Boy Advance. Also, it is the eighth title. This title has some elements inherited from Gaiden. For instance, it allows you to roam around the map. Then, it allows you to pick between Ephraim and Eirika (who are the two heroes).

In addition to that, it allows you to choose some optional battles between the main campaigns. However, one of the major flaws of this title is its difficulty level. That means many individuals find it to be a straightforward task, and therefore, it doesn’t give much excitement.

Nevertheless, if you are a beginner, this can be one of the best games that can encourage you.

#8. Thracia 776

Thracia 776

This game can be considered the most difficult title when it comes to franchises. If you are a beginner, this may not be the game to start with. Instead, this is a perfect game for those who have substantial knowledge and experience.

It is also true that this game is the worst-selling game in the Fire Emblem series. But there are some considerable positives in this game. The story of the game is a very strong one, and the gameplay has interesting mechanics as well.

For instance, it comprises a capturing and fatigue system. Once again, the difficulty level would frustrate the players. While it is not the perfect game, it can still be considered one of the best titles.

#9. Awakening


Awakening has a reputation as one of the best Fire Emblem games for excellent reasons. This special edition of the game comes with plenty of content, and there are references as well.

As a result, this has become one of the best fan service games. To add more glamour to the game, they have added excellent graphics and voice acting as well.

Although the gameplay is good, there are some unbalanced areas as well. All in all, Awakening is a superb game that gives a casual mode as well. When played in casual mode, it is very convenient for new users.

#10. Fates


When it comes to modern-day Fire Emblem games, Fate has different types of characteristics. The concept of this game is pretty confusing, and novices can find it to be a mess. You can indeed make some fun of the story.

However, it doesn’t have perfect gameplay. This is true, particularly when it comes to the Conquest. In addition to that, the map of the design has a terrible overall build. Also, it is too easy, especially even when you play it in Lunatic mode.

#11. Genealogy of the Holy War

Genealogy of the Holy War

This is one of the most significant titles that have bought gameplay features on a different level. For instance, it bought weapon paring and triangles for the sake of future children. When it comes to the maps of each chapter, there is a significant advancement. Most of the characters fall into cavalry or flying units.

However, if you are a beginner to the Fire Emblem series, this game can be pretty difficult. In other words, it may be as tricky as Thracia 776. It’s a huge map, and the losing units are behind this complexity. When it comes to the story of the game, however, the game is nice (for first-generation).

#12. New Mystery of the Emblem

New Mystery of the Emblem

As we believe New Mystery of the Emblem will be another Japanese-exclusive game. In fact, it will be a Japan-only game after the Shadow Dragon. Well, any enthusiast would prefer it to be a globally available game. It is an excellent game, and it expands the story available in Book II (from Mystery of the Emblem).

Just like with the Shadow Dragon title, it comes with an excitingly difficult playthrough, which is great for professionals. In addition to that, it is the first title to come with casual mode. If you have not played Fire Emblem before, this is a perfect option.

The game’s level design is one of the best in the Fire Emblem series. It is capable of bringing diverse objectives on the map. More importantly, it has character portraits that look slightly better. However, there is some room for improvement, particularly when it comes to the graphics.

#13. Radiant Dawn

Radiant Dawn

This can also be considered a sequel to the Path of Radiance. Just like with its previous game, the gameplay has similar functions too. However, the developers of this game have added a considerable amount of changes to the game.

For instance, you can make other characters stronger by equipping them with the available skills. This is going to be vital when it comes to battles. Compared to the other games, Radiant Dawn is very long. That means you will be given more time to explore the features of Fire Emblem.

To get a better understanding of the game and the story, you should actually play it. Nevertheless, you can still call it one of the best Fire Emblem games in the industry.

#14. Shadows of Valentina

Shadows of Valentina

This is a remaking of Gaiden, and it comes with various excellent characters and adds a difference. In fact, you can call this a pretty weird idea as well, but it does the job. If you have played Gaiden before, Shadows of Valentia would be a superb option for you.

There is an excellent voice actor behind the game, and that definitely adds more reality to the game. There are new characters added to the game, and they add more depth to the story of the game.

In general, it is a nice change as well. As per this game, players are not losing their characters when the game is played in classic mode. However, the only notable downside of the game is its design of the map. That means the map is copied from Gaiden. Other than that, Shadows of Valentina is a perfect game for you.

#15. Three Houses

Three Houses

It is absolutely true that not all Fire Emblem games are developed to be perfect. However, “Fire Emblem Three Houses” is one of those rare titles that comes with perfection. It can be perfectly customized to match your requirements.

As a result, the player will be able to place the units precisely where they need them. If you are going to play this game, you must be prepared to play for a very long time. That is because the game has a massive map that will take many hours to be completed.

As a downside, we can emphasize its easy-to-play interface. If you are looking for an intensely hard game, Three Houses may not be yours. However, it has plenty of other characteristics to be ranked among the best Fire Emblem games.


1. Can I play Fire Emblem games on platforms other than Nintendo consoles?

Currently, Fire Emblem games are predominantly available on Nintendo consoles and handheld devices. However, some titles have been ported to virtual console services or remade for different platforms, such as Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon for the Nintendo DS.

2. Do I need to play Fire Emblem games in a specific order?

No, each Fire Emblem game features its unique story and characters, allowing you to jump into the series at any point. However, some games have direct sequels or interconnected storylines, so playing them in order can enhance your overall understanding and appreciation of the franchise.

3. Are Fire Emblem games beginner-friendly?

While Fire Emblem games offer strategic challenges, many titles provide difficulty options or casual modes that cater to different skill levels. Newcomers can start with games like Fire Emblem: Awakening or Fire Emblem: Three Houses, which offer accessible gameplay mechanics and in-depth tutorials.

4. Can I expect replay value in Fire Emblem games?

Yes, Fire Emblem games often feature multiple story paths, character relationships, and branching narratives, offering significant replay value. Additionally, the strategic nature of the gameplay encourages experimentation with different units and strategies, further enhancing the replayability.

5. Are Fire Emblem games known for their character development?

Absolutely! Fire Emblem games are renowned for their well-developed characters. As you progress through the story, you’ll witness the growth, relationships, and interactions between the cast members, forging emotional connections that make the gameplay experience even more immersive.


Fire Emblem has a rich history of delivering captivating tactical RPG experiences. From the groundbreaking classics to the modern masterpieces, each game in the series brings its unique flavor and engages players with its strategic depth, compelling narratives, and memorable characters.

Whether you’re a seasoned fan or new to the franchise, exploring the best Fire Emblem games will undoubtedly provide you with countless hours of immersive and strategic gameplay.


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