Best Games Like Hearthstone in 2023 You Should Try

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Many individuals are addicted to Hearthstone. It is true that this game has a variety of exciting aspects for players to enjoy and get addicted to easily.

That said, have you ever wanted to try something beyond Hearthstone? If yes, keep reading as we emphasize the best games like Hearthstone in this article.

Introduction to Hearthstone

Hearthstone is an online digital collectible card game. It is a free-to-play game. This exciting game is published by Blizzard Entertainment. This is authentically subtitled as Heroes of Warcraft.

And, Hearthstone builds based on the existing characters, relics, and other elements that are found in the Warcraft series.

In fact, this game was initially released for Microsoft Windows and macOS. The initial release took place back in March 2014. Later, the developers made it available for Android and iOS platforms.

So, basically, it is a cross-platform play. With that, it allows players on different platforms to play together. The game doesn’t have any restrictions based on geographical locations.

The functionality of the game comes with a turn-based card game. Basically, there are two opponents to playing the game. There are constructed decks with 30 cards. Also, there is a selected hero who has a unique power.

Players can use the limited mana crystals as well to play the abilities. Or else, they can get the assistance of minions to take on the opponents. The goal of the game should be to destroy the hero of the opponent player.

Whenever you win a match or complete a quest, you earn gold. Also, you get rewards as cards. Now, individuals who are fans of this game are looking for various alternatives for various reasons.

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List of Best Games Like Hearthstone

Now, let’s take a look at the list of games like Hearthstone.

01. Gwent

Gwent is considered to be one of the games that embrace players a lot. The popularity of this game increased rapidly. That is particularly because the developers brought this game to the big leagues.

As of today, players are now able to experience Gwent in the form of a standalone version. As a result, you can enjoy plenty of features and various visual improvements as well. Nevertheless, this game still sticks to its roots.

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02. The Elder Scrolls: Legends

The Elder Scrolls franchise offers a massive universe that is filled with a large number of plots and storylines. In addition to that, it has plenty of characters developed within the past few generations.

Compared to various other alternatives, this game has a larger number of alternatives. If you want a sophisticated game like Hearthstone and intend to explore the world, this is a really great option.

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03. Fable Fortune

In fact, Fable Fortune is a digital collectible card game that allows you to play it freely. This game is set in the Fable universe. So, whatever you like about its classic franchise is available in a newer, replenished style.

Although the respective game had a pretty rough start at the beginning, this is now gaining immense popularity.

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04. Magic Duels

Magic Duels originated from a very popular card game based on Magic: The Gathering.

In fact, the game was originally developed by Stainless Games (who are the same developers of Magic: The Gathering. Magic Duels features more of a similar play style. However, they have added an exciting change to this game.

Magic Duel comes with a story mode. In addition, this is the first franchise version that is offered with free-form deck mode. As a result, players can build and construct tailormade decks.

If you wonder about the games like Hearthstone, you shouldn’t miss this out. As per our belief, we say that Magic Duels is a superb alternative to Hearthstone.

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05. Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer

This is a fast-paced game that comprises very attractive cards. The cards used there are hand-drawn. Although it doesn’t have a notable strategic depth, it is a pretty exciting game.

Ascension can also be called a twist of deck-building characteristics associated with collectible card games. Instead of earning new cards between each game, you will have to purchase the cards.

This is, in fact, done by playing the runes-giving cards. You can then use them to purchase new cards. However, the winner will be decided depending on who gets the greatest number of honors.

To earn honors, the players are supposed to kill monsters. It is a matter of deciding whether you go for new cards or kill monsters.

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If you love the aspects of Hearthstone but still want something added, why don’t you go for Ascension?

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06. Pathfinder Adventures

If you really like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder Adventures is a superb choice to consider. This game is filled with a range of play options for you. However, things can be slightly frustrating for those who prefer fast play. That is because this game is played on a gradual strategy.

Also, it requires a substantial amount of practice to play. This is a superb choice if you are ready to leave the traditional card battle game. One can say that this is more of an interpretation of a role-playing game (done by pen and paper).

In fact, Pathfinder Adventures ensures that multiple character parties are used. Also, it includes aspects such as dice rolling and a large range of cool cards. Using all these aspects, you can create a wonderful card game.

More importantly, this is a free-to-play game. Those who look for games like Hearthstone should check out Pathfinder Adventures and explore its exciting features.

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07. Lords of Waterdeep

This is yet another superb game that comes with loads of variations. One of the biggest benefits associated with this game is its user-friendliness. You can learn this game with fun and excitement. There are several mandatory quests in this game, and many individuals find them to be rather bothersome.

Also, if you are a seasoned gamer, it might seem too generic for you. Lords of Waterdeep is considered to be a board game. Nevertheless, it comes with some card-like aspects as well. There are eight rounds included in this game.

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You can collect resources such as warriors and thieves through all these rounds. Through this process, you can complete quests. Then, it will let you gain points. It will eventually lead to deciding the ruler of Waterdeep.

Also, it lets you force those mandatory quests on the opponents. You can even steal the resources of the opponents. If not, you can simply keep concentrating on your own quests. With each game, you can get a new patron.

Also, each patron will favor different types of quests as well. All these characteristics make each of the games you play different from the previous one.

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08. Artifact

This game comprises characters that exist in Dota 2 Heroes. Of course, all those characters also come with some sort of modifications. For instance, it comes with characters’ images on the trading cards.

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In fact, the Artifact game is considered to be an upcoming TCG title as well. As we mentioned, this game is more of a twist on Dota 2. So, it will feature some pretty unique features. These features include all the implementations within three lanes inside the game.

Have you experienced your teammates losing their lanes and blaming them in Dota 2? If so, this can be the opportunity you will get to control the lanes simultaneously. If you are a fan of a game like Hearthstone, Artifact is surely a very nice option to try.


For now, that is all we have to say about the games like Hearthstone. Nevertheless, we recommend you stay tuned.

As you might have noticed, the entire world of video games is expanding pretty rapidly. You will never be able to foresee when a new card will be released with Hearthstone.

Well, we are waiting for another title as of now. Do you think that we have missed something important? If so, please leave us feedback about it. Your valuable feedback is exceptionally important to us. We will update our article based on the input we receive.