Is Fortnite Dying? An Analysis of its Popularity

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Is Fortnite Dying

No one can deny the fact that Fortnite has become a norm among gamers across the globe. Since Epic Games launched Fortnite, it has gathered a massive fan base. Millions of players from every part of the world simply love Fortnite, and it is an absolute phenomenon.

From the founders’ point of view, Fortnite is an exceptionally lucrative project worth billions of dollars so far. But the popularity of any game is supposed to deteriorate over the course of time. And it applies to Fortnite as well. With that said, has it begun for Fortnite? In simplest terms, is Fortnite dying?

In fact, the question “is Fortnite dying” has emerged particularly with the release of Apex Legends. And Apex Legends is presented to you by Respawn Entertainment, and it has quickly become a norm too. From its beginning, Apex Legends showed excellent success.

More than 25 million downloads took place within the first week of its release, and the numbers don’t lie. When it is compared to Fortnite’s launch, Apex Legends shows an increased amount of popularity.

Well, does that mean that there’s something for Epic Games to be alarmed about? Nope (not yet, at the least).

An Introduction to Fortnite

In simplest terms, Fortnite is an online multiplayer game. This specific game also falls in the category of a third-person, shooter. World-renowned Epic Games developed this game. The initial release of this game took place back in the summer of 2017.

In fact, this game was initially developed to be a survival game. Just like the name suggests, in survival games, you will be pitted. Meanwhile, the other players in the game want to have you killed.


When it comes to Fortnite, the game revolves around you (and some friends) who are dropped onto an island. You have nothing to start with. You will have to collect guns, materials, and other supplies to survive and build your fortresses. And you should do all these things to stay alive and protect yourself from your enemies.

It is true that Fortnite is good fun. However, this game was released during a time in which the other survival games failed.

An Introduction to Fortnite

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Some Quick Facts About Fortnite

  • Fortnite Battle Royale is considered to be a 100-player game that comes with PVP mode. The objective of this game is to beat all the other players and be the last man standing.
  • It can also be played as a solo game, duo, or even with three friends.
  • At the beginning of the game, you will be placed on a plane. You will then have to jump out of the plane and reach the location on the map.
  • There is no weapon for you at the beginning of the game. You don’t have any ammunition or shields, either. These things can be found inside the buildings around the map.
  • You can get the items of another player if you kill him in the game.
  • You can collect various materials, such as wood, stone, and metal. These collected materials can later be used to build forts or any other structure of your preference.

Priorities of the Game

  • Every player must try to get some good weapons at their earliest in order to gain an advantage.
  • Get used to the weapons and practice their functionalities.
  • The best weapon to be used at close range is the shotgun.
  • If you are looking for an all-around weapon, make use of the assault rifle.
  • Sniper rifles, obviously, are the best weapons that can put down enemies from a long distance.
  • In some instances, it is a wiser approach to run or hide instead of fighting. In fact, it is not mandatory to fight with every player you come across.
  • Take additional precautions when it comes to entering a building. That is because the other players will be hiding inside the buildings waiting to take you down.
  • Gather the materials whenever there are no other players nearby.
  • Give preference to building defensive structures.

Item Rarities of Fortnite

  • Items with the lowest quality are displayed in grey color.
  • Items that are slightly better than the grey color ones are displayed in green color.
  • If you see a blue item, that means it is a rare one.
  • Purple items can be found very rarely, and if you are lucky to see those items. They are epic, and they are rarer even than blue color items.
  • Orange color items are the rarest, and they are legendary items. Finding an orange color item is super hard. If you can find an orange item, needless to say, you are so lucky; if you have an orange item, you can take control of the game.

Tips for Surviving in Fortnite

  • You must be very careful when you see an open door. They are a very bad sign.
  • It is always better to avoid open areas as much as possible unless you have to be there. Instead, try to be in areas like terrains, buildings, and trees to get cover and be safe.
  • Don’t forget to upgrade your weapons if you come across something better and rarer. In that case, don’t hesitate to upgrade the existing weapon you are using.
  • Make use of the traps.

Is Fortnite Dying or Going Strong?

Pretty recently, even after the launch of Apex Legends and its immense popularity, Fortnite hard broken two new records. They are related to the concurrent player count.

As per the statistics, Fortnite had over 10.7 million players for their in-game Marshmello concert. This took place back on February 2. And, up to now, it is regarded as the biggest Fortnite event.

Is Fortnite Dying or Going Strong?

Back on February 16, Fortnite was able to experience a record-breaking 7.6 million concurrent players. And that is regarded as the best non-event day for Fortnite.

The previous year, the record was merely 3.4 million players concurrently. In fact, during the time Epic reached that number, they had a pretty disturbing run on their servers as well.

So, the players were experiencing a very bad service disruption at the time despite the massive number. As of now, their servers are upgraded so they can serve a massive number of users without causing any issues. That is why it was able to serve more than 10.7 million players at a time.

If truth to be told, Fortnite is not dying; instead, it gets stronger. As of today, Epic has taken various steps to prevent its players from embracing Apex Legends. They, in fact, perform updates on their platform with significant improvements.

Over the short past period, Epic addressed a large range of issues that were linked to Fortnite. With season 8 (which took place back on February 28, 2019), they fixed a variety of issues. With the upcoming season 8, Fortnite will fix more issues and make the game even smooth.

It is true that Black Ops IV (which is rated 18+) has a massive fan base too. However, we don’t think that it can make a massive impact on Fortnite’s audience. That is particularly because of the type of audience these two games are addressing.

That means a game like Black Ops IV addresses a pretty mature fan base (after all, it’s rated 18+). On the other hand, Fortnite is played and popular among those who are still schooling. As a matter of fact, this is a comparison between two games that are focused on two different audiences.

So, in this case, there’s not much a game like Black Ops IV can do to the popularity of Fortnite. Even though there is no such decrease in the popularity of Fortnite, it should also be said that it doesn’t show massive success either.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Q: Will Fortnite ever make a comeback and regain its previous popularity?
    • A: The gaming industry is known for its cyclical nature, and it is possible for Fortnite to experience a resurgence in popularity with the right updates and adaptations.
  2. Q: Are there any plans for Fortnite to collaborate with other franchises in the future?
    • A: Epic Games has a history of collaborating with various franchises, and it is likely that future collaborations will take place to keep the game fresh and exciting.
  3. Q: What impact has Fortnite had on the gaming industry as a whole?
    • A: Fortnite’s success has influenced game development, business models, and the integration of social experiences within games.
  4. Q: Is the decline in Fortnite’s popularity solely due to increased competition?
    • A: While competition has played a role, various factors such as evolving player preferences and the natural ebb and flow of trends contribute to changes in popularity.
  5. Q: Can Fortnite sustain its success without regular content updates?
    • A: Regular content updates have been crucial to Fortnite’s success, but the game’s strong foundation and dedicated player base provide a solid platform for continued success even without constant updates.


We hope, by now, that you got an answer to the question, “is Fortnite dying?“. In fact, Fortnite is not dying. And its popularity remains solid. In fact, there is a slight incline in the popularity of this game, and it is not dying.

However, we also emphasize that Fortnite hasn’t shown a dominating success within the past couple of months. Although games like Apex Legends are becoming very popular, they have a different fan base. So, with timely updates to the platform and features, Fortnite will survive for some time.


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