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Carnivine Pokemon Go

It is true that Carnivine Pokemon GO is not available for everyone. In fact, this version of Pokemon is limited to some regions only.

So, there are many individuals who wonder where to find it. Let’s move along and learn if it is possible to download and play Carnivine Pokemon GO.

Introduction to Carnivine Pokemon GO 

Carnivine Pokemon GO

The Gen 4 Pokémon Carnivine does not really develop into anything else. It uses its mouth that appears like a Venus Fly Trap. This is attached to vines. It does hang from trees. Also, it can swoop down on unsuspecting prey and consume them whole.

Carnivine is considered the only Grass-Type Pokémon that can be caught in the wild, and as it debuts among the rest of Gen 4 in the initial wave, it could be the easiest Pokémon to capture overall.

The best places to capture Carnivine are parks and other open areas with lots of grass and foliage.

Weakening Ground, Grass, Electric, and Water kinds are where Carnivine really shines. Nonetheless, it has a hard time dealing with Fire, Ice, Poison, Bugs, and Flying kinds.

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How and Where to Get It?

How and Where to Get Carnivine

You can only get a Carnivine by catching it in the wild. It is true that Carnivine is a Grass-type Pokemon. Also, it is a member of the initial release of Generation 4 Pokemon GO. Because of that, it should be rather straightforward to track down.

To increase your chances of encountering Carnivine, it’s better to look in areas with plenty of nearby vegetation. For instance, look for areas such as parks, but you shouldn’t have any trouble finding them elsewhere. This is applicable even in densely populated cities.

Also, here are the instructions to find a Comfey Pokemon Go successfully, as we know that catching this Pokemon is a mandatory task for us.

The New Update Has Changed Some Things

In addition, with the introduction of Gen 4 to Pokemon GO, some things have changed. In fact, it’s likely that the spawn rates of the newest Pokemon are boosted to capitalize on the excitement.

Lastly, it is currently unknown whether or not Carnivine is present in egg yolks. Whether or not Generation 4 Pokemon can be hatched in Pokemon GO eggs remains to be unveiled.

As of recently, it appears that Carnivine is a Gen 4 restricted to a specific area. Eurogamer claims that it appears in the swampy regions of the South and East United States when it reproduces.

Finding Carnivine

Carnivine is more accessible to players in North America since it prefers wet habitats. Carnivine might be available in the following places: Georgia, Florida, South and North Carolina, the Bahamas, and Tennessee.

You should wait for a potential region swap if you aren’t currently in an area mentioned above. After some time, you may have any hope of capturing Carnivine. However, you might also find a trading partner that wants it.

Finding Carnivine

Strengths and Weaknesses of Carnivine

As you might expect, it’s difficult to predict a Pokemon’s base stats. This is because they depend entirely on the Pokemon you capture in the wild. It’s worth noting that the greater your level, the more powerful will be the captured Pokemon. For level 40 players, the maximum CP is 1,979.

In terms of type matchups, Carnivine excels against Pokemon of the Ground, Grass, water, and Electric types. This is true while it struggles against those of the Flying, Poison, Fire, Bug, and Ice varieties. Pay attention to these stats if you plan on using Carnivine. These statistics come in handy for a Raid battle or gym in Pokemon GO.

In addition, Arceus in Pokemon GO is a relatively new addition to the game, and it is not easy to catch it. But don’t worry; here are the simple steps to get Arceus.

Possible Moves You Can Try with Carnivine

In terms of moves, Carnivine comprises the following options.

● Quick Moves

  • Vine Whip
  • Bite

● Charge Moves

  • Energy Ball
  • Power Whip
  • Crunch

Our team is constantly researching Pokemon characters. So, if we come across any new moves related to Carnivine, we will update this post.

Regional Map for Carnivine

Below are some of the maps on which you will be able to find Carnivine.

● Eurogamer

This is an excellent regional map for Pokemon. This has the ability to show the sighting and the spawn area. Because of that, you can consider it an excellent option to locate Carnivine easily.

● Pokemon Go Hub

This is a handy map that offers accurate information related to spawning sites related to Carnivine. As a result of that, you can get to such information prior to other players.

● Bulbapedia

This is a reliable option that offers you notice of the existence of Carnivine and other regional characters.

In addition to that, you may find any updated information related to social media sites, including Twitter and Reddit.

Teleporting to Carnivine While Sitting Comfortably at Your Home

With some research on the internet, you may be able to find the location of Carnivine. However, in many cases, it can be too far from the actual location you physically live in. In that case, the only solution is to spoof your location using a reliable tool.

However, choosing a reliable tool is very important. There are plenty of location spoofing tools available, but not all of them are reliable. In this case, the best option is to find a reliable tool like MockGo.

Below are some of the reasons why you should consider MockGo as your location spoofing tool.

  • This tool allows you to Teleport the device as you wish to any place regardless of the country. Because of this feature, you can capture a Carnivine even if it is located in a country far away.
  • You can use a feature called “Joystick” as well, and it offers more realistic movements.
  • There are different types of speeds to select from (including bikes, walking, driving, etc.).
  • This is a perfect alternative so you can spoof your device’s location for any location-based application.

How to Use MockGo to Find Carnivine Pokemon GO? 

Here are the steps you should follow in order to catch Carnivine Pokemon GO using MockGO.

  • First, you should download MockGo on a computer. After that, you should get it installed properly. Then, open the application to see its main interface.
  • Now, you should connect your iPhone to the same PC. Make sure that you use a USB cable to establish a connection. Then, the program will detect the device. Make sure that you click on the option called “Start.”
Foneazy MockGo
  • After that, you can see a map on your screen, and the actual location will be highlighted.
  • Now, let’s assume that you want to teleport the respective device to a specific location where Carnivine exists. In that case, you should click on the icon that appears in the top-right corner. This will let you access the mode called “Teleport.”
Foneazy MockGo Teleport Mode
  • After that, enter the Carnivine’s location manually and select “Go.” Then, click on the option called “Move Here.” Then, you will be moved to a location in which you can participate gym battles or other events. If not, you can catch Carnivine as you would like.
Foneazy MockGo enter the Carnivine's location manually
Foneazy MockGo Move Here

Now, you might want to confirm that the location is changed. In this case, you should open any of the apps that work based on your device’s location data. For instance, you can open the “Maps” app on your device and see if it works.


1. Can I catch Carnivine outside of its native habitat? No, Carnivine is a regional exclusive Pokémon and can only be found in specific regions.

2. How can I trade for Carnivine? Find a Pokémon Go player who lives in a Carnivine habitat and is willing to trade with you. Use local communities or online platforms to connect with potential trading partners.

3. Are there any upcoming events where Carnivine will spawn in different regions? Keep an eye on official Pokémon Go announcements regarding events. Niantic occasionally organizes events where regional exclusives have increased spawns.

4. Can I use Incense or Lure Modules to attract Carnivine? While they cannot guarantee Carnivine specifically, using Incense or Lure Modules can increase your chances of encountering rare Pokémon, including regional exclusives.

5. Will Carnivine ever be featured in a Pokémon Go Community Day? While Carnivine has not been featured in a Community Day event yet, it’s possible that it may be in the future. Stay updated on official Pokémon Go channels for any announcements regarding Carnivine and Community Day.


As you may already know, Carnivine Pokemon GO is available for certain regions only. For instance, it can be acquired in areas like the Bahamas or South Eastern America. That means if you live outside of those areas, Carnivine may not be able to acquire.

However, if you really want to acquire Carnivine, you can do so by using a location spoofing app. In this case, you should use a reliable location spoofer called “MockGo.” Such an app can change your device’s location to wherever you like.

Please let us know if you want to know about any other specific Pokemon Go character.


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