How to Find Charmander in Pokemon Go Easily?

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Find Charmander Pokemon Go

Do you wonder how to find Charmander in Pokemon Go without much hassle? Don’t worry because this explains the best methods of doing that without fretting too much. So, let’s go ahead and learn everything about it.

Charmander can be found in areas like Hawaii and New York City. However, the problem is that these locations are a long way away for most of us to travel.

In other words, many of us find it harder to locate this elusive Pokemon character. But the good news is that we have some solutions to address this.

Well, here’s a method to help you locate Pokemon spawn points anywhere. In Pokemon Go, let’s see where Charmander can be found.

Find Charmander Pokemon Go – What You Should Know About It?

Charmander Pokemon Go

As a fire type, Charmander’s maximum CO is 1108, with attacks up to 116 and defenses up to 93%. Also, it has stamina up to 117% in the game.

Charmander, a Pokémon native to the Kanto region, is easily defeated by Ground, Rock, and Water-type Pokémon. Charmander’s finest moves include Scratch and Flamethrower, which it excels at when sunny weather.

PS: if you wonder how to use the Pokemon Go multiple accounts, this guide you should check out.

OK… Where Should I Look to Find Charmander Pokemon Go?

It is possible to find Charmander in spawn settings such as urban areas, neighborhoods, and dry and arid areas. They can then be hatched 2KM away from eggs and get this awesome character.

Make Use of the Maps

There is a slew of free resources available, including maps showing the whereabouts of Pokémon like Charmander. The spawning locations of Pokémon may be found using these real-time location maps, and they are very handy.

In fact, this is a global map; thus, finding one specific to a specific location can be tricky. To ensure that your data is as precise as possible, the spawning places are updated periodically.

Below are some of the exceptionally popular Pokémon Go maps you might find to help you Find Charmander in Pokemon Go. 

  1. The Silph Road 
  2. NYC Poke Map (New York City Only): 
  3. PoGo Map 
  4. Poke Map 
  5. Poke Vision 
  6. And Poke Hunter (North America only): 
  7. SG Poke Map (Singapore Only):
find charmander pokemon go

Besides, here are some best options for the Pokemon Go Spawn Map you should use.

Fire-related locations, such as renowned fires, information centers, and fire stations, should be considered favorably. They may contain Charmander and other types of fire, according to users on help forums. You can make use of Incense sticks as well in this case.

The sites of those Pokémon nests indeed get rotated at random once every two weeks. However, some of the suggestions made on this and other boards may be out of date.

It’s possible to avoid this issue by waiting for a Niantic event that frequently features first-generation Pokémon. The best example is Charmander.

Find Charmander in Pokemon Go in Locations Related to Fire

Also, here is the best GPS tracker app to track phones without them knowing; you should check out.

Find Charmander Pokemon Go without Moving Around?

We all know we must find Charmander Pokemon Go by walking here and there. However, we also mentioned the potential restrictions associated with that approach.

Many of us don’t have the luxury of traveling physically to locations where Charmander is somewhat common. But there is a solution to address this situation.

That means there is a way to find Charmander Pokemon Go without moving. This is great news for those who want to play Pokemon Go without stepping out of the house.

Where to go to capture a Pokémon if it isn’t nearby? Also, what can you do if you can’t just go out for the sake of catching it? Use an iPhone fake to catch Charmander and another Pokémon without having to go outside at all.

For this, you’ll need an effective and easy-to-use location spoofer. With iToolab AnyGo, location spoofing has never been easier or faster.

To get started, go ahead and download and run AnyGo. Learn how to use it and mimic movement along with two or several points on a map.

You Can Simulate Your Movements with a 2-spot Path

Connect your iPhone to your PC after launching the app. When you click “Start,” a map of the device’s current location should appear on the screen.

iToolab AnyGo

To get to a certain location on a map, pick “Two-spot route” in the upper-right area of the window. The precise distance will be displayed in a popup window.

Two-spot route

You can choose how many occasions you want to go across between those two locations. You can do that by adjusting the “Speed” slider. To begin your simulated movement, click “Go.”

begin your simulated movement

By the way, here are the instructions you can follow to find a Comfey Pokemon Go successfully, as we know that catching this Pokemon is a mandatory task for us.

It is Possible to Configure Multiple Spots on Your Map and Simulate Realistic Movements

A multi-stop route is selected in the top-right corner. Then, you can select the locations you want to visit on a Google Map to Find Charmander in Pokemon Go.

Once you have done that, popups will show you how far you’ll be traveling. To begin, press the “Go” button.

Configure Multiple Spots on Your Map and Simulate Realistic Movements

Next, decide how many times you’d want to proceed along the chosen path to proceed. After that, you should click on “Go” once more to begin the simulation, and that’s basically it.

Start the multi-stop route simulation

If you use AnyGo, you can simply move to every location. In fact, you can do that no matter in which part of the world the location is. Then, you can easily catch uncommon Pokémon that cannot be found in your area. Moderation is the key to keeping Niantic happy.

What You Should Know About Pokemon Go

Pokémon can be caught by just walking around using this app on your device. This will give you a buzz when a nearby Pokémon is in your vicinity. Whenever you tap on a pokemon, you will be taken to the catching screen.

The pokémon’s catchability is influenced by the color of its ring, with green being the simplest to catch. On the other hand, yellow is intermediate, and red is the most difficult one.

Different CP levels are found in Pokémon, which mostly influence the specific pokémon’s strength. For each Pokemon you catch, you’ll receive stardust. It’s a generic item, and the candy is specific to that pokemon.

This can only be gotten by catching multiples of the target pokemon. You’ll need stardust or Zubat candies, for example, to raise the CP of a Zubat. Pokémon candies can be used to evolve the Pokémon, which will also increase the CP of this specific pokémon.

You’ll be able to raise the CP levels of the Pokémon more quickly as the character level rises. That is because you’ll be encountering higher-level Pokemon in the wild.

Also, Bouffalant Pokemon GO is one of those rare Pokemon. Let’s learn how to use a location spoofing application to catch it if you cannot travel to NYC.

What Are “Pokestops,” and Where Do They Appear?

As vital markers on the map, Pokéstops can be found worldwide. The most common method of obtaining items is by stopping at a Pokéstop. You can tap on the expanding spinning pokéballs icon on the map when you’re close enough.

As a result, you can get things like pokéballs,  revives, potions, and even eggs from the pokéstop. Pokéstops, denoted on the map by swarms of hearts, also have lure modules.

These may be used to attract more Pokémon to the area. To acquire some products, you must need pokécoins. You can earn them by participating in gym encounters or purchasing them in-app.


Why Does My Character Need to Be Leveled?

Pokémon capturing, gym battles, and visiting Pokéstops all provide you with points. You can use them to level up your character. After reaching a new level, you will also receive additional things as a reward.

There’re three factions to choose from at level five: Valor, Mystic, and Intinction. You can compete against other trainers when you reach this level.


  1. Q: Can I find Charmander in any weather condition? A: Charmander is more likely to appear in sunny and warm weather conditions, so your chances of finding one increase during such times.
  2. Q: Are Charmander nests permanent? A: No, nests rotate periodically, so what was a Charmander nest today might become a different Pokémon nest in the future.
  3. Q: How far do I need to walk to hatch a Charmander from an egg? A: Charmander can hatch from 2 km, 5 km, or 10 km eggs, depending on the egg you have obtained.
  4. Q: Can I catch shiny versions of Charmander? A: Yes, during Community Day events or specific events, the chances of encountering a shiny Charmander are increased.
  5. Q: How many Charmander candies do I need to evolve Charmander into Charizard? A: You will need 25 Charmander candies to evolve Charmander into Charmeleon and an additional 100 candies to evolve Charmeleon into Charizard.


Using this method, you can locate Charmander in this Pokemon Go game. Once you have done that, you can capture it without leaving your current location.

Almost all uncommon Pokemon can be obtained by combining the two tools listed above. If you found this method helpful, don’t forget to tell your friends about it.

So, if you want to find Charmander Pokemon Go, this article would be of great assistance.  


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