Best GPS Tracker App to Track Phone Without Them Knowing

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In this article, we don’t intend to explain those basic functions further. Instead, we reveal some powerful GPS-based apps that can track someone’s phone and let you know its whereabouts.

So, if you need an app to track phones without them knowing, you can pick an option mentioned below.

First, let’s take a look at the two best tracking apps that can track any phone when your iPhone GPS is not working.

Best GPS Tracker App to Track Phone Without Them Knowing

When it comes to GPS tracker apps to track phones without them knowing, the market is filled with numerous options. But not all apps are created equal. We’ll delve into the best of the best, the creme de la creme of GPS tracker apps.

Best Option #1: FamiSafe

FamiSafe is the world’s #1 app to track phones without them knowing due to its flexibility with various smartphones and its easy-to-use feature and all-powerful features.

FamiSafe will track your target device in a few minutes. And it will send you messages like notifications when you track the target phone.

Its Geo-fencing feature is one of the essential functions of FamiSafe; it lets you set a boundary on your kids’ phones and will inform you immediately when your kids leave or move out of that boundary.


FamiSafe can also help block all sites, apps, and the internet at night to keep your kids having a great rest.

Key Features of FamiSafe:

  • It lets parents locate kids’ location and control kid’s smartphone
  • Save your kid’s location history, black adds websites, geofencing and allow you to view their browsing history
  • Help you block apps & games at any time you needed
  • It can detect those dangerous keywords from YouTube and social media apps; then send alerts whenever discover suspicious or violent photos or videos

Best Option #2: mSpy

mSpy is another impressive app to track phones without them knowing. It comes with a range of features to track smartphones remotely. It can operate in stealth mode to track any iOS or Android device without any hassle.

Just like Famisafe, this software tool has the ability to operate in the background. It can track various activities, including chats, browsing histories, call logs, SMS, etc., of the target device.

Here’s the link to visit the mSpy website and download the necessary software.

mSpy gps phone tracker

Features of mSpy

  • Stealth mode operation to track mobile devices
  • Can track various activities on the target phone apart from the location
  • Tracks WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Call logs, etc. without any hassle
  • Very user-friendly best call log monitor that comes with a lot of features

PS: Read to find out how to track your phone using IMEI for free.

Best Option #3: KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro is another professional GPS location app to track phones without them knowing and provide top security for your kids in the digital world. It can track a phone in a real-time location on the dashboard, and then you will see if they are safe or not.

You can also check the history of your kid’s locations by using KidsGuard. Moreover, with it, you can monitor your kid’s phone photos, messages, browser history, and other data in the media apps, including WeChat, WhatsApp, LINE, and so on.

KidsGuard Pro location tracking

Key Features of KidsGuard Pro

  • Provide effective features for you to keep your children safe
  • Offer the real-time position tracking
  • Let you check the detailed location history with time and data
  • 100% compatible with most smartphones in the market
  • Easy & fast to use
  • Help you to track all apps & those related activities to keep your loved safe

Besides, let’s learn more about how to track an iPhone without iCloud.

Other GPS Tracker App Options You Can Consider if You Don’t Like Professional Tools

01. Google Maps / Apple Maps

If you are an Android phone user, you must have used Google Maps at least once. Google Maps comes as a default application in all the Android OS versions.

However, some time ago, Google and Apple reportedly had a clash that led Apple to develop its own mapping system.

In fact, that was the beginning of Apple Maps, which has now become a default feature for iPhones. Compared to Google Maps, Apple Maps’ start was pretty unstable.

However, now they have advanced to a standard that matches Google Maps. Both of these apps have become popular among respective users.

Apple Maps

By the way, here are several reasons why an NFC-enabled device may display the “no supported application for this NFC tag” error and the solutions to fix it easily for you.

02. Spyera

If you need a GPS tracker that keeps you posted about the whereabouts of a target device, try Spyera. You can use any web browser and monitor all the activities on the target phone if you use Spyera.

All you have to do is install Spyera on the device you intend to track and start monitoring. The installed client will capture all the activities on the target device and work as a spy app.

More importantly, it works in stealth mode, and the target user will not detect it. If you are a parent worried about your kids’ whereabouts, this is a superb solution.

Spyera best phone tracker app without permission

03. Lookout

Lookout is considered to be another comprehensive security solution for smartphones. In fact, tracking the location of the device is only a single feature this specific app offers. This specific tool is available for both Android and iOS platforms.


04. Prey

Technically, Prey is an app that is used as an anti-theft tool. This specific tool works perfectly on all Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux platforms.

The installation process of this app is pretty simple. All you have to do is to download the software and follow the onscreen instructions. If you wish to use Prey as a free app, you can track three devices.

Apart from that, the free version itself delivers 20 reports. So, if you intend to try a tool before actually purchasing it, Prey is a superb option.

Prey phone tracking app

05. Familonet

Familonet, just like the name suggests, is an app that comes with features to track family members. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot use this software to track friends or employees.

One of the most notable features associated with Familonet is its notification function. As per this feature, the app will track the location of every member and notify others.

So, it is a great way to know the exact whereabouts of the family members. It can also be used to track groups of employees. This specific software is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Familonet app to track phone without them knowing

06. Where’s My Droid

This is a highly popular app among individuals who intend to protect their devices from theft and misplacements. In fact, you can enjoy a wide array of features using the free version of this software.

For instance, you can use it to locate a misplaced device, make it ring, and set a passcode. Also, this impressive software can send you an alert if someone changes the phone’s SIM card.

It is true that the free version of this software displays some ads. You can remove those ads simply by upgrading to paid (Pro) version. This app is compatible with Android phones only.

Where's My Droid phone tracker app

07. Find My iPhone and Find My Friend

Do you use an iOS device and need to track other iOS-Based devices? If so, Find My iPhone and Find My Friends will be very handy for you.

To track a device with Find My iPhone, you need the Apple ID and password of the respective account.

Find My iPhone phone tracker app

When it comes to Find My Friend, it is pretty much the same as the first option. But, the specialty of this tool is that it can track devices you don’t actually own. It utilizes a sharing location feature on the device. This feature lets you know the exact location of the target device location.


Another professional GPS tracker app we recommend is Xnspy, which lets you track the location of your children in real-time to keep them safe. And it offers high-speed tracking with 100% acutance.

  • Monitor your kids’ specific locations via Xnspy geofencing
  • Recheck where your kids are at a certain point in time
  • Set alerts for your essential locations, such as nearby pubs, discos, and your kids’ school, and stay notified of their moves all the time
  • It records all location history logs for your further use

09. Glympse

If you want to share your smartphone’s live GPS location with others, you should try Glympse. With it, you are allowed to share your location with your family, your friends, and anyone you want.

Then they can view your location’s detailed information without signing up for anything. Even they can access your location from a web panel so that they don’t have to install any app to view your location.

  • Work straight out of the box as it requires no sign-up
  • Share your location automatically after a certain time
  • It doesn’t bother you, as it runs in the background
  • If only you have GPS or data connection enabled, Glympse works all over the world
  • Be available for free on the Google Play store

10. Family Locator

Glympse only can share your location with a single person. If you want to share it with a circle, including your family and friends, you should try Family Locator.

With it, all your family members and friends can track your location by using GPS on their smartphones.

Family Locator
  • Create your private groups for free, and add any members you like
  • View the real-time location on your phone
  • Get alerts immediately when someone reaches a certain place
  • Be easy to find out the lost or stolen smartphone by viewing its location
  • On the Google Play store, it’s available for free

11. GPS Logger

This GPS Tracker app – GPS Logger, helps you keep a log of all the places you have been to. It lets you view all the places you have visited from the beginning that you installed on your smartphone.

GPS Logger
  • Visualize the GPS info for you
  • Keep a log of all places you visited
  • Share all the places you have been to in different formats with your friends
  • Show real-time track statistics
  • Be available for free on the Google Play store

If you want to track the phone online for free, you should try Zabasearch, which professionals use.

With its user-friendly design, you need to enter the phone number in the search bar & click on the ‘Access Records.’ However, it also offers various features.

Zaba Search
  • 100% confidential; no one will know you are investigating them
  • Allow you to access reports from a different device, like iPhone, laptop, tablet, and the like
  • Generate a detailed background investigation for you with usually around 17 pages, such as the caller’s name, address, email address, criminal records, even birth certificate, and so on.

13. Spydialer

If you are looking for a straightforward free online phone tracker method to give you basic information about the caller’s location, Spydialer is your choice. It’s allowed to track phone numbers 24/7/ and track their GPS location to you.

However, it won’t give you their home address. And you don’t need to install any app on the target phone.


14. TruePeopleSearch

It’s extremely advanced & offers you many different features. TruePeopleSearch has a database that covers more than 200 countries. And it has an attractive & user-friendly interface.


With it, you can make calls as well as directly send messages to anyone from the app. But it needs an active internet connection to function.


1. Is it legal to use a GPS tracker app to track a phone without the user knowing?

It depends on the context. While it’s generally legal for parents to track their minor children and employers to track company-owned devices, tracking someone else’s phone without their consent is usually illegal.

2. Can the user detect the GPS tracker app?

Most of the best GPS tracker apps operate in stealth mode and are difficult to detect.

3. How accurate are GPS tracker apps?

GPS tracker apps are generally very accurate, but their precision can vary based on factors like the device’s location and the quality of the GPS signal.

4. How do I install a GPS tracker app?

The installation process varies by app but usually involves downloading the app on the target device and following the in-app instructions.

5. Can I use a GPS tracker app on any phone?

Most GPS tracker apps are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. However, always check the app’s compatibility before purchase.

6. Can GPS tracker apps track more than just location?

Yes, some GPS tracker apps can monitor calls, texts, social media activity, and more.


The best GPS tracker app to track phone without them knowing offers an effective and discreet solution for keeping tabs on your loved ones, ensuring employee productivity, and maintaining personal security. However, it’s essential to use these tools responsibly and ethically, considering legal implications.

Remember, the ultimate goal of GPS tracking is safety and peace of mind.

Well, that’s our long list of apps. You can go through the list and pick an app to track phones without them knowing.

Our general recommendation is to use either KidsGuard Pro or mSpy if you expect better results. Be sure that you use these tools responsibly without disturbing others’ privacy.


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