Best WhatsApp Mods for 2024 You Should Know

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Whatsapp Mods

The official WhatsApp Messenger is an end-to-end encrypted app for devices. There are many unique features on WhatsApp, making it the best messaging application.

However, there are limitations to its various features, including stickers, themes, and emojis.

WhatsApp Mods are flooded on the internet. They offer unique and exciting features to your original WhatsApp. They have in-built capabilities, which make them simple to use.

So, do you want to change the aesthetic look of your WhatsApp application? Maybe, find a unique application characteristic, such as in-built privacy options or the file sending size limit.

Also, add more individual style that reflects your personality. Stay tuned till the end of the article to find out how you can do it.

What Does WhatsApp Mod Mean?

It is an altered version of the WhatsApp application. Third-party individuals develop WhatsApp Mods.

WhatsApp Mods are for people who wish to add more characteristics and functions to their WhatsApp applications.

WhatsApp Mods hosts very good qualities and offers many themes and designs with customization options.

They have similar basic functions as a quick messaging application but extra features to use the well-known messaging service best.

And WhatsApp Mods are easily accessible so that everybody can take advantage of them. Read the article further to find out which WhatsApp Mod is suitable for your device.

What are All the Mods on WhatsApp?

Here is a list of the 17 best WhatsApp Mods.

1. WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus Mod is similar to GBWhatsApp Mod. These two WhatsApp Mods are among the well-known ones.

WhatsApp Plus adds many better functions, along with the ‘No-ban’ function, which prevents WhatsApp from canceling your access.

It uses the same protocol and license held by the WhatsApp application. Rafalete created WhatsApp Plus.

Best WhatsApp Mods - WhatsApp Plus

Characteristics of WhatsApp Plus Mod

  • Unlimited group conversations
  • Enhances file sharing size limit up to 30MB
  • No compression of images while sending
  • WhatsApp messages can be scheduled
  • Full control over blue tick settings
  • Anti-ban quality
  • Blue ticks can be enabled or disabled
  • Multiple premium WhatsApp themes
  • More than 10 HD images can be shared in one go
  • Built-in app lock
  • 256 people can be added to a group

2. GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp is the most famous WhatsApp Mod application. Many users around the globe use this app. GBWhatsApp Mod has a wide variety of exciting and new characteristics.

One of its unique features is that it can run more than one account through the same application, universally known as ‘forking.’


What is the best GB WhatsApp mod?

  • Countless WhatsApp stories
  • Customization of designs and themes
  • Protection of a few conversations and messages
  • Frequent updates
  • Absolute control over blue tick settings
  • Reduces file sharing size limit
  • Files can be previewed
  • GBWhatsApp supports every Android device
  • Supports multiple languages

3. WhatsApp MA

WhatsApp MA is considered the most dominant among all the WhatsApp Mods. It can improve the original characteristics of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp MA provides a different option for a standard call. WhatsApp MAadds a few basic functions to provide everything you require.

Characteristics of WhatsApp MA Mod

  • Toggle between light and dark theme
  • Access, analyze, and delete all the WhatsApp logs
  • Hide online status by one-touch
  • Complete choice over font size and font type
  • In-built preview of images, audio, and video without downloading
  • Chat in Private Mode
  • Hides archived messages

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4. FMWhatsApp

The primary feature of the FMWhatsApp Mod app is to run more than one account in the same application, maybe a separate group for business, friends, and family.

FMWhatsApp Mod app provides a wide variety of themes, which users can choose according to their wishes and characteristics to improve their experience.

Get it from Fm WhatsApp Download APK.

Best WhatsApp Mods - FMWhatsApp

Characteristics of FMWhatsApp Mod

  • Send larger files up to size 1GB over Wi-Fi or mobile data
  • 30+ seen and tick bubble designs
  • Variety of predetermined themes
  • Protects individual conversations
  • The video-sharing limit can be till 5 minutes
  • Multiple WhatsApp accounts and phone numbers
  • Facebook emojis are supported

5. Fouad WhatsApp

Best WhatsApp Mods - Fouad WhatsApp

Fouad WhatsApp enhances more functions and characteristics in your WhatsApp application. This Mod has regular updates, improving the Mod’s functions and features.

Characteristics of Fouad WhatsApp

  • Enhances the speed and performance of your device
  • Supports many languages
  • Protects the app and individual conversations
  • Customizes every design of the application
  • Multiple themes and user interfaces
  • Pick your favorite emoji from more than six sources
  • Manages WhatsApp broadcasts and stories

6. YoWhatsApp

This Mod is usually identified as YOWA. Those searching for a simple and stunning experience can download this Mod.

YoWhatsApp has some extraordinary features developed by a Computer Science student named “Yousef-Al-Basha. “


Is YoWhatsApp good?

  • Multiple accounts on a similar app
  • In-built DND feature
  • Customization of the design and style of your WhatsApp user interface
  • Customization of blue tick privacy
  • Supports more than 100+ languages
  • Huge collection of emojis

7. OGWhatsApp


OGWhatsApp is known for its security and reliability by users worldwide. This app has countless features to improve your overall experience.

OGWhatsApp allows you to use two different accounts on the same device.

This Mod has a large range of themes and several letters in status, and it can share large-sized audio and video files without any issues.

Characteristics of OGWhatsApp

  • Increases the media sending file size limit
  • Variety of themes
  • Allows two different accounts and phone numbers
  • Safe, secure, and reliable Mod for sending files and messages

8. AZWhatsApp


AZWhatsApp Mod was created by “Sam Mods.” This Mod contains a surplus of fascinating Mods that bring a new life to your WhatsApp application.

If you are fond of red color, this WhatsApp Mod is for you.

Characteristics of AZWhatsApp

  • Conversations are translated immediately
  • GIF images can be set as wallpapers in WhatsApp conversations
  • The file-sharing size limit is increased to 50 MB
  • Huge collection of bubbles, designs, and font styles
  • Can download user broadcasts and stories

9. YCWhatsApp

Best WhatsApp Mods - YCWhatsApp

Are you looking to redefine your WhatsApp App? Do you want a fluid aesthetic and stylish look? Download the YCWhatsApp Mod to add bonus features and enhance your WhatsApp application.

This WhatsApp Mod has an Instagram-based interface. If you like Instagram, then this Mod is for you.

Characteristics of YCWhatsApp

  • Size of 20-23 MB
  • Improved control over privacy settings
  • Instagram-inspired graphics and UI
  • Long WhatsApp broadcasts and stories can be shared
  • In-built gesture settings
  • Changes every aspect of the user interface, including icons, font, and font size
  • Loaded stickers and emojis
  • Status can be downloaded

10. Soula WhatsApp

If you want to enhance your WhatsApp application’s speed, then this WhatsApp Mod is for you. Soula WhatsApp has various options to alter the interface and graphics as well.

This Mod has a variety of new stickers, emojis, and emoticons.

Soula WhatsApp

Soula WhatsApp has a few trivial details that improve the original WhatsApp application’s overall functioning.

If you wish to add new features to your original WhatsApp, download this Mod and get going.

Characteristics of Soula WhatsApp

  • Restore and backup functions can be carried directly to your smartphone
  • New in-built fonts and emojis
  • Enhances privacy and security settings
  • Enhances device performance and speed while you are using WhatsApp
  • Increase in status character
  • Can send100+ files of any type
  • Can send 100 pictures in a particular slot

11. WhatsApp Indigo

This WhatsApp Mod is a colorful member of the WhatsApp Mod family. WhatsApp Indigo adds multiple functions and styles to the WhatsApp application.

It comes with bubbles in multiple colors, including grey, cyan, crayon, pink, and smoke. This makes your WhatsApp look more attractive.

Characteristics of WhatsApp Indigo

  • Online status and blue tick status can be completely controlled
  • The file-sharing size limit is increased to 72 MB
  • Images can be doodled within the application
  • No image compression
  • Customization of icons and chat bubbles
  • People can be invited to join groups
  • Sharing of HD images
  • Hides your activity on WhatsApp, and blue ticks
  • Constant online mode

12. ZE WhatsApp

Best WhatsApp Mods - ZE WhatsApp

If you share a group of images on WhatsApp, ZE WhatsApp Mod can help you eliminate a few restrictions regarding image sharing.

This Mod has privacy settings and multiple image-related features. ZE WhatsApp has a unique feature for automatic replies to messages without reading.

You can also schedule the messages to reply to later.

Characteristics of ZE WhatsApp

  • In-built automatic reply function
  • Share images up to 90 HD in a single message
  • Customization of chat bubble look and bluetick
  • Multiple themes
  • Messages can be scheduled
  • The status character limit is increased

13. WhatsApp Prime

WhatsApp Prime

WhatsApp Prime is claimed to be better than the original app. This Mod has a wide range of customization options and themes.

The developers altered the official app and added Prime in the name to get more attention.

Characteristics of WhatsApp Prime

  • Last seen can be seen without opening the conversation
  • View media files without downloading
  • Facebook Messenger emojis are incorporated into WhatsApp Prime
  • Profile pictures can be zoomed in
  • Small size

14. GBWhatsApp MiNi

Best WhatsApp Mods - GBWhatsApp Mini

GBWhatsApp MiNi is a lightweight WhatsApp. It can run on low RAM and CPU power. GBWhatsApp MiNi uses the original WhatsApp skin.

You can modify themes and colors. This WhatsApp Mod is a cut version of GBWhatsApp Mod.

Characteristics of GBWhatsApp MiNi

  • Can read deleted messages even if the sender deletes
  • Do Not Disturb (DND) Mode
  • Download status- This feature allows you to download status files
  • File sharing size limit up to 1GB
  • Conversation can be locked with a fingerprint or pattern
  • Automatic updates will be received
  • Privacy settings to hide blue ticks, online status, and blue microphone
  • Status can be viewed without letting the person know

15. WhatsApp Tweaker

WhatsApp Tweaker

WhatsApp Tweaker is not a Mod but can help you modify your official WhatsApp. The Tweaker adds some extra functionality and features to your WhatsApp.

If you feel that other WhatsApp Mods are unsafe and not secure, you can download WhatsApp Tweaker. This Mod adds more features to your original WhatsApp application.

You can download ‘WhatsApp Beta’ from the Google Play store.

Characteristics of WhatsApp Tweaker

  • Adds secret features to the original WhatsApp application
  • Anti-recall texts
  • Hides delivery reports and reads receipts
  • Changes User Interface (UI) font
  • Changes status color and toolbar
  • Enhances status quality
  • Hides typing indicator

Risks Involved in using WhatsApp Mods

The Modified versions of WhatsApp are not secure and safe. They provide additional features and enhanced functions not available in the original WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Mods like WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp, or any other forked versions of WhatsApp, may hamper your privacy.

The reason is that the messages are not controlled by reliable servers, such as the one hosted by WhatsApp LLC.

Although WhatsApp Mods offer a wide range of features and functions, they have certain drawbacks.

Some Risks of WhatsApp Mods

Risk 1: According to Internet Research Institute researchers, the forked versions of WhatsApp are prone to infuse viruses due to less secure and safe host servers. WhatsApp Mods are not official software.

Nobody knows who created them. Therefore, pay attention to where you’re installing WhatsApp Mods from.

If you download from an unknown source, there are chances of installing a virus. This can lead to multiple issues with your device. They can cause more damage to users.

Risk 2: WhatsApp Mod messages are not encrypted; therefore, they can be read by a third person.

It will result in losing private and confidential information to an unknown person. As mentioned above, WhatsApp Mods are not official software. This indicates that WhatsApp Mods are not fully safe and secure. You can never find out who else reads your messages.

Risk 3: Using WhatsApp Mod is not illegal, but it is against the policy of WhatsApp. The company can ban your WhatsApp access.

Risk 4: WhatsApp Mods ask for permission for the app to function. This can lead to the hampering of personal information.

Risk 5: When you use WhatsApp Mods, you still use the original WhatsApp on your device. The official company can block your registered phone number and the WhatsApp application. It is strictly against the policy of the WhatsApp application to use WhatsApp Mods. You may face legal action.

The solution to Create a Backup of WhatsApp Mod Data

There are a lot of high-performance WhatsApp Mod apk files, but only a few can change your experience to another level.

Modded versions of WhatsApp come with a drawback. When you use the official WhatsApp app, your Google Drive automatically creates a backup of the data and conversation.

These backups don’t use any phone storage and protect your WhatsApp data from getting lost.

Nonetheless, WhatsApp Mods don’t give you Google Drive backup access. Instead, you have to ensure that your media files are backed up on your PC.

Create a Backup of WhatsApp Mod Data to PC by Dr.fone

The most efficient way to create a backup of your data is by using dr.fone – WhatsApp Transfer. It is the most convenient and easy way to secure your data.

Features of dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer

  • Flexible in creating a backup and restoring WhatsApp messages
  • Transfer any WhatsApp conversations to the PC
  • Transfer WhatsApp messages from both iOS and Android devices
  • Works with apps such as WeChat, Viber, and LINE
  • 100% safety and security of WhatsApp messages

Steps to Create a Backup WhatsApp Mod Data on a PC

If you’re searching for an Application to create a backup of WhatsApp Modded and WhatsApp messages, then keep reading.

Step 1: Download and Install the dr.fone

Go to the official website of dr.fone and download the ‘dr.fone.’


After downloading, set up the software on your PC.

Step 2: Creating a Backup
ios whatsapp backup

Choose the WhatsApp Transfer option from the main menu. Then, click on ‘Backup WhatsApp messages.’ Connect the device to your PC using a USB cable. The software will scan your device as soon as you connect it to your PC.

The remaining process will continue automatically. You have to make sure that your device is connected throughout the process.

Step 3: Complete Your Backup Process

As soon as the process finishes, you will be notified to disconnect your device. Now you can use your device without issues; your files are secure and safe.

backup whatsapp on android
Step 4: Analyze Your Backup Files (Non-compulsory)

If you want to see your backup files, click on the ‘View it’ option. You can view all the backup messages and media files.

backup whatsapp on android
backup whatsapp on android

Are WhatsApp Mods Beneficial for You?

Despite all the functions and features of WhatsApp Mods, you may wonder, why do I need it?

WhatsApp Mods are only suitable for a few people. Here is a list of some reasons to download a WhatsApp Mod.

1. Multiple Accounts

You can use two different devices to manage work-related conversations and personal messages.

WhatsApp Mods provide an amazing feature that lets you combine more than one account on a single device.

2. Customize Styles and Designs

You can customize your WhatsApp application by using WhatsApp Mods. A WhatsApp Mod has a wide variety of themes and designs.

3. Additional Functions

WhatsApp Mods offer you a huge collection of functions and features. They have all these features, from increasing file-sharing limits to protecting WhatsApp conversations.

4. Secure

WhatsApp Mods have the exclusive feature of protecting individual conversations using a passcode. This ensures the safety and privacy of your messages.


FAQ 1: Are WhatsApp Mods legal?

WhatsApp Mods are not officially supported by WhatsApp and may violate their terms of service. While using Mods is not strictly illegal, it is important to consider the potential risks and consequences.

FAQ 2: Can I use WhatsApp Mods on an iPhone?

No, WhatsApp Mods are generally developed for Android devices and may not be compatible with iPhones due to the operating system’s restrictions.

FAQ 3: Can I switch back to the official WhatsApp after using a Mod?

Yes, you can switch back to the official WhatsApp application by uninstalling the Mod and installing the official version from the app store. However, it is recommended to back up your chats before switching.

FAQ 4: Do WhatsApp Mods support end-to-end encryption?

WhatsApp Mods are based on the official WhatsApp codebase, so they should retain the end-to-end encryption feature. However, it is essential to download Mods from trusted sources to ensure data security.

FAQ 5: Are WhatsApp Mods safe to use?

WhatsApp Mods can be safe to use if downloaded from reliable sources. However, there are potential security risks associated with using Mods developed by unknown or untrusted developers. Exercise caution and do thorough research before downloading any Mod.


So, these are the 15 best WhatsApp Mods for you. This article briefly discusses WhatsApp Mods, their benefits, features, and risks.

If you are worried about losing messages and other important files, use dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer to create a backup on your PC.

We hope that you find this article helpful and informative.


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