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How to Track iPhone without iCloud

Knowing how to track an iPhone without iCloud would be handy for any user today. There are many reasons for which you will need to track your iPhone without iCloud.

Regardless of your reason, we explain the steps in this article for your knowledge.

How to Track iPhone Without iCloud in Different Ways?

Well, let’s get to the main point of this article. We will explain all the possible methods you can use to track your iPhone without iCloud.

Method 1: How to Track an iPhone Without iCloud using Google Timeline

The geolocation on your iPhone is likely to be collected by Google and then shown on a map. And this specific data is accessible to the user (you). You may use this Google Timeline to find your iPhone if it has Google Maps installed.

Also, its location tracking feature should be activated on the device. Using Google’s Timeline, you can now trace a stolen iOS device even if you don’t have iCloud.

01. To Begin by visiting https://maps.google.com/.

02. The current date may be found in the upper left area by selecting it.

03. After that, you’ll get a rundown of the most recent updates to your day’s location history. Find the most recent one by scrolling down.

04. If the position is the same as the last update, you may simply go recover it. Or, we recommend that you call the police and ask them to assist you in retrieving the lost gadget.  

How to Track an iPhone Without iCloud using Google Timeline

And that’s how to track iPhones without iCloud using Google Timeline.

PS: let’s figure out how to track a phone using IMEI for free and how to track a cell phone number on Google Map with ease.

Method 2: How to Track iPhone Without iCloud using IMEI Number

Entering the code *#06# on a phone’s call screen gives you access to your iPhone’s specific IMEI number. In fact, it is a 15-digit number. Assume that the iPhone is shut off or in use with another SIM card.

In that case, you may still use this numerical code to track down a misplaced device without using iCloud. Your service provider can ban the phone from being used. If not, you can disclose your IMEI number to the police.

As a result, they can notify you if the phone is recovered. Even if it’s difficult, giving it a shot is worth the effort. So, that’s about how to track an iPhone without iCloud using IMEI.

How to Track iPhone Without iCloud using IMEI Number

Method 3: How to Track iPhone Without iCloud via Find My iPhone 

Here’s another method on how to track an iPhone without iCloud. If you wonder how to track your iPhone without iCloud, keep reading. In most cases, people use Apple’s tool called “Find My iPhone” to keep tabs on where their iPhone is.

Using GPS, you can see where your phone is at any time from another web-connected device. Find My iPhone may be used to track the iPhone without entering into iCloud. This is true if it is installed on more than one device, such as the iPad and iPhone.

How to Track iPhone Without iCloud using IMEI Number Using Find My iPhone

Your misplaced device can only be found by logging into the iCloud profile using another person’s computer. However, you should use the Apple ID as well as the password.

Track the tablet’s location in real time using the tablet’s built-in GPS. It should be done as soon as you log in to your mobile device. As a result, assume that you lose your phone on public transport or in a ride-sharing car.

In that case, you may track its progress along the vehicle’s path until it reaches the destination. A green dot indicates that your iPhone remains online, while a dark dot indicates that it is offline. So, consider it as an option if you want to track your iPhone without iCloud.

Method 4: Use the History of Google Maps

Assume that you’ve allowed Google Maps to preserve your location history. You may access it from another internet-connected device and browse through your past there. Determine the precise time period between when you last used your phone and today to receive the best results.

It’s possible to filter your phone’s position by looking at the most recent ping sent. That means the most recent time it talked with a mobile network. It is true that this method may be used to track a phone that is currently in use.

However, your phone will no longer ring if the device is turned off or in airplane mode. And that’s yet another method for those who wonder how to track iPhones without iCloud.

Other Methods to Track iPhones Without iCloud

Get the Assistance of a 3rd Party App

Using a third-party app is another option if you wonder how to track an iPhone without iCloud. You can track your stolen or misplaced iPhone using a variety of third-party apps, services, and websites.

All of these applications are reasonably priced and can be obtained from your device’s App Store for iPhones. There’s no need for iCloud with these two programs. It’s unlikely that anyone will know how to disable the app if they don’t know it exists.

iPhone Location Tracing

Using Apple’s built-in feature called the Find My iPhones app or other GPS-oriented trackers isn’t always a good option. That’s true if you don’t have accessibility to iCloud while trying to locate a misplaced iPhone.

When it comes to finding your iPhone, there are a few ways that may be used in close proximity. This is applicable if you have adhered to the right precautions.

Make Use of Siri’s Voice Activation

Newer iPhones include Hey Siri as standard equipment. To begin, the setup must be done manually. The voice instruction, Hey Siri, will be followed by a loud alert when you are activating the iPhone. If you’re close to the iPhone, the sound should be detectable no matter how loud it is right now.

Hey Siri

After the activation tone, keep talking to Siri. Listen to her voice and use it to find your iPhone in case she can’t hear you clearly.

Get the Assistance of Apple Watch

If you have an Apple Watch, you can track your iPhone without granting access to your iCloud account. Even if your iPhone is misplaced, you can still use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to connect it to your Mac.

You can keep tabs on your iPhone from the Watch’s home screen. The Control Center should show a green phone symbol or green text when you swipe up. Using the Pinging iPhone symbol, you can locate it. You may find it by following the sound it makes.

Apple Watch

Utilize the LED Alerts on Your iPhone

The back LED flash on your iPhone may be used to assist you in locating notifications. In the Accessibility menu on your iPhone, pick LED Flash for Alerts to enable this option. You must activate the Flash in Silent mode. Even if your phone is muted, you should be able to see the Led light when searching for it.

Utilize the LED Alerts on Your iPhone

Use a Find My Friend App Provided by a Friend

However, this strategy might be useful even if you require the support of a close relative or friend. Assume that you use Find My Friends to share the location with a buddy. In that case, you may use that app to see where your phone is right now.

Steps you can do ahead of time to get your family member or friend excited about this activity:

  • To locate buddies, your smartphone must be open.
  • Turn off location services in the app.
  • Then, press the Done button.
  • Select the contact details of a family member or a friend and press Add Friends.
  • When asked, select “Share indefinitely” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Accept on the Find Friends app for your contact. By choosing Don’t Share, they can opt out of sharing their actual location with you.
  • You should now be able to view the position of your iPhone on your contact’s Find Friends app.

And that’s how to track an iPhone without iCloud.

Is It Possible to Prevent Someone else from Tracking Your iOS Device?

There are many individuals who have the idea of tracking someone else’s iPhone due to various reasons. Needless to say, it is exceptionally annoying for you to learn that someone is tracking your iPhone without concern.

So, as a privacy-concerned user, you might want to know how to prevent others from tracking your device. That said, there are some ways to fake your device’s actual location.

As a result, others won’t be able to find your actual location. In this case, you can use a tool called Tenorshare iAnyGo, which is a high-end location spoofing tool.

Please note that we never encourage our users to fake their locations for unethical, illegal purposes. Mentioned below is how to use Tenoreshare iAnyGo.

01. First, you should open this application on the PC to proceed. Then, you should go to the option called “Change Location.”

Tenorshare iAnyGo

02. Connect the iOS device to the same computer.

Connect Device to PC

03. Now, you should select the destination that should be included on the map. After that, you should go to the option called “Start Modify.” The location of the iPhone will be updated to the current location.

Start to Modify using Tenorshare iAnyGo


Q1. Can I track my iPhone if it’s turned off?

Unfortunately, tracking your iPhone is only possible if it is turned on and connected to the internet. When the device is off or offline, its location cannot be determined.

Q2. Will tracking apps drain my iPhone’s battery?

While tracking apps do utilize some battery power, modern apps are designed to minimize their impact. However, it’s advisable to use them judiciously and keep an eye on your battery levels.

Q3. Can I track someone else’s iPhone without their knowledge?

No, tracking someone else’s iPhone without their knowledge or consent is a violation of privacy and illegal. Always respect others’ privacy and only track devices that you own or have explicit permission to track.

Q4. Are there any free tracking apps available?

Yes, there are free tracking apps available in the App Store. However, they may have limited features or display ads. Consider your requirements and read user reviews before choosing a free tracking app.

Q5. What should I do if I am unable to track my iPhone?

If you are unable to track your iPhone using the methods mentioned in this article, it is advisable to contact your local law enforcement authorities and report the loss or theft. They can guide you through the necessary steps and provide further assistance.


So, that’s how to track iPhones without iCloud. There are several methods you can use any of them. Also, we suggest creating backups of your iPhone’s data regularly and erasing them from the device. With such an approach, your data cannot be accessed by others, even if the device is stolen or left.

A tool like Tenorshare iCareFone is the best example of that. Also, you can use Tenorshare iCareFone to permanently erase data before selling your used iPhone. Thanks to iCareFone’s sophisticated algorithm, no one will be able to recover your data and reuse them.


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