Arceus in Pokemon GO – How to Acquire It?

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Arceus Pokemon GO

Arceus in Pokemon GO is a relatively new addition to the game. Those who have played this game know that this is more of an open-world map. It lets you move around with no restrictions and capture many types of Pokemon.

For those who don’t know, Arceus is a very important Pokemon in the game. In fact, catching Arceus is an exceptionally difficult task for many users.

The exact purpose of this article is to explain how to catch more of those Arceus in Pokemon GO.

An Introduction to Arceus in Pokemon GO

Arceus in Pokemon GO

If you’ve been enjoying Pokémon for a while, you’re undoubtedly already familiar with Arceus. If you believe the legends, Arceus is a unique Pokémon that is responsible for making Sinnoh.

Also, by extension, the whole Pokémon universe. In a nutshell, Arceus would be the deity of the Pokémon “religion.” Arceus, “The Original One,” seems to be a white horse Pokémon. It comes with a grayish, vertically striated bottom, resembling a centaur.

As a result of their rarity and potency, Legendary Pokémon are highly sought after but difficult to capture.

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Basic Information

Arceus is classified as a Normal-type Pokémon and has a weakness in Fighting moves.

The ideal move-set for Arceus is Shadow Claw and Hyper Beam, and it has a Max CP of 3989.

In the upcoming section, we will examine how to acquire Arceus in Pokemon Go.

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How to Catch It?

It is crucial to take into consideration the fact that Arceus is one of the most influential Pokémon characters. This is true when you consider the entirety of the Pokemon franchise.

Niantic has already been making a deliberate effort ever since the launch of Pokemon Go. This is done to add a large number of legendary Pokemon characters into the game. Arceus is one of those legendary Pokemon that players are most interested in obtaining.

In fact, several legendary Pokemon have been successfully captured by players up to this point. However, there are still a great number of others that have yet to be found. As was noted earlier, Arceus is really a legendary Pokémon.

Regrettably, users of Pokemon Go are unable to capture it in the game at this time. This indicates that its gettable form isn’t yet available within the game. This may disappoint the gamers who have been waiting for it.

We’ve no choice but to keep our fingers crossed that Niantic will soon add the ability to catch Arceus. In spite of the fact that Arceus is not currently playable, the following data is based on assumptions.  

Stats of Arceus

  • 238 of Attack
  • 238 of Defense
  • 237 of Stamina

Arceus Max CP

  • At level 15, you can expect 1710
  • At level 20, you can expect 2279
  • At level 30, you can expect 3420
  • At level 40, you can expect 3989

Arceus Max CP, Along with Weather Boost

  • At level 25, you can expect 2850
  • At level 35, you can expect 3705

Max HP of Arceus

  • At level 40, you can expect 199

What Pokemon Can Counter Arceus?

  • Locario
  • Breloom
  • Conkeldurr
  • Blaziken
  • Machamp
Biological Information Related to Arceus

Arceus is a Pokémon that has a white coloration. It has golden hooves and feet that each have four distinct spots on them. The skin of Arceus’ face is gray, while his eyes are a bluish-green color with crimson pupils.

The neck of Arceus is extremely lengthy and has a characteristic that resembles a flap. It possesses a tail that is the same color as the rest of its body, which blends perfectly with it.

The territory of Sinnoh as well as the entire Pokemon Go world, are both widely believed to have been created by Arceus. It is said that this Pokemon has a very long life span. This is true compared to any of its kind in the entire Pokemon population.

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Preparation to Catch Arceus

The above gives you a brief idea about Arces. Now, let’s proceed to catch Arceus. There are a couple of things you should have before capturing an Arceus Pokemon GO. In fact, catching Arceus can be considered the final mission of this interesting game.

Below are the main prerequisites you must accomplish prior to catching this Pokemon called Arceus. Leaving the quests aside, listed below are those requirements you should fulfill.

01. Obtain the Azure Flute

You are able to obtain your Azure Flute soon after the successful completion of the 26th quest. This involves Pokemon Volo and Giratina. Those who have completed this version of the game know how difficult Quest 26 is.

Obtain the Azure Flute

02. Capture 237 Main Pokemon of Hisui

It won’t be enough even if you register all 237 main Pokemon characters to Pokedex. Instead, you should capture all of them if you want to qualify and catch Arceus Pokemon GO. The main Pokemon doesn’t have any Shaymin, Darkrai, Phione, or Manaphy.

After meeting the above main requirements, you will be able to proceed with catching Arceus. However, you are supposed to be well-prepared to accomplish this successfully.

With that said, below are the things you should consider prior to meeting the Pokemon universe’s creator.

  • To begin with, you should be ready with the assistance of a strong Pokemon. This is required because such Pokemon can make Arceus weakened. Capturing a weakened Arceus is considerably easier compared to the regular version of it.
  • You must be patient all the time until you catch Arceus. Arceus is a very strong one, and it can knock you off if you behave recklessly. So, maintain patience until your job is done.
  • Saving is one of the most important aspects you should know. This will surely make it easier for you to resume the game after failing an attempt.

As long as you follow the above tips, you can try catching Arceus with a greater success rate.

Steps to Capture Arceus Pokemon GO

All right… you are prepared in full now. Now, it’s time to learn about the best approach to meet the mighty Arceus.

What you must know is that the process is not as easy as you might expect. You may have to try it a couple of times. So, you should be prepared to retry this several times without worrying.

Let’s follow these steps and catch Arceus.

  1. Before everything else, complete all the prerequisites mentioned above.
  2. Once those prerequisites are fulfilled completely, you can move toward Sinnoh Temple to proceed. This temple can be found on top of Mount Coronet.
  3. When you have reached the temple, you should play the Azure flute as a crucial step. This will bring up a staircase. That will lead to somewhere in the sky.
  4. You can travel up this specific staircase.
  5. On top of the staircase, you will find Creation Pokemon. Then, you can have a chance to encounter it.

Please note that Arceus stands at Level 75. Therefore, fighting will not be that easy, regardless of your expertise. Mentioned below are some of the important things you should know.

  1. You’ll be able to dodge light rings simply by pressing B. However, this is done once they are close enough to graze you. You must know that Areceus can knock you out using five hits. So, you should take the necessary actions to take the least amount of hits and avowing being knocked out.
  2. You are supposed to pay attention to the button labeled “ZL” to change your camera.
  3. Open the Balms using the ZR button.
  4. After knocking out Arceus, you can cast a Pokemon. This will ensure that the Arceus is weakened further. Also, this will confuse Arceus. In addition to that, this is a superb time to hit it with Balms. So, all those steps are required when catching Arceus Pokemon GO.

The above is a general guide for you to consider. However, each player can have different strategies for playing the game. You can carefully take a look at the strategies above and develop your own style.

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1. Can Arceus be shiny in Pokémon GO? Yes, shiny Arceus has been released in Pokémon GO. Keep an eye out for special events or raid battles where shiny Arceus might appear.

2. Is Arceus the most powerful Pokémon in Pokémon GO? While Arceus is undoubtedly powerful, its strength in battles depends on various factors such as its moveset, the opponent’s Pokémon, and the trainers’ strategic skills.

3. Can Arceus learn any move in Pokémon GO? Arceus can learn a wide range of moves, thanks to its ability to adapt to different types. However, the specific moves it can learn depend on its current type and the available moves in Pokémon GO.

4. Are there any regional restrictions on encountering Arceus in Pokémon GO? As of now, there are no regional restrictions on encountering Arceus in Pokémon GO. Trainers worldwide have the opportunity to capture this legendary Pokémon.

5. Can I use Arceus in Pokémon GO battles against other trainers? Absolutely! Arceus can be a valuable asset in battles against other trainers. Its adaptability and strong stats make it a formidable opponent when utilized effectively.


As you got to know, Arceus can be considered the ultimate boss on the version called “Pokemon Legends Arceus.” So, anyone would understand that catching Arceus Pokemon GO is not the easiest task.

To catch this, Arceus, you are supposed to meet specific requirements (which we mentioned in the article). One of those prerequisites is that you must catch all 237 main Pokemon characters. After that, you should acquire the aspect called Azure Flute.

When the requirements are met, as mentioned before, you can meet Arceus. He can be found at Mount Coronet. Just because it is difficult to catch Arceus, we shouldn’t say it is impossible. Catching Arceus Pokemon GO will give you a dream-like end to this phase of the game.

Do you want to know anything else about Arceus? Or do you want to add other information to this article? Please leave us a comment.


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