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Magikarp Nest Pokemon Go

Are you a gaming enthusiast who wonders where to find Magikarp Nest in Pokemon GO? If so, this informative article will be of your assistance; we will cover everything about Magikarp Nest here.


Are you a Pokemon Go Player? If so, you already know that it is possible to acquire legendary Pokemon after completing every set of challenges.

Mew is one of those legendary Pokemon you can acquire after such a series of challenges. Mew can make Magikarp evolve into Gyarados. However, to get it done, you should find a Magikarp Nest.

That said, the hardest part is finding a Magikarp Nest. With this guide, we intend to explain how to capture a Magikarp Nest Pokemon GO for our readers.

Magikarp Nest in Pokemon GO

Reasons Why You Should Find Magikarp Nest Pokemon GO 

Upon evolving Magikarp, the player will be able to gain a significant advantage related to their quest. This will help you catch Mew. What you must know is that Magikarp is a water Pokemon.

Because of that, Magikarp has the ability to migrate so fast to different locations quickly. Because of this characteristic, players will have very little room and time to catch them. So, players are supposed to be very quick and accurate in catching one Magikarp successfully.

Let’s assume that you can catch multiple Magikarp. In that case, you will definitely have a pretty unfair advantage over the others. So, many players are interested in finding plenty of Magikarp Nest Pokemon GO to gain this advantage.

Besides, Bouffalant Pokemon GO is one of those rare Pokemon. Let’s learn how to use a location spoofing application to catch it if you cannot travel to NYC.

The Absence of Magikarp Will Make Things More Difficult

Without the assistance of Magikarp, you will find the game incredibly difficult to complete. That means finding Mew will be substantially difficult if there’s no Magikarp.

However, the good news is that Magikarp doesn’t need you to walk too far to earn candy. On the other hand, you should collect 400 Magikarp Candy if you want to evolve it.

You should travel only one kilometer to walk for the purpose of getting candy. And that has become the only choice for many players to find Magikarp in Pokemon Go.

Once again, you should remember that Magikarp is considered to be a water-type Pokemon. If you intend to find it, you’re supposed to look for it across water bodies, including oceans and lakes. That will give you a bit of luck.

Also, Carnivine Pokemon GO is not available for everyone. This Pokemon is limited to some regions only. Let’s learn how to catch it with a location spoofing tool.

Locations for Finding Magikarp Nests

  1. Coastal Areas:
    • Coastal regions, such as beaches and boardwalks, are known to be frequent spawning grounds for Magikarp. The proximity to water bodies increases the chances of encountering Magikarp and other water-type Pokemon.
  2. Rivers and Lakes:
    • Magikarp is commonly found near rivers, lakes, and ponds. These aquatic environments provide ideal conditions for Magikarp nests, allowing trainers to spot them in abundance.
  3. Parks and Recreational Areas:
    • Parks and recreational areas with ponds or fountains often serve as Magikarp hotspots. Exploring these green spaces can yield numerous encounters with Magikarp.
  4. Waterfront Cities:
    • Cities with a significant waterfront or harbor area tend to have increased Magikarp spawns. Trainers can explore these locations for a higher chance of encountering Magikarp.
  5. Aquariums and Zoos:
    • Some aquariums and zoos collaborate with Pokemon GO, creating partnerships that result in increased Magikarp spawns within their premises. Visiting these attractions can provide a unique opportunity to catch Magikarp.
  6. Events and Community Gatherings:
    • Pokemon GO events and community gatherings often have increased spawns of specific Pokemon, including Magikarp. Keeping an eye on event announcements and joining local Pokemon GO communities can lead to discovering Magikarp nests during such occasions.

What Are the Best Pokemon Go Maps to Locate Magikarp? 

Well, it can be a very helpful option to have some sort of assistance when you play the game.

So, we believe that the Pokemon Go maps mentioned below can help you find Magikarp without much hassle.

01. The Silph Road

If you’re looking for Magikarp in Pokémon Go, The Silph Road ranks among the most reliable map services. It’s great because it comes with a nest atlas as well.

So, it may help you locate the next one quickly and simply. As an added bonus, joining a Pokémon Go community with lots of other players can help narrow your search.

02. PokeHunter

Here’s another impressive source if you want to know where to find Magikarp in Pokemon GO. This offers detailed information related to many locations across the globe so you can find Magikarp with ease.

However, compared to other maps, PokeHunter won’t provide data related to each and every place. Instead, it covers some locations only. So, you are supposed to verify whether or not the areas you expect to cover are on that map.

03. PoGoMap

Let’s assume that you want to know the precise position of Magikarp or any other Pokémon. In that case, you should utilize PoGoMap, which is an excellent map.

It takes things a step further and assists you in navigating to these spots conveniently. And you might even see pointers indicating the direction of the precise spawning location.


Magikarp Nest Pokemon GO with Its Coordinates

Mentioned below are the coordinates that can take you to the exact location of the existing Magikarp nests.

  • Lat: 41.356088, Long: 2.155995
  • Lat: 35.064781, Long: 136.953962

Is It Possible to Teleport GPS and Catch Pokemon Without Moving Out of Your Home?

Discovering the precise location of any Magikarp nest is a step in the right direction. However, what will happen if the nest is located a significant distance from where you currently are? In this scenario, you can utilize a GPS spoofing app to “teleport” the device to the desired place. As a result, you can capture Magikarp without leaving your current position.

The challenge is to track down an iOS location faking program that is both dependable and effective. Spoofing the location is fraught with peril and could lead to a ban on the account. It can happen either temporarily or permanently.

The vast majority of spoofing programs require you to jailbreak your iOS device. Well, it is an operation that poses risks to both your mobile device and the information stored on it.

MockGo is a Superb Solution to Spoof Your Location

The good news, however, is that there is a superb spoofing tool called MockGo to help you. This specific tool can help you overcome the risk of getting banned from Niantic. It can teleport to any of the locations where Magikarp Nest Pokemon GO is.

So, those who wonder where to find Magikarp in Pokemon GO can consider MockGo as a go-to tool.

One of the best things about this tool is that it performs realistic movements. With the assistance of MockGo, you can easily teleport as you wish without moving out of your house.

So, let’s learn how to use this application and spoof locations to play Pokemon Go.

Step 01: Connect Your iOS Device to the PC

First, you should download MockGo on your PC and get it installed as per the instructions.

After that, connect your iPhone to the same PC using a reliable data cable. You can then agree to its terms and conditions before clicking on the button labeled “Start“.


Step 02: Teleport to a Location

Now, you should see that MockGo detects the realistic location of the iOS device. You will be able to see an onscreen map as well.

Do you want to change your location to any of the coordinates where Magikarp Nest is? If so, you can tap the option called “Teleport“. In fact, it is the first option located in the top-right area.

Teleport to a Location with Foneazy MockGo

After that, you can enter the respective coordinates in MockGo’s search bar. When the provided location appears, you can just select it. The selected area will appear highlighted.

enter the respective coordinates in MockGo's search bar

To get a more detailed view, you can zoom the map in. You can even move the map’s pin and adjust its location. When you are satisfied with the location, you can click on the option called “Move Here“.

Foneazy MockGo Move Here
Spoof Your Location using Foneazy MockGo

Step 03: Simulate GPS

You are almost done now. Let’s assume that you intend to move from one place to another and follow a specific route. In that case, you can select one-stop mode. However, if you want to stop at several different spots, you can select multi-spot mode as well. After selecting the mode, you can drop pins on the respective map, and that will plan your route.

One-Stop Mode on MockGo

After that, you can select a speed you intend to use. This can be selected depending on your choice. Then, use its joystick feature located at the bottom of the screen. This will perform a well-simulated movement.

Simulate GPS

MockGo is applicable to any location-based app, including Pokemon Go. You can even capture Magikarp and other precious Pokemon characters using this amazing location spoofer. Thanks to this app, you can play a game like Pokemon Go while comfortably sitting on your couch.

Benefits of Catching Magikarp

Catching Magikarp offers several benefits for Pokemon GO trainers:

  1. Evolution to Gyarados:
    • Accumulating enough Magikarp candies allows you to evolve Magikarp into the powerful Gyarados, which is an excellent addition to your battle team.
  2. Completing Research Tasks:
    • Magikarp is often part of research tasks and quests in Pokemon GO. By catching Magikarp, you can progress through these tasks and earn rewards.
  3. Trading and Gifting:
    • Magikarp can be traded with other players or sent as gifts, fostering social interactions and collaborations within the Pokemon GO community.


  1. Q: Can I catch shiny Magikarp in nests?
    • A: Yes, shiny Magikarp can be encountered in nests, although they are relatively rare. Keep searching, and you might find one!
  2. Q: Are Magikarp nests permanent?
    • A: Magikarp nests can change periodically due to the game’s dynamic spawn system. It is recommended to stay updated with the latest Pokemon GO news and community insights.
  3. Q: Can I catch Magikarp in urban areas?
    • A: While Magikarp nests are more commonly found near water bodies, it is possible to encounter Magikarp in urban areas with lakes, rivers, or parks.
  4. Q: What other Pokemon can be found near Magikarp nests?
    • A: Magikarp nests often attract other water-type Pokemon, such as Psyduck, Slowpoke, and Poliwag.
  5. Q: Can I find Magikarp nests in rural areas?
    • A: Yes, Magikarp nests can be found in rural areas near bodies of water, including lakes, rivers, and ponds.


The above are the methods you can use if you wonder where to find Magikarp in Pokemon GO. As you can notice, Pokemon like Magikarp are difficult to catch.

However, with the correct strategy, you can increase your chances of catching them and thereby advance in the game. If you don’t want to walk out too much but still want to play Pokemon Go, MockGo is ideal.

Basically, it is a location spoofing app that can deliver amazing results. It’s designed with a friendly user interface, so anyone can use it. Simply put, MockGo is an effective option for any player who wants to catch Pokemon easily.

Do you want to know anything else about Magikarp or Pokemon Go? Please let us know. We will include that information in a future article for you.  


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