Top 8 Chinese Gambling Games to Have Fun

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If you are looking for an awesome Chinese gambling game, we have it covered in this article.

There are plenty of options to select from, and we intend to cover the most exciting ones here.

Pretty much all of those games have a very long history, and they remain popular even today.

Chinese Gambling Game – List of Best Options to Choose from

Now, let’s get to the main point without further ado. Below is the list of games for your consideration.

In addition to creating just a list of names, we explain how to play each of these games.

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01. Mahjong


Mahjong is a Chinese board game that dates back thousands of years. As soon as you see the bright tiles, you will know it’s part of this game.

That is specifically because of the distinct emblems found on each one. The game called “Rummy” is very similar to this Mahjong, which is also worth mentioning.

How to Play the Game Mahjong?

4 players can play this game, although there are also versions for 3 players. If you are playing the standard version of Mahjong, you’ll have 144 tiles to work with. If not, you can get more if you intend to play a more complex version.

Well, there are 13 tiles for each player at the start of the game. The 14th tile drawn is used to build four melds (also known as “sets”) and a pair. The pair is known as the eye. And players keep drawing and discarding them until they have a legal hand.

Setting a Mahjong is the main purpose of the game. To do that, the player must arrange all 14 tiles into four sets and one pair.

In addition to that, there are many other rules related to Mahjong. However, we don’t expect to make you confused. Anyway, it is an amazing game that can keep you and your friends engaged.

02. Chinese Poker

Chinese Poker

Did you know that there is a Chinese version of Poker? Well, it is simply called Chinese Poker.

Just like the original version of Poker (Texas Hold’em), Chinese Poker to uses rankings.

The aforesaid rankings are determined to decide the winner of this Chinese gambling game.

Playing Chinese Poker

  • Four players are there, holding 13 cards each.
  • Each player is supposed to split their hands of cards into 3.
  • Two hands should have five cards on each of them. The other hand should have three cards.
  • “3 hands” of each player determines the highest rank.

You should remember that Chinese Poker is an exceptionally competitive and fast gambling game.

You are supposed to memorize the rankings of the hand. As a result, you will know the way to make the best hand using the cards in hand.

03. Ban Luck or Blackjack

Ban Luck or Blackjack

Well, Poker is not the only option you have if you are looking for a Chinese gambling game version.

There is another impressive game called Ban Luck (which is the Chinese version of Blackjack.

It is true that Ban Luck has a great deal of popularity, specifically during the Chinese New Year time.

The main reason behind its enormous popularity is the simplicity factor. In other words, this game can be played even if you are a total novice.

Playing Ban Luck

  • As the first step, you should shuffle the cards well.
  • Then, the dealer should distribute two cards to each player. The cards must be facing down when they are distributed.
  • You can have any number of players play this game.
  • The main goal of this game is to achieve 21 points or closer.
  • It is always possible to play Blackjack with any number of players.
  • Cards 2 to 9 have their face value.
  • 10, J, Q, and K are granted 10 points.
  • Card A has a value of 1 or 11.

Rules of Ban Luck

  • Each player is supposed to have 16 points or more to play the game.
  • The players who don’t have 16 points are given an opportunity to draw from their pile. They can draw from the pile once their turn has come.
  • Assume that a banker or a player possesses 15 points in the first two cards. In that case, they can decide whether to surrender or not.

Special Combinations in Ban Luck

There are some special card combinations when you play Ban Luck. Mentioned below are those combinations for your reference.

  • Ban Luck: ACE + J, Q, K, or 10 – 2X of the total bet amount.
  • Ban Ban: A pair of ACES  – delivers a 3X return on the total bet.
  • 7-7-7: Triple Seven – deliver 7X of the total bet amount.
  • Dragon: If you get five cards without reaching 21 points, you will win 2X of the total bet.

04. Si Se Pai

Si Se Pai

Si Se Pai is also known as Si Ki Pi. In Chinese, it is named “Four Color Cards“.

This specific game has special cards with four different colors. Namely, they come in White, Green, Yellow, and Red.

In addition to that, these cards are divided into three different categories. Mentioned below are those categories for your reference.

Si Se Pai
  • General/King
  • Elephant/Minister
  • Chariot/Rook
  • Guard/Advisor
  • Firecracker/Cannon
  • Footman/Pawn
  • Horse/Cavalry

Each color comes with four different cards. That means there are 28 cards in each color.

Plating Si Se Pai

The main goal of Si Ki Pi is somewhat similar to the game Mahjong.

As per this game, you are supposed to create a winning hand. So, every card should belong to a group.

05. In-Between


In-Between is a game that works for those who love to play a fast-paced game. It is a high-risk game, but it yields high rewards.

In the recent past, this game has become exceptionally popular. The gameplay is very easy, and you will not have to engage in a too complex process.

Also, the amount of fun it delivers is amazing.  

How to Play This Chinese Gambling Game?

In this game, players put their money into a pool. Also, they are dealt in two cards.

Assume that the following card has a value between the value of the previous two cards. In that case, the players call the amount they’re wagering.

In this case, if the third card is placed “in-between,” those two cards you chose earlier. And then, the wager amount will be returned to the pool.

Otherwise, they will contribute to the pot in accordance with the amount they bet.

06. Ngau, Ngao, or Gnau

Ngau, Ngao, or Gnau

Here’s another superb Chinese gambling game for you. The English translation of this game reads “OX.” Interestingly, this game originated in Malaysia.

However, it has now become an excellent choice for an amazing Chinese gambling game.

Playing Ngau

  • There can be a maximum number of 10 players and a dealer to play this game.
  • The dealer distributes cards (5 for each player).
  • The player is supposed to have the element called “Passport” or “OX” to proceed.
  • Each player can make multiples of 10s by picking any three cards from their hand.
  • If you can get 3 + 7 + Q, you have either a passport or an ox.
  • If you can show 20 as the value, you can begin playing the game.
  • The remaining cards (two) in your hand show the strength of your amount.
  • You cannot exceed the value of 10 even if you add two remaining cards together. For instance, if you have cards 7 and 6, the value is 13. However, the value of those cards in the game will be 3. That is the rightmost digit.
  • There are many different game rules related to this game. However, we don’t want to explain them all here.

07. Yu Ha Hai (or Ketam-Ketam)

Yu Ha Hai (or Ketam-Ketam)

Well, the name of this Chinese gambling game translates to Fish, Prawn, and Crab in English.

Basically, this is a board game that originated in China, and the gameplay is solely based on luck.

Playing Ketam-Ketam

Playing Ketam-Ketam
  • This board comes with a picture of the Fish, Crab, Gourd, Chicken, Prawn, and Moon.
  • In order to place a wager, a player must first choose a combination or aside. 
  • This is a game where the dealer throws three dice that have no numbers on them. However, they feature pictures of various sea creatures and fruits.
  • This means that if the three dices fall on a bet, you win!

08. Chor Dai Di

Chor Dai Di

Here’s another impressive Chinese gambling game for you. It is considered yet another version of Poker.

Playing Chor Dai Di

  • There should be four players.
  • Each player has 13 cards.
  • The one who has three diamonds can put down the card as the first person.
  • The most powerful card of this game is two spades.

So, those are the options for you if you are looking for an excellent Chinese gambling game.

You can play these games with your friends and relatives to spend your leisure time.