Top 20 Games Like Resident Evil Worth Checking Out

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Games Like Resident Evil

Want more games like Resident Evil as you don’t want to ditch your dedication to it but desire some fresh thrill too?

Check out the list of top horror games below that will give you the full feel of Resident Evil but differently.

Resident Evil: The Best Horror Game So Far

The horror category in the gaming world hasn’t been a loner, with certain gems making it shine out. One game that set the bar so high was Resident Evil which magnified the horror genre.

The initial series focused on the action-horror theme, the 4-6 series offered more action, and the last series coiled back to horror in the first-person narrative.

However, many other games like Resident Evil deserve your attention too. Following is a list of the top 20 horror games you must check out as they will not thrill you any less.

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#1. Alan Wake

Games Like Resident Evil - Alan Wake

This game’s amazing and engaging storyline is the major factor that makes it win. However, the horror element is not less here as you will see scary monsters flying around in a spooky set-up.

The game falls in the survival horror category but has a unique theme and representation. The story is about Alan, a writer, and his wife, Alice. Both visit Bright for a fresh start, but everything falls apart, with Alice vanishing and strange things starting to happen.

#2. Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009)

Games Like Resident Evil - Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009)

You may find no connection to comparing Batman: Arkham Asylum with the games like Resident Evil. However, the thing that makes this game unique is the setup that involves a mysteriously unknown DC universe.

You cannot call the Justice League here and have to fight the super dangerous enemies with no batman around. The asylum is full of creatures that are scarier than zombies, and you will also see the Joker being at his deadliest best.

#3. Daymare (1998)

Games Like Resident Evil - Daymare (1998)

The first thing to know about this game is that it started as a fan remake of the Resident Evil 2 series. Thus, you will surely find a lot of similar elements occurring throughout the game. It will include zombies, dark paths, jump surprises, a crazy inventory, and much more.

You cannot expect Daymare to be a highly refined game because it has indie origins. However, the game has incorporated certain newer elements that make the genre more interesting.

#4. Days Gone (2019)

Games Like Resident Evil - Days Gone (2019)

Days Gone is one of the games like Resident Evil because it picks on the same kind of action staged in the Resident Evil 6 series. The thrill is injected into the game with the awkward yet engaging set-up.

It involves shooting the hungry zombies down that are hurtling toward you fast. This game is a more wholesome experience for the players. This is so because Resident Evil 6 went low on the action as it focused more on story mode boosting later.

#5. DayZ (2018)

Games Like Resident Evil - DayZ (2018)

If you want to have a better experience at fighting zombies virtually that makes you forget reality, try DayZ. It is an upgrade to the weaponry shown in the initial Resident Evil series. DayZ is about a highly mysteriously scavenging set-up where zombies threaten your survival.

You have to focus on surviving in the setup, and that can make you do anything. Surely, this game looks more promising in terms of both active as well as settings that are both much amplified.

#6. Dead Space (2008)

Dead Space (2008)

This game marked a special differentiation in the horror gaming world by introducing certain strong revolutionary elements. We are talking about the introduction of space as the set-up where zombie fights are happening.

Thus, Dead Space aced creativity levels by infusing futuristic tech elements along with maintaining the horror element. It is about the player having to fight reanimated co-crew members that want to kill him now. Various fight and attack methods do enough to keep players engaged fully.

#7. Deadly Premonition

Deadly Premonition

This is one classic horror game that is going to live more than its age. This is because it has got the horror elements fitted into the right places. You may feel slightly disappointed with the weird, mind-boggling plot; it remains a little catchy with the dialogue delivery and funny voice-over.

The game is about an FBI agent named Francis York Morgan who is out to investigate a murder. The other major character in the story is a very young woman, the prime suspect.

#8. Deep Fear (1998)

Deep Fear (1998)

While there are a lot of games like Resident Evil, Deep Fear is one of those hidden gems that deserve more appreciation. This game is a production of the Sega Saturns that have been considered as a console mostly.

It was launched parallel to Resident Evil 2, yet it was able to mark its territory despite being cliché themed. You can see a unique combination of sci-fi and horror as creatively designed monsters lurk around in a cramped submarine producing interactive gameplay.

#9. Devil May Cry (2001)

Devil May Cry (2001)

The game Resident Evil 4, later on, turned into becoming Devil May Cry due to project misconfigurations. With action as the central theme and missions in the game, the game advances at a slow pace.

Players use Dante’s smart moves and weapons to deal with all the various enemies one by one. The good scary setup and hunts boost the game quality. It is much like Resident Evil but is going to become more combat-centric soon.

#10. Dino Crisis Series (1999-2003)

Dino Crisis Series (1999-2003)

Much clichéd as games like Resident Evil, the Dino Crisis game series has many elements that do make it different in the eyes of close observant. You may not find the dinosaurs anything close to scary, but there is a lot in the game to enjoy.

This includes close-area fights, tank controls, sleeker inventory, puzzles, and a lot of memorable dinosaur encounters. The second game is all action-themed, which makes it even better than the first one.

#11. Dying Light (2015)

Dying Light (2015)

Another gemstone in the zombie horror gaming category, Dying Light, has been built upon themes picked from three games. You can call it a mix of Resident Evil, Mirror’s Edge, and Far Cry. The mash-up of horror, parkour stones, and vast settings provides complete entertainment and thrill to the player.

The game is about an undercover agent sent into the zombie apocalypse that struck Harran city. There, the agent ultimately ends up realizing that the job goes beyond the aim of just saving the citizens.

#12. Left 4 Dead (2008)

Left 4 Dead (2008)

The game that made the biggest efforts at not just being one of those games like Resident Evil Left 4 Dead is a great zombie horror play series. The representation and gameplay are much unique, with shooting being the central theme.

It can be considered an upgrade of the Resident Evil 7 series. The game involves engaging with the zombies in teamed combat and appearing victorious out of it. The co-op mode is the TRP of the game that bolsters its replay value.

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#13. ObsCure


This game doesn’t do any good at departing from the entertainment that Resident Evil offers to us. However, what keeps it popular is its classic tone with good horror elements and co-op playset. You may find it stupid to deal with the silly mystery puzzles, boring storyline, and complex setup.

Though, it is exciting to play the game with a team where each member can be a character. The unique skills of every character and mysterious deaths make it a thrilling game.

#14. P.T. (2014)

P.T. (2014)

Turned into a masterpiece in itself, P.T. is that one game that will take away all your bravery. The horror element in this game is top-tier, as the makers initially wanted it to be Silent Hill’s demo.

You will have to deal with sudden occurrences of ghosts that will threaten to derail your confident gaming forays. The sad news here is that the game is no longer available. Though, you must look for the gameplay online.

#15. Parasite Eve Series (1998-2010)

Parasite Eve Series (1998-2010)

A production of Square, it is an effectively interesting departure from the cliché games like Resident Evil. Essentially, its survival horror blended with some RPG elements where an NYPD officer is trying to hunt down a woman turned evil. The narrative of the game is amazing, paces subtly with the different interesting characters.

You will enjoy the combats much that get better with the strategic elements you can add with game upgrades. This game with a sequel is amazing, while the last one is a bit extreme.

#16. Shadows of the Damned (2011)

Shadows of the Damned (2011)

A joint production of Grasshopper Manufacture and Shinji Mikami, this is one horror game that eventually became tougher. The game is all about guiding a demon hunter so that he can save his partner stuck in the underworld.

The final series you will be playing now is a funnier version of the Resident Evil series. The game is made for you if you are a shooter on the third end. The star features include a unique set-up and funny characters with rare monstrous faces.

#17. Silent Hill Series (1999-2012)

Games Like Resident Evil - Silent Hill Series (1999-2012)

Eerier than most games like Resident Evil, the Silent Hill series is the best alternative horror game you must try immediately. While Resident Evil offers better action, Silent Hill offers truer horrific feelings of being stuck in a mysterious set-up.

Essentially, this game has continued to keep the essence of real horror alive and let the players feel it too. You can remember that the first Resident Evil game series took a similar approach.

#18. The Evil Within (2014)

Games Like Resident Evil - The Evil Within

Coming from the Resident Evil directors only, The Evil Within can be found on various gaming consoles too. The central theme of this game involves a higher degree of blood-shedding.

Surviving through loads of deadly moments and events, the game is going to leave you stunned with the activities offered.

Even though there is a lot to enjoy, you might start feeling overwhelmed by the huge gameplay feature tray. There is everything- traps, stealth, shooting, supernatural, combat, and much more.

#19. The Last of Us (2013)

Games Like Resident Evil - The Last of Us

Tragedy becomes a deeper involved thread in this game, The Last of Us. Here, blood, zombies, and a lot more deaths await you as you move ahead. The game is about Chris and Leon’s characters with their group trying to survive the zombie apocalypse caused by a virus outbreak.

The features are surely modern, but the action is still louder, where you can make many moves and shoot. This is the best zombie horror game, hands down, for you to try right away.

#20. The Walking Dead Series (2012-19)

Games Like Resident Evil - The Walking Dead Series

Among the games like Resident Evil, the narrative is the strongest part of The Walking Dead series. It becomes more assertive after the Game of the Year title bagged by this game due to the exceptional storyline.

You will find some of the reminiscences from the previous Resident Evil titles, but the sequences are better in this game. This becomes even better as the series advances. You get all the means to put up a fight while engaging with the story characters.


  1. Are these games available on multiple platforms? Yes, most of the games mentioned in this article are available on various platforms, including PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.
  2. Are these games suitable for players new to the horror genre? While some games may be more intense than others, many of them offer different difficulty settings and can be enjoyed by both newcomers and seasoned horror game players.
  3. Do these games focus more on combat or exploration? The balance between combat and exploration varies between the games. Some emphasize intense combat, while others prioritize atmospheric exploration and puzzle-solving.
  4. Can I play these games with friends in multiplayer mode? While some games on this list offer multiplayer modes or cooperative play, others are designed as single-player experiences. Check the individual game details to determine if multiplayer options are available.
  5. Are these games suitable for younger players? Most of the games mentioned in this article are rated for mature audiences due to their horror themes, violence, and intense content. Parents should review the ratings and content before allowing younger players to engage with these games.

Final Words

These top 20 horror games like Resident Evil can be part of your next play-cation. Do share with us how you liked them and if you found any other exceptional horror games.


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