Top 15 Best Nancy Drew Games

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Best Nancy Drew Games

We have always been thrilled by Nancy Drew’s books full of mysteries, adventures, and horror. The struggle to take on many problems and search for a solution has been the center of Nancy Drew’s stories.

The same tale has been brought in the form of video games by Her Interactive. There are 32 main games and the latest Salem, MA-based mystery, which came out in November 2020.

So, let’s roll our sleeves up for a sleuth and rank our 15 best Nancy Drew games playthrough.

15. Secrets Can Kill (Remastered)

Best Nancy Drew Games - Secrets Can Kill

The new edition of Secrets Can Kill brought nostalgia to the hardcore fans of Nancy Drew and excited its new fan base. Secrets Can Kill has to be on this list; firstly, because it is an original game, and secondly, because it was the most successful game of Nancy Drew.

Besides that, this game was so massive that it came in two CDs. Therefore, this new and special edition will appeal to old and new mystery game fans alike!

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14. The Secret of the Old Clock

The Secret of the Old Clock

If we have to describe The Secret of the Old Clock in a single word, it would surely be ‘delightful.’ As the time is ticking away, Nancy Drew tries to find a will of an eccentric man to help out a friend.

The music, characters, and Lilac Inn’s environment are from a historical timeline set in 1930. The historical time makes you feel like you are solving an age-old mystery.

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13. The Ghost of Thornton Hall

Best Nancy Drew Games - The Ghost of Thornton Hall

The Ghost of Thornton Hall is a combination of sinister stories and engaging characters. This series will give you an exciting journey in Thornton Hall, which is based on the abandoned Thornton estate’s tragic and dark past.

It is far too darker and deadly, making it cumbersome for many players to carry on until the end. Nonetheless, intriguing voice acting and puzzles make it easy to get sucked into the game and hard to stop before concluding. Fans rewarded this series with one of the most adored games to date.

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12. The White Wolf of Icicle Creek

The White Wolf of Icicle Creek

The White Wolf of Icicle Creek is the 16th game in the Nancy Drew adventurous game series. The game takes place in Alberta, Canada, where Nancy Drew visits to investigate the Icicle Creek toll house. This game introduced one of the most dramatic interface changes to the series.

It is full of unexpected hurdles and unpleasant situations, making it more exciting as you make your way to the toll house. The game includes all the adventurous realms like ice fishing, snowball fights, cooking tasty meals, and encountering wolves. It offers you an all-in-one package full of heart-pounding plots.  

11. The Silent Spy

Best Nancy Drew Games - The Silent Spy

The Silent Spy is another masterpiece in the best Nancy Drew games series. This game cripples the toxic plot and discloses the truth behind Kate Drew’s (Nancy Drew’s mother) death. We do not know much about Nancy Drew’s mother, but this game series brings her past life into the light. 

The story revolves around a decade ago incident when Agent Kate Drew was on a mission to Scotland. While she completes her task, her mysterious car accident raises a concern. This game is full of action with flawless gameplay.  

10. Message in a Haunted Mansion

Message in a Haunted Mansion

Message in a Haunted Mansion is one of the creepiest yet most incredible adventure series. The story base revolves around the mysterious accidents that happen in a house full of secrets. Horror games are pretty popular, and there are plenty of them on the market.

But, this series has broken those obligatory horror norms and defined them instead with a scientific term. A detective knows there’s always a scientific reason behind the bumps in the night.

Through this game series, Her Interactive has tried to bring some new and fresh cuisine to the table with old ingredients and methods. 

9. The Curse of Blackmoor Manor

Best Nancy Drew Games - The Curse of Blackmoor Manor

The Curse of Blackmoor Manor is the most liked Nancy Drew game series ranked 9th in the best Nancy Drew games lists. This game series features interrogating suspects, 3D graphics, and finding solutions to different challenges and puzzles.

You will be enthralled to witness a beautifully structured yet mysterious mansion rising from the depth of the misty British swampland in the middle of a deserted area.

As you explore the site further, the story deepens and gets more complicated as you encounter the mischievous past of every character.

8. Danger on Deception Island

Danger on Deception Island

The 9th game in the Nancy Drew adventurous series walks you through the unprecedented incident when as Nancy Drew, you went to Deception Island for a whale-watching trip. This game series is ranked at the 4th position in this best Nancy Drew games list due to its wavering enigma and situations. 

You must confront that unwanted situation to solve the case of vandalism and threats. Not to mention, the player gets to kayak and go whale-watching.

7. The Final Scene

Best Nancy Drew Games - The Final Scene

The Final Series is the 5th game in the Nancy Drew adventurous series. In this game, Nancy races against the clock to find her kidnapped friend in a theatre set to be demolished. Unfortunately, the historical theatre has a lot hidden, which needs to be discovered to free Nancy’s friend from hostage. 

The villain, who always seems to be ahead of Nancy Drew, comes face-to-face as she runs against the clock.

Also, the combination of travel and clever hiding spots of all the clues are some of the great features of this game. The breathtaking situations and ticking clock made this game series thrilling.

6. Warning at Waverly Academy

Warning at Waverly Academy

Unlike any other Nancy Drew’s abandoned places of investigation, the investigation in the Warning at Waverly Academy game series takes place in a prestigious private school.

As Nancy Drew, you are responsible for discovering the culprit behind the threatening notes and nasty accidents aimed at its valedictorian candidates.

Under the pseudonym Black Cat, Nancy gets frequent threats from someone trying to vandalize the valedictorian class. Does someone want to protect a dirty secret, or is it just friendly gameplay? Play this game to find out.

5. Shadow at the Water’s Edge

Best Nancy Drew Games - Shadow at the Water's Edge

We must include another haunted game series, Shadow at the Water’s Edge, on the best Nancy Drew games list. This series will take you to Tokyo, Japan, and lead you to a haunted ryokan (Japanese Inn) where Nancy Drew stayed.

Shadow at the Water’s Edge allows you to immerse yourself in Japan’s beautiful and mesmerizing culture and heritage. The fantastic music and strong-fitting characters are engaging. You will be bewildered to see Nancy Drew solving Sudoku while hunting down malevolent poltergeists at the same time. 

4. Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

Yet another successful Nancy Drew horror game has made it to the best Nancy Drew games list. Here, Nancy Drew tries to investigate ghost dogs that haunt a chalet in Moon Lake, Pennsylvania.

As Nancy Drew, you need to solve dark puzzles, search through blear woods, and interrogate suspicious characters to reveal the secret behind these ghost dogs.

And, to experience more thrill, try to play it at midnight, in the dark. Plus, the story of this game will fascinate you. It accords you a mysterious path to seek clues on the track of a pack of ghost hounds!

3. The Shattered Medallion

Best Nancy Drew Games - The Shattered Medallion

The heavy storyline and integrated puzzles of this game have received praise from fans. Its unique story has gained it 2nd place on this best Nancy Drew games list.

However, there could be a quarrel among many players about its storyline. But players who like to play games full of puzzles will love this Nancy Drew game series.

2. The Creature of Kapu Cave

The Creature of Kapu Cave

The Creature of Kapu Cave is a light yet exciting and adventurous game series. So, you can enjoy and relax on the island for a short while! As a research assistant, Nancy Drew travels to Hawaii to determine why the plague is on this Hawaiian Island.

This game series may not be as challenging as other best Nancy Drew games, but solving its unique puzzles has made it memorable. Teaming up with the Hardy Boys and tracking through ancient legends in Hawaii has glued the game in our memory.

1. Midnight in Salem

Best Nancy Drew Games - Midnight in Salem

The latest game in the Nancy Drew series has to be at the top of the best Nancy Drew games list. In Salem, Massachusetts, the plot occurs where Nancy Drew investigates arson on the Hawthorne estate. It’s a story about jeopardy, conspiracy, and problematic relationships in Midnight in Salem.

The 3D graphics, interviewing suspects, and investigation for clues sold this game worldwide. In addition, it is modernized and updated, allowing users to interact with objects and tips in a way they had never done before.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Are Nancy Drew games suitable for all ages?
    • Yes, Nancy Drew games are designed to be enjoyed by players of various ages. However, some games may contain themes and puzzles that are more challenging for younger players.
  2. Do I need to play the Nancy Drew games in a specific order?
    • No, each game in the Nancy Drew series is a standalone adventure. You can choose to play them in any order based on your preferences.
  3. Are the puzzles in Nancy Drew games difficult?
    • The puzzles in Nancy Drew games vary in difficulty. Some may be more challenging than others, but hints and tips are usually provided to help players progress.
  4. Can I play Nancy Drew games on different platforms?
    • Nancy Drew games are available for PC and Mac platforms. Some titles may also be available for mobile devices.
  5. Are there any upcoming Nancy Drew games?
    • To stay updated on the latest Nancy Drew game releases, you can visit the official website of Her Interactive or check gaming platforms for announcements.


So, these were the best Nancy Drew games. Remember that this is a subjective ranking of the best Nancy Drew games, and other people might have their favorites.

You can play these games per your preferred genre, including suspense and thriller, supernatural horror, historical, mythology, etc.


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