Top 10 Games Like Tetris (Games Similar to Tetris)

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In this article, we list down games like Tetris for your reference. If you are a fan of the ever-popular Tetris game, these games will match your desires perfectly.

So, go ahead and choose Tetris similar games to spend your leisure time with more excitement.

Tetris Similar Games 

Even if there is no shortage of genres to choose from, the popularity of puzzle games is significant. The demand for puzzle games is still there, and it is only likely to grow.

There are plenty of titles under the puzzle genre, and new titles are being added frequently. Some titles are more special than others due to various reasons. Puyo Puyo Champions is one of those popular franchises that bought puzzle games to a whole new level.

Now that Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 is born, many people love it. If you are one of those individuals who are looking for games similar to Tetris, read the list below.

Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 has become an innovative value addition to this franchise, thanks to its impressive features. Players are now able to access a plethora of features.

However, people are still looking for other games similar to Tetris. Mentioned below are some of the Tetris similar games for your reference.

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01. Lumines Remastered  

Games Like Tetris - Lumines Remastered

Tetsuya Mizuguchi is the one who is behind the game Tetris Effect. Did you know that he didn’t stop after making a single puzzle game for the world?

Well, Lumines Remastered is one of those games made by the same developer, Tetsuya Remastered. This specific game allows you to play a superb 2X2 box placement.

One of the most impressive characteristics of this game is that it works on any console (even the latest). This game works on those consoles smoothly.

It has superior graphics, stunning soundtracks, and very impressive gameplay. That is exactly why we consider Lumines Remastered as one of the best games similar to Tetris.

Besides, if you are searching for popular Puzzle Games like Myst, this guide is just for you.

02. Tricky Towers

Tricky Towers

Tricky Towers are considered to be one of the best games like Tetris due to various reasons. This game wants you either to build the tallest tower or use the greatest number of blocks. Those blocks are supposed to be used in the tight spaces provided.

That is so challenging for any player. You can then add magi spells as well, so the game becomes a really challenging, impressive one.

Moreover, the game contains plenty of craziness as well, so it becomes an amazing multiplayer game. So, we consider this one as one of the best Tetris similar games without a doubt.

03. Spaera

Games Like Tetris - Spaera

Spaera comes with a unique cascading mechanism. As a result, it makes this game a rare one compared to other games like Tetris. The game presents you with eight characters. They are packed with plenty of charm, so you can choose any of them.

It is very easy to pick up the game, even if you are an absolute novice. However, the depth of the game and the level of complexity is not the simplest. As a gamer, you will love that because it is not a “boringly easy” game.

At a glance, it appears as if it doesn’t go beyond Steam Early Access forever. However, there is enough and more content in this game for gamers to explore. So, you can play this game with some nostalgia factor as well.

04. Drop Mania

Drop Mania

Well, this is an interesting thing you should know as a fan of Tetris. Did you know that one of the best games like Tetris was offered from ice cream trucks only?

And, did you know that the games were sold through ice cream trucks located in Finland only? Well, Drop Mania is that game you can buy from Finnish ice cream trucks.

This game was published by a developer called Suomen Kotijäätelö Oy. And, the gameplay of this exciting title is very strong. Even Konami went for a knock-off after some years later with a device like Gameboy Advance.

Well, as of today, this game has become abandonware. As a result, you can play it without costing anything. With all those interesting facts, we consider it one of the best Tetris similar games.

05. Blockout 2

Games Like Tetris - Blockout 2

The original version of Blockout was released in 1989. With that release, the gaming world experienced an impressively new perspective. Players had to view the field from an ariel view on a 3D pit.

Then, they should place down their blocks that appear like Tetris. It is true that the game was not available in any ports after the Virtual Boy release. However, the game had a very impressive, die-hard fanbase.

Blockout 2, the new version of Blockout, was released in 2007. The game had a massive graphical update as the new release. It is free to play as of today. So, if you are interested in Tetris similar games, this is a nice option to try.

06. Octomania


You may already know that there are more than 1500 games for the Nintendo Wii. Many players tend to miss many of those superb hidden games because of this massive variety.

Octomania is one of those special puzzle games that were created with the supervision of Moo Niitani. He is the developer who created Puyo Puyo! As per the gameplay, you should sort out octopi.

Meanwhile, you should send the opponent sea urchins. That is a fun-filled experience. However, it is one of the most unusual games with some cute characteristics as well. Did you even imagine that cooking up Takoyaki would be so much fun in a game?

The good news is that this game can still be found. Also, it is not the most expensive game on online marketplaces such as eBay. As a player, you can grab this game with loads of interest. You can play this game on your old Wii.

07. Anode

Games Like Tetris - Anode

Anode is one of those best games similar to Tetris, thanks to the classic block falling appearance. In addition to that, it has the formula to add the lines to links that appear between blocks.

This game was developed by Kittehwave Software. It is designed in such a way, that it works in multiplayer and single-player modes. The overall gaming experience of Anode is so flexible. The game costs only $3.99. You will not find any other puzzle game at this price.

08. Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

Did you ever know the similarity between a fighting game and a puzzle game? Well, there are plenty of similarities between the two. Well, when it comes to highly competitive titles such as Puyo Puyo Tetris 2, this is particularly true.

In fact, the original Super Puzzle Fighter II is a very old game, for your information. It was released in 1996. They are released for arcades and borrowed mechanics from Puyo Puyo 2. This game was able to outperform Tekken 2 at that time.

The game has some perfectly balanced characters. Also, it has some newer gaming modes. As a result, the gameplay appears to be more polished and flexible compared to the previous ones. In a nutshell, finding a better puzzle game for this will be somewhat difficult.

09. Dr. Mario

Games Like Tetris - Dr. Mario

If you remember, Dr. Mario was available in the same cartridge as Tetris. Therefore, it has all the qualifications to be rated as one of the best games like Tetris. It is true that the mobile version of Dr. Mario was nothing but a failure.

However, Dr. Mario Express and Dr. Luigi are still in the market, and they do really well. The gameplay has become more interesting recently because it requires you to knock the viruses out with pills. After all, that’s a very satisfying feeling while living in a pandemic.

10. Tetris 99

Tetris 99

When you play the Tetris game, you already know that you have to beat a single opponent. For any gamer, that is a very satisfying feeling.

Well, that’s about the original version of Tetris. What do you think about beating 99 opponents? Does that sound impressive? If that’s the case, Tetris 99 is your pick.

In fact, Tetris 99 is a unique game that comes with several impressive characteristics. For instance, Tetris 99 is a combination of puzzle games and Battle Royale games.

Because of this unique combination, you can experience the ultimate competitive environment in this game. The game comes with plenty of crossovers as well as other Nintendo games.

Also, it has plenty of skins and themes to add more value to the game. If you claim yourself to be a master of Tetris, you should try this one and show your skills.


1. Can I play these games on my smartphone? Absolutely! Many of these games are available on both Android and iOS platforms, allowing you to enjoy them on your smartphone or tablet.

2. Are these games suitable for all ages? Yes, most of the games mentioned in this article are suitable for players of all ages. However, it’s always a good idea to check the age rating and content of each game before letting younger players engage with them.

3. Are these games free to play? While some of the games listed here are free to play, others may have a price associated with them. Make sure to check the app store or official websites for pricing details.

4. Can I play these games offline? The availability of offline play depends on the specific game. Some games can be played offline, while others require an internet connection for features such as multiplayer or leaderboard functionality.

5. Can I sync my progress across multiple devices? For games that offer cloud save or account-based systems, you can usually sync your progress across multiple devices. Check the game’s settings or documentation for instructions on how to enable this feature.


On top of that, there can be many other games to fall into this category. However, as you already know, there’re thousands of games under the puzzle genre, so differentiating games is incredibly difficult.

That is exactly why we had to limit this list to 10. If you know other games like Tetris, please let us know. We will update this list of games similar to Tetris.


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