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Games like Myst

Myst & Puzzle Games Like Myst

Developed by brothers Robyn and Rand Miller and their video game company Cyan, Inc, Myst is an adventurous puzzle video game in which you need to unfold mysteries of the Myst Island. It has many mysterious books that you must find in order to progress in the game.

As you advance further, you come across several things that eventually help you to solve the mysteries. Myst is a first-person adventure game that works on the point and clicks mechanism. The gameplay of Myst is based on puzzle solving, which is why it does not include a detailed prologue and lets you unravel the story.

Plus, you need to carefully choose the objective and make decisions because its ending totally depends on your steps. It was released in 1993 and instantly garnered huge success that motivated its developers to release sequels, novels, and spin-off video games.

Myst is available on almost all major platforms, including Mac OS, Windows PC, PlayStation, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, iOS, Android, and a few others.

It is a single-player game that requires your detailed analytical skills to stand out. If unfolding mysteries and puzzles is what you like, then you must check this list of nine games like Myst.

Top Puzzle Games Like Myst

1. The Secret of Grisly Manor

The Secret of Grisly Manor Complete walkthrough

The Secret of Grisly Manor could be nostalgic for 90’s puzzle-solving video games like Myst lovers. If you have played such games, then you will enjoy playing The Secret of Grisly Manor.

Its game style is akin to Myst. The game starts with a letter that your famous innovator grandfather wrote to you before he goes missing.

He wrote a letter asking you to visit his mansion so that he could show you something amazing. The letter is the only trace that your fictional grandfather has left, and it will eventually help you unravel the puzzle of your grandfather’s kidnapping.

Puzzle Games like Myst - The Secret of Grisly Manor

The brief prologue is quite dramatic. On your way towards the mansion, while heavy rain is pouring accompanied by thunder and lightning, you enter the mansion to discover several mysteries and puzzles.

Be vigilant and analyze every detail in order to solve the puzzle to discover that amazing thing that your grandfather wanted to show you. The game developers have managed to develop well-thought gameplay, which you will enjoy playing. The Secret of Grisly Manor’s intricate gameplay makes it one of the best Myst-like games. 

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2. The Lost City

The Lost City Walkthrough - iPhone, iPad, iOS (HD)

After solving the mystery of your grandfather, it’s time to unfold your grandmother’s puzzle. You have to play this game to know the city your grandmother mentioned and discover that the city actually exists. The thrill and adventure of its gameplay are intriguing and are similar to games like Myst. 

The Lost City is the first-person puzzle adventure game that is created by Fire Mapel Games. The visuals are captivating and will allow you to indulge in the game completely. As you explore its fantasy world, you will be surrounded by twisted stories and their overwhelming complexity.

The Lost City

Similar to other games like Myst, The Lost City is based on point and click mechanism. Its gameplay is challenging even for hardcore fans of this genre. But, don’t worry; there are enough clues and items that will assist you in advancing in the game.

In addition, you will get access to a journal consisting of several hints and notes, which will guide you in the game. The enigma of this game will enthrall you, and you may likely feel sad at the time of its ending.

Nevertheless, you must step up for an adventurous quest of a city, which you thought was just a whim of your grandmother.

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3. Timelapse

Timelapse Puzzle Games like Myst

Timelapse is an adventure game that displays your journey of a quest for your fictional friend, professor Alexander Nicholas.

He has summoned you to an Easter Island, but when you reach there, you find anything but a professor’s camera and a journal. The entire gameplay is based on the secret city of Atlantis.

During a journey to the island, you will explore several strange places of Anasazi, Maya, and Egypt. Therefore, you must reach Atlantis, search for clues, and unleash the puzzles in order to save your friend Nicholas. Plus, the left page of the journal will assist in your adventurous journey.

To complete your mission, you must contemplate every possibility and assemble the information to use in solving the riddles. Timelapse is available on macOS and Microsoft Windows. You must check out this one of the exciting games like Myst and enjoy its adventure.  

4. Vanished: The Island

Vanished: The Island - iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad - HD Gameplay Trailer

Vanished: The Island contains a similar game style and mechanism as other games like Myst. Developed by Sky Horse Interactive, this game has a lot to contribute to the puzzle adventure genre and so to your game list.

Its theme contains an essence of classic adventure with its twisted playthrough. The story begins with a message from your Aunt Emma, who is off on an adventure to a tropical island to dig up a Mayan archeological site.

During her tour, she got into trouble and sent you a message asking for your help. In order to save her, you go to that tropical island where you come across no one but a raven. Now, your mission is to find your Aunt while you unwind the twisted knots of her disappearance.

Plus, you can take help from your journal in which you have gathered all the information and clues related to her. Vanished: The Island is a story-driven graphic puzzle game that is similar to other Myst-like games on this list.

Its story, game style, playthrough, and intricate puzzles are something that every Myst fan searches for. The developers of this game have done a commendable job in designing this fictional story, which lets you experience mind-boggling gameplay.

5. Obduction

Obduction PlayStation Launch Trailer

Obduction is a first-person adventure game set up in a fictional alien world. This game environment looks like a combination of the alien and human world, giving it a queer look altogether.

You will be dropped off in a strange place, and your mission is to find a way back to your home. Exploring the world, looking for clues, gathering information, and solving puzzles are some requisite actions required in order to complete the missions.

Similar to some other games like Myst, the gameplay of Obduction is based on the point-and-click mechanism, which provides you with a unique experience.

Plus, you can test every item or clue that you gather during your solo expedition to an alien world. This game is quite interesting, and therefore you must try this one of the best games like Myst.  

6. Zork Series

Zork Series

Zork Series will take you through classic interactive adventure games like Myst. It is one of the oldest puzzle first-person game franchises developed for PC. Its game style is worth your time and energy.

Keep in mind that it does not include any conversation or dialogue, and all the information is based on text. It might be possible that you dislike puzzle games without sound; however, if you are an ardent fan of this genre and love to play such games, then you should not restrict yourself from playing them.

To gather the information, you need to type every word and converse with other characters. Its riddles will keep you involved for several hours. The best part is that Zork allows you to use your imagination and visualization power so as to complete the mission.

This trilogy comprises interesting stories, puzzle complexity, and appealing visuals. In short, it harnesses every mechanism, which allures Myst fans. Try out this cult classic adventure series and expand your list with some authentic and earliest games like Myst.  

7. Machinarium

Machinarium - Official Trailer

Developed by Amanita Design, Machinarium is a puzzle adventure game based on the point-and-click style. It has been developed for many game platforms and is one of the best Myst-like games out there. Its gameplay will surely quench your thirst for similar games in this genre.

Similar to other games like Myst, Machinarium is about solving difficult puzzles in order to complete the mission. Unlike other Myst-like games, it does not include dialogue. The character will communicate with you via its thought bubble.

Its gameplay includes a two-tier hint system, and at every level, you will get one clue to unravel the puzzle further. Needless to say, as you start solving the mystery and advance further, the levels become more difficult thus, reduce the importance of the clues provided to you.

Machinarium has bagged various awards, including Best Soundtrack and Excellence in Visual Art, and Best Indie Game. Plus, its app is one of the most famous game apps lately. Therefore, you must try this game and experience its stirring gameplay.

8. XON Episode One

XON Episode 1 for Android and iOS

The visuals of XON Episode One will bewitch you with its landscapes and beautiful environment accompanied by soothing background music, which adds an aura to the game as you explore its fictional world.

It is an open-world game where you are free to roam around and hunt for clues to solve a riddle. Similar to other games like Myst, the fictional world of this game looks strange and baffling, thus increasing the complexity of its gameplay. 

The perfect blend of the human and alien world is what makes its playthrough interesting. Even though it is the same as other games like Myst, it is unique in its own way. Try this game out and advance further as you unravel the mystery.

9. Ether One

Ether One PlayStation 4 Trailer

Although Ether One’s gameplay resembles Myst-like games, its plot is quite different. This game does not revolve around you, but it is the story of another character that has lost its memory and needs your assistance in order to bring it back.

You, as a professional mind restorer, must help a lady reconstruct her memory. The lady is suffering from severe mental illness, and you must help to bring her childhood memory back. While conducting your mission, you need to have a proper conversation with the patient and solve the riddles or puzzles.

The game setup is in the town of Pinwheel, where your pursuit for answers begins. In the beginning, the clues are straightforward, which makes the puzzles simple to solve, but gradually the levels become tough, and the clues get vague.

So, these were some of the popular interactive adventure games like Myst. We have included a wide variety of Myst-like games in this list.

All these Myst-like games are based on the puzzle-solving genre with unique features. They are great Myst alternatives to play.


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