Best Games like Left 4 Dead

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Games like Left 4 Dead

If any gamer has been addicted to zombie-based games, he/she could not ignore the Left 4 Dead game. It not only gives a look at monstrous hordes but also has a cooperative gameplay mode.

Though many zombie game genres exist, only a few games are similar to Left 4 Dead. With a lot of innovation in this genre, here are the ten best games that can give you the experience of Left 4 Dead. 

#1 – Alien Swarm

Games like Left 4 Dead - Alien Swarm

Alien Swarm is a co-operational game from Valve. Although it was released with the Left for Dead 2 game, it has a whole new set of design elements that could literally make this game an eye-catch for the people who love to play.

The teams choose their own characters as they go through different classes and progress through the haunting levels, taking down the swarms of aliens on their way. The different classes ensure that the players adopt new strategies with the changing levels. Experience points are collected with every new level.

The best add-on is that it’s free to play, which means players can go to Steam and download it. And most of the computers have no problem running them. The game brings to the players a unique blend of hunting, co-operating, and squad-level strategic planning.

It is not the greatest game ever made, but the players will have some well-packed fun and are surely investing time.

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#2 – Dead Rising

Dead Rising

Dead Rising is a classic cult next-generation zombie slaying game. The plots have never been more entertaining. Dead Rising promises humorously programmed dialogues along with campy situations.

With its smoothness through unlocked framerates ad reduced loading times, Dead Rising is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining games on PC. The unlocked framerate allows numerous zombies to appear on the screen at once.

Players are quickly drawn to this game. The original game’s lengthy loading time is no more as you get to experience smooth gameplay. Based on the strategy and urgency involved in this game, Dead Rising is an enjoyable game for people who love zombie games.

Let’s hope the sequel brings on this feature for the cooperative mode. But it is no doubt a unique and entertaining game.

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#3 – Deep Rock Galactic

Games like Left 4 Dead - Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic is a space-based game, although it takes influences from the Left for Dead game series, which are somewhat apparent.

Four players form a team and progress through the game to some intergalactic locations. They are challenged with all sorts of creepy and horrifying aliens, which the team takes down together.

The best feature of Deep Rock Galactic is that the players don’t face the same situation twice, as the environments are generated procedurally. The levels can be fully destructed and react to the explosive nature of weapons and the attacks by aliens.

This is the best of its kind, with tons of new and interesting synergies between the four classes. With the wide range of objectives throughout the game, players can have a blast, develop skills, and customize their looks.

#4 – Gunfire Reborn

Gunfire Reborn

Gunfire Reborn is again another co-operational adventure level-based game for up to 4 players at once. The game features RPG, and high framerates giving players the ability to control ad experience the super-built gameplay and explore random levels.

With every level being random, every start is a new experience. The players get to meet new heroes, play with new weapons and items, and strategically plan every level in a new way.

With the crisp graphics running up to 160 framerates, the combat becomes easy to grasp, and everything in the game is explained well as you go through new levels.

Gunfire Reborn is an Early Access that helps the developers clear off the bugs, if any, and also adds new gameplay ideas simultaneously.

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#5 – Helldivers

Games like Left 4 Dead - Helldivers

Helldivers is similar to the Left 4 Dead game except for its different gameplay modes. Unlike Left 4 Dead, Helldivers is a twin-stick cooperative shooter game. There are three different enemies that the player needs to tackle.

Though it is a game with procedurally-generated missions, the player himself can choose where to drop the bomb while defeating the enemies. The players try to manage democracy as the fine line between military and government rules is misused.

Helldivers is designed to let the players compete with authority and confidence. The variety of missions and options enables players to use their intelligence to figure out the levels with their co-players.

The sound effects represent the action convincingly. All three versions of Helldivers are available for the price of one. It Is no doubt an excellent combination of tactics and action.

#6 – Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Shutdown is one of the games similar to Left 4 Dead. It is a multiplayer game with two gameplay modes. The player acts as a bounty hunter and chases to find and eliminate monsters while escaping from the island with his bounty. This video game has a dark atmosphere combined with heavy PvE, PvP, and PvPvE acronyms.

The player needs to tour the towns to find clues for defeating the ultimate target. The target can be anyone among the four monsters: Assassin, Butcher, Spider, and Scrapbeak. As the clues are collected, the map narrows down to give the target’s location.

At each step, there are various sets of weapons, including gunshots and crossbows, which players need to defeat their enemies. 

Each level of the game allows 12 individuals to play at a time. Though the game is a bit complex and convoluted, the player can become clear and aware of it after three levels. 

#7 – Killing Floor 2

Games like Left 4 Dead - Killing Floor 2

Launched in 2015, Killing Floor 2 is a sequel to the Killing Floor video game of 2009. It is a zombie-based game loved by those who play games like Left 4 Dead.

It has a European setting with creative indoors, giving an excellent art style. Killing Floor 2 has a PvP model with different gameplay modes involving up to five players. Along with different waves, there are four difficulty levels.

The game replicates events from Killing Floor, where an insane researcher hijacked the biotech firm to spread military clones across the UK. There are zombie-like specimens that need to be killed by which players gain monetary benefit along with experience points.

During the fight between zombies and players, players may be damaged. For this, players get a medical syringe, among other regenerative items, to restore their health.

Though there are not many levels, Killing Floor 2 is an addictive and fun game apart from being compulsive.

#8 – Payday 2

Payday 2

Payday 2 is a “cooperation” multiplayer video game launched in 2013 as a sequel to Payday in 2011. This game allows players to choose a crime member according to their skills and capabilities. Though some may find Payday 2 similar to games like Left 4 Dead, it is thematically very different than those games. 

There are seven different difficulty levels in Payday 2. It has various “heists” involving stealth that helps players gain experience points along with in-game money.

After each “heist,” the player gets three cards, out of which one has to be chosen. These cards can be anything from ammunition to masks and skills; further, as the player’s level increases, the experience points along with skill points increase.

Payday 2 provides 15 profiles that players can switch from depending on skills, ammunitions, and equipment before starting a “heist” without losing any point. The VR touch to the game makes it more appealing to players.

#9 – Strange Brigade

Games like Left 4 Dead - Strange Brigade

One of the fun games similar to Left 4 Dead is Strange Brigade which differs only in the case of a shooter. Unlike Left 4 Dead, Strange Brigade is a third-person shooter that emphasizes cooperative gameplay.

The players can team up to three while fighting against mythological demons such as giant scorpions, mummies, and minotaurs. Various ammunitions are ranging from spinning blades to spikes that can be switched and upgraded by players accordingly.

Strange Brigade gives an Egyptian look to the 1930s. The players’ task is based on destroying the rising of dead monsters and creatures. Along with killing them, the players must solve various puzzles of different degrees of difficulty.

This puzzle-solving allows players to unlock “amulet powers.” When the soul of enemies is absolved, the powers are activated. Also, players need various treasure chests to find to unlock powerful weapons. Further, players need to collect gold coins to purchase new weapons. 

#10 – The Last of Us

 The Last of Us

For PlayStation, The Last of Us is one of the best video games, similar to Left 4 Dead. It is an action-adventurous horror game in which the player plays as Joel. Here, Joel is a character who sends Ellie to people who can make vaccines after knowing that Ellie is immune to the virus.

The Last of Us provides a different environment to the players, such as buildings, towns, forests, and sewers. There are various ammunition, firearms, and stealth by which a player can defend the hostile humans and creatures infected by the virus.

The players get different short-range and long-range weapons, including bows, handguns, shotguns, and rifles. The game has an AI add-on that allows hostile enemies to combat the players. 

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After collecting items, players can upgrade their level and earn more points. With these points, health equipment can be gained. Also, the players can connect their game with their Facebook accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Left 4 Dead multiplayer? Yes, Left 4 Dead supports both local and online multiplayer modes, allowing up to four players.
  2. Are these games available on all platforms? Most of these games are available on multiple platforms, including PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. However, it’s best to check the specific platform availability for each game.
  3. Can I play these games solo? Yes, these games can be played solo, but they are best enjoyed in co-op mode with friends.
  4. What makes these games similar to Left 4 Dead? These games mirror Left 4 Dead’s co-op gameplay, first-person perspective, and horde-survival mechanics, providing a similar thrilling experience.
  5. Are there any other games like Left 4 Dead? Yes, there are many games with similar mechanics and themes. The gaming universe is vast, and there’s always more to explore.


For fans of Left 4 Dead, these games offer the same exhilarating mix of horror, strategy, and co-op gameplay. Each title brings a unique flavor to the table, expanding the realm of zombie shooter games. So, gear up, form your squad, and dive into these thrilling adventures.


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