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Games Like Rocket League

If you are hunting for Rocket League type games, you can consider this article as a guide.

We have composed this article, including the most impressive games like Rocket League, for your convenience. So, go through this article and find your favorite.

List Of Games Like Rocket League 

Rocket League falls into the genre of vehicular soccer. This game was developed by Psyonix and published by the same company.

The initial release of this game was compatible with PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. It also has ports for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, which were later introduced.

And here is the comprehensive guide on the best Rocket League settings for further reading.

There are many fans of this category, and some are looking for other games like Rocket League. The below list comprises Rocket League type games for your reference.

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01. Superball (for PC)

Games Like Rocket League - Superball (for PC)

Superball is a game released for PC. It is true that this game is considered to be a game with less popularity. This is a multiplayer game, and it has a very interesting game attached to that.

This game was released under the SupraGames title. This game is said to be stemmed from a modified version of Unreal Tournament 2003.

As per the gameplay, there are some interesting mechanics and a first-person shooter approach. However, you will have to play in a chaotic version of football.

If not, you can even play basketball. Thanks to the free-flowing gameplay and the aesthetic visuals, this game has become a superb option.

02. Mario Strikers Charged (for Wii)

Games Like Rocket League - Mario Strikers Charged (for Wii)

Those who are looking for Rocket League type games will treat this entry favorably in most cases. It has a similar appeal with frantic characteristics. In addition, it offers better speed and intensity than a true soccer game.

You can choose any of the modes from this game to match your interest. This is a perfect fit for anyone who loves the Rocket League game.

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03. Need for Speed: Most Wanted (for multiple platforms)

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (for multiple platforms)

If you are a gaming fan, you might have surely heard about this game. Well, this game is considered to be one of the most thrilling games available today. It has a very impressive balance between sim racing and arcade-style racing for you.

If you are a fan of speed, you will love this game. Apart from the very dynamic campaign, this game shows an awesome collection of cars and splendid visuals. This game is specifically known for its multiplayer capabilities.

04. Robot Roller–Derby Disco Dodgeball (for PC)

Robot Roller – Derby Disco Dodgeball (for PC)

This game comes with a range of modes and challenges for you to try. Those modes come with a massive range of customization options as well.

Also, it allows you to use unlockable customization options. Those options can range from Elimination showdowns to Grand Prix.

It is true that it doesn’t offer AAA quality. Instead, it offers online matches that can make you mesmerized. Anyway, this is a great option for those looking for Rocket League type games.

05. FootLOL: Epic Fail League (for PC)

FootLOL: Epic Fail League (for PC)

This is a superb and pretty wild multiplayer game. You can expect pretty weird challenges from this extraordinary game. However, it doesn’t take things too seriously. Instead, it focuses solely on fun, amusement, and joy.

There are 60 stages included in this game, and all of them are totally weird. You will find high-power weaponry, landmines, aliens, and even animals, so you can guess how weird it is. You will never find any boring moments with this game, for sure.

06. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (for Nintendo Switch)

Games Like Rocket League - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (for Nintendo Switch)

This could be considered an exceptionally flashy version of the popular Mario Kart sequel. It lets you drive tiny cars at a very good speed. Also, it has a heavy focus on the aspect of multiplayer compatibility.

As a result, it makes an excellent alternative for all the fans who look for games like Rocket League.

The thrill this game produces is excellent. You can try the arena battles that come with classic options and intuitive ones. Also, click here to learn more about the best car in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

07. Burnout 3: Takedown (for Multiple platforms)

Burnout 3: Takedown (for Multiple platforms)

Just like the predecessors of this game, Burnout 3 is a game based on racing. However, this entry comes with more diversified characters compared to the previous entries of the sequel.

It has plenty of gameplay options that are different than a previous couple of entries. In addition to that, this game is considered to be the peak of the Burnout sequel.

In addition to that, this sequel offers different modes that allow you to try new wreaking or havoc options. It is a game that focuses mainly on the multiplayer concept. It is packed with action and has robust head-to-head options as well. If you are a fan of Rocket League type games, this is a good entry to check.

08. Metroid Prime: Federation Force (for 3DS)

Games Like Rocket League - Metroid Prime: Federation Force (for 3DS)

This specific version is a sci-fi game, and it has a multiplayer mode which is overlooked. Although it has a stripped-down experience, you can see the fun and pretty unique experience with it.

This game is not limited to the practice of bashing a ball into the net of the opponent. Instead, the players are required to fire and shoot the ball into the goal.

The mechanics of the game are first-person shooting. They derive from the Metroid Prime series introduced by Retro Studios.

09. Heavy Metal Mechanics (for PC)

Heavy Metal Mechanics (for PC)

It goes without saying that the concept of online gaming has increased the popularity of competitive games and sports. In addition to that, the same has positively impacted MOBA.

This game shows some very addictive characteristics as well. That is probably because of the impressive graphics and smooth gameplay. It also shows the free-to-play status. This game is introduced as a Unity-Powered game with multiplayer abilities.

The purpose of this game is to deliver a bomb to the hub of the enemy. In addition to that, you will have to chase the opponents as well as evade the hazards.

All those hazards are all over the arena. This game is based on isometric racing that features interesting arena combat.

10. San Francisco Rush: 2049 (for Dreamcast/N64)

San Francisco Rush: 2049 (for Dreamcast/N64)

When you compare it to the Rocket League, this game is a pretty exciting driving game. There are plenty of usual racing options included in this game. Also, it has some futuristic characteristics. It has eight colorful arenas as well.

You are supposed to play with an opponent with fly-off ramps. Just like in Rocket League, this game lets you control the car’s movement even when airborne.

11. Twisted Metal (for PS3)

Twisted Metal (for PS3)

It is true that you will not see any soccer balls in this game. Instead of that, you will see some explosive missiles. This game is released for PS3 and has superb graphic effects and arena-type showdowns for car crashes.

With this game, you can experience plenty of action, and it will never make you bored. The gameplay is addictive for any gaming enthusiast for sure.

You will start gunning down your opponents, and you will never know how long you will play. It also has some online nuked mode to make things more exciting.

12. ACE – Arena: Cyber Evolution (for PC)

Games Like Rocket League - ACE - Arena: Cyber Evolution (for PC)

Basically, this is a colorful multiplayer game with some chaotic action mix. It allows you to bring a very impressive twist to eSports. Compared to Rocket League, this game falls into the genre of MOSA. The term MOSA represents “Multiplayer Online Sports Arena.”

This game carries the characteristics of soccer and tactical strategies. The blend is created in a pretty inventive manner.

13. NHL Hitz 2003 (for multiple platforms)

Games Like Rocket League - NHL Hitz 2003 (for multiple platforms)

There are several similarities between the Rocket League and this game. NHL Hitz 2003 is particularly true when it comes to the effects and graphics. You can see two teams (each has four players, including a goalie). The teams should clash with each other.

In fact, it gives you the exact feeling of the beginning of a hockey match. Also, you will have to dominate the opponents to win the game. You can roam across the ice and score many goals to win the game.

There are no rules or stoppage applied in any of these two games when it comes to gameplay. All you should do is score many goals.

14. Turbo League (for iPhones and Androids)

Games Like Rocket League - Turbo League (for iPhones and Androids)

As you already know, Rocket League is not compatible with mobile devices. So, if you want to play games like Rocket League on your mobile, Turbo League could be your solution. It is true that this game will not be exactly similar to Rocket League.

However, the gameplay and the excitement it delivers are amazing for a mobile game. The overall gameplay is intuitive. For a fan of Rocket League type games, this will provide some sort of satisfaction on mobiles.

Well, that’s all about the games like Rocket League. What’s your favorite game on the above list? Also, do you know other games of their kind? Please let us know.

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