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Games like Castlevania

Those who love games like Castlevania will find this article very useful.

This list of games is created after doing substantial research on behalf of the fans of Castlevania.

So, keep reading and find the most recommended games that inherit the characteristics of Castlevania.

Games Like Castlevania 

Games like Castlevania have become pretty popular over the past period within the indie category. Studios have started to add some unique twists to their action-adventure genre.

However, some unique games carry the characteristics and spirit of Castlevania. Also, those games carry pretty similar gameplay, progression elements, and some exploration elements as well.

We have considered all those aspects when creating this list of games like Castlevania.

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01 – Strider

Games like Castlevania - Strider

Strider has a very long history for a game of its kind. It was initially released in 1989 in the form of an arcade game. Soon after, that game was released for consoles like Master System and Genesis.

After that, they released another version pretty recently, in 2014. As per the gameplay, the players are supposed to play as the Strider Hiryu. You are supposed to defeat Grandmaster Meio, so he will not be able to rise again.

If he rises again, he will be too powerful to defeat. During the battle, the Hiryu is supposed to prove his capability. He can do it, particularly because of his ninja skills and the Cypher (the sword).

Strider is considered to be a very good example of styles like Castlevania. As per the gameplay, the player has to move around on a 2D surface face-down.

You will find low-grade enemies at first, and they will find big bosses later on. Giant robots and armed warriors are those big bosses. Just like Castlevania, plays can use different types of maps. Then, players can run around to find different types of items. They can then upgrade their Strider levels as well.

In terms of graphics, Strider 2014 is very good. It has a Double Helix which is ideal for the game’s remake. With that said, if you are looking for games like Castlevania, Strider 2014 is a superb option.

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02 – Outland

Games like Castlevania - Outland

Outland is a very special, interesting game which is developed by Housemarque. The players of this game are supposed to explore a deep and rich world.

The game is played on a 2D platform. You can fight against plenty of forces that are summoned. An interesting thing about this game is that the player can use the power of the sun and moon.

As a result, you can create some awesome bosses and puzzles with the help of that mechanism. Just like Castlevania, your player will have to gain the powers to access some areas.

That should be done before they are tackled. That means there is some backtracking with the game. Nevertheless, because of the excellent gameplay mechanics and unique aesthetics, we can rate this game as a superb one.

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03 – Rockman (Mega Man)

Games like Castlevania - Rockman (Mega Man)

It is true that Mega Man is a very popular game that doesn’t need any lengthy introduction. However, there can be some individuals who have not played this game so far. Players will have full control of Mega Man, so they can easily go to different stages. Also, they can fight the robots.

With Mega Man, you can fight on various different 2D stages that are filled with a variety of dangers. In addition to that, those lands are more dangerous because of the environmental hazards. The purpose of your play is to defeat the boss of the respective stages.

Mega Man is released in the form of a Legacy Collection, and you can see the first six games. However, there are a couple of issues with this game, yet we can still recommend it to you.

04 – Axiom Verge

Axiom Verge

Axiom Verge is considered to be a superb option over most of its peers due to various reasons. In some games, the difficulty is either too hard or easy. But Axiom Verge has the perfect level of balance.

But this doesn’t mean that it is too boring to play. Instead, it has some challenging features. However, the design of the game doesn’t make you feel so cheap. There is a sequel for this game, and it will going to be a better option than the predecessor.

05 – Ghouls ‘N Ghosts

Games like Castlevania - Ghouls 'N Ghosts

This game comprises some satisfactory features for those who love plain horror themes and high difficulty levels. It also comes with side-scrolling actions as well. Although the game is based in a pretty old-school setting, you can still enjoy it without a doubt.  

06. The Mummy Demastered

The Mummy Demastered

Well, The Mummy Demastered doesn’t come with shiny graphics or celebrity cameos. Instead, it focuses more on the gameplay and thereby achieves better success. The design choices of this game are perfect.

It is true that The Mummy Demastered is not rated as the best-ever game. However, with the combination of perfect aesthetics as well as graphics, this game stands ahead of many others.

07. Shantae And The Seven Sirens

Shantae And The Seven Sirens

Well, the Shanae franchise comes with excellent colors and vibrant graphics compared to Castlevania. Also, the tone of this game is lighter compared to Castlevania. In terms of the gameplay, both of these games show similarities in how they appear at a glance.

The controls of both of these games are pretty similar. However, with Shantae, you will get the option of using a whip attack as well. In fact, she doesn’t use a traditional whip; instead, she uses her hair. The result of both weapons, however, is the same. It is true that the game is fairly linear.

However, the level design in Shantae titles is pretty solid. In addition to that, there is no shortage of enemy types. Also, it has several boss types for you to take on.

08. Guacamelee


As a matter of fact, this can be considered a pretty strange game due to various aspects. However, you can enjoy this game without thinking much about it.

In the game, there are plenty of naturally funny scenes. It is absolutely true that the game has special characteristics to place it well ahead of many other games. The music of this game is excellent and unique.

All the levels of the game are equally well-designed. You will also find superb layouts and visuals. The overall quality of the sequel is very impressive. So, if you are a fan of Castlevania, this will be one of your favorites for sure.

09. Unepic

Games like Castlevania - Unepic

This specific game was released back in 2011 yet has some surprisingly close characteristics to Castlevania. This specific game comes with some amazing magic spells, various weapons, and various other items.

All those items seamlessly blend with the game. You will definitely find this game to be a wonderful one. If you are searching for games like Castlevania, you should not miss this out.

It offers you customization options in terms of depth. Moreover, you can customize arcade sensibilities as well. However, it doesn’t offer a true pause feature. Therefore, you can expect a real retro feel from this game. But you shouldn’t let the simplicity of the visuals and side-scrolling features fool you.

Basically, it is a pretty deep game that comprises an epic journey. Although it has some imperfections, you will still find it to be one of the best games like Castlevania.

10. Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight

The game Hollow Knight offers pretty similar characteristics to the vulnerability and the sense of urgency in Castlevania. The unnamed knight in this game is supposed to hack and slash the foes.

In addition to that, the game has some interesting mechanics to gather resources as well. As per the gameplay, the character may face untimely death as well. It will rob you Geo as well as the crucial souls if you lose the masks. It has a progression system which is pretty tough.

11. Ori and the Will of The Wisps

Ori and the Will of The Wisps

It is true that this game has a notable contrast when you compare some elements. However, the overall gameplay and the essence of the game are remarkably closer to Castlevania. Well, this game comes with different types of collectibles and open-world explorations.

However, it also has a pretty similar plot to the Castlevania game. It gives you the feeling of dark wilderness settings with isolation.

12. Chasm

Games like Castlevania - Chasm

The gameplay of Chams is excellent in general. It has a very nice design in terms of aesthetics. The combat system of this game will appeal to pretty much every single player. This game was initially released in 2018. And that was a huge hit for both the players as well as for critics.

Frankly, this game has a lot of similarities to Castlevania. But that doesn’t mean that Chasm is a copy of Castlevania. It has plenty of new features and ideas as well, making it so different from other games.

13. Dark Souls

Games like Castlevania - Dark Souls

It’s true that this game might not appear exactly similar to Castlevania. However, it has some amazing strategies and gameplay that force us to list them here.

This game was released in 2011, and it requires you to have a great deal of patience. It wants you to venture through various desolate areas. You will have to fight with ominous foes. You will have to put a lot of effort into fighting them.


  1. Are these games available on multiple platforms?
    • Yes, most of these games are available on various platforms such as PC, consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch), and sometimes even mobile devices.
  2. Can I play these games if I haven’t played Castlevania before?
    • Absolutely! These games stand on their own and provide unique experiences, so you can enjoy them without any prior knowledge of Castlevania.
  3. Are these games suitable for casual gamers?
    • While some of these games can be challenging, they also offer adjustable difficulty settings, allowing players of different skill levels to enjoy them.
  4. Are there any multiplayer options in these games?
    • Some of the games mentioned, such as Guacamelee!, offer cooperative multiplayer modes, providing an opportunity to enjoy the adventure with friends.
  5. Can I expect these games to have compelling storylines?
    • Yes, many of these games boast engaging narratives that will immerse you in their worlds and keep you invested throughout your playthrough.


So, that’s our list of games like Castlevania. Do you know any other names that should be included in this list of games? If yes, please share them with us. Thank you!


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