What Are the Best Crops for Greenhouse in Stardew Valley?


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Best Crops For Greenhouse Stardew Valley

Welcome, fellow farmer! If you’re knee-deep in the idyllic world of Stardew Valley, you’re probably wondering: “What are the best crops for the greenhouse in Stardew Valley?”

No need to worry, we’ve got you covered! In this guide, we’ll take a deep dive into the world of agricultural strategy and profitability, aiming to maximize your greenhouse profits and save you time in the process.

Best Crops for Greenhouse in Stardew Valley

What exactly are the best crops for a greenhouse in Stardew Valley? The answer to this question depends on various factors like the seasons, the cost of seeds, growth time, and the return on investment. But don’t fret, we’ll provide you with the ins and outs of greenhouse farming in the following sections.

1. Mixed Seeds

Stardew valley best crops for Greenhouse - Mixed Seeds

Mixed seeds are seeds you would find after cutting down the weeds on the farms, in treasure chests while fishing, and digging up spots on the farm with a hoe.

Alternatively, you can purchase them from Krobus on Thursdays; each seed will cost you 30 Gold.

The mixed seeds can be planted in all seasons except for winters. However, the seeds can be planted in the cold season if you have a greenhouse. Mixed seeds can produce cauliflower, potatoes, and parsnips in the spring season.

They can produce wheat, radishes, peppers, and corn in the summers. They can produce pumpkins, eggplants, corn, and artichokes during the fall. As for the winters, the mixed seeds can randomly produce a seed of any of these seasonal crops.

There is no cost for purchasing these seeds. Since the product will depend on the season, the profits are also highly variable.

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2. Pineapple


Pineapples are considered one of Stardew Valley’s best greenhouse crops because they have a high profit-to-cost ratio.

However, you should also know that they are more difficult to get than most other crops. Once the crops mature after two weeks, a new pineapple will be produced every seven days.

However, if you plant pineapple seeds in the greenhouse, you can grow them throughout the year, making them one of the most productive crops in the game.

You must trade one Magma Cap with the Ginger Island Trader for a single seed. You can also find them inside Golden Coconuts or fighting monsters in the Volcano Dungeon. By selling each pineapple, you can earn a minimum of 300 Gold.

3. Blueberries


Blueberries are summer crops and one of the most profitable and Stardew valley greenhouse’s best crops in the game. A few blueberry bushes can easily provide hundreds of fruits for harvesting.

However, the only downside is that they can take roughly 13 days to fully mature during the summer season and will keep producing 3-4 berries after four days.

However, you can also opt to plant blueberry seeds in the greenhouse so that they keep standing and reproducing throughout the year.

The blueberry seeds can be purchased at Pierrie’s for 80 Gold. Apart from selling at a huge profit margin, the plant is often used to make Blueberry tarts for gifting.

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4. Cranberries


Similar to blueberries, you can get a lot of cranberries out of just a handful of bushes. Another great aspect of cranberries is that they grow in less than half the time required by blueberries during the fall, making them great alternatives. However, you can also grow them throughout the year at your greenhouse.

Cranberries are quite profitable; you can sell them for 753 Gold per crop. These crops are used for cranberry candy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and super meals.

To convert them into valuable artisan goods, you can simply stuff them in kegs or preserves jars. The seeds can be purchased at Pierre’s or JojaMart.

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5. Corn


Corn is considered one of Stardew Valley’s best greenhouse crops; this form of production is a must for your greenhouse. Corn is also one of the first multi-seasonal crops that you will encounter.

Since this crop is used for many recipes, this is one of the most profitable crops in this game. However, the growth time of corn is 14 days.

As mentioned previously, corn is a multi-seasonal crop; if you plant it on Summer 1 and water it through Fall 28, you will gain a substantial profit.

You can purchase the seeds at JojaMart and Pierre’s for 150 Gold. While its selling point is 50 Gold, the crop will continue to re-grow throughout the summer and fall seasons.  

6. Giant Crops

Giant Crops

One of the most important aspects of giant crops is that they can take up to six crop spaces to grow. Every 3×3 grid of crops that includes overlaps has a 1% chance of growing into a giant crop.

All the constituents of the crops remain the same. The produce of giant crops includes cauliflower, pumpkins, and melons. They are definitely one of the best crops for greenhouses in Stardew Valley.

You will require an ax to yield 15-21 items from a single crop. While regular crops will die as soon as the season is finished, crops can sit indefinitely in the greenhouse, thereby offering more chances for the crops to mutate into giant crops.

You can purchase melon and cauliflower at Pierre’s for 80 Gold each; you can get the same at JojaMart for 100 Gold. As for pumpkins, you can get them for 100 Gold at Pierre’s and 125 Gold at JojaMart.

7. Cactus Fruit

Stardew valley best crops for Greenhouse - Cactus Fruit

As you can guess, the cactus fruit is summer produce and requires a hot climate to grow and thrive. Therefore, it only makes sense that the greenhouse is the best place to cultivate cactus plants.

Another reason why it may be difficult to grow cactus on your farm is that the plants have adapted to the hot environment of the Calico Desert, the place from where it originates. Inside the greenhouse, you can expect fruit every three days.

Cactus fruit has many uses in the game. For instance, you can convert the fruit into jelly or brew them into wine. When complemented with a preserves jar or a keg, they can make great gifts for Sam, Linus, and Pam.

You can purchase cactus seeds at the Oasis located in the Calico Desert. Cactus fruits are considered one of Stardew valley’s best crops for the greenhouse, as they will yield maximum returns.

8. Starfruit


These star-shaped crops are fantastic and are considered one of the Stardew valley greenhouse’s best crops. With a base selling price of 725, it is easily one of the highest-selling crops in this game.

Once you process the fruits into wine, they become one of the top goods you can sell. You can purchase the seeds from the Oasis at The Desert for 400 Gold and sell them for 1,512 Gold profits per crop.

However, there are also quite some limitations. Without the use of Speed-Gro, it will take the crop 13 days to mature.

Additionally, the plant can be cultivated only during the summer on your farm, which is why you can use the greenhouse and cultivate these fruits throughout the year.

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9. Coffee

Stardew valley best crops for Greenhouse - Coffee

Coffee is yet another of Stardew Valley’s best greenhouse crops in the game. They are grown during the summer and spring seasons.

However, growing them in the greenhouse provides you with many advantages. For instance, you can grow these crops throughout the year and much faster.

A single coffee bean can produce four beans after the harvesting process. Additionally, it does not take more than two days after each harvest for the beans to re-grow once it is matured.

One of the best ways to maximize your profits is to gather as many coffee beans as possible and use them to mass-produce even more the following year.

Coffee beans are dropped by Dust Sprites in the Mines; alternatively, you can buy them from The Traveling Cart for anywhere between 100 and 1,000 Gold.

10. Ancient Fruit

Ancient Fruit

Undoubtedly, the ancient fruit is one of Stardew valley’s best crops for the greenhouse. Except for the winters, this crop will never disappear, which only means that you can plant them early during the spring season and keep harvesting them until the end of fall. The ancient fruit will never die if you plant them in the greenhouse.

Another great aspect of the ancient fruit is that they can be sold for a lot of Gold value. Additionally, you do not even have to spend money buying the seed; you will find it lying somewhere outside the greenhouse.

The minimum selling price of the ancient fruit is 550 Gold. Alternatively, you can turn the fruit into wine and sell them for millions.

11. Fruit Trees

Stardew valley best crops for Greenhouse - Fruit Trees

In this game, fruit trees are seasonal. However, it should not present a problem if you plant these trees in the greenhouse. This way, the plants will bear fruit throughout the year.

They can be purchased anywhere between 2,000 and 4,000 Gold at Pierre’s. Unlike most other crops, they do not die after the season ends; instead, they will stop producing fruits.

Fruit trees can take up to 28 days to fully mature and start producing one fruit per day. The fruit trees will also vary in the season. For the spring season, you will have cherry trees and apricot trees.

During the summer months, you can grow peach trees and orange trees. As for the fall season, you can cultivate pomegranate and apple trees.

12. Sweet Gem Berries

Sweet Gem Berries

Sweet gem berries are one of the best crops for greenhouses in Stardew and have the highest selling price. Planted from the Rare Seed, these fruits can sell for 3,000 Gold. While the purchasing price is 1,000 Gold via the Traveling Cart, you will still be able to pocket a grand profit of 2,000 Gold.

Of course, you may face some potential drawbacks of this crop. For instance, the growth rate of the crop is extremely slow. If you do not plant the Rare Seed on the first day of the fall, you will not be able to harvest it.

Planting this seed in the greenhouse will help eliminate all these limitations. A single seed will produce only one fruit.

Maximizing Profits in Stardew Valley Greenhouse

Knowing which crops to plant is just half the battle; maximizing your profits is where the real challenge lies. Here are some strategies to help you boost your earnings.

Preserve Jars and Kegs

Preserve Jars and Kegs can dramatically increase the value of your crops. Turning crops into Pickles, Jellies, Wine, and Juice increases their value.

Making the Most of Your Crops

Starfruit Wine and Ancient Fruit Wine are the most valuable items you can produce in Stardew Valley, so consider setting up some Kegs in your greenhouse.

Speed-Gro and Deluxe Speed-Gro

Using Speed-Gro and Deluxe Speed-Gro can decrease the growing time of your crops. While this doesn’t affect recurring crops like the Ancient Fruit, it’s useful for single-harvest crops.

Quickening Your Harvest

Using Deluxe Speed-Gro on Rare Seeds can decrease their growth time by a week, allowing you to make the most out of these valuable crops.


1. Can I grow any crop in the greenhouse?
Yes, all crops can be grown in the greenhouse throughout the year.

2. How long does it take for the Ancient Fruit to mature in the greenhouse?
The Ancient Fruit takes 28 days to mature and then produces fruit every 7 days thereafter.

3. What is the selling price of Starfruit and Ancient Fruit?
The base selling price of Starfruit is 750g, while the Ancient Fruit sells for 550g. However, their prices can be greatly increased by turning them into wine.

4. Where can I buy Rare Seeds?
Rare Seeds can occasionally be bought from the Travelling Cart.

5. How many crops can the greenhouse hold?
The greenhouse can hold up to 120 crops.

6. Can trees be grown in the greenhouse?
Yes, fruit trees can be planted in the surrounding tiles of the greenhouse and will bear fruit all year round.

Final Thoughts

Making money in Stardew Valley is very important. If you cannot earn money, you will be unable to expand your operation and do other things.

While many ways can help you turn a profit, planting the right crops in the greenhouse is one of the better plans.

Planting the best crops in your greenhouse will help you supplement the income you get from your main farm. The greenhouse is perfectly suited for some types of plants, which is why this article can help you figure it out.

To make the most money, you need to determine which crops will earn more than others. Once you do, nothing can stop you.


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