Sturgeon in Stardew Valley – Everything You Should Know About It

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Sturgeon in Stardew Valley is one of the most valuable fish varieties. Although they are valuable, they don’t have a higher direct sell price.

Instead of that, you can place them in a Fish Pond. That will produce a Roe of sturgeon in Stardew Valley. Then, you can use them and produce the most valuable Caviar.

Sturgeon in Stardew Valley – Introduction

When it comes to Stardew Valley, there is no shortage of fish and crops available to collect. You can then sell them. Obviously, some of those fish are more profitable compared to others. Also, some are easier to find, and some are harder.

If you are a new player, however, fishing sturgeon in Stardew Valley can be an uphill task. Many new players often find it difficult to catch some fish varieties. It goes without saying that Sturgeon is one of the most important varieties of fish.

In general, sturgeon has a couple of uses in recipes as well as in bundles. On top of that, you cannot expect Sturgeon to be available throughout the year. So, when you are looking for a sturgeon, you should pay attention to location and time.

Mentioned below is how to catch sturgeon in Stardew Valley and use it in the correct way.

PS: here is the completed Stardew Valley Largemouth Bass guide for reference.

When Is It Possible to Find Sturgeon in Stardew Valley?

Sturgeon Stardew Valley

In the game, every fish has a particular season during which it’ll emerge and become accessible across the globe. Sturgeon would only be present throughout the summer and winter seasons in your area. Make a point of going fishing for it over these two months.

In addition, sturgeon is only accessible at certain times of the day. Between the hours of 06.00 and 19.00 hours, you are supposed to go out and look for something. If you try to find it at night, you will be utterly unsuccessful.

How and Where to Catch a Sturgeon in Stardew Valley

How and Where to Catch a Sturgeon in Stardew Valley

You’ll need to capture a Sturgeon before you can even think about utilizing it to make anything. That means Caviar and any of its other useful products.

To do that, you should make your way to Mountain Lake, which is located just northeastern area of town. The one and only place in which sturgeon in Stardew Valley may be caught is at this location. Sturgeon may be caught here between the hours of 06.00 and 19.00 throughout the summer and winter.

It actually makes no difference what the weather is like since these fish are fussy eaters. Also, it can be caught in any condition. The majority of the time, though, they occur on wet days throughout the summer. Extending your casting distance from the beach.

In fact, that is achievable with a greater Fishing skill level and improves your chances of catching one.

Magic Bait Would Be a More Recent Addition to the Game, Having Been Included in the 1.5 Release.

It enables you to find food in any season, at any time of day. Also, you can do it in any weather in the area where you utilize it. The ability to capture Sturgeon at any season of the year and in any weather would be very beneficial.

However, it would also significantly increase the number of potential fish, reducing your odds of catching one. When it comes to wet summers, they aren’t uncommon, so that’s definitely your best chance to see one.

Sturgeon is a little difficult to catch in Stardew Valley. However, they are not the most difficult fish to pull in by any means. It is possible to raise the actual size of such a mini-game fishing bar as your Fishing skill level increases.

By doing so, you will find fishing much easier as your skill level increases. Catching a sturgeon in Stardew Valley is made easier by the use of certain tackles. For instance, Trap Bobbers & Cork Bobbers make the mini-game considerably simpler.

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What Are the Uses of a Sturgeon in Stardew Valley?

Sturgeon Stardew Valley

Sturgeon, like any other fish, may be sold for a reasonable price based on its star rating, which is decided by the gamer’s fishing skill and any other fishing skill professions that have been already acquired.

The fish can then be sold for a reasonable price, depending on its star rating. These are the basic costs for each star level, assuming no professions are involved.

  • With no star – 200g
  • With silver star – 250g
  • Gold star – 300g
  • Iridium star – 400g

It’s also possible to save the sturgeon and utilize it in different recipes, such as in jewelry making. To be more specific, it may be utilized in two distinct recipes. Also, it can also be turned into a kind of fertilizer if you want.

Here Are Some Examples of What the Sturgeon May Be Used For.

  • Sashimi – it requires one variety of fish regardless of the type
  • Maki Roll – it requires one variety of fish regardless of the type, a single seaweed. Also, it requires a single rice pack as well.
  • Quality fertilizer – it requires 2 sap pieces and one fish regardless of the type.  
Stardew Valley Maki Roll Recipe

It is actually preferable to preserve the sturgeon before utilizing it for any other use than crafting. The sturgeon in Stardew Valley, in particular, is an essential item.

This’s particularly true at the earlier stage in this game since it has been used with Lake Fish Bundle. It is located in the fish tank of the Community Center, which is quite useful. If you plan on playing Stardew Valley during the first summer, be sure to reserve one for that package.

Lake Fish Bundle

Alternatively, Does Their Farm Have a Fish Pond That Has Been Unlocked and Constructed?

If that’s the case, sturgeon in Stardew Valley would be an excellent addition to the collection. One sturgeon should be placed in this fish pond in order to begin reproducing the fish.

The pond will subsequently generate sturgeon roe, which, when put in a Jar, will provide Caviar. Needless to say, it is one of the most exquisite artisanal products available in the world of Skyrim.

Stardew Valley Fish Pond

Caviar may also be found in a delayed Missing Bundle, which is obtained after the JojaMart has been abandoned. When the Artisan profession is enabled, the price of the jar increases from 500g to 700g per jar. In fact, it is quite a significant increase.

Sturgeon Stardew Valley

Finally, some specialized use for sturgeon includes giving it as a present to people who appreciate it and utilizing it in sewing. Sturgeon is placed into the Machine, which produces Fishing Gear out of the sturgeon.

The majority of the locals will not care for sturgeon. However, Willy, the fisherman of the town, is a huge fan of the fish.

Consequently, put it aside for the next birthday and offer him a pleasant surprise. Avoid presenting a sturgeon as a gift to Pierre, Evelyn, or even Haley since they will despise it if you do so.

What You Should Know About Caviar

What you should know about Caviar

When put in a Preserves Jar, every kind of Roe, with the exception of Roe, will transform into Roe. Caviar, on the other hand, is made from Sturgeon Roe. It takes 6,000 minutes for a Preserves Jar to transform Sturgeon Roe to Caviar. As a result, it corresponds to about four entire days (time tends to pass differently at night).

Caviar is available for purchase in 500g quantities at its basic price. If you have an Artisan professional, on the other hand, it will sell for 700g.

If you choose to consume it, it will provide 175 energy plus 78 health points back to you. That’s also a widely adored item, with the exception of Jas, Sebastian, and Vincent, being liked by all villagers. That gives you forty-five friendship points on a typical day.

That said, if you can complete the Community Center, you would soon after unlock its Missing Bundle. As a result, that will be the opening of that Theatre. A potential contribution choice is Caviar, which is one of many possibilities in this game.

Important: You’ll be able to choose from six different things to give for that Missing Bundle. On top of that, you’ll only be required to provide five of them as well. Caviar is less difficult to prepare than some other choices.

Valley sturgeon Caviar Missing Bundle

Provided you really want to go all out, you may put Caviar there in the spool of the sewing machine. That means the machine that belongs to Emily. Or, you can put it in your own machine if you’ve already unlocked it with the appropriate Special Order.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I catch Sturgeon in any weather condition? Yes, Sturgeon can be caught in any weather condition, but they are more commonly found during rain and thunderstorms.

2. How valuable is Sturgeon Roe? Sturgeon Roe is highly valuable in Stardew Valley. It can be sold for a significant profit or used in crafting various items and recipes.

3. Are there any specific fishing locations for Sturgeon? Yes, certain areas in Stardew Valley have higher Sturgeon encounter rates. Rivers and lakes are the primary locations where you can find Sturgeon.

4. Can I breed Sturgeon in fish ponds? Yes, Sturgeon can be bred in fish ponds on your farm. This provides a reliable source of Sturgeon without relying solely on natural water sources.

5. What is the best time of day to catch Sturgeon? Sturgeon are more active during the day, so it’s recommended to focus your fishing efforts between morning and evening for the best chances of catching them.


Sturgeon fishing in Stardew Valley is an exciting and rewarding endeavor. With its unique characteristics, seasonal availability, and profitable rewards, catching Sturgeon offers an immersive experience for players.

By following the tips and strategies outlined in this article, you’ll be well-equipped to embark on successful Sturgeon fishing trips, expanding your farm and reaping the benefits of your efforts.


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