MHW Best Spiritvein Gem Farming Guide in 2024

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Farming for Spiritvein gem becomes necessary when you don’t have enough resources to proceed with MHW. You will have no ability to move on and fight powerful beasts when you don’t have such resources. So, if you are looking for ways to farm the Spiritvein gem, keep reading and learn how to do it.

The great Spiritvein gem is one of the most important items you should have when playing MHW. It is necessary because they are used to augment the armor and Rarity 12 weapons. If you have the Spiritvein gem, the defense value of the weapons will increase significantly.

Moreover, you will need to use the Spiritvein gem in some advanced levels. That is in the form of an upgrade material. So, if you want to play the game and move on, you should know how to farm the Spiritvein gem.

MHW Spiritvein Gem Farming

To target some specific drops, you will have to target particular monsters. As we have noticed, several monsters drop the Spiritvein gem. Mentioned below are those monsters who drop these gems.

  • Tempered Elder Dragons that live in the Guiding Lands. These monsters are massive in size, and they may either drop a single Spiritvein gem or three gems. For them to do that, you should beat them. However, you should know that the drop rate is very low. Also, if you die, by any chance, the chances of dropping a gem minimize.  
  • The next option is to kill the Tempered Rajang, who lives in the Guiding Land. Well, a Rajang is a Level III threat for you. So, you should make all the efforts to stay alive. The drop rates are as low as the previous option, though.
  • The third option is to kill The Tempered Savage Deviljho, who lives in the same place. Also, it is considered to be a Level III threat like Rajang.

Regardless of the monster, you intend to hunt down, and you must be careful of several things. Make sure that you try to break the opponents. That means you should do the maximum possible damage to them. That will probably allow you to grab more loot.

The Guiding Land creatures will drop more of Those Items when You Beat Them.

If you flinch, break and slam them, they will drop more of the material than normal missions. For instance, you can consider slamming them into walls using Clutch Claw. It is a very powerful move.

It can also make the monster drop 3 or 4 gems so you can collect them straight away. Once the gems are dropped, you should act fast and grab them. The more the parts you break of the beast, the quicker they will vanish.

Because of the above factor, Part-breaking and Slugging become two of the most valuable skills you should proceed with. With the part-breaking ability, you can break parts and sever tails more quicker.

On the other hand, “Slugger” lets you cause more stun damage, even with blunt weapons. Both of those strategies will get you more parts and increase the chances of getting a Spiritvein gem.

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Geoligist Skill

In addition to the methods mentioned above, there are other ways to grab the Spiritvein gem. You can consider using it as a bug or even as an unlisted bonus to acquire the same result.

With the Geologist skill, you will become a better Spiritvein gem farmer. Also, that will give you the ability to pick the gems twice, which is a great advantage.

We are not sure if that process is deliberate or not. Therefore, you should remember that the mileage of your play may vary. In some cases, Capcom can work well, for instance. However, today, it appears to be a pretty good option that can double what you have collected.

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The Other Important Thing You Should Consider is the Target or the Purpose of Your Hunt.

It is true that all the elder dragons are even on the playing field. However, some of those dragons are easier to beat than others.

So, if you find it difficult, taking the risk of fighting a dragon is not recommended. Instead, you can try Rajang and Savage Deviljho and stay in a safer position.

However, the above recommendation is not a strict one. After all, it should be done based on your personal preference. For one player, defeating Teostra can be easier than fighting Namielle. Another player might consider the exact opposite.

As a general recommendation, it is easier to fight Kirin than the others. But the catch is that they have only one body part for you to break. Everyone, however, will agree that Lunastra is the worst in the lot. Moreover, Rajang can also be rated as a difficult pick for many.

In addition to that, there are levels in regions as well. You can check Hunter’s Notes and see where tempered monsters exist. Also, it gives you an idea of what level they are present. That will be interesting if you can exceed or at least meet those levels. Any monster you will lure will be tempered for sure.

For instance, think that a player is at Level 7 and he is in the coral region. If they lure Kirin or Namielle, they will be tempered. So, most of those spawns will or will not have tempered monsters.

Monster Hunter World

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What to Hunt and Where to Hunt When You Are Looking for a Spiritvein Gem?

The best fighting options would be Namielle and Kirin regarding the regions mentioned above. They are always easy to fight with. But in addition to that, the coral region is a compact one compared to the others.

Because of that, the chances for you to grab what you expect are more. You can easily use the Clutch Claw and break a target in that region.

In addition, it eliminates worries about factors such as Effluvia, cold, and heat. There is no shortage of open space in forest and desert areas. Also, there is a significantly low downtime between those arenas.

After choosing a zone, you can start working on it. First, you should lure the monsters out using bait. However, if you don’t have any baits, leave them. Then, you should perform a regular mission since you don’t have any baits.

That will reset the present monsters who are already roaming across the Guiding Lands. Completing regular missions will let you earn cash. You can use that cash to upgrade the armor you may have.

Another advantage of normal missions is that they load faster. On the other hand, missions on Guiding Lands take a longer time. Therefore, it is recommended to reset the roaming monsters by playing a normal mission.

In addition to that, when you’re on the hunt for Spiritvein gem, you can search someone else’s Guiding Lands. That should be done on Level 07, however. The chances are that those players, too, might be looking for available monsters to lure and hunt.

If the other players are not searching for Spiritvein gem, you can fight those monsters. After all, it is a great feeling to fight a massive monster.

MHW Spiritvein Gem Farming

A Couple of Extra Tips for Those Who Are on the Hunt for Spiritvein Gem farming

A tiny bug can be utilized to make the process easier. As per this bug, you are required to pick the Geologist Skill. Then, that will allow you to pick any shiny gem twice. That’s a good thing for any player.

It is possible to try this bug, which will probably be patched out. As long as the bug is there, you can use it to farm gems and speed up the process.

When it comes to monsters like Rajang, Elder Dragons, and Savage Deviljho, they come with pretty similar characteristics. That is specifically true regarding the drop rates of the gems.

Therefore, you must use your instinct and decide whether to avoid Elder Dragons and fight Rajang and Savage Deviljho. As mentioned earlier, you can defeat Deviljho and Rajang significantly more easily than tempered elder dragons.

The next important thing is to read Hunter’s Notes. You can read it and see where the Tempered Elder Dragons are.

After finding the region, you can see at what level they exist. You can start fighting them only if you have met or exceeded the required level. If yes, you can expect the monster to be tempered.


1. Can I farm Spiritvein Gems from specific monsters?

Yes, certain monsters have higher drop rates for Spiritvein Gems. By hunting monsters in specific regions of the Guiding Lands, you can increase your chances of obtaining these gems.

2. Is it necessary to break monster parts for better drop rates?

Breaking monster parts can increase your chances of obtaining Spiritvein Gems. Equipping gear with the Partbreaker skill allows you to break parts more efficiently, enhancing your farming success.

3. Can I trade Spiritvein Gems with other players?

Spiritvein Gems are not tradeable among players. However, you can still help fellow hunters by sharing your farming strategies and tips.

4. Are there any time-limited events for increased drop rates?

Yes, Capcom frequently releases time-limited events with increased drop rates for rare items like Spiritvein Gems. Keep an eye on the in-game event schedule to take advantage of these opportunities.

5. Can I use Spiritvein Gems to upgrade existing equipment?

No, Spiritvein Gems are primarily used for crafting new equipment and weapons. They are not used for upgrading existing gear.


So, that’s our guide in performing the perfect Spiritvein gem farming on Monster Hunt World. We always recommend you not to underestimate the tempered monsters.

Well, things can change suddenly at any point and destroy your plans if you don’t act carefully. Please let us know if you know any other handy tips in Spiritvein gem farming.


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